Saturday, August 27, 2011

U.S. Hold's Oliver Hostage, My Mother's Face Cut

I don't believe this. I am watching a clip of the release of the Iranian man to his son in Iran. His son reminds me so much of my own son.

And I think about what has been done to my family.

I feel I am in a new state of shock after realizing some things today. You get used to the most bizarre things and then there are the days you snap out of it enough to be shocked all over again.

My mother's face--she doesn't just have a recent cut from a razor under her eye, on her cheek. I looked and noticed for the first time, she has a scar on her other cheek.

My mother has a long scar from a cut that had to have been deep, bled, and was noticeable, and this was kept from me while I was prohibited from seeing my own parents. This scar on my mother's face is on the right cheek. It is evidence of torture. My Dad did not do it. This scar runs from just below her right eye, in an almost straight line, down her cheek to almost her chin.

There is no possible way it could have been hidden, unless there was very heavy make up and hair covering it. She did not do this to herself.

I also believe my mother was raped. I have my reasons for thinking this, but rather than go into a list of details about the torture endured by my family in this country, I am going back to the scar on her right cheek.

She never had this in 2004 or 2005. She didn't have it when she came to visit my son either, not to my knowledge. This is something that happened to her while I was unable to visit them and see with my own eyes what they were going through.

There is no possible way people in this town didn't know, or someone didn't know. The scar is now faded to almost invisible and it's white, like a pale mark, but it's deeper than the rest of her skin so you can see the outline of the scar.

I would say this scar is about 2 inches long. Any cut like this would have taken months, even up to a year to heal, at least. It would have taken at least one full year for the redness to go away. It is not recent, but it is not that old either.

My family is being tortured in the United States of America.

It is not domestic abuse. My father has no inclination whatsoever to do this kind of thing. My mother would leave him if he did. He might have a meltdown or temper tantrum now and then, but he doesn't do this. My mother is also not a self-harming type at all.

My son has been sliced up and the WA state workers concealed and covered for criminals. He had acid poured on his finger, and was punched in the face by a grown man, and was forced to drink permanent hair solution and other substances until he vomited. He was betrayed and lied about by Anne Crane, who worked for the U.S. and wore this little Catholic saints bracelet that was identical to the one Alvaro Pardo had given to him by a Catholic girlfriend. Crane wore it while my son threw up and she made fun of him and me asking if we felt little jabbing sharp feelings in our backs. She wore it while lying in front of my son, telling him HE put the shoes on his feet backwards when I knew she had done it. Anne Crane--state sponsored terrorist.

How does one "prove torture" like rape? How about rape where it's pretty much forced with the knowledge that if you don't, something worse will happen to your children?

My parents are like me. They don't know how to cry anymore.

If bad things have happened to my brother, I wouldn't even know because all I know is that if he doesn't want me to visit, like my parents said, there is something going on that betrayers don't want me to know about, because they know that I will talk. All I know is that some things cannot be hidden, like how my brother was abruptly fired from his job on April 29th, like me. How he had been told he would be reimbursed money for taking a mortage lenders licensing test, and that he would be paid back when he passed. He spent hundreds, told the only way to keep his job was to take the test, and then they refused to reimburse him as promised.

Which directly echoes what the State of Washington did to me when they told me I had to go to doctor's appointments to keep income benefits for me and my son, and that they'd reimburse my mileage costs and then in the end, they stiffed me for $1,000 and then tried to cut me off of benefits too.

Do you know what that is? That's not playing "hardball", that's committing multiple crimes and then bragging about it. They did this to mock my brother and laugh about how the State did the same thing to me and got away with it.

No one dared hold me down and cut me to my face, so they did it while I slept, and they drugged and medicated me so heavily I couldn't think straight.

In this country.

And I can see a motive for why they used and tortured my family.

My Dad has been beaten, humiliated by the children of other low-life adults, and threatened. I am not even sure that he has not been raped.

It is possible, because the impossible has happened in this country.

My mother's face has been cut with a 2 inch mark and if she claims now that the other mark she did to herself, it's only because someone wanted her to start making herself sound like she does this to herself all the time when she doesn't. They want her to cover for them. Just like they want my parents to lie for them.

I am positive my mother has also been beaten, and I believed she has been coerced to be used and raped. And that's on top of being forced to lie for everyone and work for the U.S. at the same time.

In the meantime, I was being tortured, raped, hypnotized, and abused. In this great country.

The United States of America.

They've used us and tortured us and then made us afraid to even go anywhere else, thinking it might be worse other places. That the torture could be worse, or the use might be worse.

What's worse than having pundit's like O'Reilly making fun of your own family? and somehow getting a scoop that would be impossible for him to get without his own criminal insider?

The U.S. is holding my family hostage.

They have committed some of the most unimaginable crimes this country has known in a modern era, and they have used every criminal resource they can, to protect their interests.

Boy do I really want one of those Catholic saints laquered wood bracelets.

I am able to list several State-sponsored terrorists who are in the U.S. and they have U.S. citizenship. They are not just terrorists. They are funded and supported by the U.S. This is state-sponsored terrorism. They have shown that they have the capability and resources for creating "black sites" for torture and research, on U.S. soil, and it's being done.

What is really sick, is that it's partially being done at the expense of our family, to make other families look better than they are.

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