Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photosensitivity and Evidence of Torture

The laser mark that showed up on my arm...I wondered why all of a sudden, because I've had much, much, worse done to me for much longer periods of time. Then I found out, it was the lime juice and citric oils. Citric oils cause photosensitivity. I guess, to lasers.

And I have someone or a group still doing things to me when I'm on the laptop as well. Things that cause severe burning sensations. And I noticed I have different marks on my hands, which may help sort of prove what happens when I'm on the laptop. It's only on the insides of my hands, at the top and upturned side of my thumbs and then where the crease is between my thumbs and pointing finger. I have some similiar little tiny speck marks from some kind of photosensitivity.

And it's not on the rest of my hands. It's not on the tops of my hands, like on the backs of my hands, or other fingers, it's the space where, if hands are positioned on a keyboard, that sphere shaped space between the hands and thumbs. It's as if a circular beam from the laptop screen or from above onto the keyboard, just hits the inside of my hands and thumbs there.

I'm not doing anything unusual at all, either.

I am a victim of torture, and so is my son.

And my Dad is commissioned to "train" some girl over here in all the psychic ways I guess. I don't get a good feeling about it and her "grandmother" was NOT happy to have me arrive in this town. I sensed jealousy or unhappiness as if I might take some kind of place she had set aside for something or someone else.

I treat all of these "friends" here as suspects. For a very good reason. Where were they when my son and I were being tortured?

I found out some of these people were encouraging my Dad to spend time with "Sheilas" granddaughter when my Dad's only grandson, was being tortured over in Wenatchee. And when I see people wanting to distract or take away from my own family, and immediate family members, and trying to focus attention onto others when the immediate members need help--I think there is something seriously wrong.

I start to wonder what kind of "christians" they really are, if they are "christians" at all. Oops. Had to reconnect because it went from "automatic" to "manual".

Or maybe they are just users, sent by someone else. Oh goody, a white and blue helicopter flying by.

I bring this up because I had a bad feeling tonight.

And then someone decided to laser me I guess, and burn me...I guess it's the U.S. special idea of trying to electrocute people to see if their mood changes.

So anyway, my Dad had to leave for something and it was no big deal, and I went back to my place, wondering about this bad feeling I had.

It came to my mind. Sheila's grand-daughter was in town. She doesn't even live here, but some hoity-toities, want her to be the next Miss America or Miss UK, if you ask me. It sounds weird, but, not really.

So I went to my Mom's place and asked, just coming in the door, "Is Sheila's grand-daughter in town?" and my Mom said, "Yes, I think Sheila was picking her up sometime today."

I knew it.

I knew she had just arrived and I have a feeling that the "bad feeling" I get over it, is because of the assholes who think she's more important than Oliver Garrett.

I know I'm right.

And the U.S. is seriously messed up if they don't return my son to me. No conditions.

Like I said, I can easily disclose a lot of "sensitive information" about many, many, people if this doesn't get fixed.

I do not accept being used and tortured and I don't accept it for my son and you need to leave the rest of my family alone as well.

And um, Miss Hooters, has got to go.


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