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Carcinogen List: Birth Control Pill (How Much Does He Love You?)

I thought since I touched on it yesterday, the topic about birth control pill being carcinogenic and the direct link to breast cancer and infertility, I will post about it again this morning.

So how much has the American Medical Association loved your health?

Do you believe the American Medical Association and medical community cares about you or their own bottom line? Have they been honest with you and your families?

I know that I was writing posts and giving a speech about the dishonesty of the American Medical Association back in 2003. My partner helped me with the statistics and research on our topic about HPV. I had with me, in my stack of medical records, a brochure put out by the AMA that lied. It lied straight out, advertising to men and women that it wasn't contagious except through direct sexual organ contact. That was a lie and the AMA didn't want to admit it was a lie until they had their vaccination for HPV out. Then all of a sudden, they pushed the other end of the agenda, I guess to make money off of the vaccine.

Marijuana. I confirmed at least though my own personal experience, that the old 1930s AMA journals and records, about marijuana being effective for prevention of migraine headaches, was true, even though they lied about this to the public for decades.

And finally, I made mention about birth control being a cause of infertility years ago as well, even if I haven't written about it extensively until more recently.

What you have is a huge lie, that is killing women, that has been circulated by scientists and big government and big corporations. First of all, it's a money making business. They make money off of the birth control pill. Secondly, they make money a second time when you get breast cancer or have to go to infertility clinics when you can't have kids. Finally, there are a lot of men who don't want to worry about "accidents" and having to pay child support, so they don't tell women they can still end up pregnant while they're taking the pill. Oh, and then there is are the religious communities that don't believe in the condom, so they don't care to tell you about the real dangers of the pill.

So how much does he love you? your future? and how much do you love yourself?

If you don't want to have kids or live very long and enjoy having a boob lopped off, go on ahead and take your federally funded birth control.

WHO, The World Health Organization has all birth control pills listed as a carcinogen. Is that warning on the front side of your pill package? WHO lists it as a carcinogen, but not the AMA because the AMA makes money off of it.

Some groups finally admit to the link between breast cancer and birth control pills, but they still shy away from the idea that there is also a link with infertility.

That information might come out when enough people start asking what's going on and making the connection themselves.

I'm just here telling you the truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn't it?

How about the way, how about federally funded non-consensual birth control pill administration from federally funded boyfriends?

The U.S. has some major, major issues headed their direction.

Anyone have a boyfriend drugging their food and/or drink to make sure they don't get pregnant? My guess is that most girlfriends are just doing what they're told to do. And they are not the kind of girlfriend that ever gets tortured, either. Are they? JUST DO IT.

Okay, it's your body and life and your coffin. Just don't say I didn't warn you, while you cared so much about me and my son, I could have kept the truth to myself while you end up barren and without any boobs. It's hard to go from a D or B cup to a 0 cup. Just wait.

So your alternatives are this: condoms, rhythm method (tracking your cycles and times of ovulation, which, if you're in a committed relationship you should be able to do), and ?

It's not the pill honey.

So anyway, yeah. The medical and scientific community just loves me. I was accusing them of fraud and false advertising, and holding onto a brochure published by the AMA for proof. The brochure was pale blue and white and I still remember it and I had it 3 punch-holed into my own personal medical records which were mysteriously stolen. I was saying, calling up the doctors and writing to the AMA: "This is a lie. You're lying to the American public." I had the brochure saved from late 1990s or 2000s. It was given to me after I had gone to a clinic to be checked for STDs from what I disclosed to only them, and not police, as a rape. I checked back later and the literature was still the same. I was never diagnosed with any STD at any time in my life, but how I started looking into things was because someone said I had zero STDs but a slightly assymetrical PAP or something. It was ASCUS (of undetermined significance, which can be even from time of cycle or what you eat, etc.). It turned out to be nothing and I had no changes or anything wrong. However, I did the research myself and found out usually a precancerous PAP will also have HPV with it, because HPV is what causes it, about 98% of the time. So even though I didn't have this, I started looking up HPV and that's when I found out all the brochures from AMA and things they were telling patients didn't line up with the truth, according to the medical journals that only scientists and doctors read (most of the time). So I kept the false advertising brochure and along with my other records, 3 punch-holed it and had everything in a binder until there was too much to keep in the binder. And then it was this tall stack of paper that was together until someone stole it. I had been in the process of reorganizing my records.

They lied to the public all the way up to their grand release of an HPV vaccine in 2007 or whenever.

So if you actually think that they're going to be honest with you about why you have breast cancer or infertility, think again.

Basically, what we have here is a Philip Morris sized massive class-action lawsuit potential. Why aren't women getting a lawyer to sue for their damages of losing boobs? BYE BYE HOOTERS (Oliver waves).

The research and direct causal link to infertility is next but so far, they are bald-face lying about it. In fact, there are even some sites claiming it increases (?!) your fertility.

The birth control pill is not for regular use. It may have a legitimate purpose for some women with irregularities or something serious, but it is not going to help your health if you use it to prevent pregnancy.

I've been around a few women who got breast cancer. People tend to be more discreet about their infertility issues, but can't hide the breast cancer part. Lorraine Rose. Pill anyone? Mike Nichols mom. Pill anyone? Laura Ingraham. Pill anyone?

Why don't some of the supposedly "educated" people tell you what's going on or figure it out? How about the next time they do one of those little pink ribbon runs, they ask you to fill out a questionaire as to whether the woman with breast cancer was on the pill during her lifetime and for how long.

Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering why women who are on the pill tend to have more girls than boys, think about the estrogen connection. Their eggs and bodies have been marinating in estrogen dominant horomones. You might still have a boy, but your odds are less. You're just slightly tilting the odds but gender shouldn't matter anyway. Women who have higher levels of testosterone in their wombs have the boys.

Not that matters, but since you're here reading from Dr. Garrett instead of your other lousy Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Stanford ignoramous, check it out for yourselves. What do you think? Do you think they're stupid, or do you think they're just corrupt govt. pansies? I think, that these doctors and medical community have Super Egos and think they are Big Brother and that they know what's best for you and the world population and funding for medicine and insurance companies. I think that they think "What they don't know won't hurt them."

But yeah, I think I "saw" my brochure that was evidence of fraud and false advertising because someone is still hanging onto it. Maybe I just have a really good memory but I think it's still around.

At least our professor for that class, where I gave the speech and my partner put up the slides and graphs, he was very supportive and seemed happy to see I had taken on "the big guys". One of the students said why would they lie to everyone and no, he was told it was only transmitted through sexual contact and the professor spoke up and affirmed our research was correct.

So, medical things I've shed light on and not lied to the American (or world) public about:

1. sectoral heterochromia,

2. HPV transmission (the truth *it's highly contagious and not just transmitted by sexual contact and was lied about HUGE, by the AMA* --in opposition to the status quo),

3. Use of marijuana for migraine headache (the truth *it can work*--in opposition to the status quo),

4. Birth control pill (the truth *it causes breast cancer and infertility*--in opposition to the status quo),

5. Diabetes cure (epidemology--the rates among different countries and what is eaten in the countries with the lowest rates which U.S. pharms later concealed and extracted unnecessary substances from...i.e., eat cabbage and other things that promote insulin, but the U.S. pharms kept this a secret and want you to pay for insulin drugs.) I wonder how much money is made off of selling Diabetes and insulin drugs, by the way.

These are some things that affect the health of people and families, that I have been willing to share, in defiance of the pharmeceutical companies and medical communities that have profitted from your illnesses. And that's not including the fact that I was the one alerting illegal immigrants and Wenatchee residents about how the vaccinations and care they get for free at some govt. clinics is not without risks.

6. At least 6 different things I've done to make a tremendous difference.

I then looked up the history of the birth control pill. After this, I looked up the history of infertility clinics. My next project may be to prove the birth control causes or contributes to infertility. The cancer link is already there and proven but so far, not too many people want to admit it is linked to infertility. I mean, just because some women do get pregnant right away, or just because you get normal periods back right away doesn't mean anything.

From what I found out, the history of infertility clinics has followed in the footsteps of birth control pill. Some authors are trying to say that since horomones were discovered about the same time, that the treatments for infertility came about the same time. What they are leaving out, is the increase in rate of infertility.

I haven't found out anything very good online yet, and so far, the one statistic I found was that by the 1990s, 12% of married couples had been to an infertility clinic.

That is a very high rate. First of all, that 12% is only including those who have enough money to go to infertility clinics and leaves out a lot of people that either don't have insurance coverage or don't have the money for it. It also leaves out those who are infertile but too embarressed to go, or who really couldn't care less.

The birth control pill was out by the 1920s. It wasn't widely used then, but it was there. Then there were several options for women by the 1950s and then in 1960 the FDA formally approved one, Enovid-10, but they were already aware a few options had been out there. The risks then are the same as the risks now, but now it's more of a slow killer instead of a fast killer.

The infertility drug Clomid came out onto the market in the 1960s as well (I guess to off-set the inevitable).

Does anyone know why the birth control pill is linked most to breast cancer?

Let's be human beings for a moment, shall we? thinking for ourselves, not listening to everything the "experts" tell us and assuming it's true just because "they" are the "experts"...

Okay, so why breast cancer specifically? Women have been told "oh, it's just a type that runs in the family..." Wrong.

The birth control pill is linked to breast cancer, specifically, because you have been injecting your body with drugs that make your body think it's pregnant. This means, you are stimulating the glands in your breasts and they are being prepared for milk production that is never going to end up as milk. No, you won't have milk. You'll have LUMPS. Do you like cottage cheese? how about curds & whey? Your great "rack" has an expiration date my dear. Some of you pill poppers will be lucky and will be so blessed with genes that counter cancer, you'll not get cancer. Some of you will only be on the pill for a few months or less than a year and it won't affect you. But the rest of you...are Cancers waiting to happen.

When you take the pill, your breasts get heavier or feel different because your body is preparing for a pregnancy you will never have. And because the birth control tricks your body, it's going to bite you in the butt later.

This is why breast cancer, specifically, is linked to the birth control pill. There is no big secret--it's common sense. What is crazy is that the "experts" have told billions of women and men to ignore good common sense.

Do you know why you have a higher risk of blood clots? because your womb is thickening to prepare for the baby that will never be. That's going to put other pressures on veins and arteries, mimicking what happens in a normal pregnancy. There are some other reasons as well.

If you put your body through a constant artificial pregnancy state, for five years, your body believes it is pregnant and getting ready to give birth for a full five years. (any number of years for an example). You're not allowing your body to then go through the phases of milk production and giving birth, and then taking a rest before getting pregnant again. Your body is WHACKED out. Not to mention your brain. (Nothing like a bunch of mommy-brains sitting in an Ivy league seat, is there? Duuuuh. Wait...Homer Simpson coming through...DOH!)

So anyway, how do you take your tea? One lump or two?
I found a link about the "mommy brain" of those who are pregnant or whose bodies believe they are pregnant. I included it above for the Ivy league people. Okay, for everyone.

The brain shrinks during pregnancy. It begins to SHRINK when the body thinks there has been implantation, which is what your bc pill tricks your body into believing has happened. The brain goes back to normal size anywhere from 6 wks to 6 months after birth and with the release or reduction of the pregnancy hormones. The change in size of brain occurs at the same time there is an increase in vascular flow, which is what happens in pregancy and which is why this is a warning on bc, about blood clots and heart problems. Your heart and other organs enlarge slightly, and your vascular pressure increases and a lot of changes happen. So, add to the fact that you've tricked your body into preparing for milk...setting up for breast cancer, and you tricked your body into thinking it's been pregnant for years...setting up for infertility (sorry, not tonight, says your body. Or any night. i'm done!), you also, do have mommy brain.

Which means the brains of those on the birth control pill have shrunk. Your brain might go back to normal size if you gave your body a say...6 month break from the pill to recover. But nooo, you and the rest of the world have been dealing with your diminished capacity to think, remember things, and work.

So yes, on a college campus, most likely, we are really dealing with a bunch of mommy brains all in one grand setting.


Is this where the cattiness comes from? The problem is that you can't blame your moodiness on a pregnancy, it's the pill. And the same moodiness from the pill is what you get from tricking your body into thinking the moodiness is natural for a pregnancy.

So, look up pregnancy and what it does to your brain, and the rest of your body, and then imagine what your body thinks about getting pregnant 5-10 years down the road. Not so happy with the idea maybe. And now what? WHOA...evolutionary theory kicks in.

Your body thinks, "There is something wrong. I kept trying to produce milk for this woman year after year and...I don't know what it's like it got jacked backwards or something. And this brain. God. What can I do with her brain? I tried, and it's pointless. Her veins are shot and her heart is not as good as it once was either...I think maybe this body is a mutant or abberation species, or maybe it got poisoned...I'm trying to figure out how to help this woman but now the other guys are moving in and they're saying they're taking over. I asked them what they were doing and they said there is something seriously wrong with this body and now a part of it is turning to lumps and the cells are disordered and the brain hasn't been functioning correctly either. It's getting close to shut down."

If you treat your body like a dump it will dump you.

And any man who reads this and still wants his woman to be on the birth control pill, is looking for a short term relationship.

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