Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rugged Gold. I still can't post as usual but there is a preview box that allows script so I'll try this

Movies. A few nights ago I watched "Rugged Gold." It was shortly after I'd squeezed a share of limes for my ascorbic acid flush. I walked to town and then got back and I didn't feel like watching this movie I had out, called "The Robe." No, I wanted something else. I looked through a bunch of movies and picked out "Rugged Gold" because it looked like a movie about a mother fighting for her son. I thought it was going to be this drama, and it was the funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

I cleaned and washed my money that night. I had a lot of change and coins from bags I cleaned out and I washed it and thought to myself, "Yeah, I know whose family is, I think, laundering money, or has (not mine)." So I washed it and the water was just filthy. It turned dark dark grey, almost black. Then last night, I watched "Owning Mahoney." I sensed good energy as soon as I touched the cover of the DVD. It was weird. No one tells me what to watch, and other movies were laid out, but I opened up a closed drawer and found that one and pulled it out. And it had good energy on it. I actually felt it on "Rugged Gold" the day I chose it,, but I think it had to do with timing, nothing more. So I picked it out and watched it and felt good energy the whole way through. I then thought I would watch another movie and put in "God's and Generals" but the feeling left. I don't think it's about the movie at all, but something about the timing. So I watched for 10 minutes and then took it out and I put "Owning Mahoney" back in and the feeling came back like a snap of my fingers. I watched it a second time up to the point where someone asks what he's up to now and turned it off and went to bed. The energy switch was like turning a light off and on. So I tried to pay attention to it and went with where I felt the more uplifting energy. I noticed, for the first time, too, a woven straw purse that Minnie Driver has in one scene, she's looking through it. I had the exact same purse. Identical. To the lining. I got it at Goodwill or a thrift store in the late 90s or early 2000s and it is an exact match. The color, the weave of the straw, and the type, thickness, and color of the lining inside (cream). Even the handle was the same, but the movie was portraying the 80s. At any rate, that's not the best of the movie of course. I like the acting.

A few funny things have happened over here. Involving moles. Oh, but first, a tangent...since I just wrote about a movie where the topic is addiction...

I am going to tell you what the best natural rush I've felt in a long time was. But I think it's not for weak hearts. I don't recommend it for those who should get Dr.'s permission first or whose health is not strong.

Aside from the "runners high" that runners know about, I am telling you, this "high" I got the other day, was incredible. I mean, it was a definite high. And it was all-natural and good for you. (oh yeah, aside from the Holy Spirit high that I've talked about, and that's one that comes with very good energy too). It was LIME JUICE flush.
OH MI...

OH MI...


It was the best thing I've ever tried. After I flushed with all of that lime juice and ascorbic acid, a little charcoal and tiny bit of chlorella, but mainly just glass after glass of pure lime juice...and then had a cup of COFFEE?


It was the most amazing natural stimulant, and I was a dancing fiend that night and I didn't even know what was taking over. The best part is there is nothing narcotic or druggy about it.

But I have had narcotics (had to) for injuries and I am telling you, nothing is as good as the lime juice flush and coffee.


And, it instantly cured a bunion I had, and cleared up my head, and I had the best angry catharsis I've had in a long time.

All I know, is that I have to do it again.

The best part, is that it's really doing good for your body instead of harm. But I say this with caution, because it's not for kids and it's not for those with weak hearts. Seriously. And charcoal can deplete your heart of so many minerals and vitamins, some have even died from heart problems. So it's something to be very careful about.

It was 100% worth it though. I mean, if you can do it right, and be careful, and if you have the time to lounge while your body is flushing out toxins, I highly recommend it.

I know it's not a 1 time deal for me. Charcoal is not to be used often at all. It's for a very rare occasion chelation. And the ascorbic acid flush is recommended about 1x/month by naturopaths.

I went back to my carbs and food and lost the high and all of my energy again. But it's okay because I'm doing things in steps and right now I'm doing more fiber to cleanse that way, and then a blood purifying thing after I feel I've fibered out, and then I'm going back to the flush and then probably a careful fast of some kind.

I've been eating lots of oat bran, oatmeal, bananas, wheat, wheat bran, raw eggs, and fresh salsa with cilantro/tomato/jalapeno/onion. Organic milk. Distilled water. I had spagetti with ricotta cheese parmesean, and sauce one night, and then I made a broccoli and cauliflower soup.

Today I did the worst I've done the whole time--ate a bowl of B&J's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and that was an allowed screw up.

My plan is to keep eating wheat, oats, bran, and things, and then switch to all greens and green juices and do the blood purifying and oxygenation. I'll let that work in for awhile and then hit at the ascorbic acid flush again, and then soak it up with the fiber in small amounts and try a very light fast of sorts. Just something very light and to reduce amount of energy spent on simple digestion. Then, after the healing fast, resume healthy balanced eating.

I know what I'm doing.

I'm going to use citrus pectin next time too I think, or make some to use later. Pectin is really good for chelation.

For my green juices I need to find some alfalfa (fresh) and other things maybe. I have kelp powder to add.

So, about the mole stuff...

I will have to brb for that.

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