Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bill O'Reilly & Lila

I am conservative, but I'm not a hateful criminal like Bill O'Reilly.

I decided tonight--absolutely cannot stand that man. He has some serious issues, and I kept track of a few things as well, in the last few days. Something tells me he gets his kicks at the expense of women who he thinks threatened a few of his buddies. Unfortunately for him and a few others, I'm more observant than some might like.

I think he's someone who gets a kick out of someone smearing crap all over a shower stall and "tip-toeing" into places uninvited. I think he also gets a kick out of making little inside quips about others stepping on toes. I know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, as for the politics, I agree with many of the same things. However, when it comes to things like not vouching for welfare for single moms, he is way off his rocker.

Yeah, and this is coming from "Budget Cuts" you asshole. Maybe it's time someone hacks his show funds into about half.

So tonight he made the really stupid comment, in response to someone writing in about single moms, they said that it seemed like he objected to a single mom who is having to drive 90 miles to work just to make it and then 90 miles back home and then does O'Reilly actually think that this woman should be paying the welfare back? So, hey. I'm a single mom. I also consider myself to be an independent thinker. Not "independent party" (because they decided they wanted to own the title and made their list of rules about what they want the title to mean). I am an independent thinker. I like some things from the Dem side (not much), and then other things from the other side.

So O'Reilly's comment was that a single mom doesn't need welfare because he would force the father to pay child support.

Sure Rainbow Pony. I mean, in the perfect world, sure. It is not always possible for a single woman to get support from her family or a father, in these times. It would be great, but it's not always possible.

What I don't like, is how the Dems want everything to be policed and use things like welfare to nose in and take away other liberties, and haul in a woman to CPS if they have personal issues with her. They just inch their way in. Repubs think maybe we don't need welfare at all, and forget that this is what their tax money is for. It's insurance that everyone gets, and everyone puts money into the pot so that if something happens down the road and you don't have anyone to help you, you can take from this insurance for a short time.

So I guess O'Reilly doesn't think about this because...I have a guess but let me look up some history on him first...

Yup. Thought so. He's part of the Boston crew. I thought his smile was sagging these last few days. He was so jubilant and giddy in his show on Monday night, with his bright turquoise tie, and comments about "I don't think we should tip-toe over budget cuts..." (har, har). Nice emphasis on the facial expression.

Next thing, I'm writing about the Irish Mob and wow. Suddenly, he's looking a little down in the eye. Can't imagine why, cause it's not like his mother isn't from Northern Ireland and he's not from Boston. I'll bet the idea of my and my son being tortured really gets him down. We've got Billy-from-Boston and his CIA sidekick Laura. I'll bet he can do a mean shuffle and tap dance.

Ah yes. Laura. I decided to make use of my intuition tonight as I was watching the "O'Reilly" show. My parents love him, apparently and watch every evening. I've seen just a few.

But tonight, I looked at the lovely Laura and there she was, Ms. CIA. I thought, "That's shrewd. Put in a journalist who is also CIA connected. Hmm. Not bad." And then I started sending to her, "So Laura, are you CIA?" The woman started looking to the left, but it's probably because one of the guys to the side was trying to get her attention. "RUN!" they said, "Garrett has you in her crosshairs!"

So, to check my idea, I then looked up the lovely Laura on wiki. Whaddya know. She went to the University of Virginia Law School. I guess it was cheaper to take the subway to Igloo from there, than from CT. So she lives in D.C. now, ...

Hang on, hang on, still looking for stuff about the lovely Lila.

Ah. Charlottesville, VA. Home of University of Virginia. According to the map, just a hop-skip away from Richmond, VA.


So anyway, I've been saying I want my son back.

I did so appreciate how someone stopped lasering me or whatever, and burning me as I began to write about O'Reilly. I would like to get someone in Richmond, McLean, Arlington, and D.C., to keep it that way.

Got it?


So what do you think now Obama? Would you like to keep my little "swirly" pen or maybe I should mail it to Mr. O'Reilly.

King. Game Ovah.
I just went into the house and said to my mom, "Pretty good for a dum-dum-y." And then added, "I figured out Laura Ingraham is with the CIA." My mom said she didn't want to hear about everything. I looked and saw this movie was about to be on, "The Pelican Brief", and it said it was about a law student that helps someone who is on the run because they know too much about the government. And the movie playing though was some Italian one my mom wasn't going to watch bc it was in Italian.

So I said to her later, "All I want is my son back." and my mom said "He would be confused" and I said why and she said because of the things I say, and I said, "No, I don't talk about these kinds of things around kids. And I never did with my son." I added, "I didn't even argue over the phone because I didn't want Oliver to hear arguing back on the other end, and with my name being used. I have always separated my son from adult conversations." Which is absolutely the truth.

So I want my son back. My mom said no one cared if I said she was with the CIA. I said, "I know she has a nickname of "Lila". I said, "It came to me when I was looking up her college, to see where the location was in Virginia."

My mom said again, "No one cares" and I said "Well if no one here does, Russia does." It's not like everyone believes the cover story that I'm crazy. Some people are paying attention, and I would think that it's a better idea to return my son to me than have me discovering who is with the CIA. I do not deserve to be tortured, and neither does my son.

So anyway, I was going to watch this DVD, "Appointment for a Killing" and changed my mind. I decided on, "How do I feel right now? what suits me?" and it was "You Know My Name."

I know your name Lila. Do you know mine?

"You Know My Name" is a western. "America's Last Great Lawman Takes On A New Kind Of Outlaw."

It says on the back that it's about a lawman who is having to route out a new kind of criminal--the kind that takes a government job.

I guess there's a Lila Rose that is on the show, but no, I believe it's for Laura. Someone called her this. Maybe for her initials, L.I.

I'm not paying attention to any of these movies I've tried to start, so I guess I'll save them for later. I don't know, we'll see. I have some other things to blog about right now.

If I have to be the annoying widow who won't leave the Judge alone, who continues to complain on and on and never lets go, then so be it. I want my son back and it's not worth having me "out" the CIA. I think that's the expression I used when I was telling my mom. I said, "I think someone should just give me my son back rather than have me "out" all the CIA" and my mom said no one cared and I said, "Russia does." (so my point is, if I'm saying I will be a nikita or a loose-cannon if my son is not returned, why take the chance of making me more upset, when all I've ever ever for is my son and to not be tortured. These 2 things are not wants. They are essential rights.

I said, going out the door, "She's with the CIA and O'Reilly's with the IRA."

(same difference? hmm. No, that might mean he affiliates with the FBI more than the CIA.)

I've turned off the t.v.

I was going to play Shipwrecks by Ilia and I accidentally skipped to "Wake The Dead" by Ilia and then I'll play Shipwrecks.

Oh, sleeper Awake from your sleep Climb out of your coffin Quick to listen and slow to speak And I'll be the thorn in Your side as long as you needWake the deadTonight, did I Tonight, did I Tonight, did I make the most of thisTonight, did I Tonight, or die Tonight, or die These are the worst of timesOh, sleeper Awake from your sleep Climb out of your coffin Quick to listen and slow to speak And I'll be the thorn in Your side as long as you need Wake the deadTonight, did I Tonight, did I Tonight, did I make the most of thisTonight, did I Tonight, or die Tonight, or die These are the worst of timesOh, sleeper Won't you wake from your sleep? Oh, sleeper Don't you know, with blood comes cleansing?

I feel happy with this song. And I felt the Holy Spirit as I listened to a CD today...I couldn't stop smiling and felt it. I will have to find out what song it was but the guy was Morris Chapman. The title of the CD is "Come Away."

I was in my place rubbing a vaseline kind of solid on my elbows because they were dry and at that moment I was given the Chapman CD. And then I was on the phone talking to Dept. of Education people and one guy said my #7 lender was "Zion". Zion bank, and then I was calling all these places and just as I ended up trying to get through to this one lender, NW Educational Loan Association, the song about Zion on this CD came on. But I couldn't get through bc they, for some weird reason, had their phones on busy. I kept getting the busy signal. No answering machine or anything and I documented the time. This was a local call but with an 800 number being used and I thought it was really weird they had it going to a busy signal. It was between 4 and 4:10 p.m. So it's a lender in Portland, Oregon and they're connected to the Zion bank. I ended up having to email them instead. I was dialing their number, after going through other numbers and listening to this CD and all of a sudden, this Zion song came on and I thought, "The Zion song while I'm calling the lenders through Zion bank?" but this wasn't the song that had me laughing and smiling. I will have to check, but I think it was #8, an instrumental.

I just looked it up to see what the title is and it's called "Selah". It's not even my favorite style or song in the world, but for some reason, when I heard, I sensed something good somewhere.

I'm not sure why some of these people think they can keep using me and trying out their stuff with me, and torture me at the same time. It's not like it's making me better at what I get or do. I just never talked about this stuff before, but my old h.s. boyfriend knew, almost before I did, even back then. So it's not "helping" and if it's not helping, what is the motive? to just make me suffer so I sound nuts while you continue to use me for your own reasons and money?

How much money are you making off of me and how much have you already made off of me? Ms. "Budget Cuts" wants to know, because you obviously think it's okay to take short cuts with me. In fact, you've spent billions, to trash me. But yet you still make some of your own money off of me. How does that work?

I'm not going to quit. Someone needs to take a look at Bill O'Reilly and his contacts. That man is making $200,000,000 a year and he has a personal interest in me and from what I've seen, it's not favorable. How does he even know who I am unless he's associated with people who have been a problem for me?

I had an idea that this girl, from church, I don't know. Something Irish about it. I thought this before I even looked anything about Bill O'Reilly up. And for some reason, people pressure my Dad to spend time with her and train her to be a psychic when my own son and my Dad's own grandson is neglected and refused me. And I don't think highly of those who have wanted her to come ahead of my son, at any time. It's wrong.

I don't Bill O'Reilly would even have an interest or care or know about her, unless it's through either an Irish contact or his CIA pal's contacts. What? CIA likes to travel to the deep woods?

With "Wake The Dead" I'll go back to the "sleeper agents" and then talk about a woman who hates me. Dotty. Doting Dotty. She's psychic and I saw her getting upset when I started thinking about her and sent my thoughts to her while we were in church. I could tell she knew. I suspect her of one time using technology on me at a prayer meeting where she sat in a chair behind me. She spends a lot of time with this girl everyone is wanting to train to be a psychic. And Dotty hates my guts. It's really hard to describe how one psychic sometimes knows that the other person has picked up on something. It's extremely difficult to describe unless you do it and have practiced it or been around it. I learned it or figured some of it out because I had to. I guess I will make Dotty my number #5 after I write about the married couple. There are a bunch of people from other states but I will have to look at that list later. I guess the girl will be #6, or, I might go to some other people instead. It is possible the woman in Bainbridge, who used technology from her white apple laptop, knew about this girl. I don't know why, but it just came to my mind--this blond from Bainbridge came to mind after I was thinking about the girl. So I am wondering why.

And I had something to mind a few minutes ago about "Anna Maria"

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