Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Morning

I realized a couple of days ago that someone is relying too heavily on what my dreams are so I'm not writing about my dreams online anymore.

I do recall too, the names of U.S. Govt. workers #3 & #4 and the last name is "Hartley" (sleeper agent people). John and Linda Hartley. So as I go along, I'll come up with the other names too, if I haven't already.

Today I pureed blackberries with honey, a little wheat bran, and ginko biloba leaves. The bitterness of ginko is masked very well with the blackberries. I chew the leaves plain, and deal with it, but it's hidden well with blackberries. I also figured out that if I use herbal leaves for tea, to save them after they've been through my tea strainer because I can then grind it up and add it to a drink later and have them whole. I guess the most fun I have these days is making concoctions. I need to find a recipe for vegan pancakes today, and for sprouting alfalfa sprouts.

The blackberries made a thick sauce that would be really good on pancakes but I don't have ingredients for it right now. I also finished cooking my organic soybeans and after my cup of coffee, it just sounded good to me so I had a small bowl of cooked soybeans with a little sea salt and then had oatmeal with blackberry sauce to follow. I drank some of the blackberries too. I'm freezing a lot of them and going to pick more. I had about 4-6 cups after picking them for a half hour so I think I can get a lot. They're all organic, on our property, so we know they haven't been sprayed.

Yesterday I felt there was a lot of good energy in town for once. Well, not for once, but it wasn't bad. I went in for the first time in over a week.

At the house I was made a salad out of rainbow chard, spinach, lettuces, fuji apple, raw walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. But I decided to eat the rest of a jar of pickled borscht I had made. It was pickled beets, organic, with light natural preservatives and when it was half down I chopped up potato, cabbage, carrots, and added it to the beets and juice and it stayed pickled. It pickled everything, kind of like a kimchi. I don't know what it was, but I ate the rest and ended up feeling my throat sort of soothed and then napped for a couple of hours. It was horrible. I couldn't fall asleep for awhile at night bc I ended up napping so long in the afternoon after I did some reading, but there was nothing wrong with it.

Then I came into the house and started watching this old sci-fi movie with my family and I loved all the art--the set and art was food for my eyes, but at some point, even though I walked in and sensed an atmosphere of prayer, I started to get a bad feeling from somewhere. I thought it was maybe bc it was my son's bedtime or something. I didn't know but I decided not to stay and then I went back to my place and the electricity all cut out.

Someone later started using satellite or other technology which caused benign twitching in my feet, and it wasn't from anything I ate...I know what it is. So I started thinking thoughts I wanted sent to others. And things to think for help. As I did, I think this was just interference, but I saw a blond woman with med. wavy hair and a child surrounded by flames. I think the fire was behind her back and she was at a window or something, screaming, "Help US!!!" and screaming and crying and I saw her to my left if I were looking forward and there was a child to the right. The child was younger than a teenager but I didn't see him that well.

I thought maybe it was from a movie someone was watching. Because it was the same thing, every time I started saying help us, for myself and my son, and "We are Prisoners" for my family, on behalf of us, I saw this woman and her kid flash up. Fire everywhere. Real fire. I'm not sure, but I think she was maybe crouching down. She had her hands up on glass or something and was banging against it, hitting the glass with her hand. I didn't recognize her. She was pretty, had layered (I think) wavy shoulder length or longer bob length hair. I only saw her and then there was a child but I didn't see them. And she wasn't looking at me in the eyes. I saw her like she was looking for someone, but she didn't see me. I guess I had the impression somewhere between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. I saw movement of her hand against the glass or window, and her mouth move and the fire. I didn't see anyone else. It was a huge fire, behind her all I could see was fire.

I guess I should add, after I said the things I wanted to say in my mind, in my thoughts, about someone using a form of technology and describing it and saying some other things, and after I saw her, and then after I thought about how my family used to sleep under electric blankets and now, in another sense, we still do, I noticed that the bad feeling had gone away too.

It was about 8 p.m. or so (after) that I noticed it. And then when the power went out at my place, I didn't get up to have it turned on again. I just unplugged all appliances in case it came on in the middle of the night and fell asleep.

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