Thursday, August 25, 2011

Save the Vegetables (Obama 2012)


Do you really want to run for another term?

I am just wondering why every single modern President we've had, in the course of history, has always wanted to pursue a second term.

We are Americans. Oh, I forgot, everyone except Oliver and Cameo Garrett are Americans (and I guess we'll have to omit some of the numbers standing in for people in the files: #3855910, #11230, #98300-245, # 77559392, #954, #0023, #7, #9732, #300, #5409298745, #9788832213, and #5004, for starters). So anyway, I admit, some Americans had their passports and birth certificates confiscated upon reception of a number.

I was saying, you are an American President. You're not a Roman Catholic priest, who is told his office is "forever after the Order of Melchizedek", and you're not a King whose is told in some parts, that his "kingdom is established forever." None of the Presidents are.

So have any of the Presidents ever thought, "I'm going to do something radical. I'm going to go out in a blaze of glory."

Why do the Presidents and their parties always just go forward for that second term, because it's expected, and not even consider how leaving the office, to become a Presidential whistleblower, could be...

Well, amazing.

A man or woman can sometimes do the most good work (if that's their goal) by being in a high office, and then other times, it becomes necessary to LEAVE that high office in order to be free to do the most good.

I would even think that there are times when one is in a very high office, one has access, through course of work or because a matter has been entrusted to them by a confidential source who respects them...access to information which cannot be made use of while one is still in that position.

It becomes necessary to leave the office which would prohibit or hinder one from pursuing the course that will save the most. Sometimes even saving a few, on principle, ends up saving many, as the doors open and others feel more comfortable to share what they know.

This is probably sometimes dangerous.

But if the whole idea is to do a great good for humanity or the country, why have none of these Presidents ever thought, "Whoa. I cannot, in good faith, keep this to myself."

Today I was given some vegetables to take to my place. This was after I had written about my dream about my son and how he had been abused.

When I first saw the vegetables, I thought, "Brains." And it wasn't a schitzo thing anymore than figuring out hexavalent was. I thought of 2 brains. It was green heads of broccoli and kind of burnt by the sun on the tops. One was large and one was small. And then I was given 2 tomatoes, and they were yellow tomatoes and had cuts and dark marks on the skin from the sun, and one had a fingerprint bruise, just like what I always saw on my son. I knew he was either being lasered all the time, or abused. How funny his pediatric doctor never accounts for any of this.

I took these and thought, "This is like what the U.S. tried to do to me and my son. They wanted us to end up like vegetables."

I guess they came from someone's garden in California where an older man just died of cancer.

It's not a joke. It's not an exaggeration. What was done to me and my son affected us permanently and these people wanted it that way.

And no, I don't accept any idea that my ex-fiance "Alvaro" was a friend. No good person keeps their mouths shut about this kind of thing. Are he and his buddies still dancing at the clubs in D.C.? That's what I thought. Are his sons safe? How about some of these other kids...are they being tortured?

There was never any "martyrdom." There was crime, and that's it, and I expect someone in the justice system to own up to the high crimes and misdemeanors.

Vegetables. We didn't end up as badly as was originally intended, but we still lost a lot and this government knows it.

My last contact with the FBI was right before we were fried.

So anyway, do we really know whose kid that Colombian woman who married the British we know whose kid this is? because I had a very strong feeling on that day that, as Mr. Brit was being a jerk and making fun of me, I was intuiting it wasn't his own kid. So what was the deal? She needed a British passport for some reason? was it James' Middleton's idea?

The problem with rounding up people to assault and harass and torture me...and then laughing as an aside, thinking it will never catch up to you, well, the problem is that you maybe underestimated me. Y'think?

Because while I had no clue then, that I possessed anything of a slightly psychic nature, when I did figure it out, asshole, I was able to go back through my memories and remember when I thought things that I thought, on what day, what time, and involving different places. So it's really funny how I was sitting there, not having any clue what I was doing, as I was actually sizing up your "bride" and saving it for a rainy fucking day. Unbenownst to me, it was possibly going to come in handy when I came into my own, identified my own abilities and what I had been doing without even thinking about it, and now we'd all be really interested in seeing what the DNA test on the kid looks like. What I might have suggested, as you were employing airs, Sir, walking away from me and making an aside comment to "Broken Zipper Number 9", is that it's not wise to mock the poor.

I looked so innocent and naive sitting there, didn't I? Kind of stupid too. I couldn't think of what to say to you at all. In fact, after you'd both left, I do remember saying you reminded me a little of James Bond.

Wrong James.

So south-y, you gotta paw for me?

You international morons had better salvage your little negotiations. I want my son back NOW.

"Could you take some of my face?"

Great photography. Excellente. Bravo! Alvaro. But she wanted a few for the passport application, showing her and her "British" guy from the waist-up. Not just belly shot after belly shot after belly shot. I mean, yeah, beautiful bump. Real nice (yawn). I was sitting there thinking what an attractive and non-authentic couple.

This is to let you know, all of you, that I have a very good memory and you didn't quite beat the hell out of my brain. I remember what she said, and I also remember the motion of her hand to indicate where she wanted the photo taken. From the middle-up. Isn't that what she said?

You guys all just loved my son Oliver, so much. Didn't you.

It's like the best menage-trois ever: MI5 meets Colombia meets CIA, er, FBI. With a little Russian appetizer on the side. Oh yeah, and the Irish mob.

So anyway guys, what up with the double? I'm thinking about triple majoring in Spies-R-Us.

Give me my son back.

Alvaro sings: Meeeeshell, mye belle...

If any one of you weren't rotten to the core, I'd already have my son with me.

What we have here is a case of lying spies.

If one person had been good, or telling the truth about me, my son would have been returned to me 2 years ago or earlier. Instead, you all lied and claimed your group was the one that cared, or this other group was the bad group. You're ALL BAD.

It's not POSSIBLE to have anyone GOOD when my son and I were literally tortured and dragged through the mud and no one speaks UP about it?

All there was, was one layer after another layer of "If we don't get her this way, we'll get her that way."

All of it, was a set up. Set up A was the Set up where I wasn't going to be tortured anymore, in exchange for what? and you all knew about it. And if I didn't go along with Set up A, which could have meant I was torture free for just 2 years and that's it, and then back to square one and someone is trying to adopt out my kid again, then it was "Okay then, suffer forever in Set up B". And never, ever, anywhere, was there the normal freedom that should come with being an

"American citizen"

There is no possible way that somone in at least another country, doesn't know what's happened and can't speak up, or that someone in the U.S. can't speak up. It isn't possible. It's not possible that these things are allowed to happen to me and my son, if there are or were any good people involved.

I want someone to start tracking the doctor assigned to my son in Wenatchee.

She is in on it and has concealed things about my son's health. I want to know what her Seattle connections are. She works through Central Washington Hospital as an affiliate. Her clinic or she is affiliated, but it's going to Seattle. From there, I don't know. Probably Virginia.

Why in the world no one has come in to investigate crimes against humanity with at least my son is beyond me.

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