Saturday, August 27, 2011

cuts and computer problems.

After I blogged about Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and John and Linda, my mother's printer was missing from her computer the next day. This was the day I had told my lawyers I wanted to print something out and fax it to court about withholding evidence. If I had faxed it, or printed it, it would have been done through my mom's computer. The only people who really know she has used her printer for helping me with a few things are at her workplace. But, since our house is bugged and I stated my intentions out loud, maybe that's how someone got the idea. Her printer had been totally deleted and removed.

This morning I looked at my mom and she had a cut by her eye. I said, "What is that?" and she said, "I cut myself with a razor." The left eye. Right below the left eye. I said, "What do you mean you cut yourself with a razor? who shaves under their eye, on the cheekbone?" I thought maybe my mom did it to symbolize what happens to my son all the time.

What's funny, is that none of my mom's doctors really want to test her for poisoning by hexavalent chromium.

And, should it turn to cancer for any reason, what's even stranger, is that someone or some persons already knew someone or some I knew might have cancer or something. There was all this talk about my being a lawyer and then it changed, and it was suddenly talk about my being a nurse. And I was told well, there's just more grant money in it, but I had the acute feeling that there was a reference being made somewhere.

Someone had cancer. Or was getting cancer, and some group knew about it. And I don't know who, but everyone was saying I should be a nurse. At the time I always thought it was a man. Some man out there who was needing a nurse.

But who knows. Maybe, if it's true about some things I've guessed about, maybe a few things have happened to different people and there is just something going on that others know about.

I will never, ever, say who was telling me I should be a nurse, that it might come in handy. But it was more than one person, at about the same time, like something was going down or had happened and they knew.

Some things are by natural causes, and some things are not.

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