Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hexavalent Chromium Poisoning: My Mom

I think I figured out what my mom has. And 3 doctors couldn't figure it out and thought it was maybe some kind of plantar wart or something.

It matches the description and photos of the effects of hexavalent chromium poisoning. Chrome ulcers.

Not only does she have the visible chrome ulcers, she has, in the past, had some of the other symptoms, like nausea and vomiting.

So THREE U.S. doctors couldn't figure this out?

I confirmed the sores and ulcers through google by reading an article from India, some Hindu publication of a woman with photos of her hands. I just put it up as a link. I read about it in other links first, but this is one that has a photo of the chrome ulcers and I needed to see if it fits or not.

It's a match.

So I guess my Dad isn't the only one someone is trying to kill. It's my mom too. And I know without any doubt that I have been included in that figure. I don't think I want to know what my brother is going through.

I have a very serious problem with some things here. First of all, where did all these crappy doctors come from?

My Dad went to several doctors and with high enough cholesterol that other tests should be run. Other things were abnormal on the labs. And in addition to this, why can't any of them figure out what to do with his hands? I don't accept the idea that it's arthritis and nothing can be done. I don't accept it because so far, these doctors are worthless.

Doctors have lied about me, have altered and changed my medical records, and contributed to human experimentation of my son. My son has been a guinea pig and has a doctor overseeing his "results".

My mother is proof positive for chrome ulcers. She told me they first appeared 7 years ago. I asked her when they first showed up and that's what she said.

2004. The year of ...

I guess I'm lucky that one of two things happened: either someone "sent" the word hexavalent to me, and I got it and it had me looking up hexavalent, or someone not good was talking about hexavalent something or other and I still picked up on it and it got me looking things up. The other option is that someone was talking about hexavalent uranium or another hexavalent and I, for some reason, found a connection with looking at what my mom had and hexavalent chromium.

Sometimes, I don't know. I know I was shocked when I was in litigation and discovering "Oh my gosh. Some of these lawyers are not even doing their jobs." And then I learn more about the medical field and think the same thing. Are these people totally incompetent or do they just work in the bribery business?

My mom was throwing up on the same night that I was being stalked on a bus in TN. She had been to Ephrata to eat out and I told her, "Do NOT eat out anymore." She then was at my grandparents and ate there but it was only those 2 places. But she first had these appear 7 years ago.

Which was when I was in the middle of my lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese & Abby, The Willamette Week, and had filed a complaint of misconduct with the FBI.

My Dad's levels of cholesterol warrant at least medications that lower cholesterol or a discussion about it. There were other abnormalities and he's been told everything looks great!


For some strange reason, my Uncle Howard, the Vietnam Vet that the U.S. used, is still alive, against all odds. And I found out why maybe someone wanted to ruin him. He is psychic. I never thought this and never knew it, and he's not on my list of exposes, I mean, he's not working for anyone, but now I know one of the reasons enemies have been jealous and afraid of my family. I knew, after I was sitting at the table and thinking about 2 numbers: $50,000 and $1 million dollars. My Uncle Howard called my Dad up a few minutes later, and told him a joke that included 2 numbers, $50,000 and $1 million. It was a crude joke, and I didn't like it, but I was shocked because he had thought to tell a joke using the same numbers that were in my head, within minutes. My Uncle Howard needs a new kidney or liver or something and has been an alcoholic for years and he still has it. Even after who knows how many crappy drugs the U.S. fed him. I am 100% positive that he deserves compensation from the U.S. government.

That's when I started wondering what in the world my Grandpa Garrett did in the military. It just starts making more sense. Why families with an unbelievable amount of talent, gifting, intellect, and other things, would be feared or kept down or have groups trying to ruin them, if not use them first.

If there is anything wrong with my Uncle Howards sister Charlotte, it's because someone tried to screw with her too.

So anyway, I have always thought some of those prisoners that you hear about in jail, who die after developing "cancer"...I have always thought, "Yeah, like none of the doctors or cooks there had anything to do with it." There are natural causes yes, but there is also a lot of dirty work and experimentation of humans.

So the hexavalent chromium sores are a perfect match-up. There is itching and an itchy red bump appears. It then turns into a hardened ulcer that feels like a hard callous and has a small indented center.

I was getting a lot of attention up to 2004. All of a sudden, photographers and things even. And then, all of this. Someone got the idea to start terrorizing my family in the early 2000s and I guess it wasn't just to bump me off anymore. It was to kill my whole family maybe.

Mr. President, I really don't want to hear BS about how I didn't really remote-view your femur. And I really don't need the crap from others about being crazy when I'm not. There is no possible way for me to have these kinds of odds. I'm not very good maybe, but I'm not nuts and I resent having certain groups pull on your coat-tails to do them favors. I don't really know if that big lip you got in basketball was an accident by the way. But I guess you don't care to hear about any of my psychic opinions. It sure LOOKED like an accident.

I want my son back. And it will be an Executive Order from you.

So I'm going to put in a motion to Appeals Court for evidence the State of Washington withheld from me. I want the case thrown out and my son returned to me.

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