Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suppression of Evidence--Federal

I think I might have to go to federal court about the suppression of evidence and then just make a statement or motion to the court of appeals about the suppression and something to compel discovery and evidence.

We do not have the full record,

and it's necessary for making an Appeal

as any decent law firm should know

This Koch firm is just in on it. I am wondering what their conflicts of interest are too, aside from working for the City of Seattle and the State.

I asked these lawyers for the full record and told them not everything had been turned over.

I told them there was withholding of evidence and what it was.

WHAT did they do? nothing.

The only email I've ever received, in my whole life, from my own attorney with the Koch firm, was a few days ago and it's short and says she gave me the full record and that they are playing musical chairs again and the other Jennifer is going to be back. They have 3 Jennifers at that firm.

I don't know why they don't feel honored to be lawyers. I'm getting NOTHING from them but favors for the State, and what do they get from me?

They get to read my blog and find out they're going to lose their hooters if they don't change their form of birth control.

Instead of my son applauding and securing a photo of their faces into his memory, to take with him into adulthood, and plaster in a memorybook of "good people", he just reads about them in an obituary 30 years down the road. I warned them, I will say to my son. I warned all of these catty hateful women when I didn't even have to.

The good side: You have been smacked back to reality and you might save your life (or your boobs), your friend's life, or your daughter's life.

The down side: You are receiving the news from someone you have called crazy. Well then, don't take my crazy advice.

Alternative down side: the non-Ivy league, non-degreed woman is sounding the sensibility alarm for all the morons in the world.

Oh NO.

What have I done?

I have saved all the dummies and prevented the smart from taking over the human population.

Someone shoot me now.

I always THINK I'm doing something right and then it backfires.

Welcome to my Noah's Ark of Idiots.

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