Monday, August 29, 2011

Stolen Password, Ruined Printer, Govt. Stolen Library Card

Oh sure no one cares about me and what I'm saying.

That must be why someone just stole my password from my only email account that I use, and did this in the last 10 minutes, after I made the post about the FBI and RICO of the FBI.

I guess I could always ask my forensic computer friend to find out for me, if he can, who did this.

Finally, supposedly, now it's not just a printer that's missing from my mom's computer, but her workplace printer is said to be acting up. So why should all the printers that I might use for printing out a motion about withheld evidence suddenly be gone?

Suddenly, after I wrote about my password being taken, someone decided not to mess around anymore and I got it back.

It was a few weeks ago, after someone had been in my place, they stole my library card from my pants pocket. I had jeans hung up and they took the library card I had there. I had checked out one book.

My parents would have no reason to steal my library card.

So who took it? library lady who was driving by last time? Irene?

Who would want a library card anyway?

How funny that I had all the problems on the library computers after this card was stolen. I had my library card stolen from my house. 100% positive. It was in my jeans pocket with 2 other cards and I had just been to the library the day before. So I went to get my card to look something up online with it, and it was gone. The other 2 cards were still there. No one was in my place unless they got in when I wasn't there, without my consent.

I was trying to be a surrogate at that time and had different contacts with agencies.

But the U.S. government wanted to interfere, didn't they?

So this is what happened. Right after my library card was stolen, it was passed on to someone with a lot of computer experience and knowledge. Not just a little, a LOT. And this person had access to the Coquille library computers.

The next time I went to the Coquille library, I didn't have my card. I asked the librarian to write it out for me on a piece of paper. They did and then I tried to use it for signing up to one of the library computers there and look up my surrogate stuff. I had several different alternative emails for privacy.

It didn't matter which computer I went to in the library. I would sign off on one and go to another one...Every single attempt I made to get onto a computer, and I tried 4 or 5 different ones, was being intercepted and monitored by someone who had access to all of the library computers.

Hello FBI. What do you guys think? military too? or just FBI?

I knew I felt police vibes in my place. I knew it.

So it wasn't just something that one person could do. The group that was messing with me was so


It was DOJ computer people

sophisticated enough to not only be able to be on any computer in the entire library that I was trying to use, but they were also accessing the surrogate sites I was accessing and in some cases, they were going onto the message boards and limiting how many parents I could view, and for most of the sites, they were blocking my ability to go to the site at all. I went to a ton of different sites, which I'd had access to before. And then, all of my normal communications with some of the parents disappeared as well. I was no longer getting emails. Someone or a group was blocking my ability to even get emails from potential parents.

At this Coquille library, you get 1 hour on their computers. That's it.

I had so many problems with someone messing with me, that I was signing off from one computer, to then enter my ID number (which was displayed on my library card that was stolen) on another computer. So I would spend 10 minutes on one, and then move to a different one. At some point, I tried using 2 at the same time. I stayed on one computer and then moved to the other computer to enter my number and try to get onto the other one, by "appearing" that was still using the first one. It didn't work.

It didn't work because whoever stole my library card, had my ID number right there on the card. It's not hidden. It's printed right there. And this is the number you have to use to sign up for a computer.

So whoever stole my library card not only accessed my private home, which had been locked, they then used my card to pass it on to some other group that was able to watch all of the Coquille library computers at the same time.

And they deliberately obstructed all of my free will attempts and efforts to be a surrogate mother for a family. They interferred with every single agency I went to, blocked my emails, gained discovery and access to what email accounts I used, and made it impossible for me to be a surrogate and then they began using technology on me again over here. Someone wanted to block my ability to be a surrogate, and then they started torturing me so I'd talk about it and people wouldn't even want to use me as a surrogate. These people don't want me to have any money, and they have repeatedly used me for research, against my will. I don't even think the recent torture is about research. I think it was to prompt me to talk about what was going on again and then prevent me from making between $20,000-$60,000 as a surrogate. I had a family that was interested at the higher levels. All of my normal prospectives totally disappeared after someone stole my library card. First someone started messing with my wifi at my place and they were using it for discovery. Then they used my library card ID to do large scale harassment and interference.

I'm sure John and Linda aren't involved.

I will go back and erase my swear words for a few of the Mormons who have been reading my posts.

Hows that?

It was on that day that I went up to the librarian and asked what their policies were for The Patriot Act and allowing someone to monitor ones online or library activities.

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