Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Light Up" Snow Patrol (?): U.S. Passport Faux Paux

This morning I was about to write something, after getting my laptop here and then instead I decided I had forgotten to at least say a one-liner prayer this morning. So I did, and then I was thinking about looking up a devotional before writing my next horrid thing. But the song "Light up, light up" came to mind. So I tried to remember how it went and then I looked it up on youtube and I didn't choose the one they offered, I found something that said "Clana" even though the song is from Snow Patrol. I don't even know what Clana is. But the clip is one of someone marrying another person they don't want to marry, to protect identity or something.

Oh weird. I just looked at the video again and at the end the car driving off has "LL" on it. Probably nothing to do with the binary system, I'm guessing.

What's interesting I guess (or not) is that the last two days I wore the same tan "Available for Parties!" boo boo shirt under a fleece turned inside out with the cream and brown side and then today I was thinking of what to wear and took out my red jacket.

Well, first I took out a fuzzy nightshirt that's red and was going to wear just bc it's private property but decided no, I'll wear normal clothes, so I put on my Backagun t-shirt and took out my red zip-up fleece jacket and wore that over it.

And I sat down and was about to blog something really sarcastic, before I saw this clip.

I thought, while walking over to my parents house, about how I'd canceled my membership with the gym in TN and how it was the "Middle TN" branch and then thought, how ironic. I had moved to "MiddleTN". Does that sort of sound like Middleton to you?

And then I thought, sarcastically to myself, "What? someone thought oh crap, she's moved to middleTN and now the "middleton" prophesy is going to slant to a new possibility..." It was MiddleTN! not "Middleton"! (so the marauders hunt me out like an escaped slave to quash me while I'm doot-doo-dooding on over with my ponytail bobbing, looking around wide-eyed, unaware of the plot to ambush and attack me. As I thought this for the first time, I came into the house and set my laptop down and then looked at what I set it on and it was a bill from Middle TN. Remember the big hijacking episode? The one where I am being poisoned and hurt my knee and get kidnapped over to the psych ward where they inject me to kill me? So I have my laptop sitting on, oh wait, no, this isn't Middle TN. How hilarious. It's Midland, TX. I barely looked at it. Well, I was thinking of MiddleTN and then I guess this mail is from Midland, Tx. Everything is middle. Well this mail is from Midland, TX.

So anyway, I was going to start out the morning with my sarcastic comments about MiddleTN but I had a song come to mind and watched a video first, and THEN! I wrote what I had been thinking. Good? hmmm....meeeybe noooot.

Anyway, I saw the very first part where Clark addresses Lana and I heard it as "Anna" and I thought, "Everything is always about Anna, anna, anna, secret Russian SPY." (just kidding). I had a mistaken impression, when my son had someone doing something to him that made him constantly throw up, when I saw this gulping or swallowing expression from others, and saw some kind of connection with Ana in a clip of her that I saw, I thought it had something to do with that and then later I saw the old movie about the stowaway and thought maybe it was more like that. The stowaway. Long story. Hmm. I even wore jeans with the pants legs rolled up this morning, and put on a fresh schmear of chapstick before I left to watch this cool video. I'm not kidding.

So it brings me to this...from MiddleTN to Chapman...

What the HELL is the hold-up over MY passport and has the U.S. explained themselves and their FBI gross errors yet?

After I wrote about "marauders" chasing me down in MiddleTN (it's forever MiddleTN from this day forward, now that I've figured it out, now that I'm not heavily sedated and stupified)...I looked up the nuclear program the U.S. has called Marauders. And then, as I thought about Anna, I looked her up on wiki and read about the FBI giving her a fake passport. I don't remember that part, reading that, but of course, the U.S. had me doped up and drugged so it was impossible for me to do or say anything of significance. And, by the way, allowed some internationals to terrorize me too, and laughed about it.

To think (I digress), that I was moving to Middleton, er, MiddleTN, back in 1995 and almost died trying. I didn't know it was Middleton. In my mind, I was going to Nashville, TN.

So what was the deal? assassinate her en route?

I have no doubt in my mind any longer. There was a prophesy and it was a threat to some group that knew the persons who foresaw into the future were very good and very accurate. There was no mistake at any time and when things began to evolve, unbenownst to me, in the direction which it was foretold, it freaked the hell out of my enemies.

So they arranged for distractions and redirection, and misleading "alternatives". Imposters and other variables and plausibles, to try to point away from what the truth had been or was, and to mislead others into a different direction while they attempted to kill off the truth. They substituted half-truths for the truth, and polished it up to appear like that was the original truth.

They spent billions of dollars doing it. Billions of dollars of Hate & Jealousy money. And in antication of a possible fruition of prophesy, they tried counter measures, like rape, anything, to counter the truth. And then they laughed and joked between eachother about their Aurora plot.

That's all I have to say for now.

The more clarity I have, the more I see back into the past and remember all these things and I have put a lot together.

Let's get something straight shall we?

I was born first.

Think about it.

If prophesies were made, I was born first and I was first in line to receive them. That is, until some group freaked out and wanted to come up with Plan B. And went to criminal lengths, to ensure Plan B was accepted and the first prophesy was quashed. Murder, extortion, bribery, harassment, torture, slander, rape, abuse of name it.

For political rot.

At least, thanks to God, I never had any hand in trying to manipulate Fate.

Well, the clock just struck 10 times.

There is a CD from TD Jakes called "Reposition" that I need to hear. This is the end of my post today.

I can say, to my credit, that anything I've done in my life, has been free choice, and not through some kind of coaching or machinations. I can't say that for the others. Who tried to usurp me.
I went back to my place and listened to TD Jakes. It was good. The 1st one was sort of along lines I had just written about.

Anyway, I am wondering about Lake Oswego, Oregon.

The "Mike" I tried to go to Middleton with, without knowing I had told everyone I was moving to Middleton.

What I've always wondered, is why he decided to make a sharp turn just as they thought I had unbuckled my seatbelt. It was partly why I couldn't remember exactly, for awhile, if I was buckled up or not.

I had a bad feeling before it happened. I felt it, strong as I've ever felt an instinct.

I asked Mike to stop the car and let me drive and he refused. Several times I asked him to please let me drive. It was even my own car and he was refusing to slow down and refusing to let me drive.

And then he didn't swerve and make the sharp turn until I told them to drive safe because I had to unbuckle my seatbelt to get the fortune cookies.

I remember two things. I remember standing in the driveway with my Mom and Dad, at our house in Sherwood, Oregon, and feeling a bad feeling like something was going to happen and I was sort of afraid to go but didn't feel I could back out.

Mike knew me from The Incredible Universe, a computer and electronics store. He worked next door. I worked with a guy named Chuck, Shiloh, and Sarah (Evans, before she went to Nashville), and Mike worked next door. What I noticed, was that Mike was watching me first.

And he'd blush, but there was something very calculating about his eyes as well.

I sensed something bad was going to happen before it happened. I felt it at least a half hour before the incident and crash. So why did I feel this? how would I know to feel this? unless maybe I was picking up on sinister intentions?

I remember I felt it and got very scared and said we all needed to pray. Mike's jaw tightened and he refused. So I prayed with Monica. A half hour later, after I had prayed for our safety on the trip, the car had crashed while I was reaching for fortune cookies in the back seat. Monica and I survived and Mike did not.

After this, I remember how my parents almost gushed in apologizing to Mike's parents. I had wondered about this, and they were really upset because in their youth, they had lost a son and knew how it felt. But I thought, "Why are they bending over backwards to apologize to his family when his family should be apologizing to me and Monica?"

It was their son who was guilty of negligent and reckless driving. Their "adopted" son I should say, and I guess Mike's "real" parents were in Canada. Which, combined with Karin's family connections to the FBI in NY and Canada, makes me wonder all over again. And what was Canada doing? most Canadians are great people but the ones in charge of me and my son, who were involved, they did their best to snow me, didn't they? and they acted guilty when I tried to go to their embassy for help, in Washington D.C. Why should they shut me out and act guilty unless they had guilty parties within their own country and some high crimes and misdemeanors of their own to account for?

One would think that Mike's family might have been friendly torwards me. I had cared about their son. But in hindsight, I remember things and something doesn't add up.

Mike's Dad planted a tree for Mike in Las Vegas. Or somewhere in Nevada.

And what I now think is strange, is that they wanted to tell me that Mike had wanted to marry me. Really?

Gee, I had thought that was such a sad story and now I'm thinking it was nothing more than a story to gain sympathy for an assassin.

Who did Mike's Dad work for? Let me Guess. FBI anyone?

Seriously, what is the logic here? The guy refused to stop driving, set his jaw and didn't look very nice, was pissed that we prayed for safety, and then he jerks the car to the right and overturns it after I announce I'm taking off my seatbelt.

On a straight road with no turns or corners and a bright sunny day.

They called it "a freak accident".

How about "Assassination attempt on my life #_____".

What would make an almost complete stranger decide to pack up everything and go on a road trip to Middleton in 1995, with some girl he worked next to?

How much money did his family come into after he died?

And who put ME on a suspect list to try to do a switcharoo? I mean, is that part of the story? I get targeted to be killed off and someone turns it around on me and makes him out to be this simple "old soul" guy who wanted to marry me?

Mike didn't want to marry me.

So why did his family try to tell me he had wanted to marry me?

Get this, for all their talk about how he had wanted to marry me, I never saw that family after the accident.

They didn't send me flowers, or a card, or visit me while I recovered from a broken neck. In fact, my friend Monica said that they had all these photographs of all of us, from Mike's camera, of photos Mike had taken, and when I asked them for copies, Mike's family refused to send me photos.

Why? if I had really been their possible daughter-in-law?

Not once did I harbor any suspicion against them either. I was too dumb and naive for most of my life, to figure anything out.

The Lake Oswego agent.

Whatta story.

Okay, and then, even weirder, if we want to go full-on conspiracy story...2 years later Diana is killed in a car wreck with her intended "fiance" after tromping the grounds with Canada?

I think someone in the Canadian Red Cross was up to no good. Canada certaintly bent over backwards to make it look like they were Diana's proud anti-mine sponsors didn't they?

I'd love to know what lines Harry and William were being fed in Toronto. Would LOVE to know.

So backing up to Mike...

Yeah, strange isn't it? Why would his family tell my mother and father and best friend Monica and me, tell all of us that their son Mike had told them he had wanted to marry me?

Sympathy for the assassin maybe.

If I had really been in line to be their daughter-in-law, wouldn't you think they would be wanting to share photos their son had taken, to copy to me, out of a kind gesture of some kind?

The only person I saw from that family, after Mike died, was one of his sisters. I can't remember now, off the top of my head, which one. But I went to his grave several times on my own, and put flowers there or cried. Once, I left a hand-written note and nothing else, I think I staked it to the ground there. On one occasion, I met with one of his sisters and she had a beer and we sat at the grave together and cried. We both cried. And she confirmed he had wanted to find his biological Canadian parents. How did they describe Mike to me?

"He was an old soul."

Right. He was 18 years old or something. I would hate to know how "old" the souls of his biological parents in Canada are--what? 210 years old?

And people THINK assassins are old people.

No. They only have to be "old souls".

Which is why a girl of 16 riding a scooter or car into a motorcycle are not always innocent. They raise kids, in some parts, to be cold, calculating assasins.

So it seems horrid and harsh for me to even suggest such a thing, but with what I've been through in life so far, I have every right to go back and rethink and question some things.

Now this sister of Mikes...She also wrote a couple of nice cards later. So she did write something once or twice and I thought she was nice and thoughtful.

But there is some kind of weird Canadian "strain" of some kind that has ruined the rest of good Canada. And one of those strains went after MY ass and colluded with U.S. assholes to harm me and my own son.

I can't help but wonder if Dick Whittemore is more than a little familiar with Mike's Dad.

I'm told I need to forgive some of these Catholics and then I wonder why this is so imperative. Because they really are part of the bad force against me? Because the FBI is comprised mainly of Catholics that have HATED me and my son? Or is it because the only way to protect myself from the Jews that sponsored my rape, is to be friendly with the Catholics who know it's true?
I prayed for an impression today, if it made a difference, and I don't feel I really got one...figured it was imagination and it didn't resonate or "click" with me much, but it was for CS. Him reaching out from under the bed as a child and something about a carving of a duck out of white soap, sitting on a flat counter of some kind.
I and my son Oliver Garrett, need help.

The FBI is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and Biden is only a small part of the problem.

And I would like to know why it is so imperative for me to "forgive" people who allowed torture of a small child, my son Oliver, and me. Why would it be necessary and so important unless it is true that they are responsible?

And anyway, yes, I had my seatbelt on. I told them I'd taken it off but I had it on and someone had to unbuckle me to get me out of the car. If it had been off, I probably would have died.

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