Monday, August 22, 2011

Chris Rozollo--The Burning Laptop Man

Why is it that I never had a problem with someone using my laptop to burn me or redirect technology, until Chris Rozollo, the Army man with DEA friends, met me.

And I would like to know why he used something to torture me when I was in Wenatchee, WA and why his goateed buddy who works in the jailhouse was so interested in harassing me.

I also remember a justice system guy, an officer, coming into the jail with his own daughter, to mock me while my son was held hostage and he knew it.

So who does Chris Rozollo know, that has technology?

I wonder if it's the Army.

I guess I kinda wonder, because Chris was around to observe when I was looking around the doorframe to then find a plane off in the remote distance, turn on its lights and fly my direction.

I mean, is the Army protecting me or are they following someone's orders to harm me? Or is it the FBI that is doing the harm and covering for others and no one is allowed to question it?

Guess what?

Big surprise. The CIA didn't want me to have my twins. I mean, it's weird when it looks like it's actually coming from a foreign side of the world, the abuse, but then you realize, oh yeah, they are hired to work for the CIA and FBI too.

I mean, my apartment in Arlington looked out at The Pentagon and they let some guys in a helicopter fly up to my window?

Then, the guy who ordered me to be injected with Haldol was military. Isn't it great. It's like Chris Rozollo's buddy gets in on the action. The man who ordered that I be injected and drugged up was not the Muslim doctor. Oh, the Muslim doctor from India was all-too-happy to assault me and inject me. But the man who gave the order was the white hick who doubles for U.S. military asshole. He had the exact same manner as Chris Rozollo and it was "Brad" from Florida, who moved to TN that helped smear me along with the FBI to Vanderbilt. I guess they did it as a favor to Alvaro Pardo.

And by the way, that's not to be demoralizing to the good U.S. military either. Because I remember I was a big supporter until I realized some of my enemies had decided to use their contacts in the military against me.

The man who ordered that I be injected with Haldol was retired military and he still had contacts. And then I was shoved into a place where other military assholes tried their psychic crap out on me. It was a bunch of young guys who were not even there for mental illness. They were like the blond in Knoxville, sent in to basically use me. They even had this asian guy there for a really long time, doing the same thing and there was nothing wrong with him. He was part japanese and I don't know the rest. Or, I wrote it down but it's not with me now. And then when they released me some asshole was laughing and mocking me and it was a japanese doctor they had there.

I was thrown into a room, and showcased, to a bunch of doctors and interns. It wasn't for me to just tell them my side of the story. I was a lab rat. They literally USED me to demonstrate what the effects were of toxic high level, almost lethal doses of Haldol. It was not a mistake. It was done intentionally. They sat there watching me try to speak as my entire face contorted, and then flipped through what the FBI had sent to them, to slander me.

But for some reason, the FBI can't even follow their own laws and rules and send me my NCIC file when I pay for the records, and pay for the fingerprints, and submit everything to them as required.

Now, the FBI has told me that okay, I don't have to send them another $18 check, but they're telling me I have to resend my entire request even though they admit I sent it properly the first time, and they are telling me I have to resend...

So as I was saying, the FBI told me I have to resend and pay for fingerprints. It costs money to be fingerprinted. And they know it.

And they claim they shredded them and I have to resend them. When I last checked, by email, they had NOT shredded them and I asked them to send me my passport along with my NCIC record.

I believe the FBI has my old, stolen passport in their possession and they have lied. It's not "lost" anymore or even stolen. The FBI has it and what they are doing with it is anyone's guess. I believe it is in U.S. government hands. It's possible I'm wrong, and I had no impression of that, or image, or mind's eye sight, but it is a hunch.

If it is true that I was surveilled in Wenatchee, WA, and it is, it is also true that I was under surveillance the entire time I worked at The Post Pub in Washington D.C. How many video tapes are there with me in them? what, you guys postponed torture until I was out of D.C. to make it look like gangsters?

You videotaped me.

And then you weasled out of even paying unemployment and got federal and state agencies to back you up.

You also drugged me.

I want my son back.

And you had better find a friend to help you out with that.

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