Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Immunity For CPS/AG not covered & Use of my family

I'm looking up some federal case law, for violations of the 1st and 14th amendments and while there have been some cases that allow absolute immunity for some things, "crime" is not covered by absolute immunity.

The choices made that are covered by absolute immunity are things which pertain to an honest investigation or attempt to service the public or children. It extends to administrative duties and judicial duties.

However, there is a line that cannot be crossed, and once crossed, that absolute immunity is out the window. The law states "...the exceptions must be few and narrowly drawn" but this is clearly permitting for those exceptions.

There are exceptions to absolute immunity. It is not absolute.

Not only that, this is not including a separate Section 1983 lawsuit. It pertains to the same social workers and Judges and clerks and AG that, because they believe they have "absolute immunity" deliberately conspired and colluded to do harm to a child and his mother, knowing and willfully, in violation of several laws. They were not "negligent". Negligence would be covered by absolute immunity. But no, they were not negligent. They intentionally broke the law.

Negligence is almost always covered by absolute immunity in this kind of case. The argument is that even gross negligence can be a mistake and ...well, actually, gross negligence I'm not so sure...but in general, mistakes are allowed.

When it is alleged and proven that there was more than an ideation of conspiracy but acts that occured which were in direct violation of laws and rules, they lost their immunity. They do not have the right to be criminals anymore than any other citizen.

Criminal conduct is not covered by "absolute immunity".

And this is where the "...exceptions" come into play.

Which means, in a complaint, one would not write "And she conspired to do such and such" but one would detail the exact actions that were taken which were in knowing violation of the law.

I sit here and think, YOU ASSHOLES drugged, raped, assaulted, and used me for years to keep me from even defending my son and you think you can DROP me off at the last minute to suddenly detox the crap out of my system to try to fight for my son?

While you USE my son for your same crappy research?

I know exactly what my mom and dad do and it is just seriously over for this country.

You do NOT allow the corrupt criminals in this country, to take over and assume authority when they are corrupt to the core. You do NOT allow abuse and torture of children.

This is absolutely unbelievable.

I literally got dumped off after being tortured in my own country for years.

Do you know what it's like?

I will tell you what this country is like.

Do you remember the story of the military men who raped the woman in another country? Wasn't it Korea or something? Grabbed her from the street while they were drinking and hauled her into their jeep. White guys. I remember this story well, but I may have to revisit it. They picked her up and raped her. It was like 3 men or something. They raped this innocent woman and then, of all things, they tossed her out of the truck bleeding. And then they told everyone she had wanted it and had asked for it.

What has been done to me and my son is even worse, if that poor woman will forgive me for even comparing myself.

It's worse, because I was raped more than once, and my drugging and assault and use and abuse and psychological battering by govt. workers, who even allowed others to poison me and give death threats, and who lied and said I was nuts...

This happened for years, in addition to using the most brutal technology against me and my family.

As shocking as that story was, and as shocking as the stories about Yodak are, I looked at them and while I was being told "THATs torture" I was able to honestly say "Yes, I can relate. That is me and my son."

What kind of absolute immunity CPS workers allow a child's fingers to have acid dropped on them, or intimidate the whole family, or hide evidence and get all these military people up there. Why even bother with military unless you're trying to get military in there that's corrupt and will lie for you?

All these things that have been done to me go beyond description. I cannot even describe all the horrors. And the whole time I was REFUSED counseling to even document these crimes.

And then, after wasting my life, and my son's early childhood development, these people DUMP me off or let me go back home, when they refused to allow it any earlier, and expect to laugh and mock me while I clean up from all the medication crap and regain my ability to even think clearly.

They married off William of Wales to the MiddleTNS, Assassinated Osama bin ladin, and stalled and delayed me on all my cases, ruining my chances to even prove perjury in some of them by the statutes.

The timing is interesting.

I had nothing to do with any terrorist group at all, and yet I have a 99% chance of being correct, that the criminals in U.S. govt. office who covered for the crimes against my family, tried to slander me as a terrorist link. It would give them more ammunition and excuse to go after me and my family. Even though there was nothing. Or some kind of spy. They made me out to be horrible while they abused my entire family.

And I have figured out that the abuse against my own parents began with the Catholic church and Willamette Week litigation. The rabid ones took their vengeance out not just on me, but my family.

I would guess the approximate timeframe I knew something wasn't right, for my parents, was probably around 2000 or 2001. For me, the harassment and abuse started earlier. But I believe some people really went after my own parents in about late 199os to very early 2000s. That's when, I am able to recognize, I was being blocked from even seeing my own family. Someone didn't want me to see them because they didn't want me to know what they were doing to them.

So we ended up in family fights. And yes, I had some serious issues with them over some things, but I know it is clear to me that they have been intimidated and used like me.

One thing I haven't forgotten, is how my Dad's tune of "Sure, sue them if you can, because that's defamation" changed. My Dad would never change his opinion on something like that, unless "The Real Terrorists" weren't making themselves known.

Everyone was so shocked by the defamation by The Willamette Week, all my closest friends and family knew the whole thing was a lie. Now, you can hardly tell, because these criminals paid for years of smearing me to try to make it match up.

No one is getting away with it.

I know what you've done to my mom and dad and what they've been worth to you. Which supports all of my claims that I and my son have been tortured and the U.S. knew about it. So it's really pointless to keep trying to tell them to lie about me and for you, when I already know and I know it's time for the UN to know.

You have tortured my family.

Not only that, your thugs killed my first brother, Gannon. I have no doubt about it anymore. I know now, after seeing what's happened with me and my family, that you killed him. It wasn't an accident. He didn't have a bacterial infection. He was turning blue because you killed him. You were afraid of my Dad and the Garretts and Bairds.

And then when you started committing horrific crimes against me, in retalitation for my getting ahead and being a good person and getting "in the way", you worried that my parents or someone might rat you out. You were worried about just how much I might know, or how much my family might share or know. So to cover yourselves, you found ways to try to blackmail and intimidate my family and made use of your government connections.

You're still using them.

But the entire world is going to know what you've done and what you have been doing to me, my family, and my son. And you are not keeping my son.

You've broken almost every law there is to break, and paid for your cover all the way to the top.

What we had is something you had to pay for to counter. We had the brains. And, I might add, we are and were 10x better looking than your spawn. More naturally gifted than 5 of you put together. And on top of all that, we had "the gift" that you will NEVER have unless you're terrorizing someone or paying for it with the money you make from being crooks. Do you know what else we have that you will never have? Integrity. And maybe we're not perfect, but we do believe in God and God hears us and that's why you have been so scared of us, you PAID bribes of at least a billion or more dollars, and most likely more, to try to counter "brains".

You think I'm joking about the psychic spies or people I can disclose? You try to tell others that I assume everyone is a spy?

Here's one that's not psychic. Ryan. How about that.

I can go down a list of people who have a "gift" from God and those who do not have this gift. They may have other gifts, but they don't have what we have in the family.

And you've been terrified.

You had to harness the psychics in India because you were so afraid. You summoned the banshees and the Joe Moneagles with your churches and temples. You have bent over backwards to try to match and counter any possible natural advantage we might have.

And we had all of the natural advantage and you knew it.

You're thieves. You're covetous, wanting what you don't have and will never have. You're liars. You're murderers. You're torturers.

And you had to spend billions because 4 of us, or 5 of us, or even extending to a few other family members--we were more dangerous to your criminal enterprising than 1 million of your crowd. You've herded us like cattle and tried to enslave us to do whatever you want, because you wanted the power. You wanted to control everything. It is like something out of Lord of the Rings where we have the ring or the goodness that goes with a good kind of power, and blessings from God, and you tried to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY.

You will never have a blessing.

I didn't even have to tell you this, but your families are already dying off. And it's from natural causes, not anything else. But it's a curse you brought upon yourselves. You tried to blind us and keep us from the truth. You hid in a covering of crime and deception. You didn't want anyone to know or get the evidence or find out. And while you were trying to blindfold us, God blindfolded your families to tragedies that took some of them out. Did you have the grace of God to know that birth control pills were killing some of your family members? Were your eyes OPEN or SHUT? Was God your advocate for explaining to you that this was happening to your families, or did you get the truth from your own enemy?

You have been blind. While you have terrorized my family and tortured us, the truth was kept hidden from you. Why? because the truth is not in you. You cannot expect to insult God and His people and try to steal their gifts, and expect to find a natural blessing. You're too accustomed to buying your "blessing".

YOU have sinned against God.

YOU have committed crimes against those that God was looking out for.

YOU have a curse upon your families.

Then you strike out some more and become more violent and threaten more and intimidate more, and think this is going to keep things from getting worse for you. As if my family or any of us has anything to do with the natural disasters and illnesses you acquired onto your own heads.

While you were poisoning us, deliberately, God allowed your families to be poisoned by your own choices. And you were blinded to the effects and consequences of those choices.

No one caused the cancers in your own families. You brought it upon yourselves. No one caused the natural devastation and billions of dollars of disaster and cost of clean-up. It just happened and your families happened to be there.

Meanwhile, you have deliberately targeted my family.

God Himself will avenge and pay you back for every wicked thing you have done. And there are plenty of people still, that believe in God, and who are willing to stand up and expose you for your crimes against humanity.

So when you first decided to put out your man into my territory, to walk around with a figurative spear, and mock me about how I must think I'm "special", you can bow down to my Special God and ask forgiveness for the things you have done. Why don't you try that one out with God? "You think you're SPECIAL." Try saying that to God. Insult Him to His face and then remember which one of His likenesses or children you tried to insult. Cameo is for the image and likeness or reflection of my Heavenly Father. Everything you did to me and my son, you did to Christ Himself. You did these things to God.

And My God does not forget.

For those of you who mock the idea of God, go ahead and mock. Just because someone is religious or believes in God doesn't mean they are illogical or a doormat. And if I want to prove the U.S. has allowed crimes of corruption and torture against my family, I will do it.

By the way, the next time you think the American public could use a boost or be enlightened as to their health, why don't one of YOUR kids do it?

What happened? Money doesn't buy enlightenment? I'm shocked that you have been blind enough to allow your families to ingest known carcinogens for decades. It's like having Philip Morris as your father and he's had all the research done and knows it kills, and then puts a cigarette in his kids mouth.

You've been so afraid of me and the fact that I can see what you can't see, that you raped, drugged, defamed, and tortured me.

And it has NOT made you any smarter.

I have some suggestions for you.

Stop the violence and quit torturing my family. If you do, and do this with others who are also innocent that you torture, maybe you will find yourselves able to somehow find a blessing and have your own eyes opened.

You can look for hours for a parking spot and be too blind to know there's an entire street with empty spots.

You can search for hours through a microscope and be blind to the cure.

You can think it's great to be vegan and vote for PETA and not eat cows, and then take your "I don't eat cows" philosophy right into a lab where experiments are being done that harm human life.

You can be the leader of one of the largest church denominations in the world and as the "voice of Christ Himself" not even have the voice, or the eyes, as the "Eyes of Christ" to tell your own flock they are dying and killing themselves with the birth control pill. I guess you think it's the lesser evil or something but you never told any of them the full truth, or you all never noticed.

You can be atheist or agnostic and torture people and not know that you are dying tomorrow. Your whole life could be summed up like the life of Saul, persecuting people and one day realizing you're blind yourself.

Have you checked in with your government sponsored person to find out what day you're going to die? Did they tell you that the "legacy" you leave behind is one which left children writhing in misery?

The end does not always justify the means.

How do you want to die? what method would you least prefer?

Why don't you check in with your buddies that sponsor torture, and find one of them to tell you how you are going to die, and when. Well, it was nice knowin' ya.

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