Thursday, September 1, 2011


First I want to write about what I made for dinner last night. I think I got up to my soybean, blackbean, mashed, and acorn lunch. Then I later had a kale, chard, lettuce, walnut and gorgonzola salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And after this, I made a plate of black beans smothered with fresh diced jalapenos, white oniion, tomato, and a lot of tumeric, with a few cubes of sharp cheddar cheese. And somewhere during the day I ground up raw steel oats and drank an oatmeal drink raw. I ate some blackberries plain too.

This morning I had tea, toast with marmalade, and a raw oatmeal drink.

So I got up and saw Assange news on CNN and clicked on a lot of links about him (now that my mind is coming back from a drug-induced fugue/hague/something like that.

I read today's CNN news, and old news and saw something about prosecutors hiding evidence from him but sharing it with news media. And I thought, hmm, like my son. But I am not passing any full judgement one way or the other, though there are several points to follow.

I read about how Sweden has an extradition treaty with the U.S. and I fully agree that this is the open door prosecutors in the U.S. Absolutely. Not only that, they clearly stated intentions to pursue investigation and charges amounting to even "espionage". So um...yeah, I can see why he's arguing against being extradited. Sort of like, "Well, if I did it, why don't you come over here and we can go through the case in the UK." Handing him to Sweden is handing him to the U.S. And whether or not he committed any crimes of sexual nature, while these deserve their day in court, if the system works correctly, he also deserves all discovery and I fail to see why he must go to Sweden. He almost has a political asylum claim, if anything. I mean, harbor someone from accusations? No. But hand someone over to their own personal and political Yodak?

Then I remember reading something about how so-and-so isn't the Expolary (? town name) bell.

Which was kind of funny because then I wanted to sit outside with my laptop and I was first going to sit at a picnic table. There were 2 extension cords and to make my laptop reach I had to use them so I plugged one in and noticed the cover to the outlet says "BELL". Just noticed because I had just been wondering about the bell statement. And I dragged the cord out to the table but decided to sit on my porch instead so I dragged the second cord to my porch and plugged in there and now I had a little round glass outdoor patio table with chairs so I can type outdoors in the breeze and sunshine!

(Thinking on a totally different tangent, if I find out I've been sterilized against my will, like Carrie Bell, during my D&C surgery, there will be no end of it.)

At any rate, and then I put 2 coral pink colored carnations into a vase with 1 stargazer lily and a couple of branches of leaves from a nearby bush. I set my black bag with a notebook and papers in it on the other chair. It's a bag that's not a purse but I'm just using it. It says Parfums Givenchy on it.

And the first song I heard, when I decided to turn on the radio was:

Dontcha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like ME

I'm wearing my dark blue denim jeans, flip flops, sunglasses, and my "Available for Parties!" tee with Boo Boo on it. I noticed only today, while looking down at his fuzzy nose, that it's a brown nose. I had thought it was black but no, in the sun, it's brown. I thought, "Oh BOO BOO, you have a brown nose!" And then I decided to pray before I did anything next. And I got up and went to this area to pray and there was a mirror there and I looked and lo! I had a brown nose! I had two brown spots on my nose, because I had just tipped a jar of blackstrap molasses to chug a tsp. So I wiped the molasses off and then prayed.

(I think maybe I'm symbolically representing someone else today? Don't know. Anyway.)

There is a gorgeous cobweb next to me, larger in circumference than the palm of my hand and finely drawn. It made me think about the phrase "thermonuclear device". So I have to look that up.

I looked up the definition of thermonuclear from wikidefintion and it says the first thermonuclear reaction was in a star. It was brought about by heat. I was just sort of wondering what thermonuclear is, in general. Not a specific weapon, but generally. And then it has something to do with hydrogen as well. I have looked up thermonuclear, thermonuclear device, thermonuclear weapon, history of thermonuclear weapons, and finally, nuclear fusion.

And now I need to do some research on the topic of withheld evidence, for my case with my son.

I decided to try to photograph the cobweb and what my arm looks like now, because I described how the mark turned brown and then white-pink where it's healing. The one of the sun shows the most of the cobweb but you can only see a few strings and it's a flat angle and it is really hard to capture with this laptop. Maybe at dusk it will be better.

Yesterday before I went off about what's been done to my family, I didn't mention that prior to that, I had gone into my parents house and someone was using the same thing there, targeting it, as was used on me and my son, non-stop, for months. The pain was unbearable and I noticed it--the ache in my lower back and lower stomach, immediately. I thought it was the laptop but when I moved away, it still was there. It was a whole area and it caused severe, severe, and excruciating pain and if there is any miracle in my life, it's that my son and I escaped alive. We were both permanently damaged. But it is amazing that we lived at all, and NO ONE can say that I don't know what Yodak is like.

What I have been through, is as bad or possibly, in some cases, depending on the person and how they're treated at Yodak, it was possibly even worse for my family. And this is supposed to be America.

Now I'm dumped off after being drugged and poisoned and mocked, and expected to try to get my son back.

I need people like Assange or others, who informants that are concerned about human life, feel they can go to and share information and not be discovered. We need people in this world who are brave enough to expose horrendous crimes against life. Who else can relate to the torture I know? Maybe some in my family and maybe others, but not very many. And they chose me because they had crimes of their own to cover up and this looked like a great excuse to torture.

The mark on my arm was nothing. I was hardly hurting when that happened. What you can't see, on my outward body but which disordered the inside of my body, there is no measure for the pain. 1-10? It was a 10.

Don't EVER talk down to me about how I can't compare myself to survivors of the "holocaust" or Yodak prisoners. I can relate and it's no exaggeration and God knows. And they did this to my SON. I remember someone writing in to my blog, almost 2 years ago, and intelligent, and say they felt "offended" that I compared what I have been through to the "holocaust" because they had family that was there and how dare I.

How dare YOU insult ME, MY family, and GOD?

You are like the child walking blind with his hand stretched out.

Either you are blind, or you want others to walk in darkness and not see the truth.

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