Thursday, September 1, 2011

Impression of door and boy's hands.

I decided to write 2 impressions I've had recently.

Last night before I fell asleep I saw boys hands (forearms and hands, and they were tan or light brown) by a river or small stream. He put a pile of stones together and then stacked branches of wood across the top. And then he decided to move it and rearranged it at another part of the stream or water. It was in the water. The stones were round stones and seemed smooth and they were in the water and then the branches were laid across like starting a miniature fire but I saw no fire. I pretty much thought it was my son, but I had the impression last night late, but before midnight. I saw him change it and move the whole thing over. It wasn't huge. It was like a pile of stones and then small branches across and criss-crossed. I haven't been around anyone doing this, nor have I seen it in a movie.

The last movie I started was "Blood Diamond" and I stopped it at the part where the Englishman asks Jennifer Connelly if she's an American reporter. She says, "I wonder how much trouble I'd get into if I wrote about this..." or something like that and after he asks if she's a journalist and she says yes, he turns from her and says, "Piss Off."

And that's where I stopped it. I thought, "That is about right. Right there." And I've left it alone there for the last 2 days. And I'm okay with that, left right there for now. The "pregnant pause".

So the other impression I had was of a door opening and I saw it like it really happened but it didn't. It was a few days ago. I saw it in the early morning after the night where I saw the sci-fi movie and I sensed a bad feeling and then it lifted and I fell asleep. I woke up to a door opening and I saw the door, the light from the hallway, or outside, and everything. And then, because I was awake, I sat up a little bc I was trying to think who would use a key to come into my place at that hour, early dawn, while it was still dark out, and when I sat up to look better, it was gone. That is maybe one of the closest things to a vision or hallucination (but it wasn't hallucinating) or something outside of reality that I've ever seen. I saw it, and I was awake, and then I sat up and it vanished. Later, I realized, it couldn't have been my own door. I realized it had not been MY door that I saw, as something from reality and tangible and before me with my eyes open and no longer dreaming and thinking enough to be still and afraid. I was afraid and didn't move at first because I wondered who it was. No one should have been opening that door at that time, and I didn't hear a key first. So I laid there, still, and looking, and seeing the door open and cracked wide enough that light was coming through and then I got over being afraid and I sat up to look better and then it was gone, vanished. No door closed and I didn't hear it closed. It was like a true-to-life "vision" (but didn't seem religious, I mean, who knows...) and I reacted in my awoken state naturally and then it was vanished. Which was the weird part. So I laid back down and thought about it and was going to get up but I decided to go back to sleep. I hadn't heard the door shut, and it's a loud door when it shuts, it just "vanished", so I wasn't afraid to fall back asleep without inspecting further.

I knew it wasn't my own door because of the direction the door opened.

It was in the same place as my door, same height approximately, or taller, but a standard door size. But instead of opening OUT, as my own door opens, this door that I saw being opened, opened IN.

I think that's enough info. I wrote about how I was lying on the ground, not on my bed or couch, and that's not being nuts, it was trying to get away from torture because someone was using something that affected the N. side of my place and it was better on the S. side that night.

This is what they have done to me and my son.

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