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Killing Al-Qaeda & CIA presence in Tucson, AZ

I looked at this breaking news of the man who was killed in Pakistan and it happened on the 22nd, but we didn't hear about it until 27th.

I looked at the location on the map for wiki and I think it's partly because of the CIA's (Leon Panetta) sponsorship and recruitment of Eastern Indians.

Government can do two things to increase the chances of ruining someone or helping them prosper. They have tried to freeze and sight all funding to the group, to Al-Quaeda and Taliban, and then I guess, after they bombed a Catholic church, Panetta got a memo from the Vatican and they went into Eastern India and offered them a huge trade deal. Billions of money.

They didn't give a billion dollar package to India without motive. They figured it will not only help Indians (some, not all, from what I hear it's certain regions) fight against Afgh. and Pakistan, they feel it buys allegiance.

It's probably other factors, but the location is right across from E. India. I mean, right there. So that's what I think.

I also think the CIA is killing it's own recruits. THEY recruited and trained these guys and now they're taking them down, one multi-million dollar contract to Blackwater or whatever, at a time. It comes down to how much money is being made by military contractors and those who make money off of doing hits or reconnaissance for whoever is in charge.

I read about this once. It was a movie about how the only motive for putting attention to a militia group instead of whole countries, that have more resources and power, is how much money some of these private contractors can make for doing a hit.

And I personally think it's really strange that first these guys would be armed and equipped, and even trained with CIA funding, and then another group with the U.S. government, comes in and wants to have a Crusade and some of the guys are waiting to get their hands on the billion dollar contracts.

I look at the photo of this man from Pakistan, who wrote to try to defend Shia's from being executed by another kind of Muslim group, and he was expressing moderation.

Note too, that he was accusing Jordan of harassing other Muslims.

The U.S. goes after the guy who is trying to ask for restraint and peace among the brothers?

Why? as a favor to Jordan?

I also looked at this photo and saw one of his eyes was droopy and the other one wasn't. I know what I've been through, and I know how I've been used and tortured. I also knew, before some were willing to admit it, that Osama bin ladin or some of these guys were possibly used by a U.S. group for mind control research. And then I look at another guy who is killed by the U.S. billion dollar lotto winners, and to me, I think this man was used for mind control research as well and has possibly been tortured in some way we don't know about or that's hard to identify, and he's killed.

On the topic of droopy eyes, I read news today that Fox put up but CNN didn't put up, and a Judge ruled that this guy who is in a U.S. jail can be medicated against his will.

First of all, he's a man who shot a bunch of people and no one has even heard the case yet. He was thrown into jail and jacked up on Haldol. What's the deal? someone wants to destroy the ability of this man to testify on his own behalf, or make some motions for himself to talk about how his lawyers aren't doing everything right and have made weak arguments to the court? The media said that the report, official report, as to why he was given Haldol and other meds, is because he was "aggressive". I guess we're taking their word for it.

I had people in TN telling my parents they gave ME Haldol because I was "aggressive" when I wasn't assaulting anyone, threatening anyone, or coming close to doing anything that could cause alarm. The only thing I did was repeatedly say I had the right to make a phone call and I wanted to call a lawyer and I used a curse word a few times.

For that, they said I was "aggressive". I think the correct phrasing should have been, "Aggressively advocating for her right to speak to a lawyer." I was never physically violent or aggressive and never did I threaten anyone. All that I kept saying, over and over, was that I wanted to call a lawyer. And I said something about this man being in the military or asked him what branch.

For this, he put out an order to have me injected with Haldol. The "official story" from TN, was that I had been aggressive.

And this is not the first time "officials" have lied.

"Officials" told my family that I had been "aggressive" in court in Canada and that's why they were throwing me out of the country. This was a lie.

"Officials" told my family and others that I had been "aggressive" in Knoxville Detention center, lying and saying I resisted an officer when I was standing there totally naked, with my hands stretched out and trying to hand her my money but asking her to count it out first, as she was required to do by law, and knew. She refused. And then she beat me up, injected me with something, and told others I had been aggressive. For asking her to please count the money in front of me before taking it to property.

So NOW, after I've been repeatedly lied about, I know exactly how the corrupt lie. I know what kinds of things are said, from an "official" front, to distort the truth. To even commit horrific crimes against humanity.

So I know, that when I read about an official saying Loughner is to be medicated against his will and consent, there is something very wrong. It means that even if he did shoot people (and we actually don't even know yet, or haven't been to trial and heard the defense), just because he did something at one time in his life which appeared to be "aggressive" in some form, this does not mean that's how he is in jail.

Seeing his droopy eye in his arrest photo, which is really truly bizarre, I think, "You know what? we have not heard the whole story about this man. And now someone is trying to dumb him down and make it impossible for him to think, articulate what happened to his lawyer, exercise his right to find and read law books about his rights while he's in jail, file things on his behalf, write letters, read books...This man is being deprogrammed, if anything. We don't know anything about his life or what he's been through. And giving the government excuses to medicate people against their will, is like blackmailing a witness.

Do you know what else is strange? He did this in Tucson, AZ, which is the same town the Iranian man was kidnapped and held hostage in. What we can conclude, is that the CIA is operative in Tucson. Do you get that? The CIA used Tucson, AZ as a "black site" for their use of one man, which means there were Tucson operatives there. Then this guy does a shoot-out in Tucson, and is photographed with this droopy eye and someone feels it's very important to keep him jacked up on Haldol.

What else is in Tucson? besides the CIA?

You know what's even worse? is that this man in Tucson, AZ...oh my gosh...


This is so interconnected and an attempt to punish me it's unbelievable.

This guy Jared Lee, kills a 9 yr. old girl and a Judge "Roll" ("cause that's the way I roll....See ya) . He does this in Tucson, which is the same place an Iranian man was held against his will, to be forced to work for the U.S., not long after I talked to an Iranian man in Maryland and he told me some of what was happening to me and said he hadn't wanted to work for the U.S. as a scientist. So the CIA and some other group got revenge on Iran, when the public didn't know what was going on, but certain others did. They punished Iran as a whole, for saying anything to me or suggesting the U.S. was involved. Then, to make a sick point, they then kidnapped an Iranian scientist to force him to work for them in Tucson. Jared Lee then takes out a 9 yr. old and Judge Roll. This is after I met "number 9", "this is the way I roll" Chris Rozollo. CIA jacks Jared Lee up with Haldol and punishes him or makes sure others punish him and then over in TN, at the same time, they THREW ME into the MiddleTN mental health place, and jacked me up with Haldol and made all these references to Chris there as they did at the DEA offices in TN as well.

Every single thing they did to me was political. They used me as a pawn. They tortured me and my son and then PUNISHED people who dared try to tell me. Then, they continued to use me and my family for the the U.S., as practical hostages. This is about certain government officials in the U.S. , punishing others and trying to make horrific points about what they will do, not just to U.S. workers, but internationals, if anyone dares to expose the horrific crimes committed against me and my son.

Iran let the one woman, Shourd, go, and that was merciful. They shouldn't mistreat the other 2 prisoners they took. However, they have 2 hostages in Iran, knowing the U.S. has made me, my son, and other people hostages in their own country. What kind of respect are wanting from them?

Loughner is being jacked up with Haldol and destroyed because he tried to reveal criminals through one single violent act, by targeting specific people with names in order to expose a much larger harm that was occuring in the U.S. The CIA didn't like it. And for all we know, they were in on it. It's not like people are never blackmailed or controlled to do things.

Jared is not and was not being violent or aggressive in jail. They lied. I know now, they lied. He is being turned into a vegetable because he acted on CIA territory.

Laughner is, if you start reading the history, a defender of the U.S. Constitution. He started making a public accusation about a college not being in accordance with the Constitution and this is when someone tried to say he was mentally unstable. Because he was a patriot. HIs former girlfriend says he was a very sweet and kind hearted person and that it doesn't sound like the same man. According to the records, it looks like he attracted attention later by expressing interest in the Consitution and rights of citizens. He had some experience with drugs, and we don't know who his contacts are. What we know is that CIA is in Tucson. Next, or later, in 2008, he tried to join the U.S. Army. This may have been an idea that came to mind because of mind control and influence with others in the area-we don't know. He was disqualified for admitting to weed use. However, that doesn't mean the U.S. Army didn't use him. Hello unwitting recruit.

He was a purist. He felt the government means nothing if it doesn't even care about it's own words and contracts, and Constitution. He got close to danger with his interest in topics that can be made to look crazy by government psychologists, but which are the very things that the government spends milions-billions on researching. He believed in some conspiracy theories, some which may not be just theories. He was interested in trying to protect himself from others attempting to influence dreams, or lucid dreaming. He tried to resist what he believed were attempts to use him for mind control research.

Now, he's being turned into a vegetable because he "knew too much". Well, they're keeping him in a psych ward in Tucson, AZ. He's being observed, medicated, and unbenownst to him, he is serving his country. WOW. Did they take brain scans first?

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