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Blocked from Counseling by U.S. and Mob 2007-2011

I have people refusing to let my parents even pay for counseling for me until they expect my custody case to be over.

Then, I guess, they figure I can go crying to a counselor, when they know that after this sorry excuse for an "appeal" has passed, I won't have money to fight the case further. Or might not have.

What's really sad is that when you find out Bill O'Reilly and his patsy Lila Ingraham are getting minute by minute plays on my life, you know there is something severely wrong. I say they are getting details because I can give a couple of very good examples. I made my notes, and have my documentation, and the sad thing is that when I know she is CIA, and he's with some other group...it just doesn't look good at all.

I was IN counseling when my son was a baby. I went to counseling on my own, and do you know what she said? This is with ME as the guardian of my child...She said there was no doubt I had some mild PTSD because of my past litigation and some odd circumstances re. medical care and things. But, she said, and she had documented, there was zero evidence of paranoia or schitzophrenia and I had all symptoms to the opposite.

This is some of the evidence that the State had that they withheld. They knew I had counseling because MY counselor was best friends with my then-social worker. That social worker, upon deciding to take a bribe, changed jobs at the same time she decided to make a report against me because I kept asking about the $1,000 that the State stiffed me on which they were supposed to reimburse me for. This was right after she and Donna Titleman and another woman tried to testify against me in a Fair Hearing and they LOST.

It didn't matter how they did it, they were trying to get my son. First, they knew I was looking for a law firm to sue on his behalf for his childbirth damages. It would not have been a small amount. Secondly, they were helping their friends protect their own interests and the government wanted guardianship.

So yes. I have been to counseling. When?

2006. I was last in counseling in 2006, and that counseling was still in effect until about a month or two before they took my son from me and lied, and withheld evidence.

I had counseling with Brett McDonald.
Her friend was Tina Thornton. Tina Thornton took a job with CPS after making a false report against me, claiming she was worried about my son because I was arguing with her about the money the state owed me. Oh, yeah. And SHE and her BOSS, Donna Titleman (Jew Extraordinaire) had just lost a case against me and I had told them I was taking Donna to court for perjuring herself in that case.

Whatta Jew. And I bring up the Jewish factor, because I will tell you something--they have NOT been very nice to me. Lewis River to Wenatchee River to Washington D.C. They don't care if they had ancestors that were tortured--torturing me themselves and lying has been nothing.

So I had a lot of people dying for retaliation against me. They wanted to protect themselves so this is how it was possible for that many small-town people to lie.

The case they lost, which I took them to court over, was about not wanting my son to be forced to use a Social Security number when it was my right to refuse it.

I guess they decided that since I wouldn't give him a number, they would just take the whole kid. So I was trying to get Donna Titleman "in trouble" after I won the case. I called the Judge (who was horrible) over in Olympia and asked about rules for perjury and they said no, I could not hold anyone accountable for perjury, even though it was right on the tape/CD, because "that kind of court" didn't have the same laws or rules as regular court and perjury was okay.

This is literally what the Gonzaga-bred Judge (and all of these Judges got seats from their fellow alumni Gregoire) told me.

So these women were not happy with me. The "nice women at DSHS" in Wenatchee. They wanted at my throat. Dr. Shipman, a Jewish doctor at ER in town, went from being normal to mean and vindictive when I was trying to prove Donna Titleman lied about me, to acting pitying after my son was taken. Believe me. I was never part of their clan. They protected themselves and didn't care a thing for "the truth". The truth was exactly what they did not want.

1. Doctors and medical professionals in Wenatchee didn't want a lawsuit from me,
2. DSHS was mad at me for winning my case and then trying to hold Donna Titleman accountable for perjury (I wonder if she's friends with Jennifer Godfrey and Justin Titus?!),
3. Some people were still mad about the lawsuits I had filed in Oregon,
4. FBI refused to respond after I filed a complaint of misconduct against their employees.

There's 4 for ya. And that's just a small slice of the cake.

So right before they decided to torture me and my son and then make a false report to take him from me and as an excuse to hunt me down in Canada (which they had no right to do), I had the following mental health records:

1. Records from 2006 with Brett McDonald where she stated emphatically that I was not suffering from any kind of paranoia or schitzophrenia and that my symptoms were only supportive of trauma from real litigation and harassment against me. These records were not old. This is why, while withholding these records and this evidence, Michelle and Marie Scanlon wanted to say I had a "psychotic break." First, they defamed me with the AG and Gregoire's buddies, to Canada, and falsely said I had paranoid schitzophrenia. When they realized and obtained mental health records which proved this wasn't true, and had THREE different psychologists and counselors all agreeing I was a normal person with normal behavior...THIS is what the State of Washington concealed.

They had records from Brett McDonald that said I was normal. They also had TWO different psychologists' reports who saw me at the hospital and who both agreed I was NOT mentally ill and that SOMETHING ELSE was GOING ON.

The State of Washington had nothing.

They withheld my mental health records from the defense, even though they had them themselves. And they withheld photos of the appearance of my house, and decided this was what they were going to make their Protective Order against me about.

They had zero grounds for making the Protective Order. They violated the law. They not only violated CPS rules and laws, and State law, they violated international laws.

So guess what?


I have had zero counseling.

Does this seem STRANGE?

In 2006, I had my son with me. He was born and I took him with me to counseling while he napped or slept in his carseat. I was in regular counseling and the notes were ALL that I had no mental disorder or symptoms of anything like this.

Then, a couple months later, 2 more psychologists saw me and said I was not mentally ill.

The State of Washington had this evidence with them and they concealed it from the defense. And my own defense attorneys worked with them, and when I asked one of them to obtain the information, they didn't. They said it wasn't important. ?!

Okay, so the last time I ever had counseling was when I was "normal"? Wow. Funny how I had all this counseling when I was "normal" but then when the State really screwed up HUGE, they fought tooth and nail to keep me OUT of counseling and refused to pay for a psych eval like I kept asking for, to prove my innocence.

No, they weren't ready for me to have a psych eval, because they were too busy figuring out how to scheme something up to try to drive me crazy first. They spent all of this taxpayer State money, stalling and stalling so they could figure out what their strategy for lying about me was going to be. They had no case, so they got Judge Hotchkiss (who took a FAT bribe) to hang up on me in my own hearing where I had a 99% chance of getting my son returned to me at once.

Judge Hotchkiss has taken money from more than one set of hands, and one of these days I am going to prove it in court. He is not an honest Judge. He fell in with the wrong crowd.

Washington State didn't know what to do when I was out of their jurisdiction. They had smeared me so badly, they didn't know who I was talking to on the East Coast. I know it freaked the hell out of "Sue" at CPS to hear I was making contact with the head of the entire CPS organization and invited to help out with them.

So what did these people do? they tried to get me in trouble over there first. And when that didn't work, their friend dumped me off with them, knowing that's what he was doing all along, from the day he knew I had revoked the license in Maryland, and they waited 3 months to see if I was pregnant (like the good people do, right?) and then slammed me with torture again.


I had counseling when my son was with me and no one ever thought there was anything wrong with me.

That changed with politics. And crime.

And no, I didn't "choose" to be tortured and I remember exactly when I sent letters to the military offices saying I'd volunteer to help out with migraine research. It was AFTER a group had already taken liberties to torture me and my son. I didn't write those emails until we were living in E. Wenatchee. There was already something going on when we lived on Methow St. So no, no one can make the excuse that I "chose" torture.

How? because Christa Schneider said what would be the worst death I could imagine and I said torture? Was that when I was given a "choice" as to whether my son and I should or should not be tortured?

If someone ever thought "Oh! She wrote to the military! We have letters! We're safe!"....they are SO incredibly wrong.

My son and I were being targeted by a group that had military and other government powers, and then I guess my idea about migraine stuff, was maybe a last ditch effort to find support from someone .

Instead, the criminals tried to hide what they were doing under immunity and tried to claim I consented to it or chose that for me and my son. I never chose that for myself.

My son and I were illegally tortured in this country and then I've had almost 5 years of being blocked from counseling from anyone and everyone.

CPS and the AG and federal government...even the FBI..they have not wanted me to have any records with any psychologist have they? because if I was normal at the time my son was taken from me, when I was in counseling, odds are, I'm still a normal person who has been subjected to unimaginable crimes and they don't want me getting validation for not having any of the symptoms they claim I have, and they don't want me documenting any kind of damages from what they have done to me and my son and allowed others to do.

CPS even claimed I was supposed to have counseling but they blocked me from getting any counseling. I knew it would prove my innocence. I went to D.C. and asked for a psych eval and counseling, and I was blocked. I was blocked when I got back to Wenatchee and Michelle did nothing to make it possible. I went to TN and I was blocked there, by people with the YMCA in MiddleTN.

The only time I have had anyone talking about my mental health, is through a government psychologist, a U.S. government paid psychologist that has never met me before, and spent less than 1 hour with me total.

In all of the nasty and defamatory claims made about me, whether it was by Krebs for WA state or doctors and DEA/FBI for MiddleTN, I spent a total, among any and all present psychologists, psychiatrists, or anyone...I spent less than 2 1/2 hours total with them. That's been my professional "evaluation". 1 1/2 hours with Krebs (or less) and 1 hr. total with the psychologists/psychiatrists in TN.

That is it. It takes 2 1/2 hours to come to a false and defamatory allegation that I am mentally ill. That I ever had schitzophrenia. In 2 1/2 hours they decided this? or did they have others helping them decide this, like the same people that know I could sue them and who do NOT want to be sued, at all costs.

I have an enormous claim against the U.S. My son does. And so far, I haven't heard back from the person I emailed, who claims they support this one website for UN individual lawsuit information. I asked them a simple question after reading the chart of information they put up. I asked "Has anyone from the U.S. ever filed an individual claim with the UN?" From what I could tell, it's never been done. But maybe someone needed to update the information, so that's why I was asking. The countries with the highest rate of claims began with Canada. It was Canadians who had filed the most complaints. THEN, it was North Koreans. Third, it was Australians. And I looked up and down the list, and I saw no mention of a complaint from the U.S.

Well do I EVER have one. I have one your Yodak people in N. Korea might relate to.

And I remember, very clearly...ahhh...like day...I remember exactly what was going on in D.C. I went to all these U.S. military and other places, trying to get help, and finally decided I was going to have to address the UN. And I started research for political asylum. And someone decided to tone everything down, and at least for a short while, try to make something look good for me while they stalled, lied to others, and made strategies on how to thwart, if not imprison or kill me.

I noticed that the technology people backed off in the last few days, after I made some Expose's of people. But then I add a last name to one of the posts, and it just took off again. Someone thinking they can keep torturing us. Well you can't. Because I said I was listing 10 and I'm listing 10.

And that's not conditional. It doesn't matter what you do. That's just a little backpay. If you want more, I can always then start working on a second list. My second list will include people from D.C., TN, and West Coast.

But while I make my UN claim, and my motion about withheld evidence in my custody case, I'm giving you time to straighten out. So far, you've never done it. I will believe you are maybe serious when my son is with me. And I'm not waiting for that to happen, in the next couple of years or something ridiculous.

But yeah. I got up this morning and I prayed. I asked what to do today and to somehow say, do, and think what God would have me say, do, and think, and to also be open to changing in some way if God (and God alone) might nudge me about it.

So far, God today has just given me a free card. Free. I don't, so far, feel there is anything at all, that I can work on with myself or that God's unhappy about. There are days I feel there might be something, but today isn't one of those days and it's not because I'm better than John Kaempf or anything.

It's maybe that I realized I AM "special" and always was, and other people knew it before I did, and tried to drag me and my "special" family through the mud.

I know a lot more now than I did then and now I know why some of you were afraid of me. You were worried I might know a little too much. Weren't you?

So you tried to destroy my family and have my parents affection for eachother distanced through alienation, and my relationship with them alienated--anything you could do to break apart what was feared to be a strong force.

I have so much dirt on people now, it's not even funny.

You worked so hard, to keep me out of money, out of housing, out of respect, out of college, out of work, out of benefits, out of unemployment monies, out of relationships, out of a decent lawyer, out of medical care, out of counseling...

And then some of you were at least going to help me back into my federal housing that I was wrongfully kicked out of, if only I'd pay $4,000 after receiving $4,000 for one of my eggs. I get a roof over my head for one of my DNA eggs?

Now I know why.

And they are worth WAY more than that.

WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. And if I didn't sell an egg for $4,000 when I had nothing, and it was used as a factor in whether I had a roof over my head or not...

Do you think that I am the type who can be bribed?

Some people have a lot more money to start with, and not even very good reasons for taking a bribe, and they do it.

If I didn't sell ONE egg when I have hundreds or thousands of them, when I was put in the position of being told the only way I could "get back" my legal right to have a roof over my head, from a U.S. federal housing fund (coming out of Seattle distributors by the way)...

If these corrupt people tried to extort just ONE egg from me, when I have plenty to spare,

Do you think I am the type to be threatened or bribed?

I'm going to find out how many eggs I might have. I mean, just the general range...

Okay, I just read, I was born with about 7 million of them. That's from the "sharecare" website.

Dr. Michael Rozien says that at puberty, I had about 400,000 left. Then, after puberty began, my body began releasing ONE of them every 28 days or so. A few other eggs will develop, but my body will release one and the others will regress. If health is decent and a woman is not on the pill all her life, inducing her body to think she's pregnant all the time when she's not...

The egg quality will probably be good and better than the eggs of those who doped their bodies up (unknowing bc their doctors didn't care to tell them the truth) with birth control horomones.

Do you know what the fertility sites and clinics tell you? Oh, you don't have much chance at age 40, because those eggs have (some of them) been there for 40 years and quality won't be as good. Those clinics don't tell you that the quality isn't very good for most 40 year old women because most of the women they see had those same eggs swimming around in false horomones for years, thanks to your wonderful birth control pill. You can thank your life-saving pill for the breast cancer too.

So no, you don't jack your healthy and youthful body up on horomones that literally make your body think you've been pregnant for 10 years straight, and then expect to have good eggs or even be able to conceive at all. So thank your doctors and the medical community and planned parenthood for all their "honesty". While it may be a good idea to add horomones later in life, when you know you never want kids, great. But it was medically unethical to mislead millions and billions of women into thinking it's no big deal.

Because I am the type of person that refused to take even an aspirin in high school, and who never did drugs or alcohol, and who later in life only tried a couple of things out of curiosity...because I valued my body and brain, I didn't want to put additives and horomones into it that would screw things up. And to me, it made logical sense...for the most of my life, I was celibate, but for the very short time I wasn't, I knew the birth control was, intuitively, bad news. (And I'm sharing the news with you so you don't act so shocked when you can't conceive or when you get breast cancer. Breast cancer runs in the family...really? did your mother use the pill?)

So I would estimate my number of quality of eggs to be quite high. I guess if someone in the FBI wanted my eggs, or CIA, they must think that my egg quality is good too. Even if I've had some things happen to me...maybe they just figure they'd screen it out.

What I know, is that I started my period at age 13. If I waited until I am 43 to have another kid of my own, that would be 3 decades of releasing one egg per month, 12 months a year, with a few more regressing on their own. That means that out of 400,000 eggs I started out with at puberty, I have lost (rounding up high) 36 eggs. Then, add a few on top of that which just went away on their own. So when someone was trying to buy JUST ONE of my eggs for $4,000, I was then 36 and I had lost only 23 of my eggs in 2 decades, through the cycle, and then a few more regressed on their own.

I have a LOT of eggs in my basket. And I was unwilling to part with ONE of them, to fight for one of my most fundamental Constitutional rights.

So do you really think that I am the type to be bribed?

Part of the reason I didn't sell my own body or any part of it, was because I didn't know exactly who was soliciting for my eggs and what they would end up doing with my own biological child. Use them to be a research project like me?

"HAROLD. HAAAROLD. Lissen to me Harold. We gotta doctah. We gotta lawyah. What we need now sugarplum, is a psychic-remote-what-a-ma-jig, and pretty or handsome and we need music Haroyld."

So if I didn't sell ONE of my remaining 300,000 or more quality eggs at a dire time when I had nothing and was forced to suffer and Seattle was squeezing me out of even federal housing that they knew I qualified for...Well, do you think I would sell any part of my body in that case?

I resent the slander.

It is one thing for me to think of ways to help my living son, who I knew was tortured. If something looks like it might help him, great.

But do you really think that I have ever stooped to the disgusting levels some are willing to sell out for?

Do you know what else this says about me?

It says, I don't really care WHO you are, or WHO you work for. If I don't want to do something, I'm not going to do it. And if I know my son was wrongfully taken from me, there is no threat or bribe that will keep me from pursuing my and my son's rights. And it also means I'm not your slave. If you don't do what you said you would do, this means the deal is off and it's no ones fault but your own.

The same Seattle that poisoned me and mocked me, wanted to extort eggs from me.

My "Special" eggs.

ONE egg, one golden egg from the hen they hate, but whose prodigy they would mold for themselves.

Honestly, now that I know more than I did before, I even question what went on in the surgery room in Maryland, when they had to give me a D&C because my body was still hemmorhaging 6 months later. Did anyone think to sneak an egg from me?

I guess I ask because I know I woke up and thought, I don't know if everything that just happened in there when I was unconscious was legal. It was a feeling. An instinct. And because I had some kind of premonition about it first, I asked where the papers were for signing against having any of my parts or body tissues or samples used for any kind of research or labratory reasons. I know my OBGYN had this odd and almost guilty look afterwards. She didn't feel comfortable even looking at me. I thought, "Huh. So what went down."

And while I'm not selling my body for sex or my eggs for the procreation of others, would you mind my asking, Uncle Sam, what your issue is with me? I danced on your tabletops, practically, and you haven't paid up. In fact, I even danced while I was still in a state of hemmorhage.

I was bleeding for over 6 months and in constant labor and I kept a smile on my face.

I didn't do it for you.

I did it for my son.

And you are going to return my son.

I know some of you in D.C. and some of you in Canada tried really hard to make me desperate enough to sell out and you didn't get what you wanted. Because unlike you, I will not be bribed. I didn't sell out and make it easy for you to put me away for 10 years, so the deal was, if I didn't go to jail, I got tortured.

Not just me, my family and my son.

So what I really suggest you do at this time, is start walking on eggshells around me. And I suggest you return my son before the rest of the world starts calling your number.

They might be interested in knowing why some of you were working so hard to try to entrap me.

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