Sunday, August 28, 2011

Subscribed to Fighting CPS--Suing WA State

I'm back to looking up laws for withheld evidence and subscribing to groups that fight CPS.

I have to file something next week, regarding the State's withholding and suppression of evidence that was crucial to my case.

I already know without any doubt that I am suing. If this case is not overturned and they don't return my child, I'm suing the State, the FBI (including my Ex boyfriend), the military (if I have to), Department of State, AG, and CPS.

Most likely I would be required to sue in federal court and I could use withholding evidence as the premise, or obstruction, but in that case, it would just be better to sue them under RICO. They committed crimes, they should pay for crimes. Treble.

And that would also include medical professionals who altered records and used state guardianship as a way to keep my son from being able to collect compensation for damages in childbirth.

As long as damages continue to acrue, I have a running statute. Which means if I find out another piece of evidence was withheld, or I make even the smallest discovery down the road, this will run my statute for RICO so that it doesn't expire.

I don't care who I have to sue. It really does not matter to me in the least. I'll do what I have to do, and I have no regard for the 'feelings' of anyone.

Who stood up and spoke up for me and my son when we were being tortured?

So, finding out about discovery later, is only going to make me liable to sue at a later date, when I'm better prepared, after I've made some money.

Basically, it can be done the more discreet way, through overturning the case now, or it will be a big blow-out.

And the mental illness claim is not going to go far after I get some other countries involved in a UN claim or get some other informants first.

What mental illness wrongful claim will do, is prove deliberate and malicious obstruction of justice by the U.S. military and government.

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