Friday, August 19, 2011

Explanation of Rembrandt/Change Artist

It was when the BBC put up the article about the stolen Rembrandt. I don't usually ask God the silly question about "which one is Kate and which one is me?" but after I read that article that day, I actually prayed and then grabbed a magazine and Kate fell on "change artist" and I landed on an ad in bold for "Rembrandt." It was the same day that I read the article about the Rembrandt that was stolen and then returned. And for me, the Rembrandt resonated because it was actually a toothpaste ad but the main slogan was "Deeply White." At first I felt slightly insulted, but it hit me then, what it was, was confirmation that my son and I are torture victims and God knows.

And this was the same day I kept saying over and over that I was a victim of "white torture". "Clean torture" and "White torture" being the same thing--a definition for torture that is done which is severe and extremely heinous, but which has no external signs or evidence so it's difficult to measure or prove.

And I saw this and agreed with God, in that it brought to mind, that I was indeed a victim of white torture.

My Dad has said, "If you have a dream once, maybe it means nothing, but if you have it 3 times, well, maybe it means something."

I thought, "This is interesting. I got Rembrandt 2 times in a row, having to do with me, and somehow it fits, and I don't get all of it, but it's true."

I kept it to myself, what happened that day, until now. This is why I returned the boom box last night, after shaking it and hearing the change rattle in it. I'm not saying I have anything against boom boxes with change inside, but I didn't want it in my house that day and I felt it was more symbolic to go with what God had shown me, which doesn't have anything to do with anyone else, it's just what I took from it. What I took from it was something about the message of the Rembrandt I saw because it was the night before that I had a dream of a girl falling back and then that's what this painting showed. I don't know.

So I was thinking about that drawing last night, and how it looked like something about justice, and maybe God was showing me something about myself in that painting, and as I thought about it, last night, after hearing the song "Shipwrecks", I turned to my Bible and it fell on Zechariah 7, on:

"Administer true justice..."

and then it goes on to describe what "True Justice" is.
Last night I had a dream that I was working at some place or studying and then we were all leaving but something about things I did first and then I got into the car with another woman and we were going home. Then I dreamed I was at this table and Chris Rozollo kept bringing me book after book after book, almost waiting on me hand and foot, and I was working on a book or paper called: "The Manifestations of God". I'm not reading anything like that now or haven't recently, but that was the title in my dream: The Manifestations Of God. I never even got up. It wasn't his idea, in the dream, the title and writing idea were my own. But he was acting like my servant. In the dream, the title referred to research and writing of the many ways in which God reveals Himself.
So I woke up from this dream and prayed and then read from the Bible, just random sections, landing on the "furnishings of the temple" and the 12 bulls that were under the Sea which was shaped like a lily blossom, and the bulls that face N, S, E, W, and all the things of the temple. And then I read psalm 33, about how a great nation and strength of an army, nothing is to be compared to those whose God's eyes are upon, who fear God (give Him respect). And I read about the nation of Cush, and this tall people, and then I took out my women of the Bible book and randomly opened and I fell upon Rachel. And I read this description of Rachel this morning and it resonated with me. It talked about how she was the second wife of Jacob, having been tricked out of being the 1st by her father and sister. And then it talked about how she represented the mourning of Israel over that which was lost, when her own son Joseph was taken into captivity. She died with her son Ben-Omri, which meant, "son of my sorrow" but Jacob changed his name to Benjamin, "son of my happiness". It said she also represented the great mourning and symbol of Herod the Great and the order that all the first-born sons be killed, because of Herod's fear of a prophesy that a king would replace him. Just yesterday I was thinking about the story of Herod, and this fear over a prophesy and all of the machinations that went into trying to thwart the prophesy.

Anyway, I have to get more water today. I have one bottle left and planned to get more water for my place. I use a lot more water than I thought I did, originally.

But anyway, why fight what God wants to reveal? I won't fight God. I may fight my enemies, but I'm not going to be dishonest with God and refuse to trust Him.

Then, this morning, I took out all my scraps of paper which are in a spot, and prayed and asked God to show me who to pray for at least first thing this morning and then I mixed them up and the ones that came up were "Voodoo", "English UK government", "Christian protestants", "spanish", "spanish", "chinese" and I think that was it for this early morning.

This is what I've been doing with these scraps. So I prayed the voodoo people would become christians and give up their voodoo. And I always get English UK gov and who knows why.
I am now decided I'll take the boom box with change back later today.

I didn't want it last night, and I'm sure there is a reason why but I'll take it back this afternoon.

Yesterday I remembered what the name of the guy I was traveling to "MiddleTN" was: The last name was Nichols. Mike Nichols.

I couldn't remember and then it came back to me.

And I wrote down on a paper, how I remember that when I survived an attempted assassination, I was given flowers by "Katie".

And I never thought of it, in 1995, except to think, "This is weird. Why am I getting a huge bouquet of flowers and a card from a "Katie" that I never, ever, talk to?"

I mean, this is 1995 and all I knew was that I had almost been killed, I had a broken neck, and I was deterred from moving to Nashville, TN, which, I didn't know at the time, was "Middle TN".

And someone is suggesting that a "Katie" send me a big bouquet of flowers with a card?

Now, a decade later, it makes more sense.

But I think the point was that I was not supposed to have survived this long. I was supposed to be dead by now.

I am not absolutely sure, but I THINK, and I would have to check on it, but I think the other person who I barely knew, from work, that sent me a bouquet of flowers was a "Carol" but I think I might be wrong.

All I know, is that at the time I thought it was odd to get flowers from "Katie" who was never even a friend of mine in high school, and who I hadn't seen or heard from for years, and then to look back, it just looks devious.

I was oblivious. But imagine. And that was 1995 and I believe already someone had designs. What is strange, is that some of these designs may have partly originated in the U.S. or some U.S. persons may have been involved.

So the other part about the "change artist". It probably fits. Because the day I was washing up some dirty change I had in a drawer, I thought about the Middletons. I thought, "Money laundering" and wondered who their sponsors had been.

The "Katie" who sent me the flowers, was a "Katie" from high school. We were not in any of the same classes, and we weren't on any sports teams together, or clubs, or anything. I was nice to her, and she was polite to me, but all I knew about her was that she was best friends in high school with another girl named "Carol". Carol Skeeters. I wasn't friends with this Carol either. Katie was Catholic, I remember that. Anyway, Katie and Carol were partyers. They drank early, had sex early, and we were on totally different ends of the totem pole. Or, not different ends, but different sides. We all were polite to each other, but I had nothing in common with them at all. We shared no classes, no groups, no activities, no friends. I didn't drink, smoke, have sex, or party, and they did. We had no shared interests.

So when I was out of high school, never talking to them when I graduated in 1993, it was really odd to get flowers from this "Katie" in 1995, out of the blue.

And now, to look back on history and things that have happened to me, I think it's very odd, and suspect, especially given what I went through later and what I now know.

It is like I was set up eons ago and then someone thought they would bump me off before I had a chance to say a word or figure it out. I think this is partly why they kept me so doped up and drugged and slandered. This group that has been planning crazy things for a very long time, didn't want their game upset.

What my family has been through, on account of this planning, is unbelievable.

I think it's so bizarre, in hindsight, that I seriously wonder if perhaps Diana somehow knew about me or knew about something. It sounds extreme, but given the circumstances, I don't think it's out of the question.

The weird part for me, is that I never "clued in" to anything, until maybe a year or two ago. Stranger still, I had no interest in any of the royals at all and then one day I start thinking about Diana? I mean, no one was telling me what to do. On my part, my interest evolved naturally and then I am suddenly, after being brutally tortured, looking back on things and thinking, "Something is so wrong here."

I knew millions were being spent against me, and I couldn't figure out why exactly. I had some idea, part of an idea, but then I started to think, no, this wasn't a few million, this was upwards of billions, and decades of planning, counter-measures, and strategy, just in case, what someone may have foretold the future had, was going to occur. And then people actually tried to assassinate me?

There were over 5 assassination attempts on my life. Above and beyond all reason, I survived.
The torture went to levels of "deeply white" for both me, my son, and I believe other family members, but they refuse to admit it. That doesn't mean this is what defines me. I don't embrace "deeply white".

I know it's true, and I am the lone voice trying to get the truth out, but that's not who I am.

The other thing, I once asked God what powers were at work to put Kate where she was and a major thing that came up was "voodoo". I believe it's true. And there is a huge difference between a prophetic word and the deceptive influences of voodoo and witchcraft. It was top of the list, "voodoo". One thing that didn't come up was the English UK gov. Which I thought was strange. I'm sure some of them had a hand, but I started to wonder if actually some of them had reservations about the MiddleTNs.

That's all I have to say for now.

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