Sunday, August 14, 2011

CNS and Outlawing Haldol

I looked up biological warfare agents that affect the Central Nervous System (CNS) this morning. The first thing I looked up was the botulism toxin . There are several CNS agents that have similiar effects on the nervous system in either temporary or permanent paralysis. Some of these agents, which have been used on an exploratory basis, create only a partial paralysis, resembling effects of a stroke.

From what I have been reading about Haldol, there is no humane justification for this drug. It is a drug that's been sold for experimental off-label uses and as a primary drug for crowd-individual control and for the intentional alteration and damage of the brain.

The off-label excuses for Haldol--that it helps with nausea from chemotherapy have been an excuse to use this drug on experimental basis upon those who are already deemed to be "goners" or dying.

There are other antihistamines or ant-emetics which are far better than Haldol, but Haldol has been used because there is still research on it, in every country, and it has been a drug used against political activists and dissidents.

From what I've read, it has no effect on "schitzophrenia" of any "therapeutic" value anymore than shooting someone's eye out is to be called curing blindness.

It does not cause "remission" of schitzophrenic activity--it causes such mind alteration and CNS harm as to turn an active brain into a vegetable.

I believe the pharmaceutical companies profiting from this drug should be boycotted and I intend to find out each and every name of a company that produces or sells Haldol in any of its forms.

Nurses with little education or talent, who question nothing, even claim Haldol is used for anti-naseau or to "calm" down an irritable patient in ER. This is an aggregious abuse of medicine.

It is completely unethical. There are a variety of tranquilizers and sedatives that are effecting in calming people, which do not cause permanent harm and alteration of the brain.

While nurses and doctors tell patients it has a "half-life" of only so many weeks, they deny or refuse to include the fact that just because the drug makes an exit or clears the system eventually, doesn't mean it leaves the brain in the same state that it was originally found.

Haldol, from all medical and scientific research papers, is shown to 100% change the brain irreversibly upon ONE time administration.

It is unethical and it is a current abuse of the practice of medicine, to use Haldol in any form, upon any patient, whether it's for "off-label" use or even for schitzophrenia.

It does not cure schitzophrenia and it does not cause remission in schitzophrenia and it is high time that the diagnosis and classification of schitzophrenia is re-evaluated. Not only that, the means for diagnosing someone with schitzophrenia must be scrutinized and remain suspect, especially as this is the #1 most abused diagnosis made in psychology and psychiatry and has been the traditional favorite of governments, political parties, and groups who would attempt to demean and discredit an individual whom they feel poses a threat to their own security.

From Russia, to the UK, to China, to India, to the United States of America, the favored method of assassination has been a false diagnosis of "schitzophrenia" with concurrent punishment and administration of Haldol.

Haldol is one the nastiest evidences of abuses against human rights and civilians, that we have standing today and it's sold to every ER and hospital in the U.S.

Companies have profitted off of a drug that has been used to ruin lives and distort and destroy the cognizance of others.

Anyone going through chemo who is told Haldol will help their naseau needs to stand firm and refuse this drug. Even if someone else thinks your brain and life are down the tubes anyway, you might care to disagree and you will benefit from having your brain unchanged or altered when you decide to sue for the causal factors that you later discover led to your cancer to begin with.

Haldol has been used to punish and degrade people, not help them. Not once has Haldol ever been used with the best intentions of the patient at heart, and you will NEVER find a doctor or nurse willing to take Haldol themself.

Do you really think they would choose Haldol for their chemo sickness?

Forget it.

But they'll tell YOU that it's just fine. The only reason it's excused by the FDA and U.S. for "off-label" use is so further research can be done on "the dying" or terminally ill, as an excuse to further research how it may be used as a weapon of warfare against dissendents, activists, and POWs.

And all of the research proves that a one-time dose creates irreversible changes to the brain. It is a proven fact and yet they still use this drug on others without even so much as a court order.

How does one obtain a court order for damaging a brain anyway?

What's really great is when CPS orders someone like me to have a brain scan and then I am poisoned with multiple drugs including Haldol and then they think I'm going to have another brain scan down the road where they can make comparisons.

They already had my first CT from years previous and they made their comparisons.

They believe that in the future I will have another, and that is not going to happen.

Even if it doesn't happen, they already know, from research and published journals, what has been done to me and what the effect would be on any brain, regardless of who it belongs to.

I hate the United States of America and I am looking forward to the day when I am able to trade in the old crappy car for a new and improved one.

They kidnapped my son, used and tortured all of us, and allowed a planned rape and degradation of my person so other groups could put others into political positions of power.

Like the Middletons. And U.S. Jews were involved. It wasn't just Jews, it was others, but the U.S. Jews have not been my friends. They have tried to be friends or appear as friendly to my family perhaps, but not to me, because they figured out they would never pull the wool over my eyes. They have had a hand in torturing me.

I saw a documentary about the Holocaust and WWII and it showed all these atrocities against Jews, and then there was this section where it showed atrocities committed by Russians in Germany. Jews were to prison camps. Then Russians came in and raped hundreds of thousands of women.

I said, "Did these Russians who raped all these innocent women have to stand trial for war crimes?" the answer was "No." I said, "Why would one group be able to make a case about crimes against humanity or war crimes, and not another group? they should have all been tried." I was told, "It depends on who is in power."

So basically, even the UN is biased and politically motivated. As are so-called "refuge" and "political asylum" camps and organizations.

It's like living in the U.S., where I think to myself we have the FBI or groups to "investigate" crimes and public corruption and the evidence of corruption is that they pick and choose what to investigate.

It's not "justice for all". It's "justice for the few". "With liberty and justice for all."

I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

The only people who can recite this pledge are the rich and powerful. The top 1% who have most of the money. There has been no such thing as "liberty and justice for all" for me and my son and I have fought much harder than most to try to find it.

I said this morning that I couldn't wait to divorce this country. And then I was told why blame things on others when I have responsibility, or same old, same old. I countered that this is exactly how abusers talk, trying to tell victims it's their fault and that they must have done something to deserve it.

My son and I did nothing to deserve what's happened. Then I was told I'm not a martyr or why be a martyr because other people have bad things happen. I said to my mom, "I know for a fact that your nails don't look like mine," and she said her son died and I said "and my son has been made to be as good as dead to me and nothing is being done about it. In fact, I ask for support to get a letter to the AG from the Avilas for specific details about who has been ordering the block of communication and no support."

So at that, I'd had 2 pieces of french toast made for me, and I had lost my appetite and tossed them out without taking one bite. "Is this symbolic for what you think of our help?"

I said, "This is symbolic for what I think about what's been done to my son and the U.S. and those who work for the U.S."

Symbolic. Whatever. So then I went back to my place and did do something "symbolic".

I laid on my bed, after crying, and prayed to God to give me something about my son. And I said, when I was looking at this book about women of the Bible, and said, "Which woman am I like in relation to my son?" and I got Jephthaiah's daughter. The one who was made part of a bet or "deal". If God gave her father the victory he said whatever first came out of the house would be an offering to the Lord. She came out first. So at the end in the story in this book it says, she asks to go out into the hills for 2 months before her sacrifice and the last line is "I hope it doesn't hurt much."

I read that and thought, "Yeah, if something is symbolic, it's that I throw out the curse of 2 months in the "hills" and the entire rigamarole altogether." I refuse to be any kind of sacrifice for anyone. My son rejects it too, and I reject it on his behalf. We either live free in the U.S. or the U.S. pays the penalty for refusing what is our right.

Then I had this impression of tearing cloth. I said to God I wanted him to tear apart what was built against me and my son and I saw Kate Middleton's wedding dress. And I visualized taking it in the center of the bodice and making a cut at the top and then tearing it straight down the middle. And then I prayed and asked God for something from the Bible, and with something about tearing in my mind and on behalf of my son I prayed and opened to this:

"These things you have done and I kept silent; you thought I was altogether like you. But I will rebuke you and accuse you to your face.

Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with none to rescue; He who sacrifices thank offereings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God." (psalm 50:21-23).

I woke up this morning thinking about the dixie cups that the rapist chose for the wine before he raped me. With the flowers on them.

Then I asked God for another verse and got the one about if the salt loses it's flavor it's of no use and cannot regain its salt and should be thrown out. And if you have a lamp, to set it on a high place where others can see by the light, no one with the light, who is good, hides that light. They try to illuminate the entire space for others to see by.

So then I got up and took out these paper plates and cups that I have not used since I've been here and in symbolism, for what was done to me, and the careful choosing of the dixie cups, I took out all the cups, stabbed them all with a knife so they would tear, and tore them into pieces and put them in the trash. I tried to tear them with my hands first but then wouldn't tear, so I first had to make a cut into the cup. And then I tore through each and every solid white cup that was there. And I prayed in the name of God that this would symbolize what God will do on behalf of my son and I, and will tear apart every plan against us and will target those God alone knows are our worst enemies. And then after I threw out all the cups that I cut and tore, I took out the plates, and tore each one of them in half and the very last one into multiple bits.

Then I tied up the Walmart bag, and took it to the dumpster.

I also went to my cupboard where there was a bus pass ticket that had a time written on it, but the way it was written, it looked like G'Hdan. And I tore it up 3 ways and threw it out. It was from my trip from Nashville to Knoxville.

So that was my "symbolism" for the day.

We didn't go to church this Sunday. I was told it wasn't a service and just a picnic and having to do with some old pastor so we didn't go. When I put the bag into the dumpster I thought, with all the paper cups and paper plates, it sort of looked like the trash from some kind of picnic.

But God knows exactly what it means.

Blessed be the name of my God, the God of my son Oliver Garrett.

Oh, and salt. I threw in some salt. After I tore up the white cups and the flowered plates, I took out Morton's salt, a canister with the girl with the umbrella on it, and poured out a pile of salt into my left hand and then dumped it over the paper cups and plates to symbolize throwing out the bad salt that has lost it's saltiness and is useless.

Then I tied it up and dumped it.

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