Sunday, August 28, 2011

Music and Sermons

I watched the music video "Heaven" by Bryan Adams, then "Fields of Gold" by Eva Cassidy and sang along, and then decided to look up a sermon. So I went to a site for free sermons and I have never heard of these people, but I chose a sermon in Spanish. It's "Maldicion Autoimpuesta" con testimonio with Viviana y Fernando. I think it was posted on August 22, 2011. I guess it's about "self inflicted damnation" and some testimonies of people who went through this? I have no idea. I'm sure there is a message for someone out there, but since it's not in my language, I guess it's not for me. :) So, for those who get something out of it, there you are. I guess next I'll find a sermon in my language.

I will post the link above. I don't understand what they're talking about, but listening anyway.

I decided, after praying, to look up something for me to be able to read, from Edgar Cayce, so I typed in "Edgar Cayce's sermons" . So I read something from him about how we are part angel, and the angel-self is always before the throne of God.

The sun just now broke through the clouds for the first time all day.

From John Van Auken (mysticycism, The Presence):

We are physical, earthly beings, but within us is a godling, a bound angel, a sleeping beauty, seeking to be reborn, reawakened. The Edgar Cayce records speak of the part of us that is the angel, and that this angel-self is ever before the throne of God (1646-1). This godly part of us was lost during the descent but will be reborn on "the rising" or ascent.
"Then, as the guardian influence or angel is ever before the face of the Father, through same may that influence ever speak.... Yes, through thy angel, through thy SELF that IS the angel, does the self speak with thy Ideal!" (Cayce reading 1646-1).

And then I went to something that had more text from Cayce and it's called:

Return of the Phoenix: The Veil
Then it goes to Book Two: The Great Break-Up

and there is nothing from that at all. No text. So I need a different sermon. Okay, I got one.

I went to Katherine Kuhlman and I chose one that was entitled: "Mental Attitude"

I am listening to this one, for me, today.

So far, she's talking about how the only limitation to what God can do, is our mental attitude about what we have faith to expect.

I do disagree with her statement about "have you noticed that the higher on the scale you go, of people, the nicer they are?"

And I totally disagree with that. She is not in keeping with the real world there. People are sometimes very "nice" by all outward appearances and external words when they are at the "top" because they have nothing testing them. Job, in the Bible, was not saying nice things, nor was David in the caves, or others, when they were at the bottom of the "social order" or being persecuted.

So I guess this is turning into a sermon for me to think about and criticize. She is right about how people who are mean, and do mean deeds have something wrong with them.

But when she talks about "suspicious" people, I hear this from such a different standpoint. Because there is "suspicious" as in mean spirited suspicion and then there is "right" suspicion when someone is, for example, being tortured.

So she says again, at the end, and I totally disagree with her here...

She claims that people at the top are not "nice" because they have jobs at the top, she claims they got their top jobs because they were "nice".

Sorry Katherine, that's B.S.

I was extremely nice and sweet to everyone until after years of being harassed, stalked, having my supporters tortured and murdered, and then being tortured along with MY SON.

Real persecution brings out real and true suspicion, for good reason.

I think Katherine is wanting to partly toot her own horn here. It's very easy for people who were...there we go...yes, now she's talking about herself and what kind of person she is "really" like. This is hilarious.

What is Katherine really like? she sounds very self-righteous and makes no mention about how many of the "top positions" of others are not because of how "nice" they are, but because of who has the most money and is willing to kill for the top position. It's easy to smile and be pleasant and sound concerned when you have a posse that is killing on your behalf to put you where you are.

Take, for example, the Native Americans. They were "nice". They were very hospitable to the white settlers. And did they get to "the top" because they were the nicest people? No, the nicest people never make it to the top, because the mediocre folks are always mean enough to tear them down and be jealous over geniunely nice people. It is TRUE that you "catch more flies with honey" but is this geniune kindness or is this just shrewd willingness to do what it takes to catch those flies? Some people are willing to put on any kind of face or act, and bite their tongue, to get what they want. And others get penalized for being honest.

I think the "nice" people and the "honest" people are sometimes not one-and-the-same. Sometimes they are and sometimes they're not. But from what I've seen, people like to take the truly nice or kind people who are talented, and out of spite and jealousy, work on them for years with abuse in order to turn them from "nice dogs" to "mean dogs" or what appears to be mean when it's a developed self-defense mechanism that must be employed to save their own lives and keep them sane.

It has nothing to do with nice people going to the top.

In America, it is a proven fact that some of the meanest people alive are at the top, and they portray themselves as "nice" because they have what they want and they can afford to pay other people to kill and be "mean" for them in order to keep up their own appearance of innocence and goodness.

The groups that are willing to promote an individual or family, to a top position or higher position, have no interest at all in how genuinely "nice" the family is. They elevate them for their own political reasons and nothing else.

What really happens to truly nice people is the tragedy. They seem to always get usurped by the pretenders. I think it is a rare miracle that truly nice people get to the top. And if they do, I think even there, if they are truly nice, some group is always working at them to tear them down and then feeling jubilant when the person displays a self-defensive so-called "mean streak".
I watched "The Negotiator". It started with a preview of a movie with the words "Execute them!" Sounds like the U.S. to me. They don't like what someone has to say and it's "execute them," right? I saw this clip with Obama and the Homeland Security woman, giving a speech at 5 p.m. their time. Noticed the Department of State flag, neatly folded to display the "arrows of war" instead of the olive branch. Like that's a suprise. This government has tried to destroy my entire family with their "arrows". No, that's not true. It has allowed specific groups to make the attempt, by abusing government channels. Which hitman decided he couldn't "take the shot" at me?

Why doesn't someone just prepare to do the right thing and return my son. There is no other solution. Nothing else makes sense, nothing else is going to accomplish peace, and nothing else is morally or legally justified.

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