Sunday, August 21, 2011

Criminals at Church

It can't be hard to catch them because the church is small. But there are criminals at this church where my parents go and part of the only reason I go at all is to scout it out and find out who the idiots are.

Today it was either someone sitting directly behind us or up in the balcony, and they were using technology against me in the middle of church and then in the foyer after church where people got coffee and other things.

My nailbeds on the lower half of my nails turned blue on my left hand because of what they did to my heart that affected my circulation.

Some of these people are scum of the earth, who coordinated with other scum of the earth.

And every single Sunday, it's...I don't know. If I wasn't being tortured I wouldn't wonder why I'm being tortured while there is a military (retired or not) presence in the church. But when I'm literally being tortured in church, and I see that my parents are still being watched as to how good their prediction efforts are, I think there is something so corrupt...There are plenty of good people at the church, but all it takes is a few who coordinate with technology to harm others.

And it's been one pastor and speaker after the other who is somehow connected to the military. Which is great, and I like some of the guys, but what I would like to see is a church with a military presence where I am NOT being tortured.

525 OBX Oregon plate. What I love, is how I'm still being used and tortured, even when I specifically say I will not tolerate this. And I was talking about my nails turning blue from what they did to me in church that affected my heart, and this plate drives by with the driver wearing this bright blue shirt and totally laughing and then I said, "Like that guy, in 525 OBX" and as soon as I said this, the driver jerked like they had a CB that could overhear what I had just said.

So my parents were saying their fingers were blue too, from the blueberries there, and I said, "No! Not under the nails where you scrape things. I am talking about the moons of my nails where it is supposed to be white, and instead of my nails that grow up from my cuticles being white and pink, they're blue, and it's from the technology they used on me in church that affected my heart and my circulation and then caused my nails to turn blue."

So I was standing around in the foyer where people talk and I was going to help wrap up school supply kits for children, which is what a group was going to do after the place had cleared out, and even while I was in that small room, someone was using technology.

By the way, there is a nurse there that does "signing" and works for the local hospital who is a problem. She gets her own "adopted" kids to do some whacked things too. Like the airborne crap I was talking about the other day...

You have no idea what kind of CRAP I am witnessing. It's been better, much much better, in a small town, but they are doing some things over here that are, commendable.

At any rate, I'm telling the truth, and if someone wants to investigate and capture small-town criminals, feel free to visit the Coquille Community Church. I'm quite sure that's not where the "big gathering" is, but if you want to track down a few that have obviously made connections with others who have pulled the same crap against me in other locations, feel free to check it out.

I seriously worry about my parents going there and I've mainly gone to observe and watch to see who gives me a wrong vibe or who has been attempting to influence my parents through flattery and false friendship for purposes of manipulating them.

I'm going to go back to the blond in Knoxville, TN and write about what they did in Knoxville.

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