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Paper: "Abolishing the Department of Children and Family Services"

(the assignment was to choose a position and indicate what you would do in that government position)
Cameo L. Garrett
Political Science/Spring 2014

Professor Coles

Final Essay 2 of 2



Abolishing the Department of Children and Family Services

If I were President, my first priority for the welfare and health of the nation would be to immediately abolish and eliminate the entire Department for Children and Family Services from the U.S. programs that are funded with taxpayer money.  Because this assignment requests which state or local position I would have, I would start this project as Senator.

            The matters of health and social security or money disbursements to some families would be through the Department of Health and Human Services, and all and every form of Child Protective Services would be eliminated.  This would leave any matter of concern, which should only be intruded upon in cases of violence, to the attention of the local law authorities, whose place it is to investigate criminal assaults, rape, or other forms of crime against any person, including children. 

            As Senator, I would enact a new bill that strengthens family rights, and enforces the constitutional right that each person is free from arbitrary seizures of person or property, and the natural right of a family to be free to pursue liberty in its full form, and happiness, and prosperity without being fettered with social workers and officials who are looking for additional work, bonuses, salary raises, and social gain from inflicting harm against the peace of a family.

            I would demand all of the records from the Department of Children and Family Services  (hereafter, “the Department”) be released in their entirety to the press and to Congress, including any and every individual case, and any and all persons involved in the cases, from law enforcement to social workers to psychologists for purposes of open investigation in which the public may take part.

            I would commission a task force to take a house-to-house census to every family that had a child removed from the home, and ask permission to take statements and records of testimony as evidence against the Department.

            In preparation for trial against the Department for crimes against humanity, including their own children, I would first demand immediate cessation of all activities by the Department, making it clear the Department is abolished, not “on hold”.  The aspects of allocating monies to welfare mothers and families would continue through the Department of Health and Human Services, and every other aspect of the Department would cease to function.  It would be an immediate and irrevocable shut-down.  There would be no recourse to “injunction” remedies because of the severity of the nature of crimes committed by the Department.  After it is shut down, all persons employed by the Department would be investigated and interviewed for their role and responsibilities within the Department. 


I would station guards to be present at the Department’s headquarters to ensure no paper-shredding is being done or documents removed and each person would be personally searched as they are being asked to exit the building. 


            I would temporarily suspend unemployment wages to the now disenfranchised employees.  This temporary suspension of wages would be based on the severity of crimes already known to have been committed and the fact that most acted as direct actors or accessories to these crimes against humanity.  There would be a provision to have unemployment wages given to some only after a thorough investigation has taken place.  In the meantime, the former employees will not be allowed to work at the Department of Health and Human Services or any other related and connected federal place of employ. 

            There will be a list of jobs and positions given to these employees, which will provide for their most immediate needs, which would be similar to the positions they suggested welfare mothers and families sign up for themselves.  They will be directed to one of two options:  Worksource facilities to arrange for a non-government job in their town, or if there is no position available, to a job site at a factory making parts for automobiles, or in construction of houses and commercial buildings.  During the investigation and preparation for trial, these employees will not be allowed to work with or supervise children.   They will retain the right to raise their children if they have any, and nothing more. In this way, every person will have their needs met through work of some kind, but it will not be government work nor will it involve children. 

The administrative abilities of the Department’s employees are suited to other forms of work, which is found at Worksource jobsites, as well as to the factory detail and administrative tasks of the automobile industry and construction field work.  This will also provide temporary relief to the nation for a deficit in the automobile and construction industries and will use the skills of these employees to create a viable automobile industry for Americans in creating safer, energy-saving vehicles.  These employees who take either the factory work or administrative positions in these fields will have their work supervised.  During any form of work by former employees, a portion of their income will be held in a separate account, of 20% of the net profit, as a reserve for restitution monies to be paid to victims of crimes committed by the Department.  If someone is cleared of contribution, the percentage will be reduced to 10% and this will still be held as restitution.  If someone is found guilty of contribution to any case involving a child, where that child or family was harmed, the monies will be given to these families, in addition to any other punitive damages ordered by a court.

A former employee would be allowed to find other work, outside of Worksource or factory work, if they have that option, as long as it is not government-related or dealing with children.  After the trial, those who are not found guilty will be allowed to sign up for unemployment wages if they have not already found work or if their positions in the other fields of work were terminated.

All profits and monies held in trusts and accounts by the Department would be seized and part of it used to pay for the investigation and prosecution of crimes against humanity and against children.  This would be a landmark decision made by an Executive Office to conduct such hearings and trial, within the same country that the crimes occurred rather than Nuremberg.

            The importance of this undertaking will be stressed to the public by advertisements and promotional t.v. ads, making it clear that violations against natural law, family rights, and children, which were of the “old order” are no longer tolerated.  The importance of the right to full liberty, which is freedom, and safety of the children will be stressed as well as the right to be free from personal seizures and investigations simply because one is vulnerable by being lower-income.  The domestic health of the nation will be a priority under my leadership.

            Because of the size of this task, and the number of individuals concerned, the commission will assign individuals from local regions to work with a state supervisor who will hand reports to the investigators. 

            Anyone in law enforcement, FBI, judiciary, and public legal system known to have been involved in a number of cases involving children, will not be permitted to take part in the investigation and will be allowed to continue in their positions until and unless they are named by a victim as having been involved in crimes against humanity and then they will be treated in the same manner as the others by interview and prohibition against working with children in any way or having contact with any child that is not their own.   They may continue working but in different cases and kinds of work until the investigation is completed.

            Because the crimes against children involved many of the aforementioned, the investigation process will be videotaped and posted online with the names of each family affected so that any member of the public or press may look it up with ease and follow the progression of testimonies, evidence-gathering, and trial. 

            There will be incentives to those who take positions to organize and collect this data and the collection of data will also be supervised by means of the videotaping which will be posted online.  The goal will be to have the process open and non-secretive in every aspect, from fact-finding, to the process of fact-finding, to interviews, to testimonies, and collection of data.  These employees will know they will be under constant live and/or recorded monitoring which will be available to anyone in the public just as voting polls and booths are seen and observed by any member of the public for matters as small as counting out votes. 

            This collection of data will be treated with the same care.

            This is what I would do if I were Senator, with intent to be President of the United States, and I would establish happiness, liberty, and prosperity and right to pursue all of these things by first creating a fearless generation of children and families who are not controlled by corruption. 

            The Department of Children and Family Services is guilty of money laundering, wire-fraud, fraudulent adoption, torture against children, assault & battery of families, rape, conspiracy to commit and allow rape and torture of children, bribery, false testimony, fabrication of facts, false arrest, intentional infliction of emotional distress and psychological harm, collusion to create business deals by selling children and the products created by children, use of children for illegal human experimentation, obstruction of justice, robbery and theft, kidnapping, obstruction from freedom of movement, and other crimes.

            I would take it on.

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