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Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (10)

This is a section that repeats some of the same information but also has additional information:


UPDATED 9/7/13 at 5:24 p.m.
My mother was not just "napping" with this man named "Mike" during the day, on the private plane I was on, she was sleeping with him at night.  If you looked at a map, birds-eye view, the bed was N, the table I drew and painted on was in the center, the couch I slept on was S and the "guard" they had stationed at the door later, was to the W (left side).  I would say SW approximately. 
I caught my Mom in the bedroom with Mike many times.  When I asked her what she was doing, she'd say taking a "nap".  So I asked her how come her face was all red?  And she'd say, "It's hot".  I was wondering why my Mom's face was bright red and sweaty during her "naps" with Mike but never any other time.  The other thing I asked her was why was she naked?  They brought a fan into the room as if to make it seem that was really what was happening.
I had been sleeping in that bed at night and they told me I had to move to the couch so then my Mom and Mike slept in the bed and I was on the couch across from them.  In the center of this room, as I've described, there was a table where I would draw and color and make watercolor paintings.  The woman who had shown me the crown came in a picked up my drawings to look at them, as did the "Queen/Anne" and this other mean woman saw them too.  I had more drawings of Mommy and Mike than Mommy and my Dad.  I also made a drawing for a man who told me he was my Dad, who said he was a cattle rancher, and then one for Mike who didn't seem to care that much.  I was drawing every day and then something bothered them about what I was drawing and when I was asked about it, I started chattering on and on to explain.  They all looked nervous and uncomfortable.  The cattle rancher who told me he was my Dad asked me about myself, what I liked to do, and wanted to know my favorite colors and foods.  We talked mostly about horses and cows because I was interested in it.  The other man who was a cattle rancher said his name was George Bush (Jr) and I think it might have been him because his Dad was director of the CIA and he had access to any kind of "site" he wanted to go to.  The other reason for thinking it's possible is that later when his face became public because of the presidency, I made a picture for him and mailed it to him at the White House, and I am thinking that since I never did this with anyone as an adult, the only reason I did with him was an automatic triggered response to doing something I did as a kid for him and recognizing him.  I do also remember he was one of few that gave his full name.  I'll have to look at photos from the 80s at another time. 
The woman who brought my juice to me began bringing me poisoned drinks after I talked about my pictures I had made when they asked.  I started throwing up.  It was bad enough that every single time she brought my juice I threw up and was so sick I started to refuse to drink and got dehydrated.  And then it was just water.
When I was then sleeping on the couch, after this other man wasn't coming in to stroke my hair or sit by my bed or talk to me, I used to call out for Mike if I needed something at night. 
I know Chris Dabney, from Washington D.C. was never a friend and has been friends with those who have tried to murder me.  I know this is true because I realized that when his government employee friend had me stay the night, it was set up like the private plane with my sleeping on a couch and then a low table in the center and Chris sleeping on the other side across from me but sort of SW.  I hadn't known why I said, "Mike!" when I was half-asleep but I know now that was why. It also explains why I had someone by the name of "Michael" come to mind in 1997 when I didn't really know anyone by that name.  Chris stared at me, like he'd seen the Grim Reaper, when I said "Mike", because he already had information about me.
It was me, Mike, my Mom, and a "guard" who was put by the door inside the room and I was beat up whenever I called out for "Mike".  He came over and would pull me out of bed, punch me in the stomach, and kick me and beat on me, including blows to the headead, until I was unconscious.  I wasn't given any drugs to go unconscious--I was beaten up until I blacked out.  It happened at least 5-6 times.  I remember one time I didn't black out and I was hog-tied after being punched in the stomach and then I blacked out and I don't know what happened next.

I remembered I was being electrocuted at my house, in my bedroom in Moses Lake, WA during the time I took some of these flights.  I was tied up with metal chains, handcuffs, and bungee cords, to my bed.  What looked like a little girl's room was turned into a torture chamber.  They would go in and take the mattress off of the bed and put it against a wall, and I was forced to lie down on a hard surface.  There was some kind of wooden brace for my legs but I don't remember what they had for my arms.  The brace ran along the outside of my shins or calves, from the ankle to the knee.  Mormon Alan Springer and my neighbor Herm Danielson were all involved and worked together on this.  It was Herm, my Dad, Alan, my Mom, and possibly one other neighbor came over just briefly.  After they chained me down, they got out a wooden box with metal knobs and wires coming out of it.  If the box was metal, it had a wooden frame of some kind, around the bottom, like a tray with a lip.  They all wore gloves and no one would operate it without gloves on.  They used it for some kind of a polygraph test and electrocution of me to find out what I knew and to shut me up.  If I gave them the wrong answer, I got electrocuted.  Alan would sometimes stand at the end of the bed and watch it all--he was the Mormon psychologist from next-door.  They sometimes got furious and so mad, Herm was standing over me with his face bright red with rage, and then Alan.  They asked me questions about what I'd discovered about my Mom and things from the planes.  Then one time someone came to the door unexpectedly and Alan panicked.  They didn't know what to do so they were trying to cover for it and Herm and Alan started arguing over who was going to take the box out of the house.  None of them wanted to have it caught on them, and at different times it went different places but it went with Alan that day.  Alan was the one I remember bringing it over a lot, and then Herm coming over after but I think my Dad also had it for awhile.
I think the reason I preferred to be in my walk-in closet rather than my larger bedroom was because I was tortured in the larger bedroom and I didn't want to be there with the memories.  I was locked in my closet sometimes as well, in the dark, but it wasn't like the other things they did.
I remembered finding out at least one of the times, the man beating me up, wearing the baseball hat inside the plane, over my calling out for "Mike" was my Dad.  He was picking me up one day and grabbed my arm and I realized it had been him at least once.  So then with Chris Dabney's Department of "Justice" group, they had me forced to stay with some baseball person named "Mike" and then at our house my Dad started keeping a baseball bat by the door.  It was all like some sick joke to this country.  I mean, now my Dad, a "slugger", who punched me in the stomach, had a bat by the door?  I was shocked because my Dad and Mike both got up to beat me at the same time once.  My Dad said something like "Hey Mike" and then Mike jumped up and both of them thrashed on me.  On one occasion I remembered some man who had tears in his eyes when he saw me and being face-down on the bed but it wasn't Mike.  I walked over and said, "Mike" and then I said, "You're not Mike" and it was some other man but that was a time I think they were lying on top of the covers, clothed, and face down.  I thought maybe one time, I thought the people on the bed were drugged unconscious because they didn't move while I was getting beat up.  I got beat up after I thought the other guy was Mike and it wasn't and I was told not to call for him again and when I did, I was punched. I was throwing up after I woke up sometimes, being hog-tied and then they'd untie me in the morning.  I might have even partly slept curled in the fetal position later in my life,  out of a fear if I didn't, I'd be punched.
With the electrocution and getting ironed, that came back to me one time while my Mom was refinishing furniture.  It was either the smell of the paint thinner or varnish remover or the tools in her hand that triggered my memory.  And Granny reminded me by accident when she was getting out Crisco because I had Crisco or shortening rubbed over my back before I was burned.  My Mom and Dad kept handcuffs in a drawer in the kitchen.  They had them as long as I was being chained up in my bedroom.  I thought it was normal.  I would distance myself from thinking about being chained up and the handcuffs so that I could look at them in another way as normal and play pretend with them.  So I used to play with my brother and then they disappeared and it was fake ones, and then none and then it was denied anyone had ever had handcuffs.  I practiced handcuffing in the kitchen like it was no big deal.  When I tried to tie my brother up, I didn't know where the chains were so I looked for rope and sheets and then my Mom came in and said no, we couldn't play that, but we did a few times anyway and when she said it would hurt his wrists I said, "No it won't.  I'll use something soft".  How I went from being an electrocuted torture victim to pretending it was a game with my brother I don't know but that is how mixed up the United States (American dream "hope"; and civil rights "promises)wanted us to be.
George Bush Jr., for one thing, and his advisors must have freaked out when I sent him a "picture I made" because he was in office at the time and might have wondered if I was sending a blackmail message or something like "Do you remember when?..."
And what about finding out my parents corresponded with the Middletons?  Isn't it true Bush is friends with some of the English royalty?  They're related and intermarried to a degree, and his Dad was CIA director. 
e of the English royalty?  They're related and intermarried to a degree, and his Dad was CIA director. 


Aside from being kidnapped by primarily strangers on several U.S. government planes, and this is not to include what occurred after we crossed over to Canada by ferry or over the border, because some of the flights were from there...I think it's called "kidnapping" if you're a kid that is chained up to a bed, even if it's by your parents.  It wasn't just my parents however.  The U.S. had forced me to be surrounded by neighbors who were all involved.  The Coombs had a son who was military, and he saw me chained to the bed being electrocuted; Herm Danielson (military) knew; and the Springers (psychologist for FBI) were involved.  We only had 3 neighbors nearby that surrounded the house, and they were the ones, although earlier I was at other houses too.  The Coombs guy came to the doorway, looked slightly scared, and turned around.  It was either him or Scott Sandberg actually.  Jim Sandberg saw me chained up too.


I was not just chained to my bed. At one point, before just being chained there, I had an IV hooked up while I was chained to bed. I remember being in a hospital before this, but at my house, in my bedroom, Alan Springer knew about the IV. Then he used to stand at that side of the bed where the IV had been, when I was turned around to the other side of the bed to be chained and tortured later. I also had weights placed on my body, and was asked if I wanted my "punishment" lying right-side up or face-down. One time they brought in a saw-horse from outside, into the living room and then tied me up using the saw-horse as a brace to hold me.

In addition to this, my Dad would lie down on top of me with all of his weight while I was chained up and mock me and say "push". Everything that Jew Josh Gatov did to me, was taken from the practice book my Dad and the U.S. military gave him. Robin Bechtold got the same manual. I used to scream "Get off of me!" and he'd get right up to my face, while lying on me, and say calmly, "push". After this they were putting huge concrete blocks on my body while I was chained down. Then, when I pushed my Dad's face away from me one time, as he was lying on top of me, he hit me and cut up my belly button with a knife.


pg. 93. E.H. says just one hour out of Texas, I began reading The Hunt for Red October. He says Lee Marvin eyed the paperback. He is quoted as saying, "It is a pretty authentic piece of writing. Look up front and check out all the places he got his information."

I was last talking about the man who pushed a bowl of cherries at me on one of the private plane trips, the man who looks almost exactly like Louis Freeh, former FBI director. I think it's slightly odd since E.H. says people were expected to follow him to the places he'd been before and I believe he had visited me on one of those plane trips. One of the men told me, to my face, he was my Dad, and it was a man who said he was a cattle rancher or that his family had had cattle and a ranch. He said that was what he'd really like to do but he was a businessman.

My thinking is, if E.H. is slightly alluding to a few things here and there, what about this? I was confronted with some man who looked exactly like Louis Freeh, except I sort of remember maybe his eyes were brown, but maybe not. I know he was about the same age and had the exact same kind of expression. He was slightly more cocky though, which doesn't seem as much Freeh's outward style. From photos alone, Freeh can have an aloof expression or possibly cocky I guess, but not exactly mean or mocking. Cocky and mocking are different things. But anyway, it's possible that E.H. mentions the flight first class from Tuscon to St. Louis, because it WAS Louis and he somehow knew what was going to happen. He describes this person Lee Marvin as "silver-haired" which makes me think of the Sterling family, which is Jewish, and which may have had something to do with some of the flights. I wrote about that but it was deleted so I have to write it again. I mention this because every time something about "Jews" has come up, it seems I've been targeted for either rape or assassination and some of the Catholics colluded with Jews on this, but it almost seems to me that it's been more Jews and Mormons all along, and atheists/agnostics until my run-in with Catholics later, which I didn't expect. I think the Jews used Catholics to cover for their decade-old plots. So E.H. says they chatted about the book and he was bound for Israel to make a movie, and he said he was flying to Copenhagen. He says he'll never forget meeting his hero from The Dirty Dozen and he asked him for his autograph and he signed a blank postcard. I notice he brings this up and he says he was making a movie for Israel which makes me think yeah, and what have I been doing all these years for seriously messed up Jews. They've obviously tried to surveil and videotape me and photograph me and kill me.

The other thing I thought about, which is really my own thought and a tangent is he says check all the places he got his information so I might do that myself on that book, and before a whole section of my blog was deleted, so that only the part about my Dad and parents is here but not the parts that implicate all of these military and british people, and government, the facts I was adding about flights is something others should check on. It should be discoverable information. Not all of it perhaps, but a lot of it.

He says the FBI confiscated the postcard to his wife as a memento and I'm sure they did. They confiscated my fingerprints for the same reason and then made me pay the fee for my NCIC records twice. Because they're not the problem of course. I mean, they really needed that extra $18.

He says, pg. 94, that arriving at Kennedy Airport in New York, he realized the NY could already know. His boss called the FBI and by 9 p.m. Sunday, as E.H. was halfway to London, the FBI knew he'd resigned so they knocked on the door and found he was gone. He says they arrived at London's Heathrow Airport before sunrise and then they were in Copenhagen. He says he decided it wasn't good to stay in Copenhagen so he went to Helsinki. He says he didn't go through customs in Denmark and stayed in the international area, getting an S.A.S. ticket. I notice S.A.S. is the same as R.S.A. It's the same airline before the Swedish line dropped the Royal from their title. He also mentions getting into London before the sunset. I remember many, many, sunsets from the planes I took. Can I tell you, do you have ANY idea how much I was flying when I was young? I think few know. I colored in sunsets in 1st grade for main pictures because of it. I always wanted to see them. I don't remember as many sunrises and I do sunsets from the cockpit. I went back and forth from looking out ahead to being in the main area, if I wasn't being tied up or locked in a closet or beat up.

It's not like I was in some trailer with everyone pretending we were on a plane. Contrary to what some would have others believe, the flying was actual, as was the attempt to assassinate me by having me open the emergency door to get sucked out into the sky to my death. I was inconvenient or "dangerous" for some reason. I don't know if first they thought to kill me and photograph the evidence, of that and my torture, to distress someone who loved me (?) or if they decided it was just as good to them to hold me hostage and keep sending distressing reminders of my fate as a torture and government pedophilia victim. And then, just attempt assassinations again whenever it seemed least likely to draw attention or they thought they'd trained me enough. By the time they got ahold of me for 'surgery' in 1995 and then again in 2009, this country figured now they could just torture me at will, without needing to access or use any of the programming they did of me to kill myself, not that they wouldn't still, but this is what they did. They used more government grunts to hold me hostage and then implanted more technology into my body to facilitate torture and for some reason they have been extremely paranoid at the idea of my having another child.

Why should the U.S. be paranoid? They desperately want my eggs, if they didn't already steal some in 2009 during my surgery. They also want me to raise their kids and give THEIR kids great opportunities and starts. But this country is paranoid at the idea of my raising my own child because it's more than a triple threat to them.

pg. 95. E.H. says in Helsinki, a customs agent eyed his Levis and hiking boots and asked how long he planned to stay in Finland and he said "Ten days".   He got coffee to recover from jet lag.   He says "Paranoia had been setting in since I awoke in London."

Well I don't know. I remember the London clock. No one liked that I suddenly noticed one day.

They Dance Alone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLYwqG6L9wc (at 20:28)

I don't know if I ended up in Copenhagen sometimes for a CIA stint but I'm sure I was often in, or touching down at London.

E.H. says he felt there was one group that would help him but he was afraid of them, and they were the Soviets. If he thought the Soviets were the same thing as the "so-be-its" like my family, E.H. wouldn't have much help. If he is in hiding, that's great. If he's dead, it's because of the U.S. and it makes one sort of nervous about going to the Soviets. I want to hear the KGB side of the story because they say it's different from what the media gives them.

It also makes me feel creeped out, now that I know Edward Lee Victor Howard is supposedly my Dad and I have a 'mouse' design on my back like the Victor rat trap design, and at the same time my mother was sleeping around with some British man named "Mike", while then going to the house to make "mickey mouse" pancakes for me with ears and everything. I don't think that's a big deal, too much but it also creeps me out how he says "they made a meal out of me" when my parents were literally cooking me, and the U.S. government has done the same. I mean who puts Crisco on their kid's back and then fries it? or a number of other things I can think of.

E.H. says he didn't know if he could get a hiding place with the Soviets in Finland or the Soviet Union but he decided to try. He says he was worried they might not let him go.

I would say I'd have the same thoughts. My worry would be "what if someone thinks I really did come over here to spy so they don't let me visit other places?" or "What if one of the officials would take a bribe from a U.S. official, for the right amount, to lock me up in one of their mental hospitals?" that kind of thing.

He says he decided to take the chance. He asked them to take him to the embassy and he paid the fare after stopping at a phone booth. To me this sounds sort of like Canada. Of course, I'm just thinking, but it reminds me of stopping at the border check to Canada or how we went across to Canada by ferry (not fare). This sort of makes me think there is possibly something about Canada implied because he would know about me, but then again, Canada and Russia are 2 different things. Possibly, without saying so, it might suggest he attempted to seek help in a place like Canada, with people who were sort of like Russians, or he could be saying some of those Canadians are Russians. He's going there from within Finland.

My other thought is that this "friend" of mine who was never a friend, Geoff Rasmussen, took his Mormon mission there in Finland. It bothers me now that I know about E.H. and also that his wife would make some snide comment about "Maybe you should just move to England" when she was the one who went to England with Geoff, not me. I first started having serious apprehensions, aside from some doubt in high school, when I saw a blog of photos of kids that was clearly suggestive of pedophilia and it was Mormon and then I found out they were friends of the Rasmussens. So having a son of my own, and knowing what a variety of "religious" and non-religious have done to me as a kid, and what my son talked about, I feel my son is endangered in this country and has zero support. I am also concerned about some of the orchard owners around my son, because I think some of them are Jewish and knowing how they've targeted me, E.H. (to kill him), and my son, I feel extremely cautious about who my son is near. The cops there are in on everything. Going to a cop or FBI in Wenatchee, about my son Oliver, or to Canadians, only a couple of hours to the border, is like what I remember of thinking the Queen (or Anne) or Diana is the highest person and about to be killed out the window; or the principal is, and he's beating me with a belt; or my Dad is and he's punching me in the stomach with "Mike" who was my mother's lover (a lover and my Dad are ganging up on ME???); or my nice neighbors, nice Mormon ho-hum psychologist who comes over to watch me suffer, chained up without my shirt on, tortured. The U.S. made it their highest priority to have me think there is no one in the entire world that I can trust. Wait...that would be maybe 9th highest priority because their first priority was to kill me off.

So when I think about Finland, I feel nervous about it because there has been so much made about Geoff going there, and then E.H. was there and then later dated or went out with Finnish women, and then this whole thing, a sick U.S. joke about "finish" that I'll get into later. And my Mom, refinishing furniture as I have flashbacks with that smell and the tools in her hand, of HER torturing me. I mean, if there is one decent twin or triplet with the Dicksies, taking all the slack from the bad one, that is crazy.

pg. 96. E.H. realized it wasn't the Russian embassy but a kind of trade mission and was told the consulate was down the street. I would think it sounds like, transitioning from the airplane trip, and mentioning not being in Denmark customs specifically but an international zone, the idea of trade or a trade mission makes me wonder. Granny, my Granny, always went to this store called "the mission house". I guess I wonder what was going on aside from kidnapping me on those planes. Did they haul people onto them and have babies and trade and steal people? Or did they just traffic people for sex? or were people disappearing, nowhere to be found, as I would have had I gone head-over into the wild white yonder? "Does having a crown above your head mean you're an angel?" Uh, yeah, thanks for the warning. Nothing like a halo-ghost-trust-buster. "You guys are looking at penises? and you didn't even want to hear me sing anymore or want any of my drawings and pictures?" Pardon me. Penises and a baby photo and a stop watch.

E.H. says an officer came up immediately and was 50, gray hair, and took his passport. He was worried they'd think he was nuts and would throw him out. He gave them JB's FBI business card. Then he says another man, 50, gray hair, and with glasses showed up. He says he repeated his story. This might refer to 2 men who looked alike, twins, or doubles in a symbolic way. He says he thought it didn't go well at first because he thought they would have the information to know right away he was really in a bad position, but he was worried they'd think he was a "crank". Here I think about my Crystal doll with her arm you had to crank (sort of) to have her walk with you. A worser crank was my Jack-in-the-Box singing "pop goes the weisel".

He was, pg. 97, a weary traveler with jet lag, and took a taxi to the first hotel the Soviets suggested.

The receptionist said it was full and he was back on the street he didn't know where the second one was but he found a pleasant-looking one and they had a room and he fell asleep.

He says he woke in the evening and walked to a Greek resterauant.

I'm not sure what I think here. This guy named Matt Christian took me to the "church of elvis" and then a Greek restaurant for my first date and I thought he was weird. However, I am not sure what happened to him or why. He clearly had a government contact and yet so did many of the kids I went to high school with. If he was on E.H.'s side, he was possibly murdered. It was said he died in a "car accident" by "falling asleep at the wheel". ? How does a coroner know someone was asleep before they make impact? I hadn't liked him, thinking he was belittling me with the date, but then I noticed how all these people who claimed to be best friends weren't really that sad and just saying how terrible it was he fell asleep at the wheel. He was far smarter than most of the people I knew. I was told he was a genius. I think he was much more of a "genius" than Mike Smith, some guy who had encyclopedia knowledge.

I looked at the song playing now as I think of him and it's "Russians" (live). (at 2:06:54) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLYwqG6L9wc. Before that, "Never Coming Home".   I thought of him bc of the Greek restaurant E.H. went to and then tonight, I was squeezing out red gel from a pastry tube to eat as I did as a kid, to bring back memories and it made me think of some people there licking ketchup off of the table.




Anyway, I got this red gel that is for pastry designs because we had it in the kitchen and I used to squeeze it out onto a finger and then I realized one day, "This looks like blood" and my Mom didn't like what I associated with blood next so she got rid of the red kind, got green, and then switched to frosting tubes that didn't squeeze out in thin lines.

I didn't arrange anything for these photos.  My table is disorganized but I was getting a drink and noticed some inadvertent symmetry and photographed what was there already.

E.H. says he thought about his future and his situation was ironic--3 years earlier he'd been planning to go to Moscow as an enemy and now he was praying they would help him.  He says from some deep recess of his mind he recalled the Arabic saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend".   He wanted to explore his options and satisfy his curiosity.

I think, just a tangent, one of my favorite Sting songs is "Why Should I Cry For You?"  This is the only song I remember Matt Christian playing for me in the car on our only date.  He played a lot of different kinds of songs, all over the place, but I remember this one.  Anyway, I have no idea whose side he was on.  A lot of people who tried to kill me were friends with him but I can't say he was involved because I don't know.  He was supposedly madly in love with me, and I saw him watching me all the time at school.  He liked theater and acting and creative things and was called "brilliant".  He also wrote some poetry which he showed me in the van.  I always wondered if he was part of planning my assassination in my car, and many of his friends had something to do with trying to harm me but I don't know.   It would horrible to find out the U.S. is plotting assassinations and then hiding out the people who tried to kill me, I mean, imagine Matt was one, and then imagine Mike is alive and in hiding, and they sent Josh to another country to be safe from prosecution for rape and then return, and just imagine the things this country could do.

So when I think of this saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" I first pondered it and thought it was good.  The problem is knowing who the real enemy is to begin with.

I just noticed what time it is:  3:45 a.m. and I have to go to bed so I'll write tomorrow. I got sidetracked tonight.

Well, I'll do a little more...He says, pg. 98, his funds were dwindling so he checked out of the hotel, toured Helsinki, had lunch by the waterfront and when he went back the consulate man gave him a soft drink, and was told Moscow sent Helsinki a blistering cable, chewing them out and later learned they had turned Helsinki upside down looking for him.  He says they told him Moscow would be glad to receive him and that he was told to get out and that they thought Helsinki was unsafe for him and to leave that night for the Soviet Union.  He was asked if he'd sign a statement that showed he was going to Russia voluntarily  and for protection and he agreed, adding in his own hand he could leave whenever he wanted.

I wonder why Helsinki was through unsafe?  They had him get into the trunk of a car to take him over the border, and 2 people got out while one stayed in. I suppose I wonder if I was taken across that way sometimes.  I remember some kind of a weird triangle topped wood case, like a tool box, but it has to do with a grate.  Like going into a man-hole or under a grate and some kind of wood frame but I don't know why...I will think of it later.  I started to remember when I began thinking about a grate and possibly going under some kind of grate or something about one.

Pg. 99, he says he gave them his passport, and they stamped it but had a mistake on it so stamped it again, and the visas were for the Finnish border.  He says they travelled on a highway that paralleled the Gulf of Finland, a finger of water that is part of the Baltic Sea.  It took 2 hours to drive 100 miles.

Umm...I just remembered being in the trunk of a car but I am not sure why.  I need to sleep and think about it tomorrow.  I think it was more than a few times because I just had a flashback to remembering the feeling while reading about "when we let I expected them to immediately pull over and let me out.  But they drove for about five minutes before stopping."  That part had me remembering something.

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