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Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (17)


I remember more about A.G.T.  The U.S. FBI used me against him.  They forced me to wear a heavy bodysuit for bullet protection and used me as a lure.  I also remember one of the reasons they started electrocuting me and tried to kill me.  A.G.T. gave me suitcases packed with money and that money, which he said was to go to me, was being laundered to Katie Middleton.

It wasn't a small amount of money.  There were stacks of bills, in U.S. dollars, and they were packed into a suitcase which my Dad took overseas or my Mom did, and I had found out it was going to Katie Middleton.  The FBI was involved in it and knew where he wanted his money to go and they diverted it to her in the UK.  My own parents didn't want it to go to me--they were giving it to Katie.  A.G.T. thought the money was going to me and when he found out it was going elsewhere, the FBI set him up to be captured so he couldn't talk, and he was executed.

Katie's entire existence has been based on fraud, crime, torture of me and my son, and attempts to kill me over desperate acts by the U.S. to fund her and her Jewish family.

The entire idea of "rubies" regarding me, has to do with rubles, Russian money, that this man had decided was to go to support me, pay for lessons, and give me a better life so that I could later try to give others a better life.  He talked to me about this and what things I could do for others in the future and what ideas would I have and that kind of thing.  We even talked about careers.

When I protested against my Dad, saying that money was mine and what was he doing with it, both he and my Mom got very mad.  I was beaten up and everything, and told it wasn't mine and to shut up.  My Dad always looked determined when he packed a suitcase of money for Katie.

It is even possible that Gary Goldsmith came over to torture me for that reason.

I know the FBI was involved.  So if A.G.T. was working for the CIA and got money, he was giving his income to me.  The FBI was laundering it and stealing it from me to give to Katie, and then when he found out, they set him up to die.  I believe it was the FBI involved because they put all these officials around me, had someone with a camera to take photos of the big event, and put a bullet-proof vest on me and others all wore bullet-proof vests and then I was supposed to meet him and he was captured.

Once the suitcase was on the ground (carpet) and getting packed or looked at by my Dad, and another time the money was on the dining room table and my mother was counting it and going through it first.  I saw my mother counting the money several times.

I know one of the shipments of money, from what I recall, was being dropped off with "rock-climbing" people they met one time.  It was in the trunk of the car.  The suitcase was. It went into the trunk of the car packed with money for Katie Middleton.  Rock-climbing people show up.  Well!  Time to cut the line now and kill Cameo!

The only person who touched a briefcase full of $1,000 bills was Joy Sterling.  I mean, she physically picked it up and handled the money.  No one else touched it with their fingers.   It was fully packed, and was at least, or over $1,000 but it wasn't the first time I saw a packed suitcase either.  I mean, packed with money in $1,000 bills.  Joy was not a nice person and my opinion, is that she is a very cold and very bad criminal.  She was snappy, brisk, and cut-throat, and she has probably had something to do with my bank account being closed in Tennessee and a false bad credit mark for my bank accounts.

Like I said, no one "touched" the money, with their bare fingers, except for Joy.  That is, aside from seeing my Mom and Dad at the house with suitcases, no one handled it but her.  There was money on my head basically. They tried to kill me and money was exchanged back and forth over good or done deals.

There were two separate times involving suitcases or duffel bags packed with money on the rock-climbing trips.  The one where my Mom tried to kill me, only Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson were there with us. I can still tell it's the right Valerie from when I was a kid by her smile because I used to say to my Mom as a kid, "Valerie looks like Locklyn when she smiles, but with blond hair" and she does and still has the same grin. 
It's her.  So now that I know Plame and Wilson are CIA, it means the CIA was around when my Mom tried to kill me and they gave my parents a bunch of money.  So then around the corner with the helicopter, I didn't know where the helicopter people had come from but Valerie was on board already and I heard my Dad's voice but couldn't see him, in the front at the cockpit. 

After the failed assassination, I didn't want to go rock-climbing ever again and I was forced to go again so someone could try to create another scenario and hopefully have me confuse the two.  The next time was with Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer and the Sandbergs but I don't think the Sandbergs did any rock-climbing.  On that occasion, several people gathered around as Joy opened up the case, and took out banded together stacks of cash to check the depth and make sure it wasn't fillers.  Something was said about "bonds" at the bottom or something but I didn't see anything myself except for clean flat bills, packed in.  I don't remember exactly what she said, but after looking, something like "It's all there."  On that occasion they dropped me down a ledge to a landing with a landing there and then brought me back up.

The people who came around in the helicopter were Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson but I thought one of the pilots looked like Forrest and thought I didn't know he could fly helicopters.  He was so furious when he saw me hanging there. I may have screamed "Forrest!!!" or something to have him go over and help which would have gone on record with someone in surveillance listening in, but they went overhead, dropped down a hook with a full closure, the kind you pull open with a thumb or something, and I had to attach it to my vest and then there was a rope ladder to climb up and I went about the same time as my Mom.   The other man was a tall blond wavy haired (I think wavy) pilot who was large and looked like a combination between Sgt. Austria with Portland Police (who is now in "Homocide" division) and the Mormon man that D.C. FBI sent to interview me.  Valerie was on the plane.  I thought Camilla was but that was a different time I saw her.  It was Wilson, Plame, my parents, some blond or lt. brown haired man I sensed was FBI, and Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer.  Joy must have been the person who helped launder the money and touched it and then Plame and Wilson must have arranged for international flights to take it elsewhere or who knows what.  When I got on the helicopter they tried to call Valerie Joy and I said, "Where's Joy?" because I didn't see her there on the helicopter and then I was hungry and they gave me an Almond Joy candy bar to eat.  You know, right after trying to kill a kid, you want to give them a snack.  Then I unfolded the paper my Mom had thrown down my shirt before cutting my line and read out loud, "BE HAPPY."  You know.  Joyful.  The other thing I noticed which I thought was odd was that at first it was my Dad and the other man (Joe) in the front and I had thought my Dad was possibly piloting the helicopter and and maybe I yelled for my Dad too.  Then after they gave me the hook, another man with the lighter hair was there and then when I got on board I didn't see my Dad at all and just heard him.  It had made me wonder if my Dad was ever trained to fly a helicopter, but anyway, they did switch seats.

What I think it was, was Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson there for the hit and then the pick-up and then later Joy wanted the money back because I wasn't killed to her satisfaction.

I know for a fact all of these people are Jewish and CIA-FBI and they are all Katie Middleton supporters who stole money from me to give to her.  Wilson and Plame claim not to have met until 1997 at work but that's a lie because I saw them together before then and he admits he was divorced and never in one place long enough and the CIA refuses to reveal Plames work from that time.  Plame's grandfather was a Ukraine Jew and she went to London for college.  Wilson has a Jewish relative and is connected possibly to Jew Lorraine Wilson Rose and her sister from London and he has received awards from both the French government and British for military service, and he lived in Europe growing up, along with the U.S.   They knew the Jews Goldsmith and Middleton and they all tried to murder me.

I know too that Tolkachev specifically did not want his money going to others.  He asked me what I would do with money if I had it or how I would want to do something for people with it.  Some sort of question and I don't remember exactly what I said, but I do remember some of it and he said, "I'm giving it to you."  He said he liked my answer and he thought I was the one with the brains and good intentions and he wanted me to have some kind of a trust fund gift from him.  He also said to me, people thought he was just in it (whatever it was) for the "money" and he said to prove it, he'd burn money in front of me, and he said, he was not motivated by money alone.  So we burned some money.  The idea he gave me was that he wanted to sponsor me, like how some rich will occasionally choose an artist to sponsor, he wanted to help further my future.  He never said anything to me about spying and that was never in my mind or his at all, I don't think. 

As it turned out, Jews didn't like him.  They didn't like me either, so they ganged up against me to steal my money and set him up.  It is not that Jews are persecuted--THEY persecuted me and they assumed they were superior in the human race, and superior to me.  So they gave my money to Middleton, because they thought she would promote their Jewish interests.

Joy Sterling celebrated the idea that Jew Josh Gatov raped me and Robin Bechtold was always attempting to protect Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.  When her own son date-raped me, I'm sure she thought it was great.  They had been supporting Middletons and Goldsmiths through the drug trade, and money-laundering, and theft of money from kids to be diverted to Middleton.  Tolkachev wasn't donating or trafficking the money to Katie.  It was mine and when he found out it wasn't going to me he got upset.

I believe he was lured to Russia with the idea that I might move there and live there, but I know FBI was involved in it.  Wherever he got his money, I don't know, but he was highly educated and talented and he didn't have a reason to be a spy against Russia, or even to work for the CIA.  It is possible it was honestly derived and he was just set-up to look like illegal to get rid of him from speaking up to say the money was for Cameo Garrett not Katie Middleton and Joy Sterling.  And Plame and my parents or whatever.  Obviously my mother cut my line, so she thought she was getting something out of it too, and my Dad knew all along or they wouldn't have traded money. 

If Tolkachev had wanted money to go to Middleton, he didn't have to burn money with me.  We weren't burning documents--money.  Paper money.  I am sure his money was legal because otherwise people wouldn't have worked so hard to frame him to keep the money from going to me and our insistence that it was actually to me.  That is what I think. 

The FBI is horrendous for using me as his lure.  They not only tried to murder me, they were having me work for them or on behalf of their interests when I didn't know what they were up to and they didn't pay me, they had Alan Springer electrocuting me. 

I'm also getting burned right now, with technology to the metal stent in my heart since I have made this post, and it wasn't happening with the other posts I wrote, and I think the difference is that John Kerry and Mike Tancer and his mother Joy Sterling are all connected to the same CIA (Department of State) people and to Jews.  No one has ever liked the fact that I remember what they tried to do to me and that on more than one occasion my own parents have tried to murder me, and have worked with others to try to assassinate me.

It says Tolkachev was captured in Russia, and this is where I see the photos.  The problem is that I remember that day, and him, and how they did it and how many people, and everything. I don't ever remember being in Russia.  I don't remember anyone ever saying we were going to Russia except for maybe Tolkachev.  How I ended up in Russia to witness the public scene, of his capture, out in the open for everyone to see, I don't know.  I was on planes so much, I may have flown with him there and then been captured myself by the FBI.  I was there.  100%. 

E.H. says he read or heard they captured Tolkachev and his "wife" and he didn't know what had happened to her, and I don't know either because I don't exactly remember her though it's possible we met.  I can say they captured me.  They did, and they took me to the U.S. to try to murder me. No one was trying to kill me in Russia from what I remember.  The U.S. has been the main territory where several assassination attempts against me have been made.  I remember they called me Anya.  Maybe it was just when I was in Russia, but I remember Anya there.

And yes, I do remember flying with this man once to Russia.  There was no problem with my parents or anything.  I was basically kidnapped back to the U.S.  I remember I was sort of in hiding there for awhile.  I was told not to go outside and it wasn't safe yet.

Basically, the United States kidnapped me from Russia to make my life a living hell and torture me and then they kidnapped my son from me when I went to Canada for the same purpose.  How long does the United States get to "win" this war against me?

pg. 147  Chapter 13.  Homeward Bound

E.H. says they went to Georgia and when they got there he suggested the women join them for dinner but the idea they had was summed up with "Women should be taken care of so they can wash your feet."  He was in Georgia 5 days and divided his time between eating out, museums, and Stalin's birthplace in Gori and says the Georgians were hospitable.  He says he got sick while visiting the town of Sinudali and his host gave him 6 oz of sha-sha which was a drink promised to cure, of vodka from grapes, and he was knocked out but it worked.  Then he became very depressed and as they went to Tblisi he announced he wanted to go back to the U.S.  Victor was angry, there was yelling, and then he drove up to 130 mph and they were all scared into silence and then fly back to Moscow the next day, as if it never happened.  He says by winter 1986 he was anxious and "in an emotional quagmire; damned if I do and damned if I don't" and his concerns were that the FBI was creating problems.

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