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Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (8)

...(9/10/13:  also, someone deleted a whole section about my parents holding a gun to my head, and my finding correspondence between my Mom and Katie and Mike Middleton and Edward Howard, so I have to go back and write about this again, and my section about the attempted assassination of me and who was involved, including Judy Roark knowing about it, is gone so if it seemed odd I brought up Kate Middleton out of nowhere, it was after I wrote about what I found between my parents and her)
On at least one of the flights when I was little, a man put his finger inside of me and I could also identify some of the penises of men.  One person I remember touching me was Charlie.  My Mom later showed me snapshots and I did and then either she or another Mom messed me up on it.  It came up while I was looking at magazines with my brother and asking which model he thought was prettiest and then at horses.  My Mom also asked me which one I liked best and I remember I said something about one of them “taking too long”.  My Mom also pointed out which one she liked best.  Other women who did this with me, or times I saw such photos were on the plane with the crown woman that looked like Diana (on the plane), with my Aunt Locklyn (at her house), and with Barbara Maiers and Sharon at Barbara's house.

I also remember recognizing I had two sets of parents or there were twins because every week coming back to the house from the plane, the house was cleaned up and then I remember notes on the fridge and one day I said, “How come there’s a note to me from Mom and Dad when you’re my Mom and Dad?” and I began to realize there were slight differences in my parents.

I cleaned up after parties at our house with Young Life, and when a few plane people stayed over as well.  It was sort of a landing pad for airline people at times, and then other times there were Young Life parties to clean after.  Once they made a huge mess and I thought all of the condoms all over the floor were “balloons”.  I usually wore gloves when cleaning and then the one time I was asked to clean up on the plane, or twice when asked, the last time I asked they said we don’t have any gloves.

Pg. 84.

E.H. says even if the flight made him look guilty, “perhaps they’ll find someone else or keep quiet about the whole affair.”  He adds, “If I go, I’ll be taking most of the mess with me, and maybe the FBI will leave you and Lee alone.”

He says one of his trips was a probation violation.
He felt he couldn’t win against them and even if they didn’t convict him of espionage they could put him in jail.  He says he’d be there in front of a judge Monday morning and in jail Monday afternoon.

My comment here is that I remember one time after being hog-tied and beat up in the stomach, in the room on the plane, Mike was called into it.  So I didn’t expect both this “guard” and Mike to jump me and then when the guard grabbed my arm I saw that it was my Dad.  After they jumped me and punched me,  they put a gas mask over my face and turned on some kind of gas or chemical and I passed out and was throwing up in the morning.  I had complained about my poisoned juice or punch I remember, earlier, saying it was making me throw up.  My Dad was wearing a baseball hat and then later at our house he kept a baseball bat by the door.  When my Mom held a gun to my head, she was wearing what looked like a baseball shirt with “30” on it.  When I got off the plane and went to the car, I noticed it was my Dad and I was shocked and horrified because I had just seen my Dad on the plane and didn’t know how he could have been on the plane and then picking me up like in two different places.  I had bruises all over my arms from being beat up. I started to say something and he grabbed my arm the same way and took me into the car. 

That time or another time, my Dad had a bottle of wine sent to people on the plane, and he asked me what they said.  I was taking bottles of wine to them back and forth.  One time my Dad said, “Is it opened up already or shut?” and I told him.  Sometimes he seemed upset and other times, sort of like okay.  He did this with the last group of people I was on a plane with.  The U.S. military, having him drive up on their pavement, had me running in between orange cones and told me to raise a finger saying, “I’m number one” with a bottle of wine.
My other comment is that with E.H.’s mention of a government “ace in the hole” this is how the U.S. employee Chris Dabney referred to me when he raped me, saying, “Here’s another one in the hole” which goes towards proving the U.S. is guilty of premeditated hate crimes against me. The Mike who stood behind me and came out from the curtain and said, “That’s the Queen” had a British accent. 
There was a British accented Mike, and then a baby on one of the private planes, and then a Mike who I said wasn’t him and who beat me up and faked an Irish brogue and I said it wasn’t right, and then later the U.S. took me on a helicopter for parachute training, I think to cover for how I was saying someone tried to push me off of a plane (or have me sucked out rather) and there was a pilot or co-pilot there named Mike, and a baby in a carseat there and he had the same tone of voice as British Mike, but didn’t have an accent.

I know Chris Dabney and a government employee that had me stay at their house in D.C. once, knew about my history because they had Chris sleep where a guard stood on the plane, watching me, with a table in the center, and then me on the couch and I remember I called out for “Mike” there when half-asleep and he freaked out.  Then later they had me stay with a man named “Mike” that was into baseball, who was Jewish, there.  It was like they knew about things, and were still trying to create covers.

When the fake royals were plane trips next, I remember they were younger and more openly mocked me and one of them looked exactly like former FBI director Louis Freeh.  Not sure about eye color, but the body type and face and expressions were the same.  I asked where the cherries were, because I was used to having maraschino cherries, and they pushed a bowl of fresh cherries at me, with stems on and asked me a question about what I thought about Jews.

On the plane with royals a man asked me if I knew what a French lick was when I saw my Mom and the 2 other women looking at photos and a watch after I’d almost been successfully murdered.  He came into the area later.

When I was at home later with my Mom and literally said I remember when you guys tried to kill me I was told I imagined it all and I said, “No I didn’t and I still have a scar on my arm from where that lady cut me, and you guys wanted my blood on something there.”  That was when my Mom told me to hold out my other arm and she cut me the same way but on the opposite arm and said so which one is it?  And I almost passed out and was mad because she knew the mark had been important.  She was saying, later I hurt myself and it was my other arm and I said no it’s not, it’s this one, so then she cut me on the other one.

This was done years later, after I had found correspondence between Katie Middleton and “Mike” and my Mom and another letter from Edward Howard.

With the third group I remember that flew, is where I noticed the clock said London on it and was “wrong” because I had a wristwatch in my pocket that I was given and told to look at.  I was being tied up and forced into closets and bathrooms and when I stuck my tongue out, I was gagged as well.  They also starved me, going from giving me a half sandwich and fruit to just a piece of fruit.  I was mocked by my Mom once when she offered me two pieces of fruit and I couldn’t hold both of them with my hands tied and she took one away.  I was so hungry and said, “No, and started crying” and then I fell over on my side and wouldn’t eat.  They also had me tied up under the cockpit dash by the co-pilots feet and he would give me one reeces pieces candy at a time.  A man named “Mike” came in once, who gave me a vanilla “shake” after other men had exposed their genitals to me and I wouldn’t drink it and I said, “You’re not Mike” and they looked nervous and I said, “Mike talks different than you” and he said, “What do you mean” and I said Mike had an accent and when he faked an Irish brogue I knew it wasn’t English so he and the other co-pilots jumped me and beat me up.  I asked them if they were going to tie me up and one of the co-pilots looked shocked by it. 

After I saw the man who had punched me on a private plane was my Dad, and was talking about being almost killed from being told to open the door for the emergency with the hand gesture and command, the U.S. had Sandbergs invite us to go parachute jumping, which I will mention more of in a while.

E.H. says he decided to escape so he and Mary got up and looked around for escape points, and in CIA traiing had learned a tactic called “jack-in-the-box” (jib) jump routine.  He says you find a place on the road where your car temporarily disappears from view and then a passenger jumps out and puts a pop-up dummy in its place. 

This brings to mind jack-in-the-box as in a my doll Crystal, who I used for escape with, to sneak out of my room or read in my closet at night in my bedroom and also brings to mind a jack-in-the-box I had that sang “Pop Goes The Weasel”, which was from the Mormon Springers. 

Also, he says Mary drove into town with him in the front seat wearing a baseball cap and he went to his office to drop off some clothes and an overnight bag (pg. 85).

This also brings to mind, for me, being trained to have “brake failure” by Dr. Rob Fallon at the Fallon’s garage in an old car he had there.  The pilots for the last plane were also teaching me to press a red button all the time, in the plane where I noticed the clock was wrong and said London. 

I believe some of these flights were from Canada (private planes) and some from the U.S. military airport.  At the Fallons, I was staying overnight with Katie now and then and at night, Dr. Fallon took me into the garage and had a steering wheel and brakes set up in the passenger side and was “training” me to drive.  He was telling me not to tell Marty (his wife) or anyone and he had syringes full of medication as well.  I was getting shots in there in addition to driving lessons.  When I asked him why he didn’t give me the shots at the clinic he said it was saving my parents money, but don’t tell anyone or he couldn’t do it anymore.  He started interrogating me in the car, and I think it was sodium pentothal he was giving me because most of the time I wasn’t passing out right away.  He asked me question about what I thought about my Mom and Dad, what I thought they did, who I remembered, and did my parents do anything wrong.  He was also teaching me to hit the brakes when he leaned over from the left a certain way or said something.  He brought an iron into the car once, after training me for a while and when I finally said my Mom was setting the clocks backwards to make me late all the time, I suddenly saw my Mom and Dad “pop up” in the backseat, wearing baseball hats, with my Mom holding a pocketknife and my Dad holding an electrical mechanical electrocution device I was familiar with.  Then Fallon leaned over and had a bowl of water there and he had connected the brake lights because I remembered the lights flashing off and on and usually they weren’t on, and I was told to give them my hand, and as they electrocuted me, Fallon threw the water down by my feet where electrical wiring was and I blacked out.  I screamed first, and then I blacked out.  I had exit wounds from electrical shock the next day, that were gray, and an imprint of metal from my watch on my arm. 

The next morning Marty smirked at me and got a  pan full of boiling oil popping which sounded like torture I’d been exposed to and asked if I wanted eggs and I said no.  Then as I walked past her another time, she had the iron out hissing with steam, and 3 men were in the piano parlor watching as I walked by, and it looked like Pamp Maiers (possibly), Alan Springer, and my Dad.  Before this, I had noticed they kept an iron by their tub which scared me because I was afraid of irons.

At the time, there was a vanity mirror with lights on the visor for the car on my side which I used for lighting usually, and when I got home I was taking down all my photos of family and friends off of the frame I had made with them for my mirror.  So it was like “Back to the Future” where the pictures are disappearing, and with my electrocution gray exit wounds, and involving “Marty” and clocks that break.  My wristwatch was broken on top of everything, and the hands wouldn’t work.

After I was trained to have a panic response to being pushed or terrorized from the side, to step on the “brakes” which was then introduced and programmed to be the “gas”, it was reinforced all the time.  It was practiced at the Sandberg’s garage a few times, at Fallons many times, and at my house after that.  Dr. Fallon got a brand new car after electrocuting me, and chose gray, to match the color of my exit wounds, or silver, and a vehicle I noticed the other day reminded me of it, which has license plates FLUW (Oregon).  Marty also got a new car, and I was told to wash and wax the one they electrocuted me in, outside where people driving by could see.

My Dad then set up the same thing at our house in the driveway, with both brakes and gas and the gas where the brakes were usually and I was told not to use the brakes.  I think this was a second time of training with my Dad for this, as in another time period, because first it was having me be the one with control of brakes and then later it was to step on the gas and see if I could get it up to at least 60 mph in a short amount of time, checking a watch for it.  The car had blocks in front of it and was spinning it’s wheels basically and revving up the engine but I was being prepared to panic with movement from the left and feeling terrified, to hit the “brakes” which were where the gas was.  My palms were constantly checked for my adrenaline reponse to see if they were sweaty.  Stephanie Maiers tested my reaction by using a horse to run into the side of my horse from the left, my parents tested it, and Robin Bechtold tested it later in Sherwood, using his car to push me over from the left, before the assassination attempt of me (by programmed “brake failure”—hitting gas instead of brakes) in 1992 was carried out.  They were training me for this for over at least 8 years and probably longer, and had already tried to kill me other ways.  Another thing they had worked on in the planes was so degrading me and withdrawing any affection, from the only people I thought I could love and trust, that I would have the response to take “candy”, i.e., aspirin, to kill myself.  They worked on that plan too, and it was to be carried out outside.  I was also taught a few things with a steering wheel in the Mormon Springer’s basement.  Alan Springer was in charge of that training and it was before I was electrocuted by Fallon.  

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