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Edward Lee Howard and Torture of U.S. Citizens by U.S. (18)

pg. 148.  Commenting on the last part from my last post about the fast driving, I remember a similar situation that occurred in Russia I believe, when I was there.  From what I remember I didn't go out during the day but at night we went places.  I visited some kids at least once during the day, at their house and remember this as well.  When he says he was in an emotional quagmire I remember my fear over whether I should stay in Russia with this man I knew, who scared me a couple of times, or go with my Dad, who I also knew to be frightening, especially because I remembered the torture.

He says the Generals decided he should stay in Moscow and that reunification with family was only possible if he came out into the open.  If he had a list of needs, he was told to prepare it and he said he would if he could call his wife and discuss it with her.  It was an important meeting at the end of February and everyone was dressed in conservative suits.  There was  a large meal and lots of alcoholic beverages.  It was proposed he defect and join the Communist Party, and was told he'd be granted many things with this.  He said he was comfortable with defecting but not joining the Communist Party and politely declined that part explaining he wasn't political but an economist.  He says the General saw through the charade and said one day he'd have to choose a side.  They didn't push party membership and asked what would make his life comfortable and he told them and it was done, and he was granted Soviet citizenship.

I am not sure about this part, and I may be incorrect, but it is possible I was given a Russian citizenship when I was there.  I don't know though, I just remember something about it and that then a document like this was thrown into the fire by my Dad or Mom and I pulled it out before it had burned completely to see what it was.  I remember a list of questions too, like what would I need or like and I was saying things like, "Well, I need a doll because I used to have one at my other house, and some clothes because I don't have very many here, and..." and I gave a list of toys and personal items to replace what I had.  I remember being asked about the Communist Party too and I said I thought I'd wait because I wasn't political but something else--I think I said I was a student or artist or something.  I don't remember.  Maybe I said I was a writer because I mentioned if I was doing "research" I needed some things.  I think it was that I was an "analyst".  It wasn't something I remember someone else saying, but questions I was asked directly, in a very serious meeting with "suits".  I think it was referred to at least once as "Anya's List" (analyst).

pg. 151  E.H. says at his apartment which he bought and owned, there was a full-time door keeper who kept the entrance clean and provided security.  I remember a place like this very well, and always smiled with the person and then either they changed persons or they thought I was a presumptuous little girl to be back and forth but I meant to be friendly and I think the person thought I intended to be condescending but I didn't.  I don't remember this part being with my parents but maybe with a Russian.  I also sort of remember it was mostly to myself during the day and I could let myself in and out with a key, past the door keeper.  I kept the key in my purse and I was never without a small purse.  I always had gloves and purses.  Either I was told I owned it, my own apartment then, or someone else did and told me and said it was mine as well.  Something like that.  I remember this man told me he bought it for me and gave me the key.  I think, the A.G.T. man or someone.

E.H. says he was given a relocation package that included the use of a dacha, money to build a future home of his own, a car, annual plane tickets, and other things.  He says he also requested a subscription to D.R.I. to do research on an economic database, and needed software for his computers, without any connection to intelligence, because he wanted to focus on economics. 

I remember making the same request when I was later at my house in Moses Lake.  I became extremely depressed because I said I could not do research as an analyst without a computer, the correct software, and I NEEDED this economic database subscription.  I wanted to start working in Moses Lake and at first they said maybe and then I never saw it.  I had been working with that kind of technology elsewhere and could not do the same thing without it.  I think I had been working in Russia for someone, and really liked it and was treated like an adult in many ways, and then I got back to Moses Lake and it was like some kind of weird game of question-answer.  I was very specific about what I needed to operate.  From what I remember, I left my apartment and went to my place of work, in Russia. I don't remember going to school but that I had someone teach me with a chalkboard and had some kind of a private tutor at that time.  I also remember something about ballet maybe.  It seems like I always had an interest even if I wasn't in lessons because I don't think I had lessons, just liked the idea.  Probably I may not have gone to a studio while I was there, but I may have.  I remember a gymnasium and a powerful man who worked the rings--muscles like you wouldn't believe.  The ring men, for some reason, I remember, had an interest in me.  I liked watching the floor and the horse and beam and bars but I saw more men on the bars and rings than anything, or it was what fascinated me and I remember seeing ring men often.  You know, the two rings that hang from the ceiling and they use their arms to move around with them.  Anya's chaps.  Haha.  I mostly remember the gymnasium though I think I sometimes just watched, and I did a little swimming.  I might have done something to my back because although I could do backbends, I was afraid to try to flip backwards and I have always thought there is a rational reason for that fear behind it.

I don't remember how long I was in this whole routine but I was fairly independent at that time, so then when I got to Moses Lake and had no work and nothing to do, I became seriously depressed.  And then it was a cycle of denying everything as if I'd imagined it all. My Mom got a chalkboard to imitate the one I was around and then other things put into place and then taken away to have me forget.

E.H. says when he said he was leaving the dacha to take his life and fortune to Sweden they told him he would always have the dacha to come back to, but financially he was on his own and he says he was on his own since 1991.

From what I remember, I owned this one apartment in my own name somehow.  I saw papers and everything.  And I was told something similar but what I remember is I was kidnapped back to the U.S., and did not voluntarily leave.  It was more like the FBI said, "We own her" and took me.  As to the year 1991, I remember this was the last year I was expected to live because the brake failure plan by the U.S. was already underway.   Someone had an idea that wouldn't it be great to have me die at age 16, like Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger on a needle of a spinning wheel.

Where E.H. says Russia was only interested in military and intelligence, not economics, it was the reverse for me; my parents (the Americans) were only interested in military and intelligence and didn't see the point or need for economic analysts and that's the work I was doing then.

From what I remember, I was living with, and working for A.G.T. in Russia.  I would get home or work at the house sometimes and he had computers and electronics there, and ask him what he was doing and assist.  He'd take me out dancing at night to discos and places sometimes but mostly it was conservative.  He said I was his inspiration and muse and he thought I was very smart.  I think I was made fun of by some others which made me unhappy and I had no child friends there because they thought my arrangement was strange maybe, but I liked what I was doing and then when I was forced back to the U.S. I think the FBI and CIA and military tortured me to get to him and just wanted to pump me for information and I didn't have any because all I did was research and not "intelligence-specific".  I looked at databases, spotted things, and churned out reports.  I was also interested in music and sang there and he got a keyboard, and I looked at some of the computer and electronics work he did.  I remember a couple of times I had alcohol (vodka I think) with him but I don't remember anything else.  I printed a lot of reports there at our apartment.  I thought the door keeper started to not like me just because of my arrangement which I had tried to keep a secret but came out that he was not a relative.  This was a big mistake.

I really loved my work.  I loved it.  I loved research and all these things I was learning and I would have been the perfect young entrepreneur at some point.  What is really horrible is all of my skills were ruined by the U.S. and their jealousy and hatred over it.  It is possible that the fact I was given large sums of money which adults wanted to steal from me, and have me not remember, had something to do with it as well.  The majority of my work in that database was to look for patterns and congruences in economics.  If anything stood out between countries or companies or in numbers, I found it and then would analyze the reason why it was so and make guestimates about it.  I didn't visit or meet other men by myself at all.  It was an apartment with a lot of sunlight, which I liked. 

I think later the U.S. dumbing me down attempt and even discouraging me from mathematics was out of fear I would remember my work from before or be "too good at it".  I got electrocuted in the U.S., rather than "promoted".  I think if a brain like A.G.T. thought I had something worthwhile, when he was a brain himself, the U.S. was not smart.  When he told me he had bought me an apartment in my own name, I didn't know that it was such a big deal.  I said thank you and nodded but he said, "No, look, it's yours.  I put your name on the papers, look for yourself."  And there it was.  I was the owner.

I did do some work.

When the U.S. abducted me, they lied about everything.

He showed me a book he'd received and it was "Mein Kampf", just like E.H. writes about.  He didn't say he was a big Nazi, he said this was a book he'd received from someone and he thought someone in the U.S. was trying to make him look bad and he didn't know why he was getting all these books.  He indicated he thought he was maybe being set up in a way.  Oh, by the way, if Russia thought he had too much information about 'the West' it was maybe my economic analysis that was the problem.  I could read, write, and speak English and had an advantage in interpretation so it's not necessarily true he spied or got information.  I was collecting information in reports, as a kid, that highlighted different things and it was the same public information anyone who paid for that database could get.  The only thing he ever said to me, of any kind of "intelligence" nature was something the U.S. would not have liked, not Russia.  He said do you know what MK Ultra is when he held up the book "Mein Kampf".  The two initials for an acronym for Mein Kampf are MK.  He brought up MK Ultra and that was why the U.S. hated him and wanted to steal my money.

I did ask him about a salary and he said it was next, but he bought me the apartment in my name first.  So he did do something to compensate me for my work and was planning to do more and from what he told me, he was giving money to a safe place for me, which was instead getting stolen and diverted to someone else.  But he was trying to do things. 

He was caught when I was taken out in public in a bulletproof vest by FBI or someone and told to point out the man I lived with and I didn't realize what they were going to do and I did, and then they seized him and dragged him past me, in front of him as he tried to keep a collected face.  I was completely traumatized and then the U.S. kidnapped me, tortured me, lied, and I was beaten.

Also, I do know Prince Charles said I was an inspiration to him and he liked me, and that I possibly was to Edward, but I didn't 'work' for them.  I did work for A.G.T.  The idea that I went to Langley (CIA) and just learned some things there doesn't really match up with the apartment description and papers with my name on them and the plane trip I remember with him to Russia, or witnessing his capture.  It was for about 3 months, about a summer.  I think I did visit the CIA and they tested me on things sometime in my life, but they've never compensated me for anything.  They're cheapskates.  Not only are they cheapskates, they try to put "hits" on little kids who outshine them.

What does Valerie Plame do for a living?  Right.  She went to the London School of Economics on the CIA's payroll.  I'm sure we can all think beyond Plame to the "grander" scheme as well.

E.H. says, pg. 152, that both Kryuchkov and the CIA had the same mentality or low opinion about economic intelligence when he left in 1983, and 6 years later, Kryuchkov had made a 180 degree turn in his opinions, making a public statement stating the KGB's first priority would be economic intelligence.

E.H. says he asked to consult his wife and Kryuchkov warned about her being under the FBI's thumb.  He says he told Kryuchkov it had been 6 months since he'd seen her and the FBI probably left her alone now and Kryuchkov whispered to him it wasn't true and that two sleeping FBI agents had been found parked near her house. 

I think, when he says this news frightened him, there are 2 possibilities.  Either he hoped in some way the FBI was protecting his family when they were sleeping on the job, or he found 2 sleeping FBI agents in a car to be a sign of stalking so pervasive, they were around-the-clock and might be ready to do anything to harm them at the slightest provocation.

His wife Mary tells him that the FBI kept surveillance up for a couple of months after he left and then not again until almost 1986, when they thought "lonely, emotional" E.H. might be wanting to return.  He says they, the FBI, were "half" right--he had wanted to return.

E.H. says, pg. 152 and 153, that he had wanted to make a call to Mary and heard the call would go through another socialist country, then overland to a Western country and then beamed to a satellite to the U.S. telephone system and he says it sounded like something out of Star Wars.  He says Mary's response sounded like it was off of an FBI script and he wanted to know if she could join him and she kept saying come home and let's talk.  He said he said goodbye and knew the FBI and KGB were listening so with the static, he was very depressed. 

I remember around this time, or of something similar where suddenly FBI invaded my house, and held me hostage and forced me to say thing according to a script and I remember it happening from my apartment in Russia.  They kept telling me to have him come home and they had gotten into the house, were going through all the computers and my reports, and used me to try to set him up.  I just kept saying over and over, "come home and we'll talk" because there were guns at me and that's what they told me I had to say.  I don't remember it was Russians at all.  It was U.S. FBI in Russia trying to ruin my life and get a Jew like Katie Middleton to take the 'economics analyst' competition from me.  The U.S. FBI counter-intelligence in Russia used Russians, but for what they wanted, and wanted it to look like "cooperation".

Then, at my house in Moses Lake, Washington, the U.S. tried to do the exact same thing with phones there and slept at our house waiting for a call to come in they could "trace".

pg. 154.  E.H. says he couldn't leave and his dacha had become a gilded cage (Goldsmith) and no one likes to be held against their will.  He thought about what he could do and had two options: call the U.S. embassy or stage a protest strike.  The first would send him to FBI and the next was a sit-down strike and where?   "All I had was my dacha" he said.  So one snowy evening in late March he went up on the roof and wouldn't come down until they agreed to talk seriously.  It had an inclined roof that would be safe to sit on.  He says he packed a blanket, bottle of red wine, apples and oranges and a Swiss army knife into a large bag, put on his Finnish winter jacket and left his dacha via the kitchen door.  He got onto the roof and the guards noticed and said what are you doing? and he said what does it look like?  I will be up here for a long time and they said he'd catch cold so after 10 p.m., finally he came down.  They were all amazed he'd done it because they weren't used to such anti-social behavior with their own citizens and hugged him and said they'd try to figure something out.  The neighbor that went outside and saw him was Boris Yeltsin, who called Chebrikov who called Kryuchkov who had to explain and Kryuchkov was the one to worry about.  Victor said E.H. shouldn't make him mad.  He said he was just homesick and they said they knew and would assign another man to train him to survive and how to evade and escape enemies.  So E.H. says his spirits soared and he got training.

This section to me reminds me of when I got tired of the same thing and I went up on the roof in Russia.  I wouldn't come down until someone said we'd talk and then they gave me hot cocoa and one hugged me and they were all amazed and said they would think of something.  I also think about how Jew Josh Gatov, who raped me, obviously read this section in preparation for his premeditated hate crime, because he copied the idea of a blanket, red wine, apples, and swiss army knife and everything and then raped me.  He had another knife as well.  Not only that, I have already explained how I think it's pretty clear "Finnish" stands in for "Jewish", due to CIA censorship, so he's saying, possibly, someone had given me a Jewish coat, in a kind of code. 

So for Jews to attack me repeatedly, and premeditate it, and group-organize for it, knowing I had not read this book and didn't know what my life was about, is clear hate crime.

I also remember Boris Yeltsin.  What is shocking is that my mother was connected to them, through links and chains, one person to another kind-of-thing.  I found out some high authority there called another General who then called my Mom in Moses Lake, which sort of meant, some Russians and U.S. officials knew about my work and if they were trying to capture some man who was actually paying me money and sponsoring me and encouraging my talent, they were all possibly working against me.  For who?  Well, it was my mother "cutting the line" to kill me, with Joy Sterling, Forrest Tancer, my Dad, Valerie Plame, and Joe Wilson all involved and like Goldsmith, they are mostly Jews for the CIA who thought I was their competition; they were taking money to kill me off, and they had been stealing from me.

When I was being held hostage by a Goldsmith and another FBI person, there, they made all these comments about where did you get your coat? and took it from me and then gave me one of theirs to use when I said I wanted my coat back.  My coat that had been bought for me was trimmed in fur.  Anything they thought was of any value at all, they stole from me.

I had nothing to do inside the house so they said "Blow some bubbles" and gave me a canister of bubbles to blow with a wand and that was it.  They wouldn't let me work or do anything. So later when Gary Goldsmith came to my house in Moses Lake, my told me to go outside and blow some bubbles in front of him.

Now, do you REALLY think Katie Middleton isn't involved and that I wasn't tortured by CIA and Jews and FBI because of her?  They wanted to cut me down and kill me the minute she was born.  Gary Goldsmith was not only involved where I was in Russia, with FBI counter-intelligence, he was involved in drug-trafficking and torture of me when I was a kid by sexual assault and electrocution in my bedroom, and also stole a pin from me, just like he stole my coat.


Other things that I remember were done had to have been at totally different "sites" or countries. I do believe the work I did was in Russia because of the plane trip I had there, and it was coordinated by my grandfather Garrett who is now dead, but I think he possibly knew I was leaving with A.G.T. (Tolkachev).  I would say anyplace was possibly better than where I was living with my parents--they tried to murder me; I was electrocuted by neighbors; and assaulted by sexual abuse. I was happier in another country. I wasn't being tortured in other countries except for England with Middletons and some royals.  No one tortured me in Russia.

When I was back in the U.S., they did some crazy things.  First of all, when I was back next to my Mom, she first debriefed me by asking all these questions about my work in Russia and what kind of databases and computer did I need to work. But she just gathered information, and wasn't acting that enthusiastic about allowing me to keep working on similar economic research.  It was what I wanted to do. I was bored out of my mind.  I WANTED to do economic analysis.  Instead, I was thrust into electrocution, an "Annie" play to try to use drama to mask over as if I had an over-active imagination and just "imagined" being in Russia and called "Anya". And then they tried to kill me.  For some reason, it was too much for my Mom to take.  They all just wanted to off me and take the money for it.  I really can't imagine what kind of bizarre things they'd already had my mother do, to have her end up "like that".  It must be bad.

I know when I was seeing things in a crystal ball I said out loud, when they were asking about things I saw, I saw my Mom smothering a baby with a blanket.  I don't think she liked that.  First of all, her first baby died for being "blue" and not having enough oxygen and here I was seeing her trying to suffocate a baby. I told them out loud, because I was just a kid and she didn't like it.  I also had some of the adult women asking me things like, if their husband or loved one was with another woman.  I was able to ask God and look into the glass and see whether or not there was another woman.  I was being used to intercept "affairs" for nobility at that time.

I don't know how many ways people referred to me.  I know I was sometimes called "Claire" in relation to my clairvoyant abilities; sometimes I was Cameo; sometimes I was Anya or Anna; and I was jokingly called Chatty Kathy.  I can't remember other names than that. I think Valory was supposed to be superior to my middle name which stood for Victory.  They tried, the CIA and my parents, tried to kill me, "Victory" with "Valerie" next to them.

I was just nothing to them.  The CIA treats kids like spit.  Worse than spit.  Imagine a little piece of shit under your CIA shoe you pick up, and take home and take home to observe for petrified wood qualities, and you piss over it, in "rainbows", shit around it, curse it, and ejaculate cum all over it and then you force it into service...this little piece of shit.  That is how the CIA treated me.  So then, if the little piece of shit seems to smell good, like fertilizer to someone in another country, and another country wants to try to have it exported for a quality purpose, the CIA jumps in, puts a bullet-proof vest on their little piece of shit, that they kept around so they had something to make them feel better about themselves, and the FBI could feel proud of their work, and they tried to lure in agents and other officers, with no payment to me at all, to their deaths.

To executions. 

That is how respectable the FBI, Pentagon, and CIA are.  I know when I got home from Russia, and my work I did there, after my mother asked me about the databases and software and then produced nothing for me to work with, I was done for.  And that was the truth. My life was over the minute the U.S kidnapped me from Russia.  There were things to be desired no matter where I lived, but at least I wasn't tortured out of my brains like I was in the U.S. in another country.  This God-damned country needs to be finished off for good.

I hope some other country takes it over and teaches it how to be respectable again because the U.S. is too stupid to change.
10/1/13...I had to sleep because of a horrible headache and didn't get done what I wanted to do last night but this morning I remembered more of who was involved and order of events with money exchanges and attempts to kill me from rock-climbing trips and the towers.

The first one with my Mom cutting my line, Valerie Plame was there and a tall light brown haired man who was possibly her husband at that time.  I don't know. I know it was Valerie, and I heard the name Joe on the helicopter but I remember the name Todd here and there and if I see a photo I'll know.  If Joy and Forrest were there for that trip, they must have stayed with the money because the rock-climbing was done with Valerie and her partner and my parents and the money was a duffel bag stuffed with stacks of cash, and there were guns.  I think a gun or two inside the bag or something.

When I got picked up after screaming, when my Mom started calling Valerie "Joy" I said, "Why are you calling Valerie "Joy?"  Where's Joy?" and I looked around the helicopter for her and didn't see her. I wanted to use the bathroom however, and no one would let me and I had the impression someone was inside.  I thought the pilot was my Dad or Forrest, someone who looked like them, but I was confused because I didn't remember hearing either of them knew how to fly helicopters.

Then the next time, it was a suitcase with stacks of money.  There were suitcases and duffle bags of money always back and forth with all of them, around that time and I was seeing it at the house before at the rocks sometimes and sometimes it was getting counted after coming to our house.  I saw both ways.

When it was the next time, Jim Sandberg was there and very possessive-looking over the money.  Joy Sterling was there, and saying it's all there and indicating what it was, and I saw it and then Jim tried to push me away from it.

The next assassination attempt against me was at a tower that had very tall stairs and Jim Sandberg was there, Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer waited outside and were not happy to see me come out, and a man who looked like Valerie (Duchess Michael from British royals) and her husband were there, but I wasn't sure if it was Valerie or Diana because I was used to seeing Diana.  However, the man who looked like Valerie's husband was there, and I had seen him one other time for an earlier attempted hit on me involving a train wreck.  I thought the woman looked like Diana and then there were a couple of shorter men around her, like assistants or guards (2 of them, and my opinion was they were Canadians because they looked like the kind of Canadian men I was used to seeing).

So there was money exchanged over killing me, on two occasions where I actually saw the money first and it was believed I'd never have a chance to talk about it because I'd be dead by "an accident".  Jim Sandberg wanted some of that money.  The other time I heard money "discussed" over an attempt to kill me, was with the train engineer, and I heard the arrangements and talk and agreement but I didn't actually see money.

When I saw Forrest and Joy there, they were extremely grim about it and then some reference to "How's Mikey doing", about their little kid at home, was made into an attempt to be calling Forrest "Mike" but I already knew their names and I was scared to see them there, connected to another attempt to murder me.

It looked like Americans I knew, a couple of Canadian body guards or cops I somehow was familiar with or had seen around somewhere before, Valerie's (Duchess of Michael) husband (speaking in British accent) and Diana (also speaking in British accent).

I saw both Valerie and her husband together at the occasion of trying to murder me from the train, and I know Edward was around for that time and was possibly there for the tower but I am not positive.  I'm positive he was at the train assassination attempt.  The other face I recognize is another royal I didn't get to know very well personally but I saw his picture and recognized him as one of the older British guys there but I'll look at it again and then write down his name.

There was one time I saw a bunch of money floating in the air and I said, "There's money coming from the sky!" and there were green paper money currencies all over, and floating around and people were trying to grab them and I thought maybe it was around the capture of someone who was trying to do something good for me.  I think before he got caught, he threw a bunch of money up and it was all over and people were grabbing it.

Forrest and Joy were involved in trying to murder me, twice.  Then their son date-raped me later when I didn't realize who he was and had my guard down.  I pretty much technically own them.  All of them could and should go to jail for attempted murder and making payments in cash to put a hit on a kid, me.  They have a very powerful friend helping them out right now and it's John Kerry and he is in charge of the U.S. Department of State.  This is a major cover-up for an attempt to murder a child.  They wanted to secure him into a position earlier, into Presidency, for their cover, but they got him later at the man in charge of the DOS.

Sandbergs are criminals, my parents were involved, and so is Plame and possibly her then-husband along with Joe Wilson, who was at least around on one occasion.  It includes some British royals with contacts in Russia and Canada as well.

The fact that I got defamed by Willamette Week and people who are friends with these people isn't by mistake.  It's all been constructed to discredit me because I lived and survived attempts by people with political connections and money who tried to repeatedly kill me and even used my own Mom and Dad.  The entire reason I was drugged with Haldol in TN and my bank account was shut down, was over these same political connections and they were dictating to FBI offices to do these things to me, and using people like Mueller and probably Obama for it, because they're connected to these people.  Then, John Kerry assigns some of the people related to individuals who tried to kill me in 1992 diplomat positions to Japan as well (Roos).  Anyone who has tried to murder me has been rewarded in this country and so far, the FBI seems to think they can do no wrong and they don't have to investigate anything.  I think they've sometimes tried to punish my parents, but not the others.  George Bush Jr.'s connections were in having been on a Sterling-Tancer private plane or royals plane and being one there who was a pedophile, and he is related to some British royals so that would be a motive for him, a "Republican", to work with Jewish Democrats against me, and with Jews like Goldsmith-Middletons.  I don't know that it was George Bush Jr. who called from the White House to say "stand down" but if not him it was George Bush Sr. because he identified himself as George Bush from the White House and it was not a joke.

My head was cracked so hard with a cast iron skillet there, I had to be taken to the Moses Lake hospital because of brain hemorrhage and fluid build-up and they they had me on an open spinal tap over it.

It wasn't like someone jokingly tapped the top of my head with a cast iron skillet.  They used all of their strength and muscle force to whack me on the head.  I possibly could have died.  For whatever bizarre reason, I got taken to a hospital instead and was on the spinal tap routine.

But Moses Lake Hospital doesn't want to release my records to me, and can you think of who might be worried about it?  Maybe the White House and Pentagon, not to mention CIA and royals or Pentagon.  They don't like having any evidence of anything having gone "wrong".

It is evidence I could sue them for multi-billions over and there is no way Moses Lake does not still have the record.

Like I've said, I have been tortured in this country and the U.S. knowingly and willfully kidnapped my son Oliver from me. 

When the helicopter came around at the second tower, the fire look-out, where they had also radiated me for a very long time first, I was pullied up by a stretcher.  My Mom reached over to help pull it in, but I wasn't moving and was lying down, still alive when the helicopter came around, maybe hoping I'd be dead from a blow to the head.  I don't know how much impact it would take to kill someone, a kid my age then, with a blow to the head using a heavy cast iron skillet, but it's possible it was intended to maybe kill me, not just knock me out semi-unconscious.

I was in the hospital a long time in some iron maiden thing and then later, at home, I was in bed most of the time, with an IV hooked up and like I've said, a spinal tap that was open in the back or had some kind of a plug or screwed in device that would screw to a plate they put inside, and a syringe was used to withdraw spinal fluid at different times when there was pressure and build-up in my brain.  It was what they did and part of my 'at-home' medical care. 

I didn't get a "Get Well" card from George Bush with the CIA or The White House, or The Pentagon.  I think Valerie Plame went on to have some children and a nice stable life with rewarding perks, for one example of injustice.

pg. 156.  I know without a doubt, the man who was the neighbor that looked out and saw me on the roof was Boris Yeltsin or Gorbachev, because he was the then-prime minister or up-and-coming whose name was known by everyone.  Then, when I was later at my house in Moses Lake, I heard my mother on a phone call about him with a U.S. general.  So I thought how does she know him?  I am sure the apartment bought for me is not hard to find with that kind of a landmark.  Someone would just have to find the record of where they lived and my place would be next-door.  I seriously think it may be possible I have Russian citizenship but I'm not sure because if it was a more secretive ceremony and not in a courthouse, I don't know.  I'm sure if it's given by the government it's always good, but I don't know.  I also don't remember it was just for a man, because from I remember, the entire meeting was about me, not him but maybe it was for both of us.  I know I wore a dress.  I don't remember exactly what it was like because it's been a long time but I used to remember.  For some reason I wonder if it was an all-white dress with some lace on it.

If it was Boris Nicholais Yeltsin, maybe that's why Mike Nichols was introduced to me.  I guess another pun would be the idea from the song, "Up on the housetop, click click click/down through the chimney with good St. Nick."  Which reminds me, I also went down a chimney before in my life.  Seriously.  I wondered why my Dad didn't go down chimneys anymore one day.  But it wasn't my Dad except for one time it was me and him.  I remember going down chimneys and some kind of a man who was like a chimney sweep who did it all the time.  I thought it was fun and then one day, maybe back in Moses Lake or something, someone made us go down a chimney that was too small, to be mean.  I got stuck and they had to pull me down and I was just covered in ashes and soot.  I think I cried because then it was like, I don't remember the whole thing but I almost think Mormon Alan Springer was involved (but maybe it was another man), and this man found out about something, got mad and demanded we go down the chimney.  Then my Dad got sort of stuck too, and my Mom had to help him.  It wasn't a fun adventure.  I got my cat suit with the tail after that though.   I learned how to rock climb basically, inside chimneys.  All of my experience with a rope and on my own with gripping a footing and hold inside the chimney and the different kinds of chimneys, was from chimney practice.  It was only much later I ever went rock-climbing on a cliff or mountain.  It can be harder to climb inside chimneys, depending on the surface or materials it's built with but I mastered the art.  I went to a royal's (British) room once, through their chimney and they knew and were expecting me.  They gave me hot cocoa and cookies or something like that, even though it wasn't Christmas I don't think.  There were ladders outside of houses you could climb on for some of them, but I think a few times it was maybe a quiet helicopter because I remember going up and down ladders and pulleys in the dark, landing on the roof, and then going down the chimney.  I thought it was fun.

I actually learned to do a lot of things when I was younger.  I played tennis (and then never did again), sort of like jousting, which I really liked.  I was gaining a whole resume of activities and things I knew how to do and then it just quit all at once.  Or most of it, and then it was another venture and then all of a sudden, they were all trying to kill me (or many were).  The tennis was phased out like everything else, going from tennis to badmitten, and then suddenly to table raquet and Ping-Pong and then nothing.  I remember being trained a little in gymnastics as well and I heard the most comments with my "work" on the horse.  Well, not the horse, the high balance beam or whatever it was.  I think it was called a horse though.  I was at the point where I could walk on the high balance without looking down, forwards and backwards, and was learning to do bends on it and walk-overs.  I would have thought I'd be good at bars and maybe I did a little but I don't remember as much and I do remember floor routines because I liked the music.  I think the horse is the thing you jump over and I did more on a high balance beam.  Possibly it was an idea because my legs were strong for my age (I could scale the inside of a chimney sometimes without a rope by bracing my legs and arms against the sides).  I remember comments made when I was on high balance beam but couldn't overhear the instructors with the other things.  I remember they talked about "Natalia" or "Natasha" or someone "Nadine?" some gymnast with an "N" name.  I was compared with her and they said something about how I was like her or reminded them of her.  They were all pros, the instructors, and it was a large Olympic-style place.  I think I was a gymnast before I was an analyst, or I did both, with gymnast as Plan A and analyst as my day-job Plan B.  I remember they talked about my lines and they took everything into consideration about an athlete--their weight, form, figure, lines and balance and alignment artistically.  They said, at some point, "She has to take ballet" because I was supposed to learn more ballet for gracefulness on floor routines.  They liked me on the high balance beam most though, from what I remember.  They allowed me to make up my own dance-floor routines one time.  I just looked up names and yes, I think they compared me to Nadia and it was the beam, not the vault, that they liked me on, but it was a high beam, not on the floor or ground level, and I did do uneven bars because I was always getting my hands powdered first.  There was a powder pit thing and you'd dust up and go.  Sort of like touch-down and go.  I worked pretty fast on the beams from what I remember.  I liked speed.

Later, when I was in the U.S. again, they tried to ruin me and my life.  From what I remember, I never got kicked out of gymnastics or anything like that--the U.S. kidnapped me to be in the U.S. again and then they tortured me and wouldn't let me do anything I was good at.  So they wasted my life away, and then didn't want me to talk about it, or about money someone sponsored me with, so they tried many times to kill me.

I was then taken to a gymnastics place where they dropped me on a new technique and just anything I tried to do in the U.S. was being sabotaged.  I gave it a try in Moses Lake and after I had no activities, and was just being tortured, and didn't even get the computer or software discussed so I could work, I kept saying I wanted to go home (to Russia).  I said, "I don't want to live here!  I want to go back!!!"  At first, everyone treated me slightly better than they had before, for a few months, and then it was hard-core abuse and torture again, by U.S. government employees.

When E.H. says the FBI was around for a few months after he left and then to see if he was coming back and wanted to return, what I remember, was the FBI was sort of around when I got back from Russia and as soon as they were gone, the others one in their employ, and CIA and military, began torturing me and electrocuting me.  I kept saying, "I want to live in Russia!  I want to go back!  I don't LIKE it here.  I don't want to live here."  Then I was begging and pleading to go back and saying I was going to "tell on" them (my Mom).

I do remember visiting England, I think before I went to Russia, and I remember some of the "push pin art" I made was her idea.  She didn't want me to remember what kinds of things she'd been putting on my body at her house to electrocute me with, so she gave me push pins and a bulletin board and told me to make designs.  Then when I was with my Mom, to cover over that memory she got a bulletin board with push pins and first said only play with magnets on the fridge for designs and then I started using the bulletin board so they got rid of it and got me a light brights set instead, that was smaller and closer in size to the board Carol Middleton had me use.

When I asked my Mom once, later, how she gave me the name "Cameo" she said, "There was a Russian gymnast from the Olympics (or training for Olympics) that was named Cameo."  I was so tortured and electrocuted by the U.S. that I didn't even have a flashback or remember.  It had gone into my subconscious and it didn't even trigger me to remember what I used to do.  That is how badly the U.S. repeatedly tortured me.  For long periods of time, someone could talk about a subject and if they'd hypnotized and electrocuted me (mostly extremely violent forms of electrocution), I wouldn't remember or I wouldn't allow myself to because it was traumatic and created fear that if I remembered, I'd be electrocuted again for remembering.  So it wasn't like I had a split-personality, where I thought I was two different people or acted like two different people, it was more of a very severe form of PTSD and disassociation created by very real and serious events and U.S. official torture.  I never went into "other voices" or thought I wasn't myself or anything like that.  It was just not being able to remember some things because they fried my brain that bad, and other things I did remember I tried not to think of to protect myself from getting tortured again, and then the other thing they did was mask over events by trying to create a new memory to cover over the old one.

As for how much Russian I knew, I don't remember speaking very much but I could understand them.  I think some of the people spoke in English and German which I knew more, but I was beginning to learn Russian at the time I was taken away.  I was learning like a kid learns, through immersion, not really formal lessons yet at that time, from what I remember because I was still studying English and German as well.  I was learning 4 languages:  Spanish, German, English, and Russian.

I am sure some of the money was going to Katie because I heard talk about it.  I thought some of it had arrived from my Russian friend and was going into a bank account for me and then I was hearing this weird talk about Katie Middleton, and Carol.  My mother once was handling money that came in with thin plastic gloves on but I was told I could touch it.  Since I was also told I could touch guns or they were picked up after I did and put into zip-lock bags, it may have been this group's idea, before deciding to kill me, to have me work for them and then use "fingerprints on stolen things" as a way to blackmail me or put me in jail whenever they wanted.  It was also a way to get at me if I defected to another country or worked for someone they didn't like. Some of this was England so I could have been used as a potential scapegoat in the UK or U.S. for sure.  I remembered thinking why can't my brother touch the money, and my Mom is wearing gloves, but it's okay for me to count it? (with my bare fingers).  The only people I really saw touching money with bare hands in large amounts was Joy Sterling, and me.  As a kid, I handled jewelry for others, large amounts of money at least once, and guns, pocket knives, and maybe car stuff or mechanics things, I mean, at a pre-teen age so not just as a little kid.

I said I was going to tell police they weren't putting my money into a bank account for me, I remember, because it was discovered some money for sponsoring me and my activities was getting stolen from me to go to Middleton.  So I said I'd tell police and then the CIA was trying to kill me.  I was told ahead of time the money was being sent to me and let him know if I got it.  It was not a surprise for me.  I was touching it myself because I knew it was my money, and I wanted to see how much he sent and then I expected it to go to my bank account or a safe.  I even talked about it out loud with my Mom and then later I heard them bring up "Carol".  My Dad left the house to catch a flight once with a packed briefcase and another time someone left with a duffle bag I had packed myself.

I saw both hit money exchanged, and money leaving our house which was my money and supposedly going to my bank account or safe and instead it was stolen from me by Mossad types in the CIA and being given to the Middletons to support Katie, the Jew, instead of encouraging me and furthering my activities.

And then I started seeing and overhearing her activities schedule and plans while nothing was being done for me.  At all. 

I seriously think she should be forced to have a DNA test, with her family and with my parents because something is either related or it's all Mossad influenced CIA work.  I would never say Osama bin Ladin liked ME or even knew who I was, but I am pretty sure he had serious information he was going to expose about her and that is why they made it a "day after" her wedding to kill him.  It was basically their "after party".  The reason I think he knew something was because he had previously worked with CIA and because the attack on the twin towers, after what my country and England did to me at "twin towers", was headed with Muslims who didn't appreciate Mossad-influenced theft from a kid, or electrocution of little kids and their own kids.  I might be wrong about my theories of the twin towers or why they did this, but they said it was because they "Hated America" and that is what I was saying:  "I HATE America!" when I was kidnapped and forced to be here and tortured.  The only reason for Jews to keep singling me out to rape me and defame me, is to keep trying to get revenge over problems they created for themselves--I didn't ask to be tortured as a kid or baby.  They chose to put themselves into that position and to allow jealousy of me to over-ride their reason and best interests for the country.  I'm not saying Russia was a bed of roses, and not everyone was great, but I had a life.  One time someone there, covered my entire bed with fresh rose petals.  That happened in either England or Russia.  It was a big bed for a kid, and the whole thing was covered, like an inch deep, like fall leaves, but with rose petals.  Then when I was back in the U.S. my Dad asked me once if I wanted anything or something and I said rose petals for my bed because I liked the scent and he went out and bought some and said he couldn't afford very many, but here they were.  So then it went from inch deep rose petals covering my bed, more than one time if I remember correctly, to some scattered across it from my Dad which was understandable it wasn't a lot, and then it was just me, picking roses from outside to pull the petals out and scatter across my bed so I could smell them while I read a book and then of course I just put flowers in vases in my room.  I'm not sure I remember the color at the one place, but I think they were pink and white or all white one time and pale pink another time.  My Dad got red or yellow ones, and then I picked whatever was in yard.  They did something with my bath at one place too...Oh, it was milk.  They filled my bath with milk to soften my skin.  It was all pure and fresh right from the farm locally.  My bath was all the way to the top too.  Then I was toweled and powdered head to toe and had my feet massaged with oil or lotion.  As a kid I thought it was very nice.  Then I started to think that's how it always was and people started hating me and getting jealous and they began stealing my money to give to Middleton.

I don't think the money was intended for her when I was the one with rose petals on my bed and the milk baths.  The people spending money for my activities and for other things that were expensive were also giving me money to go to an account.  If they had wanted it to go to Katie, they didn't have to give me a luxurious treatment at all, or sponsor me in any way.  What happened was my money stopped going to my activities, and then suddenly I see Kate Middleton's "schedule" being devised.  She was going to get the private lessons, and the bank account, and the chance to show off or develop skills in "economic research".  I wasn't allowed to keep working as a gymnast or economic analyst and work from home with a computer and software, but suddenly, Katie was getting involved in a start-up business based from their house, private lessons, and no one was targeting her psychic abilities either, to torture her so they were gone.

So that is where MY money went.

She can have "William" and her kids, but her house and business, are pretty much owned and paid for by me.  They stole money from me and that is where it went and what it got put into.  So as I've said, the CIA and Jewish interests and a few royals were motivated to try to kill me because honestly, nothing they "put together" for their second-hand plan was coming from their own pockets and hard work.  They were stealing.  I'm sure some of them also contributed something on their own so it didn't stand out so much, but nothing Katie Middletons owns is hers.  It's mine.  She can sit on it all she likes and everyone has a right to know what kind of a criminal she and her supporters are.

If I were going to think of a few families whose assets I "own", who either tortured me, put hits on me, or stole from me so that were it investigated properly and returned, or were I to sue for recovery, they might be:

Joy Sterling
Forrest Tancer
Mike Tancer
Bob and Dicksie Garrett
Carol and Mike Middleton
Katie Middleton
Robin Bechtold (to some extent)
Stephanie Maiers (to some extent)
Rob and Marty Fallon
A few British royals
Some Canadians
Josh Gatov
Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson
Possibly Todd Sessler (Valerie's former husband...not sure)
George Bush
Annette Sandberg
Jim and Shirley Sandberg
Barbara Maiers and John Sellen
Sharon McGuire
Levi Garrett
Several relatives on my Mom and Dad's side of the family
Willamette Week (to some extent)

This is not everyone obviously, but it's an idea, and if you think about just the assets of these private individuals and combine it with the cash and assets of U.S. government groups that are legally liable for torture of U.S. citizens, kidnapping, and attempted murder, that is a lot of money.  Losing several billion wouldn't even ruffle their feathers.  And this isn't counting what has been done with my son.

On moral ground, and thinking about it from a perspective of what is "fair" is I own all of them.  I own them and everything they have and I own their right to give anything to their children or not.  If I didn't want to own them, I could have them thrown in jail.  So whether or not they go to jail, I own them.  They know it, and it's a reason for them to be motivated to keep harming me and my son and has been the entire reason for their defamation of my character and attempts to discredit me.  Oh yeah, wasn't the FBI, like, trying to get me to "work" for them too?  by marrying their agent Alvaro Pardo?  Where was that coming from?  The royals?  The White House?  Or the Department of State?

Was that coming from someone I already own?

pg. 158.  E.H. says his new trainer Alex tells him he's going to train him and prepare him for going back.  Every morning they ran 5 km, did some exercises, gave him information about his new identity and what to say when questioned about having Danish border stamps in his passport.  E.H. says he was told to say, if asked about that, that all the Swedish men go whoring in Denmark and take the boat back and no one even wants to smell them, and customs stamps the passports to wave them through.

Here, I remember myself, having Danish border stamps in my passport.  I was given instructions similar to this on what to say, or the man with me was, and the joke was that I was the Danish whore or something.  I know that I met Prince Philip and he took me to a fisherman's wharf once, but I did not know or realize he was from Denmark.  It is also possible I had some stamps in my passport because of hiding here and there to go across places but I do remember traveling with Queen Elizabeth's husband on at least one occasion in Europe.  I was once sort of given some impression I was possibly related to HIM, but I don't know how and if I am biologically Edward Howard's daughter I don't see how I am related to Prince Philip.  I do know the stamps are there.  I also remember maybe something else about him that would make me think not, unless he didn't know at the time, if it was the other way around.  I know I had to go to his side of the bed for breakfast in bed because Elizabeth didn't want me sitting there eating with her from the tray.  I think she got up earlier than he did too.  She was out and dressed by 9 or so and he would stay in later occasionally.  She was maybe up by 8 and then he was out by 9, but it was standard to be around 9 a.m.  I also think it was Philip's idea to make sure my passport was stamped with Danish stamps.  I know I was 'collecting' them in my passport and liked looking at it and at all the different stamps, like they were stickers and it was my sticker book.  He made a very big deal about having mine stamped Danish and they asked if it was to be royal insignia or on my birth certificate or just my passport.  There were some Danish officials who made a question that sounded like they didn't know if he wanted them on my birth certificate or my passport only and I remembered that part. 

I think the other reason I think it almost sounds like E.H. hints at birth identity of someone is because he mentions Danish stamps with words like "who I was, where I was born, why there are Danish stamps...and vital statistics".  These are sort of ID, birthplace, birth certificate kinds of questions and then he mentions Danish in there.  I am sure, with all of E.H.'s travel, he didn't have to specifically bring that up but he chose to.  I'm sure someone would want to kill me if I were Philip's kid even if I were illegitimate because I would be Charles and Anne and Andrews half-sister.  Maybe it's partly why the CIA claimed they wanted to get Prince Philip's DNA to see if it matched remains believed to be those of "Anastasia Romanov" in 2009, which was the same time I was being analyzed.  They never told me anything and I'm sure that the CIA knows exactly who is who.  I've also been told "It started in the Netherlands" and was told not to think it was safe for human rights if they believe in euthanasia.

E.H. says he was given tips about what airlines to take that were not connected to a computer system the CIA used, and one mentioned was the Hungarian Malev.

I remember at one time, I may have been with a man, but I think I also remember traveling alone and being in an airport alone, getting to my connections, and having to take a plane and seat.  If so, it was probably partly FBI involved because I know I thought it was a kind of kidnapping and when I was back in the U.S. I was treated like a hostage and not allowed to go back.  I think they lied to me, and said something about my Grandpa Garrett being sick or something and that he wanted me to visit and then go back after the visit.  I don't remember specifically at the moment.

E.H. says at Langely he learned the CIA tracks travelers they have an interest in and was told to take the less-connected ones. 

pg. 159 says Alex told him he had been married and his wife left him so he married again and added to remember that "A man can have many wives but your children are always your children."  This is something I remember Philip saying I think.  I mean English royal Philip.  He says they discussed having secret documents and false ID papers and passports ready to go in case of capture.

I know when my Mom cut my line and tried to kill me from the cliff, she gave a string of ID information about an agent "this is agent...such and such"... and then right before cutting it she said a phrase in a language I think was Israeli.  It was some foreign language I never heard her speak before and she looked at me like she hated me.  Then later my Dad was singing some Israel Kamakowiwo (?) song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" before another assassination attempt of me.  It's a song from his album "Facing Future".  I don't know if my Mom thought Valerie Plame with London School of Economics was the "future" or what, but a bunch of CIA Jews came around the corner to pick my Mom up after they thought I was killed.

I don't know how much "speaking in tongues" I heard from anyone until after I heard my Mom say something in Israeli (I think).  I asked her later, "What were you saying about an agent and numbers and then some other language?  What was that?" and she said nothing and I said, "I have it here.  I wrote it down.  You said: ____________________________________________________, and then you said something in a language I didn't understand.  What language was that?"  or What did you say?"

It's sort of a highly symbolic act, don't you think?  When I was working as an "economic analyst" at an early age and wanting to work from my house, my parents were taking my money and diverting it to London so Katie Middleton could have a home business and be an "economic analyst".  Then my Mom was going to kill me and then find my Dad and London School of Economics facing them. 

I have a HUNCH Katie's real major was not going to be in "Art History".  As soon as I got on the helicopter I asked for a pen and when they said why I said I wanted to draw.  I wrote down the "agent" information and number down instead and put it in my pocket and then I asked, "Why is there a baby car seat in here?" something like that.  There was something there for a baby and no baby that I could see but no one would let me go to the bathroom like usual and it was closed.  At the time of the attempted assassination of me, Valerie Plame was actively living in and going to college, in London at the School of Economics there, on a CIA payroll.  So she traveled to London and could take money to Middleton whenever she wanted, like several others.  We might even put Valerie Plame on a list for potential DNA matches for Katie Middleton, if it's not my parents or not a Mossad-influenced CIA venture.

Carmen Wilson, my brother's wife, was also Army and I think, Mossad.  She, Lorraine Wilson Rose (Rabbi's wife), and Joe Wilson (Valerie Plames husband later) were all supporting Katie Goldsmith-Middleton.  The reason Carmen flinched when I mentioned Mossad was because she's part of it and I'm sure by how she acted, she wanted to be part of Katie's "Mossad Squad".

Another thing one could notice, if going for the "Whose DNA" card, Katie and Valerie Plame have the same ears from what I can tell.  Same shape and length of head, same ears (which Valerie tries to hide), same nose aside from Plame's dipping down a little with age, and same shaped teeth (longer) along with same lips aside from Valerie's being fuller after silicone treatments.  The earlobes are attached and have a slightly protruding ridge sticking out from the lobe.

Plame is also a Brunette, not a blond.  Her roots are not bad here but she has dark brown hair naturally.  My guess is if we got to see these ears of hers better, they'd look a lot like Katies.  She was killing for Katie Middleton, just like my parents.   
Scooter Libby is sort of a joke in a way--I don't mean the man, but for him to "out" Valerie is sort of funny when Valerie and my parents and others were "in it" for "Libby".  (Katie) Elizabeth Middleton.  If that's even her real name, because I don't think so anymore.  She definitely looks like Lynda Carter from some photos, however, the people trying to kill ME over HER are right there and you have to ask yourself, do they really like Katie?  Are they related to Katie?  or do they have an ego problem with only liking others that look just like them?  What's Katie gonna do?  Be Vals double for killing little kids and then trying to mix it up?  These women, and my parents, are all ruthless, cold-hearted, cut-throat vindictive, petty, jealous thieves.  They are Jews who think they can call white "supremacist" "Nazis", but they feel they, with the Jewishness and connection to Mossad and being "chosen", believe they are superior and are supremacist, to the point of murdering innocent kids like me, or trying, in several attempts, stealing, raping, and doing every single thing they claim they never do.  I have no problem saying what my parents did to me, because they used their position as my "parents" to gain proximity to me to try to kill me, for this bitch.  They hurl out hateful comments and Israeli "jihadist" cries of success when they think they did the job.  My son should not be raised anywhere near any of them.  Katie should have no right to any of her kids, public and non-public, and should be in jail, for conspiring to drug dealing, theft, and torture of innocent persons, along with being a traitor.  There is no reason to reward her when she's come by nothing on her own, honestly, without support from a huge militia of criminals.  She's not Catholic, so if someone tries to have you think that, she's not, and she's not Protestant.  She is a Jew.
I am not Jewish.  I thought maybe I was somehow, ethnically, at one point, and tried to think positively about it and it blinded me because it was a lie.  The truth is that Jews and specifically Jews in the CIA and FBI and Mossad, and those who align with Jews like Mormons for religious reasons or Catholics who may have later for political or abuse reasons, have been the earliest ones trying to kill me.  Not once.  Not twice.  Not a few times.  Repeatedly.  Even if I somehow found out I was biologically related to either my Mom or Dad, they still tried to kill me.  They didn't care about being related--they decided to try to kill me.  Because there are twins, it's possible one set did and the other did but not sure about that.  The other thing is, even if I found out I had some distant ethnic biological connection to someone Jewish, would that make a difference?  No.  For me, I am not a Jew and for the kind of hate crimes they colluded against me, and use of their lawyers and appeals lawyers and Judges; and with their use of defamation; and cops in both Canada and the U.S., even if they thought I had a trace of that ethnicity, they tried to murder me, they raped me, and tortured me, and did nothing to correct it.  If I were actually even a trace of Jewish, it means they hunted me down and persecuted me worse than David in the Bible, or Joseph in the Bible, who had to run to other countries and religions for protection.  It means they are just jealous dogs.

I was taken to the London School of Economics one time, in London, England, to meet Plame when she went to college there.  Obviously it was before she attempted to assassinate me.  I met her in person and she was cool towards me and not at all friendly, laughing, or joking.  We went to the college campus for economics there and everything and I was told, "I'm going to take you to the London School of Economics and you can meet a real economic analyst."

She wasn't a real "analyst".  She was a CIA Jewish gold-digger.  I wasn't interested in meeting archeologists--I would have liked to have met an "economic analyst", which she wasn't.  This Jewish CIA gold-digger, who wanted to say she was an "analyst", was easy for me to size up in about 2 minutes.  I didn't get the impression she was negotiating a hired hit against me, or that she was a child killer.  I just saw that she was a calculating woman I was smarter than, and she viewed me as a competitive threat and enemy to her own interests. I knew I was smarter than her by looking into her eyes.  She was successful; she was educated and had private training; she was older; she was more experienced; she tried be penetrating--she was all those things, but she wasn't smarter than me.  I knew it.  She came across as jealous as well, from the first meeting and I knew why she was jealous--because she knew I was better than her.  I don't know how she knew, whether it from CIA information; other source information; but she didn't seem intuitive enough to know it on her own. 

I even said to the person I was with, when away from her, I didn't like her.  I said I didn't think she was very smart and wouldn't want HER tutoring me when she wasn't even that smart.  And she wasn't.  She was just jealous.  There was  nothing she could teach me I didn't already know and in fact, I could have mentored her.  I knew more about economic analysis than she did and I was the one already doing work in the field, not her.   I knew I hadn't gone there for her to think about mentoring me either.  I went there to meet her and she wanted to get a look at who she was killing next.

When she asked me about the work I had done in economic analysis, in Russia, she didn't even ask like an interested person would ask.  She asked and then soured and darkened and had some kind of a competitive response in reply.  I told her we believed economic analysis was part of the future and that some people were too obsessed with military interests and spending.

Boy she did not like that.  And of course not, because her "work" ended up being in military spending and weapons proliferation, not "economic analysis".  She was a military brat that liked killing and wanted to keep others from killing herself and her kids and Katie Middleton, but they could torture me and electrocute me all they liked.  In fact, I was electrocuted first before I was brought to meet her.  I was electrocuted in London, thoroughly, and then after, my head hurt and I was in a daze, and they said they wanted me to meet someone.  So I met her and she looked at me and slightly smirked first.  Then when I responded to her haughty questions with better answers and more articulate sentences than she was delivering, she didn't like it.

She wanted to stay superior...The superior Jew for the CIA...And that bitch is going down.  She asked what my work had been and looked haughty until I clearly described it and then looked hardened and jealous again.  I don't remember all of the terminology I was learning then but I used analyst and software specific terminology in a concise statement and then looked at her, waiting for an intelligent response in reply and got none.  She queried me about the CIA, sort of feeling me out about whether I was recruitable and from what I remember I said I wasn't interested and that I wanted to keep doing my work where I was, as an economic analyst.  Then she looked over my head and asked how Katie was doing.  And she smiled and to me it was obviously a way to say "I'm passing the buck".  They were never passing the buck to me in the first place however.  The CIA knew I was being tortured and electrocuted.  They don't electrocute people they want working for them where brain matter is valuable.  The CIA was a piece of  shit and still is.  I didn't have any respect for their "representative".  She was unimpressive and like I said, I knew more than she did and could have given her tutorials, not the other way around.  She was no Tolkachev or genius.  She didn't even have footing in her own field yet.  Her work in "weapons proliferation" could have been summed up another way:  "Hired Hit Woman".  She did hits on adults and kids, and that's all she did.  She wasn't specializing in another area.  She helped other hit men and hit women carry-out hits, she was involved in hired hits, and all she did was kill people.  Her idea of "weapons proliferation" was how to get guns and weapons into the hit mans hands, and how to stage assassinations.  I am the kid who lived to tell about it.  I wonder how many others are dead because of her and Katie Middleton.  When I saw her later, she acted like a different person.  They waited a while and then when they thought I wouldn't remember her from London, or it wouldn't matter, they all started rock-climbing.  So when I went with them she was laughing and joking and making everything seem light and jovial and fun, to keep the hit from being suspected.  And then sure enough, they had the hit all planned out, and had passed money first. 

It was Mike Middleton or my Dad who took me to see her in London.  I went from electrocution at Middleton's house, until my brain was fried, to there.  I think I went to some kind of a military base or room in an airport there too, around that time because they were determined to cook me after I was a proven worker.  They put a helmet thing on my head that was metal, and fried me.  I think I was water boarded one place too, because I remember being forced to lean back and they put a blind fold on my eyes and then water all over.  They said, "Do you know what Chinese water torture is?" and I said no and they said it was where a drop of water drips on your forehead for weeks and makes people go crazy.  This was done to me at one point. I was put into chains and strapped down and they had a drop of water consistently dripping to the center of my forehead for hours and then days.  Then they stopped.  Then I had water poured all over me so I felt like I was drowning which was, I believe, water boarding.  They then electrocuted me while I was still wet, with a metal brace on my head.  They did some horrific things.  After severe electrocution, was when I saw Valerie.  I figured she just wanted to see how I looked after the torture and get a satisfaction from it, which she appeared to do.  She never looked like she had sympathy for me.

I was tortured for many weeks in some kind of an official room like a hospital of some kind with chairs, beds, and devices.  I remember the walls as being solid white and a glaring light over head that was too bright.

Mike Middleton, I think, took me to this place, and I am not positive, but it was maybe Robert Garrett who took me to see Valerie Plame, but it could have been Mike Middleton.    He and Valerie shared a smile between them like lovers who have a love-child together.

What bothered me the most about her was how heart-wrenchingly smug she was over my being hurt and suffering to the most extreme levels of suffering and pain.  I knew she knew what kind of condition I was in and what I had just come from and she asked me a question expecting me to not be able to organize my own thoughts anymore.  I could see it in her eyes.  That was what she was hoping for.  I was so tired, so after several one-word responses to her, I summoned my energy and strength and to defy her I gave a complicated and articulate explanation about the work I did.  Then I stopped and looked at her coldly as if you say, "Your turn Bitch.  Beat that."  She lost her own confidence and then to recover from her shock and loss of that smug satisfaction of a child being electrocuted and harmed, she gave some short answer and then every time I matched her and then let her know she wasn't my "type".  So then my Dad or Mike said go wait in the car while I talk to Valerie and I went to the car and my head was throbbing in pain.  There was grass on the ground, not snow, and it wasn't raining.  Then as I waited in the car I noticed something being done, like some form of energy or technology to a part of my body, I think ultrasound to my back and I was in pain and she kept looking over to see how I reacted or not.

It is too bad someone didn't bring her up 20 years earlier but I hope now that SHE is the "fair game" she and her supporters get what they have coming to them.  And like I've said, why is she playing her "I'm Jewish" trump card as if she must be a nice person because she is Jewish and against the "Holocaust"?  These Jews who are vicious and violent and have worked to ruin my life (with others as well) keep expecting everyone not to guess it's "them" because "they must be good and nice people who are empathetic to suffering".  If that were true, my son would be with me now because there is no reason he should have been tortured or kidnapped from me and there is still no reason to keep him from me and not over-rule a fraudulent "CPS case" and "adoption".

So I guess the CIA did try to recruit me when I was a pre-teen and they failed.  They thought if I wasn't going to work for them, I was too talented and therefore "dangerous competition" to allow me to have a normal life and leave me alone, so they tried to kill me and then decided in the meantime to abuse and torture me for everything and anything they could think of.  They needed a beating bag.  When I say they needed a beating bag, it wasn't for national security--it was anti-competition and to give them a chance to vent out their hatred and jealousy over me.

This other torture wasn't at the same time as electrocution, but once some group put me and my Dad  or some man in a underground pit, like a small dungeon room filled with rats.  The rats kept biting me so he picked it up and threw it against the wall and killed it.  There was nothing in the room but dirt and stone and it was dark and cold and I slept curled up and then since there was nothing to do we had to make up some games and I sang songs.  Another time I was taken somewhere where there was a huge ant hill with biting ants, like red biting ants and they buried me up to my neck so only my head was out of the ground and let ants crawl all over me and bite me.  A different time I remember one or several snakes in a room with me, maybe just one but I can't remember, and then another time they told me scorpions would kill a person if they're not treated, and they stung me with a scorpion, and would put it in my crib.  In at least one of the places my bed was a confined place where if you put something in, it was sort of blocked off so you couldn't move.  Maybe I was chained in a bed.  I just remember they kept putting a scorpion on me.  On my face, as I felt it crawling around; on my stomach; by my feet; and finally one day I got stung and I don't remember how I was treated, but it was medical.  It was horrible stinging pang but the U.S. constant electrocution of me was worse.  The U.S. still tortures me and made sure they could, so I have a right to say those responsible deserve death.

No one who does this, in this country, should be allowed to live and no one who gives these orders, specifically, deserves to live or have a family.  Those in control of this are adults, not kids.  They know the law, the rules, and they have developed consciences enough to know it is illegal to induce even a child to do these things.  I never induced anyone to torture anyone or encouraged a child to act this way.

It is also the responsibility of the President to do something and from some photos I've seen recently, I am inclined to believe there is a connection between his mentors and my persecutors.

I just made a post about the President and from writing there I remembered more about a situation that occurred during private plane travel and getting back from Russia and everything, after commercial flights.

I had a pearl necklace, a real one given to me as a gift for my birthday, for the meeting with officials in conservative suits in Russia.  For some reason I think I chose a long pearl necklace that was costume jewelry and then I was given a real pearl necklace as a gift at some point.  I loved it.

On a plane Joy Sterling was on I met Sandra Bernhard one time and then another time I met Jennifer Palmieri.  I remember Sandra from her name and the gap in her teeth and Jennifer looked like her and was a speechwriter and I met her after meeting Valerie Plame in London, at the London School of Economics.  She asked about being on a campaign, if I'd like to work on speech writing.  I wasn't interested in being a weapons proliferation person (aka:  hit man) for the CIA and I also wasn't interested in being an editor.  I liked being an economic analyst and gymnast and I couldn't figure out why they were so determined to change this or why I couldn't do that anymore. It's what I was good at and was interested in.

I liked Sandra until the day she and Forrest Tancer assaulted me and stole my pearl necklace.  I think Joy was there as well, or another woman but not sure who.  I had my pearl necklace on, my real one with cultured pearls, and then Sandra put another necklace over my head, some kind of costume jewelry.  Then Forrest did.  Then she said you can have all of my necklaces if you give me your pearl necklace.  I said "No".  I liked my pearl necklace and it was a special gift with meaning and I didn't want to get rid of it, or trade.  So then she took them back off over my head, one by one, and then she or Forrest took my pearl necklace, unclipping it while taking off another necklace and I caught it and said, "No!  I want my necklace!  This is mine!" and they wouldn't give it back and then all of a sudden, Sandra turned into a Mossad combat militia soldier.  I think it was possibly that Jennifer Palmieri was there too because there were two that looked alike when they all did this.  This happened after I had said what I wanted to be too, or wanted to do, from what I remember.  I got punched, beat up and then they hog-tied me, the women did and I whacked on the back with something with severe force and heard a crack.  She said, "Now that you have a broken back you can't be a gymnast anymore" or "You can't be a gymnast with a broken back."  Someone said, "I guess you'll have to choose something ELSE!" and then I don't know if they made fun of me about the pearl necklace or what but they called me a "pig".  Then with someone standing on my neck and another woman holding my arm out to one side and someone to the other, someone got an iron hot, rubbed Crisco or something on my back, and branded me.  They said now I was a pig with a brand.

It was some dark room on the plane.  They had lowered the lights for purposes of stealing my necklace from me and seducing me.  The women were playing with my hair and touching my legs and I thought it was just getting attention and they were being friendly.  There were candles and I don't think planes are supposed to have them but I thought I remembered candles because that is how low the lighting was.  The upholstery around was sort of colors of orange or tan and orange and red  like on an oriental carpet, and then the room was darker, and they had bean bags or cushions all over the floor before assaulting me. 

My back was really broken.  I couldn't move.  Both Jennifer Palmieri and Sandra Bernhard were there because I remember when I said why did they look alike they said, "We're twins" and smirked at each other.  I pointed out to them, "Well you have a space between your teeth and you don't!" something like that, before the assault.  I was in horrific pain and they said they'd give me some "sha-sha", but they joked about it because that was something I had been given when I was in Russia.  One of them said, "Do you have any sha-sha?" to the other and the other laughed.  I do remember something was done to my back in Russia by a man once possibly, because the question came up and he asked what do you like more?  Being an economic analyst or a gymnast? and I have my answer, saying I thought I'd like to be a gymnast, so he broke my back.  Then he said, "You can't be a gymnast anymore."  But they reinjured me and then branded me, saying "Now you're a branded pig".  Sandra called me "pig" over and over.  They kicked me and called me "pig".

What a photographer for Jewish-run Willamette Week did to me over a decade later was ask me what the worst thing I thought could happen with an article, what was my biggest fear or what would I not want, and I told him and then both he and Amy Roe made sure they hit every single point that I said would hurt me the most.

My being degraded, defamed, and tortured in the U.S. has not been for a few years--this country has made it a lifetime project.

I was in extreme amounts of pain from being branded.  They put an iron mark on my back.  The person who held the iron when it was done was Forrest Tancer.  I saw his arms and then him and was shocked because he hadn't been violent before and then all of a sudden, I had searing pain to the middle of my back and a burnt smell filled the room.  Sandra and Jennifer waved at the air saying "It stinks in here" and then looked back at me and I asked for some medicine or something to drink please and I think someone gave me something with drugs in it.

I blacked out.

I believe it was after this that I was on a plane with royals again and just lying on a bed and someone said how could they do this to you and there was a threat of getting burned again.  An iron there, and royals involved.

At one point, when I was getting the rose petal covered beds and milk baths in a palace somewhere, I was also getting lessons in coquettrie and etiquette.  Before being branded as a pig and degraded.  I was taught what to say in certain situations and that kind of thing.  I then remember later at some point Prince Charles gave me a diamond tennis bracelet and I thought it was because I played tennis with him sometimes.  I am pretty sure there were tiny diamonds in it and I know it was at least gold because when my mother saw it when I came back from a trip, she was shocked.  I said "Charles did" and she looked stunned and nervous and then disappointed like "No good will come of this". I don't know what aspect she didn't like but something was really bothering her.  She said, "You can't keep this."  I said, "Yes I can!  He gave it to me!"  I don't know how good I was at tennis, but I had a raquet and a little tennis skirt.  I loved the tennis skirt as a girl--I would later put on a cheerleading costume for cheerleading and felt like I should be out playing tennis.  I don't think I was very good because I hadn't learned enough.

It was a tiny bracelet, just made for a little girl, and I thought it was the nicest gift.  He opened up the closure and fit it around my wrist and I thought it was great.  There may have been some other meaning or symbolism I wasn't aware of, but my Mom kept saying I had to return it, and decline his gift.  I am sure I did as I was told or it was stolen from me.

When he introduced me to Lady Diana, I started seeing less of him and then one day, after seeing him almost every day or so long, I ran out after the royals onto the plane landing tarmac and extremely distressed cried out, "Charles!  Why don't you see me anymore?" and everyone froze.  There were some non-royals around and Diana was there with him and as I ran with tears down my face, my Dad looked back at me and saw me coming, stuck out his foot, and tripped me and I fell flat on my face in front of everyone.  I remembered my Dad's face, angry, so angry at me, but I couldn't believe he tripped me and when I fell I tore my clothing and had dirt on my hands and cried and someone said get up, get up! and tried to cover for the scene.  It was the most emotional, spontaneous, and romantic impulse I ever had in my life.

The End.

I think I may have said, "Charles!  Don't you still like me?" or "Don't you still love me" even, because then to cover for that whole "scene" they drummed up a bond with me and my Dad, and then had my Dad suddenly never seeing me, and my Mom reaching out for me crying (whereas I the other scene Diana looked back at me in confusion and slight shock) as someone tried to push me off of the tarmac.  One of the times they tried to have me fall off, it was serious, and it was before the attempt to kill me in mid-air from the plane, with the emergency door.  When it was my Dad I tried to ask him, "Why don't you see me anymore?" and I was in distress and instead of angrily tripping me he held my arms and put me at a distance and walked away from me.

I don't think I ever had a heart-felt emotional response for anyone after the time I shouted out to Charles on the tarmac.  I thought he loved me.  Nothing ever got to me the same way again, and I never allowed myself to be so openly demonstrative with all of my heart after that.  Then later my heart was broken by Edward and I didn't humiliate myself publicly but became very depressed.

I knew some group was doing something weird with trying to cover for it by then making a scene with me and my Dad and Mom.  I couldn't understand why my Dad would look back at me with hate or something at that time. 

I remember on the occasion Tancer and Sterling and Bernhard (who is Jewish by the way) and Jennifer Palimiere assaulted me and tortured me, I think they gave the pearl necklace to my Dad telling him to give it to someone and he didn't look very happy about it from what I could tell but I am not sure where the necklace went.

What is again, disgusting, is that later, without my knowing Mike Tancer was the son of Joy and Forrest, I was at his house and he cut a string that held my pearl necklace together and then when I woke up in the morning, after date-rape and feeling drugged, I asked why he had my pearl necklace on the ground and was stepping on it.  He stepped on it when I watched as he went out the doorway to the bathroom.

He basically knew everything about the torture they did to me and then wanted to rub it in and I didn't even catch on to who he was.  Because Edward Howard was reported dead from a "fall in the house" around the same time this happened with Mike Tancer, I think he knew they were trash and they'd been stealing all this time, and torturing me and they probably send a video tape to him to horrify him with.

Why are cops protecting them.

It looks to me like "The Nation of Israel" and the "U.S." WANT to be thought of as nations of disgrace and corruption and cruelty to children.

I am positive that group broke my back again because I heard it when it happened, and they did brand me and the room was full of smoke like burning flesh and it was my skin burning, not theirs.  They made a lot of "references", mocking me, about Russia.  I thought for one split second, one of them looked back at me with some pity, but why she did, I have no idea.  One of them even said something later about how it had to heal now or toughen up.  I don't remember anything after I blacked out.  I don't really remember how I got off the plane, how I was untied, where I went, or anything.  

I have triangle on my back and then on my bottom and back or inside of thighs, two lines with a dot at the end of each.  Like lines for a garter belt and then the tab for it.

I think the man who broke my back in Russia was Goldsmith.  There were two cops of a kind in the house and one of them was called Goldsmith and first he gave me his coat to be warmer after stealing my own coat and then I think it was him who broke my back.  To be sure I am not confusing him with someone else I'd look at an earlier photo of him, Tolkachev (don't think it was him at all), and the other men but what I remember was him and reference to his name.  It was some kind of a blunt force because it didn't break the skin but my back cracked and not like chiropractic style.  It was an extremely fast and very violent and brutal blow and then it was done again on the plane after I'd met Valerie in London.  So maybe it was some kind of a joke to him when he came out to my house when I was older and was next to a saw-horse that looked like a vault for gymnastics, and I was told to blow bubbles.

I was blowing bubbles around there, bored, before it was done to me.  The bullet-proof vest I wore later was possibly not just a bullet-proof vest but a back-brace.  I couldn't sit or stand well for awhile and I remember some kind of corset used too, that had tight laces and the whole thing was laced up for my torso.  I was told it was a "corset" as if it was a glamorous thing but it was a back brace.  I did try on a corset once, a real one, at one of the royal places.  It was very tiny and they were looking at my measurements.  I had every single part of my whole body measured.  But later, when I wore a stiff thing around my torso, I believe it was a brace.  It is maybe why I somehow clued-in to the movie "Frida" where she is covered in gold dust and breaks her back getting thrown from a bus and then has to wear a brace.  I don't remember what they put on me after my back was broken there, but something was used, like thrown on me or over me or something and I don't remember right now what it was.  I think it was ashes.  Someone said something like, "Here's your gold" and put ashes, dumped them on me as I was lying on my stomach on the bed, unable to move.  I remember just seeing all these ashes everywhere and in shock that someone was that desperate to be that violent to destroy my life.

I remember more of what they did.  They forced a man to sit on top of me after they dumped a bucket of ashes on me and since they had guns he said do what they say.

Prior to being dumped upon with ashes, other people showed up and I remember what some of the back torture was before I was finally whacked.  They brought a saw-horse into the house.  And then Carol Middleton showed up.  She was the only woman I remember there.  The rest were men.  I also think maybe she was referred to with Goldsmith or by this as a nickname as well as her full name.  They forced me to lean back over the top of a saw-horse and then tied my arms and legs to it were pulling me, using leverage somehow to force my back to fold inwards.  They pulled on my shoulder blades as well, forcing them outwards with their hands and called me "a chicken".  Other times they said "Look you have wings!  Do you think you can fly?" and mocked me about flying planes.  They used several different forms for contorting my back around a saw-horse and then they put me into a chair and tied me to it and tipped it back and let it fall and pretended to let it fall.  They were also injecting me with chemicals so I wasn't psychic like before and I couldn't think the same and was sluggish. It wasn't painkillers but some kind of mind-ruining drug, possibly even Haldol.  I remember crying and in between the shots begging them not to give me another one.  I used to scream "Carol!!!  Please!"  They made me beg for Carol and Gary and then only a couple of people there knew any Russian or spoke Russian.  The ones who spoke Russian didn't know what was going on and just did as they were told.  I knew it was Carol from being babysat by her in London and she and Gary there knew each other.  She was the main person who injected me with shots.

This went on like this for weeks.  It was many days, a week, a couple of weeks.  Something like that.  For hours every day.  She kept asking me about the economic database and my work and I told them what I knew, which was that it was a public database paid for with a subscription.  Anything I knew, they knew or could have known.

I was the genius.  They were half-assed bitches and criminals who still deserve the death penalty and so does Katie Middleton and all of her children.  There was a whole group of them accusing me of things and all it came down to was hatred because of sheer jealousy and disbelief that I could do, on my own, what I was able to do.  They tortured me and permanently ruined my ability to be a gymnast and instilled fear in me.  They deserve death.  I was a little kid and they did this to me and then they stole from me and oppressed me and repeated their damages over and over and then got Willamette Week to defame me so their daughter could have a debutante ball with the media and press.  After they forced my back into dozens of unnatural positions, and tore cartilage and small bones, they worked on standing on my back and crushing me into the ground with their boots.  I know I saw at least one Russian who started to look scared over what they were doing to me.  They then had some kind of a weight like a heavy cement ball or block, since just standing on my back wasn't enough force, they put that on my back and then  did something to press down to have my back crack.  I heard bones break in my back.  Finally, they put me on the bed, and karate whacked me with a heavy stick like a bat and it broke and after this, they and Carol Middleton and Gary Goldsmith poured a bucket of ashes onto my body after stripping me, and then they pulled off the head of a live chicken they brought into the house and scattered chicken feathers all over me.  I guess the chicken was after another part.  A man sat on top of me and did something to my rear end, and then several of them peed or ejaculated on me, they rubbed it into my skin like a mud, and on my hair and face and then pulled the head off of a live chicken they brought into the house and plucked feathers out and put them all over me.  When they got another man to sit on top of me again and was hurting me, I blacked out.  When I think about whether it was actually Carol or not, I know Gary later referenced having been there, in several different ways so there isn't any reason to doubt it was the Goldsmith Gary Goldsmith. I also remember Carol though, but I don't remember hearing the last name Middleton as much as Goldsmith coming up.  I also don't remember the mud part as much as the ashes and feathers all over but the rest is clear.

That is what the CIA does to innocent U.S. citizens who are kids.

I want those who were involved, dead.  Not one of them has a right to one "royal" privilege, or government benefit.  They tortured me as an innocent kid, never quit, ever, and they do not have any moral right to exist.

Which is maybe what some Muslim countries mean when they say Israel has no right to exist.  This is what "royals" and mostly Jews, and CIA did to me.  Some of the most violent repeat offenders were and are Jewish and acted like Mossad hit men.  They represent the worth of "Israel" and their belief system, with their own blood and violence.  No one like that deserves to be protected.  These were not kids doing this to me, it was grown adults who hated me so much, they asked me personally what would harm me the most and then did not do what a parent wouldn't have wanted, they attacked me personally.

They are afraid of me.  They were afraid of me when I was a baby.

I think if Katie Middleton cut my mother's face, it was the Dicksie twin or triplet that did not support her, but knowing how violent they are and that Valerie Plame first wanted me to be a hit man for hire through her mentorship and CIA, and that she went to Katie instead, is pretty strong evidence against Katie.

So now we have a "Chevron" station next to my house and honestly, I don't want it there.  If chevron stands for Goldsmith, why is any symbol of a Jewish Supremist Nazi in this town?  It is also where Robin Bechtold worked before trying to murder me in 1992.  I think Nazi and Jew are synonomous.  It is not that Jews are persecuted--they are the Nazis who have been torturing me.  So why even introduce me to Plame except to kill me.

My own Grandpa knew I was getting set up because my Dad said to me when I was 14, "Grandpa says sometimes it gets harder to run after age 15 or 16."  I said why is that and he said it had something to do with hips.  Or spi h. This country was plotting to have me die by that age.

If anyone doubts Plame wanted to kill me, I will tell you this--she was there and there was a big duffel bag of money and guns.  When I met her earlier in London, she didn't like me and it was obvious.  She was disappointed when I gave an articulate reply, rather than being pleased or amiable.  This made it clear she had hoped for a worser outcome after all of the medications and torture of me.  Then, when I went to the car, she was still smirking at me, looking over now and then to observe me when I was being tortured in the car.  I got out of the car after a long time, and she looked nervous.  I could tell she was checking to see if I had a gun in my hands.  The reason I know she was nervous about whether I had a gun or not was because of the way she checked my hands, protected her body by moving over in front of the man to use him as a shield, and then was looking around the corner at me with mousy-eyes that said, "Gun?"  Why would she think I might have a gun or be walking to her with one, unless she felt guilty about planning something against me?  Either she was worried I might have a gun, or she was worried I had found something in the car used to torture me with.  However, she shielded her own body.  So then, she was also observing me to see how I reacted to that torture and I could tell something was wrong with them.  They acted like lovers who wanted to find a place to have sex and then kill me and make off with the money and train some babies of their own.  He had his back to me and his right was my right, and she faced me and was sticking out to the right, which was her left, but my visual right side and she moved in so the man's body blocked hers and watched me.

When the man asked why I got out of the car I said, "It's hot."

Which made her flinch, just a little.

So this lawyer in Wenatchee, who was part of the gangsters kidnapping my son and lying about me, worked in Canada in uranium like Valerie Plame and he was best friends with AG Thomas Cabarello and Miller, attorneys for the state-federal government.  Miller is in business with Tancer and Sterling, Plames friends.  Miller, Plame, Tancer, Sterling, Cabarello, and Michael; Middletons...are all connected to FBI and CIA.

Is there a reason they are lying about me?  Maybe a reason they're lying about whether or not I have a right to raise my own son?  What are they afraid of?

Competition, that's what.


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