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Alexander (Sandy) Fetter: British Killer

Here's how I found this man.

I looked up the D.C. National Security council. I was going down a list, of those who attend meetings and the third one down or so was Steve Chu. Steve Chu is the head of the Department of Energy and, as Obama said, "people keep passing on your name to me so you must be good." I found that in an interview with Obama, who stated he appointed Chu because a lot of people told him to.

It would be nice to know who those people were.

When I found out Chu is Chinese-American, it made me wonder about the Chinese in SUVs I saw parked outside of my mother's workplace which I went into where we found this dragonfly someone had left to fly around. They probably have nothing to do with Chu, but they did have California plates and they were watching me and mocking me.

Steve Chu is from California. He was at Stanford before he went to D.C. as the head for DOE. Since I saw he is a physicist, and read he was involved in lasers, and all kinds of weaponry technology, I noted he had gone to Rochester, which is a University with the country's largest and most prestiged laser and laser experimentation department. I didn't see anything about his being Catholic but wondered about his wives or other contacts.

I found out he married the ex-wife of another prominent physicist, who is also from Stanford, who has British contacts and is British or his first wife was. Her name is Jean.

I need to double check on the college of Chu because I just grabbed my notes and I have "went to Rochester" next to Alexander Fetter too. Alexander Fetter, known as "Sandy", definitely went to Oxford, in England. That's information that's easy to find. Fetter has "Fetterfests" and conferences on quantum physics and "Quantum Hall Effects" magnetoplasms, you name it. If it has to do with less than lethal or even lethal torture--things relating to weapons. His research and work is immediately tied to the military industry.

Since he is British, or has a strong Oxford connection to England, he knows scientists from England or connected to journalists based in Switzerland for the BBC who would write articles about scientific results of torturing U.S. citizens.

So Steve Chu, with the U.S. DOE, is married to "Sandy's" ex-wife, Jean.

Jean is a British American physicist who went to Oxford. She was first married to Alexander Fetter, who also went to Oxford.

Jean married Steve Chu in 1997, which is the same year I began having odd migraines.

Chu, for his part, had divorced his first wife to marry Jean. His first wife was Elizabeth (Lisa) Chu-Thielbar. In an interview, Lisa describes her ex, Steve Chu as being determined enough to make such an impact as to "leave bloody corpses behind him..." Lisa works a science writer.

Chu has two children from his marriage with Lisa: Geoffrey and Michael.

Chu's father and mother met at Cambridge, MA.

Alexander L. (Sandy) Fetter married Lynn Bunim Fetter after he and Jean divorced and Jean married Chu. Sandy has two children, Anne Fetter and Andrew (Andy) J. Fetter.

They all lived in Palo Alto, California, which is where Stanford is located.

When I made my complaint to the FBI, one S.A. was from D.C. and the other one was from Palo Alto, California, which is where all of these physicists were, from whose group Obama had a lot of people telling him to hire Chu.

When my son and I were tortured in E. Wenatchee, I contacted the DOE and then I blogged about contacting them. I didn't know who else might have an idea of what was happening. Just a year or later after I contacted the DOE, Chu from Palo Alto with his British and Catholic FBI connections, was being recommended to the President.

In looking up Sandy Fetter, I went to wiki and went to the hidden or background history. There I found a series of photos had been entered and then removed but there was still a link so I looked them up. They are from the "Fetterfest" of November 2007, which is when my son and I were tortured full-time. I don't think anyone else would notice but I noticed several of the photos featured someone putting their hand against their lower back, or hunching over and holding their lower stomach or looking as if they were retarded with a raised limp hand or expression.

This festival was taking time at the precise moment my son and I were being fried and had our internal organs and brains, damaged. The back pain was so severe I could not function and the outcome of this lower abdominal pain and back pain, was burning and passage of tissue from my body in Canada. I was following the South Wales stickered car remember? all the way to Canada, with a car that came up in front of me with a country sticker that said South Wales. My fingernails and my son's toenails and fingernails were warped and curled up from damage. Our cat was deformed after this torture as well.

The torture began full time after I was trying to get ahold of the Dept. of Justice OIG (Office of the Inspector General) regarding the investigation done by Palo Alto and D.C. and my subsequent treatment and defamation of being a criminal, mentally ill, and a drug user.

Dick Whittemore also had offices in Palo Alto and Eliza Bechtold lived in Palo Alto at the time as well. As did Amy Roe once, who defamed me in the Willamette Week and graduated from the same Stanford that Sandy, Jean, Chu, and Thielbar were at.

If Amy Roe's grandfather or Dad was so involved with the steel industry and military, there isn't much room for doubt that physicists who specialize in laser technology and are connected to military, who went to the same college as Roe, know eachother.

After I reported the FBI agents in Oregon and accused them of colluding with Catholic litigants in lawsuits I had (which were only filed to clear my name), I had a photo taken of me, my mother, and my son. My mother is wearing a flat gold chain around her neck that Patty Otterbach and Kathy Hathaway told her to buy in Mexico, in 2006 or 2007. The Fetterfest photos of November 2007 show Jean Fetter-Chu wearing a necklace identical to the one Otterbach and Hathaway told my mom to buy.

"Do you like your chains?"

I remember writing that on my blog in 2007 and being severely tortured after I did. My mom was then forced to work for Debbie Sweetwater-Burt (I think she was also on the Mexico trip)starting in 2006 when Debbie opened up her "Coppertree Realty" offices featuring a swirly sagitarious type design on the top and bottom of the cards.

What's even more fascinating is that whereas my Dad had this video for decades earlier, since the Oklahoma Bombing, that featured an FBI man talking about terrorism and loss of rights in the U.S., with a blue and fushia screen, At the Fetter Symposium of Nov. 2007, Alexander Fetter had a lecture discussing the physics as applied to weapons on a screen slide show with the same blue and fushia chosen to highlight his material and then they photographed this. One of the Fetter photos shows a woman imitating a posture my mother had in a photo that was being held in safekeeping with my parents in Coquille at the time. It's the exact same expression and posture and I caught onto it instantly.

So how was this female physicist able to reference and imitate this photo which was then held by my mother in Coquille? And my mother is being told to buy a necklace that matches the one Jean Fetter-Chu is wearing in another photo from the same event?

Steven Chu became head of the DOE in 2009 but other things were going on before that date. His brother is head of a law firm and got accolades and rewards beginning in 2007. This is according to the wiki for Morgan Chu and then there is another brother, Gil Chu. Morgan Chu's specialty was intellectual property and he worked at Irell and Manella in Los Angeles. One of the awards he received was through a Jewish foundation, called "learned hand", which praised him for "building bridges". He won his medal from UCLA the same year his brother Steve Chu worked at UC-Berkeley as a professor, in 2007.

First Steve Chu worked at Stanford, then UC-Berkeley, and then at The Radiation Center in Los Angeles, which was renamed the "Lawrence Berekely National Labratory" and is owned by the Department of Energy. From this position he was nominated to D.C. in 2009. The Radiation Center does business with Oak Ridge, TN, which is next door to Knoxvill, TN (about 30 minutes away).

The history here is more complete on Chu's parents and states they went to Brooklyn Polytech University, MIT, and Washington University to study chemical engineering. Steve Chu's brothers also worked at Stanford and in the area, in biochemistry and chemical engineering.

Brother Ansgar's father was a chemical engineer from the same area and worked in California.

A bunch of Asian people were in town one day when my Dad's hands were broken and they swelled up and it was the same day I made a report for my mother and called 911 because of Debbie Sweetwater-Burt. The police officer showing up to intimidate my mom was Sean and he said his last name was "Gil" or something but it wasn't. Then he was also around after another incident with the same thing happening to my Dad's hands.

Today a woman asked me what kind of computer and printer I wanted and to send her information and I found out the Panasonic toughbooks have come out with a new line-up of laptops carrying "Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors."

I wonder if the Sandy Bridge is a reference to Alexander (Sandy) Who Tortures Babies to Build Bridges wit' Chu.

When I first starting writing this post, by the way, the use of torture stopped and then it started again, about the time I was writing about his British connections.

Around this time, the head over the entire Intelligence community was from Oxford and was also English. The Director of Intelligence.

I was suddenly wondering about the Del Balzos and whether they know the Fetters or Chu since they worked for Intel so long and it's sort of connected to the same thing in California. Probably not. Mary had a degree in engineering and was a lawyer for "Intellectual Property" though, just like Morgan Chu is. I just wondered because of the Sandy Bridge naming of Intel's processors. You know, computer people don't just name products without thinking symbolically.

The military and federal government use the Panasonic Toughbook, which is featuring the Sandy Bridge processors and when I read this, it just brought this to mind.

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