Friday, March 30, 2012

Got Records Today--FBI Lied (It is definitely the FBI)

I got some reports, only a few from the FBI. I just got them today, and they were sent from Winchester, VA (so it says) with a postmark date of March 27th (so it says).

I write "so it says" because I don't even trust them with using correct postage dates.

It was just handed to me and I got to my house, opened it and went to middle section randomly and ended up on a report from the words of an SSA agent. I didn't look at anything else. I only skimmed 1 1/2 pages which is what this report amounted to and after the first page, it was clear to me why my son and I have been tortured and why people have thought they could do whatever they want to us.

The report is full of lies and miscategorizations. It puts words in my mouth that I never used, and mixes truth with a cover for themselves. They made me sound crazy. He even took out the whole point of my complaint and any facts I alleged that made a reasonable case.

I couldn't even keep reading. I just opened it up, and randomly picked a section and read and that's what it was. The FBI investigation which was written to make me sound like a teenage nutcase with mental problems.

I don't want to blame every person who is in the FBI, but that's where it started, and when criminals knew they were covered, they tortured me and my son. It is extremely likely that some of those criminals are actually FBI agents themselves.

There is motive.

The motive is that after refusing to take my report of religious hate crimes, and writing a report to defend FBI misconduct which made me sound crazy, someone in the FBI felt they needed to reinforce this idea and claim by doing things to us that looked like it proved their point.

Someone should have been tape recording the interview, because I remember exactly what I did say and what I didn't say and it does not match up with this report.

This report is almost identical to reports then generated about visitation with my son. Anne Crane is definitely connected to the FBI.

What I am confused about, is why they sent some of the records now. Why did they wait this long, while my life was ruined.

Not only that, they refused any and all requests until March 27th? I know I've been under surveillance and there is no possible way they haven't known that I've done nothing that is good enough to win my son back at Washington Supreme Court. They sent everything too late, right up to the line, and it's almost mean, like they give me the smallest amount right before they know I am about to lose all rights to my son. They know that even if I get any discovery from them now, which was my right in 2004 and 2005 and would have protected me then, that it's too late now.

The timing is strange. I have not been looking up any case law, or writing anything, because I've been tortured and have medical problems. So even though I had the use of the law library on Monday, the 26th, I didn't go. And then I didn't go on Tuesday the 27th. By that time, it was too late to file for a Continuance again with the State Supreme Court. So I looked all washed out. Then on Wednesday I went to the law library and scanned material about jurisdiction relating to family law. That was the 28th. Then late on the 29th, Thursday, I stayed home all day and later that night, last night, I looked up habeus corpus. Today is the 30th and I've been home working on other things all day.

I didn't call anyone about college or automatic disbursement of monies or anything so I was even going to be behind on any college funds which would have allowed me to pay the fee required for immediate removal to federal court from State proceedings, or allowed me to stay the process. There is no possible way the U.S. Supreme Court would ever grant writ of ceritori when these lawyers kept all of the evidence out of the record. They've screwed me over for almost a decade. So basically, my case would have gone to State Supreme Court with a Catholic majority and people like Judge Owens who made fun of me with Judge Chambers, at a time when I had not given any information myself to the public, family, or friends about the nature of my complaint. I sent FBI emails and that was it.

Someone with the FBI knew I had no money to file to remove the case and I didn't have any research done to file for Continuation either. All I had were grounds for a civil suit and no way to get my son back that way either.

The college was first saying I would have money by Monday possibly and then they neglected to tell me their people that process things were leaving early that day. So now I am told I will have nothing until the end of next week when the deadline for State Supreme Court is April 5, 2012, the Wednesday of next week.

I am supposed to file with nothing. And lose.

Either someone thought I would not be able to prevail in time for this court, and decided to rub it in my face by sending me a few records that proved it really was their fault, at least partially, or, like I said, I don't trust the postage date and zip even, because the feds can do whatever they want.

How do I know someone didn't observe my looking up habeus corpus last night? and then said, "Hey FBI, send something that Garrett thinks is all about your department, so the Department of Defense doesn't get into trouble."

If it's that big of deal, as I've said, where they've tortured us for years, it's worth making a hasty mailing over with a fake date and it's not like the CIA can't do that. They can do whatever they want, and have. The Post Office is a federal office. They can fake labels and dates however they want.

That's how much I trust them.

The reason no one wanted me to talk to the D.C. Inspector General, in 2005, was because the FBI already knew what they'd done and how I would react to finding out they changed my story.

By the way, it came to mind again that Bill O'Reilly is somehow connected to Judge Gerald Warren in Wenatchee, WA. I don't know how, I just have a feeling. They're both Irish Catholic and look alike, but I don't know why I would think they know eachother. I guess, because the Irish Catholic circle, when you come down to it, is not large. Laura Laughlin has been in charge awhile.

I looked something else up last night and it the National Security Defense council. I looked up the DOE man, the physicist that has been part of the Department of Energy. Most all of the people with that council are Catholic. As for Steve Chu, I don't know. He was sworn in a day after Obama was sworn into office. However, our torture preceded this, but it's still important. It's important because physicists and scientists are the ones who create the modern weapon--the military just use it. Snoop Doggy-dog is not putting together lasers. Mueller is not tinkering around in his basement with biological weapons and testing laser or ultrasound out on his own dog or a caged variety of specimen. Panetta is involved, definitely, but he's not the one making the weapons, he just gives orders as to their use. The people who could have saved me and my son are those in the scientific community. I mean, it's the FBI's fault, but those who knew how my descriptions lined up or who create these weapons are scientists. Since they create them, they know who they're being sold to. Who is buying and who is doing research. They know who is authorizing use and who is not. And they even know about the black market.

So the Geeks are the terrorists. It's their revenge of the nerds thing. It doesn't matter if I enjoy science or write for it, if they are getting paid, or are tied to a religious church or hate someone for any reason, they are the ones who know what is unfolding ultimately.

So read my next post, about more British connections and how BBC got their information for making inside jokes in articles by correspondents living in Switzerland.

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