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Sample of FBI Report

Here is just one small example of what I read, and how it's wrong and affects how I am portrayed:

"In paragraph 15, Garrett stated it was SA __and SA __that walked her up the stairs. She also stated she expected they would both leave and did not expect "__would kiss her good night." She also stated that she was upset SA walked down the stairs when she was by her door with SA__."

This is one tiny part of the report, and they left out almost everything and added things too.

I told the FBI that one of the agents forced his way into my house. That never changed. I told "Thornton" (aka Laughlin) and I told the SSAs, I did not expect them to walk me to my door because when they asked I said, "No, that's okay" and I got out of the car on my own and was walking to my apartment. I did not invite them in. I said goodnight and got out. One of the agents got out of the car and then the other one did, after me, and then insisted on walking me up to my door. I said no, that's okay. He did anyway. Then I told these SSAs and Laughlin, I said goodnight at the door and he was not trying to kiss me at all. He put his hand over my hand and was turning the key in the lock when I said no several times.

It was technically a forced entry and I was intoxicated enough for them to know it was wrong. Besides being intoxicated and fully drunk, I said NO. Not once, not twice, I said it several times when he said he wanted to come in. The other agent was walking up the stairs to join the other one and then started walking back down the stairs. He saw the other agent had his hand over mine and kept trying to force me to put the key in the door lock to open up and the other agent didn't do anything about his partner. He just then started to walk away while the other one still tried to get in.

I finally let him in because he said, "PLEASE. I have to use the bathroom." I said, "You really have to use the bathroom?" So after he kept forcing my key into the lock and was turning it FOR ME, knowing I was drunk, with the other guy there, I was dumb enough to say okay fine, if you really have to use the bathroom.

I first said, "So go in the woods" as a response.

He kept insisting and said he couldn't go in the woods. So then I said okay, but that was it. So then the other guy turned around to go in with the other one.

If I am drunk and they know it, it's a forced entry. Period. None of the other things would have happened if they had not forced their way into my house and then searched around like they were looking for something.

So this SSA report is totally wrong and leaves out, in this section, the most important point or element. Forced entry and possible illegal search.

I SAID this to the SSA and not one mention of this.

I also NEVER said that "I expected they'd leave and didn't expect SA would kiss me good night" except for in the context of I didn't ask them to get out of their car and I did not intend to kiss anyone, period.

They combined the idea of my not thinking anyone would kiss me and then being "upset" when SA walked down the stairs when I was with the other SA. Read this way, it sounds like I am feeling needy or clinging and have low self esteem, expecting them to leave and thinking no one would kiss me and then feeling "upset" they walked away.

I mean, that idea is 100% different from:

I didn't ask them to get out of their cars but then I allowed them to walk me to the door. At the door they tried to force their way in and did.

I never wanted the FBI in my house that night, and I had not ever had any FBI in any of my houses before. Even when one of them wanted to stop over and see me a different time before this I said NO. I said I'll meet you in a public place. They GOT INTO MY HOUSE and subsequently ruined my and my son's life.

There was no reason for them to be there unless they were removing something from my apartment that someone else hadn't been successful in removing because of lack of access. I had the distinct feeling that they were either putting a bug in, of some kind, or removing one, and my feeling was that they were there to remove something before anyone else found it instead. I had a leak in my litigation and when I refused to let this Jewish guy I'd been sort of seeing back into my apartment when he kept trying, next it was the FBI. I had just lost my defamation lawsuit because of refusal by the Judge to allow medical abatement and my attempt to enter something into the record in bankruptcy court for the Archdiocese case had been thwarted.

When this Jewish guy wanted to get into my place, it wasn't to be with me. I knew it was over something else. He even pushed the door against my closing it and I saw from the look in his eyes that he was attempting to get into my apartment for a reason that had nothing to do with me. I said "NO" firmly and shut the door in his face as he was pleading to get in. I had a feeling he was getting paid by someone that wasn't a "friend". He ended up coming into some money from somewhere after I was with him.

Next thing I know, it's an FBI agent doing the exact same thing. And then they had no intention of going back or talking to me again or anything. Whatever they wanted, they got.

It is even possible the first agent was asking to come over pretending to be interested, just to gain access. When it didn't happen and I met the other SA, the other one tried by force.

Within a week of the Judge telling me I couldn't have medical abatement, 3 different men were trying to force their way into my residence and it had nothing to do with lust.

Then I was approached by FBI (I believe) under pretense of romantic interest when it was just an attempt to entrap me to go to jail or to keep an eye on me until the statute of limitations for Hague expired. I am going to make my UN complaint about Canada because it also involves some Canadian officials that colluded. My fiance first tried to keep me from reversing a restraining order that I needed to not have smearing my name, and I was approached with a marriage fraud offer with all signs of a sting involved. Then, I didn't take it and my fiance asks me why not, go ahead. Next, he tried to dump me while I was bleeding in the hospital. On a different occasion, he also put me in a hotel with nothing. Then he tells me at the pharmacy why don't we just separate and keeps asking me if it was a good experience.

Like, no harm done right? if I break up with you, you will think it's all been a good learning experience right? I'm asking because I'm the FBI and since I tried to set you up so many times, I need to make sure I don't look like the bad guy. So then he went to Wenatchee and never intended to stay. All he did was coordinate social services for me, and make a list of "resources" knowing he was going to dump me.

Why? It was the hump and dump, just like I said, but for specific purposes of stalling me on a Hague claim and keeping me from any legal work like trying to reverse a wrong restraining order. I even asked him, so what changed exactly? one minute you're so excited about everything and then you keep trying to dump me (get rid of me in an inconspicuous way). He had a phoney claim. After I was prevented from filing something to reverse things in court, and was approached to be set up, then I tried to go back and do it but he suddenly wouldn't let me use the car. If I had married him, he'd have likely made up a claim I was crazy about a year into the marriage and then put in a court order asking for custody of my son.

The FBI did and allowed so many horrific things, and I am being lasered still, as I even write this. It's not going to look so crazy if I have factual records to back up what I'm saying.

I want my son back. PERIOD.

And oh yeah, the FBI illegally had me on birth control too because I guess they don't like to set up women for entrapment with a risk of childbirth. It would make things "difficult". All they were doing was trying to distract me from filing anything that would reverse damages against me and my son.

He would definitely punch my son in the face. If he has no problem entrapping people or going along with lies about me and allowing torture, he would punch a child in the face.

Imagine getting married and then you're older and uglier and he tells you, while you are in the hospital for some reason, "I think it's over." My putting on maskara changed his mind?

If putting on maskara is the deciding point on whether or not to stay with someone, something is wrong.

I did not appreciate being thrown into a hotel with zero and trapped at a house with no car all of a sudden when I had legal things to file. Because of that, I couldn't reverse a wrongful legal matter and my time on other things was lost as well. For all anyone knew, after I contested one court matter, maybe I was going to file for Hague over there too. On top of this, he asked questions that were for purposes of getting dirt on me, to humiliate me with.

He examined me head to toe, like I was a piece of cattle. Not lust. I mean, I'm sitting the bathtub with my arms around my knees and up against my chest and he's looking all over like he's counting every mole and then asks if I have ever had any tatoos. I felt like I was being examined for some kind of identification purposes. It didn't strike me as lust or as concern (like was I hurt) or even jealousy (is she with anyone else). It was more like inventory. I remember thinking on that one specific night it was like an ID processing.

Then later, when I am in Wenatchee he's wanting me to talk dirty over the phone and no one that cares would ask this when anyone knows it would be taped by someone. I knew he wasn't even asking for himself but for someone else. And I refused. Then he's asking me separately how many boyfriends or people have I slept with and I said none of your business. And he kept asking about taxes and why didn't I have any for a timeframe and I told him why and it wasn't a problem. But he still kept asking. I recently talked to my mom about taxes and I was right, if it's under a certain amount, you don't have to file.

I don't know. All they have to do is give my son back and not allow torture. It's not too much. I am filing a writ of habeous.

I said it before, just some random idea in my head and never researched it at all. I also decided not to, without researching bc I thought how do I explain and not sound crazy. I was too worried about sounding crazy to file. I am not too worried anymore. I knew for sure last night. I had a good feeling about, thinking about it, earlier that day and then when I looked it up that night I felt even more convinced.

I looked up filing habeus for release from state and collateral attack but then I thought, what about habeus to federal for release from federal bondage? I decided this before I was given this mail from the FBI.

I am glad to have it though, because even the small amount I have confirms to me how things have gone wrong. What is most concerning is how dangerous the visitation reports about my son have been. It's one thing to sort of gloss over, taking one small section, a forced entry by making it sound like "this woman is needy and gets upset if she's left".

It's really horrific to have torture of a child glossed over, or to have someone making you sound crazy in the only documentation you have.

I think military is behind torture, not regular guys, but other, but I also think I can make an argument that my son and I were/have been held hostage by both state and federal officials.

I just looked at a couple of other things. Someone closed a file in January of 2007 and then my son and I were tortured and my son lost his ability to speak. It was New York that closed a case.

My son and I were subjected to TORTURE after the FBI offices in New York closed a file in January of 2007. My son was only 8 months old at the time they did this. After this, he lost his ability to talk.

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