Saturday, August 3, 2013

Attempt To Buy Oxycontin, FBI and NASA

I reported Robin Bechtold to the Tigard police in 2003, for attempting to buy oxycontin pills from me for $18 per pill.  The amount he gave was his idea.  He said, "I'll give you $18 per pill."

He contacted me after he knew I had been injured by a hit-and-run driver, had surgery 7 months later and was given high level painkillers for the pain.  He called me.

With all of the assassination attempts against me, and the torture from NASA (whose headquarters are in Texas, where Robin lives) why would he suddenly want to attempt to frame me for a crime? 

Did he have something to do with the Hispanic man who made the hit-and-run against me 9/7/2002?   Because I tried very hard to get the report from police and it wasn't given to me, and this was yet another attack on me by a vehicle from someone who was most likely connected to Robin Bechtold.

Why offer me $18 specifically?  per pill?  He made his call to me from Texas, where he had been living for years.  I hadn't heard from him for years, and out of the blue, he called me up, just to ask me if he could buy my prescription pills from me.

To me, that sounds like an FBI idea.  It sounds like an attempt to frame someone for a crime, to cover for the crimes their own employees have made against me.  The only way Robin knew I had prescription pills was through Tigard police, Jonathan Greenleaf (the doctor), or my parents and since his brother is a cop, and he knows cops in Sherwood and Tigard, it is most likely he found out from Tigard police because I called them when my mother and I got into an argument over them, after my surgery.  So Tigard police knew I had painkillers for my surgery and the next thing I know, Robin Bechtold, who never called me, called me up from Texas and tried to make a drug deal over the telephone with me.

Later, he didn't want me to report FBI agents Raul Bujanda and Armanda Garza, who were also from Texas, and this was the Bujanda who was saying people didn't know how to put 2 & 2 together.  What is 1 & 8?  Oh, it's 9.  The day Katie Middleton was born.

So there were FBI, Robin Bechtold (FBI), Christa Schneider's sister who hated me (DOJ), and the man who authorized my surgery at SLC for more torture and then got a job at University of Texas, where CIA defector Edward Howard had gone to college.  All of these people from Texas, and there were right next door to NASA headquarters.

Then later, the FBI had Mike Tancer and some others playing the same game with me and raping me.  Mike Tancer is not CIA because if he was, he wouldn't have been so stupid to go along with FBI games that were domestic.  I think the FBI just doesn't like how everything is getting pointed back at their employees, and the military.

When someone is trying that hard to frame me for drug dealing, or wants badly to have "something", any crime, on me, it sort of proves my point about motive to try to frame me to cover up for their previous crimes against me:  in Robin's case, collusion to murder me, collusion to rape me, and rape.

For all of the odd placement, one would assume someone like Robin Bechtold would be friends with someone like Edward Howard but they weren't.  They were part of the group attempting to get revenge and promoting Katie Middleton. 

Also, I notice Katie got married on April 29, which was the last time Edward Howard had a polygraph test before the CIA fired him.  18 was maybe the going "rate" for oxycontin then but I think it was more of a symbolic number for Robin.

I called Tigard police right after his call, and I said his name, mine, and his brother's name and added his brother was a cop. The officer on the other line mocked me and sounded like he was in on it.  No one called me back to follow-up.  It was like the time I called Wilsonville police to report "marijuana" drug dealing on the side of a road to my house and after I did, someone connected to Robin Bechtold was running me off of the road, and into my car.  The cop in Wilsonville was the same way, mocking me and disregarding my report, even saying, "So what" and "Did you see the deal yourself?" It was a suspicious car, parked in an odd place, and I saw it there often, and saw a few other cars waiting at the same spot, right off of Baker Road, and then later someone built an A-frame wood house next to it (after I made a report by calling it in).  The Wilsonville police department is on Town Center Loop E.

It's not like Bechtold hasn't been running drugs for Middletons.

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