Friday, August 16, 2013

Torture Continued Today

I have been tortured, for 4 days now, to the top of one side of my head to "affect" a migraine, but it's the exact same torture and jabbing thing that has been to other parts of my head and caused bumps and swelling.

I don't know if it's still true for my mother, but she was being prompted to have some kind of headache for the same amount of time and she and I do not have "corresponding" headaches.

Recently the excuse to torture me and have it appear to be "migraine" or natural, has been going on.  I sent my FOIA request to the DOD at the Pentagon and they sent me a very odd response.

They told me they cannot be expected to search their own records.  I was told they were not even going to make any attempt and that the case was closed because they refused to perform any kind of search at all.  In my opinion, that is a bizarre response for a FOIA request.  Usually someone might say, "We looked and don't have anything" or "We found only a few things" but they're telling me they refuse to even look.

Like that's encouraging.  Obviously they have a lot to hide.  So I asked them to please clarify for me if they were telling me I am supposed to know, as a citizen, what the name of their file cabinet is, or storage system, that they should check.

I also asked them if this was with regard to my name as Cameo Loree Garrett (CLG) or Cameo Loree Howard (CLH).  No wonder I got the game of CLUE as some kind of symbolic act one year.  I had always wondered what the big deal was and why some "friends" also later made odd comments with reference to it in high school (Robin Bechtold).

I am writing this to quickly explain why I have not spent the day updating my post about Edward Howard's book and my comments.  I had intended to spend all day yesterday and today working on it, and instead I've been in bed, in pain from torture to the top of the head.  Last night the U.S. also briefly targeted my pelvic region with laser or some kind of ionic energy.  The only reason they would do this is to threaten me and attempt to interfere with my reproductive decisions. 

They want babies for murder and torture, not for people to have families or normal lives.  They think they own me and my body, and my eggs and children.  They have less respect for me than any pro-abortion person does for the right to life.  The U.S. has decided, as a government, they can kill any baby that is a citizen that they want to, and while some idiots from Virginia may think this is okay, this is the same idiocy that is pitting many countries against the U.S. to eventually take it over. 

The United States is a criminal country and there is no hope for it, in my opinion.  The U.S. does not make my decisions for me either. I will what I want to do and they will not stop me.  The more they accrue blood and torture onto their own hands, the more they set themselves up and will be taken out by someone or some country that probably doesn't even know who I am.  The U.S. cannot expect to continue as before and to continue their criminal activities out of hate, revenge, and insolence.  Every crime they sponsor as a government, is a reflection of the entire nation as a whole and these are the people who have already destroyed the country. 

In addition to torturing me to the top of my head, since making this post they began torturing me to my chest region again as well with the laser or burning and the vibrating feeling from lithium batteries overcharged or some kind of ionic energy. 

I'm surprised the DOD didn't find anything about James Cartwright.  Isn't he the #2 person who was in charge of the entire Pentagon?  He takes me to his hotel and the Pentagon doesn't know about it or know who I am? 


The Pentagon knows exactly who I am and they knew who I was in 1995 when I visited their Pentagon building in person.

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