Monday, August 5, 2013

Retaliation for FOIA: Coquille Federal Coordinated Harassment and Assault

Today I was harassed and assaulted with the participation including several Coquille employees.

This was the day I was known and expected (to whomever read my blog, which is most of the people in this town) to send in letters to U.S. military telling them to cease and desist torture and use of both me and my son Oliver for hate crimes and government program excuses.  I mailed 8 letters, and the person to start off the harassment was one of the female Mormon missionaries in town now.  She was there at the library, waiting for me to arrive, the same way she and her "partner" missionary waited for me on the day Katie Middleton's baby's birth was announced.  They practically pounced on me on that day, the 22nd of July, which is disputable as the actual date of the child's birth by-the-way.  It was, however, the day it was announced, and 2 female Mormon missionaries made a point to be in my path where I was walking and trying to stop me with some comment about "You have such beautiful hair.  Did you do it yourself?  how did you do it?"  I knew from the start they were bitches, not normal people.  My instincts were 100% correct.  Today both of them were in the library waiting for me, the one who had asked me the question the first time, attempting to be incognito without a badge while she sat next to her friend, and as soon as she saw me, she had a look of hatred and smirking on her face.  So this time her friend leaned over to me, as all the other computers were taken with people they knew, so they knew where I would be likely to sit, and said the same thing again, "What beautiful hair.  How did you do it?"  I ignored her and kept typing out my FOIA letters and then she kept pushing it, even though she saw I ignored her.  I finally said, "That is the second time both of you have made the same comment to me and you could see I didn't want to talk to you.  I still don't want to talk to you so please do not do this again.  Goodbye."

The one who made the comment today was someone who acted like she had formerly had a speech impediment or some kind of disability but I saw who she was with and I knew their "Mormon badges" meant NOTHING.  They had gone out of their way to harass me twice, and the first time, I didn't say anything but the second time, I didn't want them in my face again, mocking me with the same pretense.

When I left to mail my letters, which they knew I was working on, it was Karen, the post office worker who I've said, in the past, is a "double" and a spy.  The last time I saw her, I mailed my NCIC report request and she made some big-eyed look over the fact I sealed it with tape using both my right and left hand.  Basically, I put a long strip of tape across it, and smoothed it out with my right hand, to the right, and then the longer part, I went to the center and smoothed it out to the left, with my left hand and then turned it over and finished sealing with my left hand.  I didn't even think twice about it until I noticed Karen's bug-eyed look over it.  I had to stop and think why she had this look and was thinking about me and then the only thing I could think of that I'd done which was different from what anyone else would do, is I used both my right and left hand.  This was after asking about shooting (gun) classes where I got the NCIC report done.

So today, I dropped off these letters after the Mormon missionary witches, and Karen made some comment about shooting or with both hands or something to that effect and I knew intuitively how she wanted it to sound to me.  She was "reminding" me.

Of course you have to sight with either eye if you're shooting with the right or left, so the next thing these assholes did to me, was assault me today.  Karen went out of her way to make some kind of a point about this, in a comment to someone else, as I was still there but leaving their offices.

So then, I had just mailed off my "cease and desist" letters, which the U.S. was already monitoring from the public computer I used at the library, and as I walked past the fire station, which is the direction I usually go, 9 out of 10 times, I was assaulted by the U.S. military, to the top of my head again, at the same time an asshole was talking loud enough, for me to hear, and knowing I was listening.  He said "SWEET!  SWEET!  I tried to get them to stop but it didn't work!!!!"  right after I was assaulted on top of the head by U.S. military technology. 

There was no reason for him to make that comment, loudly, aside from knowing he was coordinating with the U.S. government to say it as a lure, when they assaulted me, so that I would know he knew.  Of course no one else would know why I turned around and asked which person made the comment I heard while walking past because no one would know I was assaulted at that moment, except for people who are party to torture.  That man who made the comment about trying to get "them" to stop but it didn't work, right after I mailed letters of cease and desist, would know very well that if I was assaulted by military at that same time, I would guess he knew something about it and would question him.

So I could have walked away but I decided I wanted a mother-fucker on the line.  It doesn't matter if this group gets away with coordinated efforts to try, desperately to make me sound nuts.  People are figuring out THEY are nuts and anyone who checks facts and looks into their histories, starts making discoveries about their connections which make it probable that what I am saying is true.

So I turned around and asked who said this and a man spoke up and said he did and he had 2 other men with him beside Fire station men.  They had a major camera set up there and I said "What's this?" and they said they were filming.  So I asked what company it was and all of them didn't want to tell me.  In fact, they are all so chicken shit, including the fire station men, they never told me.   If it's not a big deal, why not answer a simple question about what film company you're from?  most people want the notice, and don't try to hide it.  Fuckers hide, which is what they did.  They tried to hide their identity from me but then at the same time, started harassing me and pushing into me when I tried to get away from them. 

While the one was in my face, another one circled around to my left side while the man on the right lifted up his camera and aimed it at me.  Then something was done to my left eye when they did this.
  I don't know what they used, but they did something to my left eye, and I moved away because the one was acting hostile and confrontational and I wanted to know the name of the company so I moved into the office and asked who the fire station manager was.  When I asked, this man who had been standing with them the whole time said HE was, and I said I wanted to know what company and he wouldn't tell me so I said "Could I have one of your business cards? because I'd like to make a FOIA request."  The other film man pushed next to the side of me and kept looking over at my left eye, close up, right after they'd assaulted me to that eye, and then his other man with the camera came over to the front and started with his camera again and I said, "You don't have permission to film me." and then they said they could film whoever they wanted, so I got the card, and did and said nothing rude to these assholes, who had just harassed me, set me up to be assaulted, and then wanted to check for damages.

I took the card and he said, "Say hi to your Mom and Dad for me." and I said nothing and didn't turn around and walked away from them.

I know exactly when I was injured and my eye was targeted.  Then a whole bunch of people who acted like their buddies drove past me when I was walking along the sidewalk to go home.

This is one small premeditated act of violence that several employees engaged in, against me, within an hour's time, as I was demanding the return of my kidnapped son and cease and desist of torture in letters I sent to the military, CIA, and NASA.

So then when I called Coos Bay fire to find out if they had filming scheduled there, they had some man named "Dean" whose voice sounded like, or made to sound like, FBI rapist Josh Gatov.  And when I called to find out Karen's last name from the post office, I was told it was "Karen Kibbee" but I don't know if that's true, and then looking up Coos Bay got a chief with thick glasses by the last name "Gibson". 

So, this was really funny, to these federal employees, to harass me from the start point of a disabled-acting woman Mormon missionary mocking me about my "hair", to making a point about my abilities in using both sides of my brain and body, to assaulting me to ruin these abilities, while harassing me and torturing me in other ways.

This entire town is corrupt to the core, which is why most of them are big Katie Middleton fans.  She comes here and it's "spa town" to her.

Not to mention, the obvious repetition by the woman Mormon missionaries, in saying the exact same thing to me, to get a response from me, like out of Mike Tancer's Groundhog Day.

By the way, one of the banker's at Sterling Bank is personally friends with Katie Kooch.  There is a woman who works there who is from Germany and may contact that way, but the woman I know feeds Katie with a silver spoon has short dark brown hair and Sarah Silverman eyebrows, which Katie began imitating prior to delivering her dork, Wimpy Kid In Psycho-therapy At Gestational Month 3.

Additionally, I figured out the knee pain I was having when it was ongoing for over a month, was not from bleeding disorder (though I do have one) but from being targeted to the implants that show up in my knees on plain x-ray.

This country is guilty of treason.

It's ruined, beyond repair, and oh...I forgot to mention the other thing this woman at the post office did before I was assaulted to my eye.  She did some kind of a drum roll tapping the way federal Fuck Chris Dabney used to do in D.C. at the Post Pub.  He is the one who drew a pencil drawing of one eye, and most likely Karen from the post office knew I'd fill out the form from City of Coquille for FOIA if the Coquille Fire station refused to give me the name of the filming group after I wanted to know because of being tortured and then harassed over it while walking past.  So the only way to fill it out online and send it is through a tool I use that  has one big eye showing and bright fluorescent hair, a Canadian product. 

And to boot, for this town's fucked up pleasure (I will delete the swearing out of respect for Muslims later, not out of respect for "Mormons") after I was refused the name of the film company, this town organized to have the only woman in town with bright fluorescent pink hair drive past me, as I went back to my house to have to fill out the FOIA form and that tool.

That is how they waste my time and taxpayer money.  Hate crimes, with zero justification and abuse of position.  They are all traitors.  I don't consider any of them to be guiltless of treason when they disregard the law and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and torture and make fun of people.

Then they give money to Katie?  some UK bitch?  It's treason against citizens of the U.S. and against the country itself.  I guess they try to get around it by claiming she works for them or is connected to their employees and children so that "tribute" in itself is not treason.

Treason is the state of the Union.  Nothing less.

The country is in a state of Treason.

Another man who was connected to what happened today and who had foreknowledge of the planned events is Irish.  He's someone who told me he became "disabled" after a hit-and-run and he walks around town and I believe he's worked for James Bulger (Whitey) the FBI Irish Catholic Boston mobster.  He followed me from the post office as I was approaching the direction of the Fire Station and had a sour and smirking look on his face--bitter and hateful but smiling in a sinister way.

I was told to make my FOIA request to Renee Collins.  A "recorder" for the City.  Maybe she knows how to play the Irish tin whistle for Whitey.

So then I show up at the house to find the Mormon "construction worker's" truck outside of my parent's home after his friends harassed me, and inside the house with my mother.  Like he doesn't know them.

No one goes to this kind of effort to harass and assault someone like me if they're not part of protecting government rapists and torture--the worst of the worst.  No one but traitors to the country, anymore, get the jobs.

They commit treason and get paid to torture normal people, because I guess treason is what puts food on THEIR tables and meat in their markets.  Not only that, Katie Middleton "actively" works with people here.  They pass around their psychic shit and give eachother the rundown on who was "right" or had the correct prediction or not.  She literally picks up a kudos tab and running commentary about how well she does in her fucking psychic work with the U.S.

This most recent assault seems to be to tamper with my ability to sight with my left eye and shoot left-handed with a gun.  There is no other reason to do this to me, aside from just hate crime torture which they've engaged in, particularly to the left side of my body to imitate and mock me about strokes.  They also wouldn't engage this many employees who have disabilities, prior to assaulting me to try to create a disability, unless they were deliberately trying to rub it in at the same time. 

That's something I did as a kid--I shot a water gun with one in each hand, before they were all broken and I was told I couldn't shoot water guns anymore or aim any kind of gun, even a play or plastic one at anyone.  I shot with both hands and then I wanted a big machine water gun.  That's when they broke all of my guns.  And these bratty kids would later mock me over "paintball guns" and paintball fights as if to make me jealous, when I never cared about them. 

This Mormon guy that comes over to work, who I saw doing weird things at different times (he has a truck and a sedan) is also a Katie Middleton friend.  There is a whole group of them that make predictions with her and about her.  It's like she is part of some MK Ultra "modern" group or U.S. government psychic group where they give her feedback about whether she did good or not, and then some of them talk about her and support her and make predictions about her, FOR her sake, like they're all talking about a coworker.  I think it is possible the Mormon's who lived next to us were not even really Mormon.  They were government, but I have wondered where the Jews fit into Moses Lake. I don't remember meeting any Jewish people there, or hearing about any, but it's impossible they were not around when they've worked so hard to ruin my life.  So somewhere, there had to be an undercover Jew that hated my guts.

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