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Updated: U.S. Tries To Change My Identity from 1998-2005

I made another request for my NCIC records yesterday because the U.S. lied to me last time, told me they "lost" my fingerprints, and that even though I paid them $14 for the search of my records (which they couldn't do without fingerprints) I had to pay them again.  That was the FBI.  They took the money and cashed it and everything.  This was in 2010.  Also, while they deprived me of my record, they sent me off to be held hostage at 2 federal buildings in Tennessee, before I could get another request out.

When I made this request again, another issue came up with my height and I was told I couldn't put down 5'4 1/2" which is what most of my records would reflect and that I had to round up or down so to be closer to 5'4" (from past records) I used that.  However, I am closer to 5'5" and was documented at that height in 2004 at a medical office in Oregon.

I realized there has been a serious, major effort to attempt to change my indentity or appearance of my 'stats' for someone, possibly for a file or to act as a smokescreen to prevent someone from discovering I am the person someone was writing about at one time.  The different descriptors I was being forced to change, by U.S. employees, were my shoe size, the height of heels I wore, my height, and my eye color.

In high school I wore flats but after 1994, I wore heels, and no less than 2" inch.  2" heels were the standard height of heels I wore, which made my 5'4" 1/2 or so, about 5'6" 1/2-5'7".  They weren't stilettos, but normal width heels or boots, and I liked wearing them for having my long legs seem longer and streamlined.  I enjoyed feeling taller and looking slimmer and taller so I stayed with 2" heels.  All of my shoes, except for running shoes, had 2" heels, except for maybe one pair in all those years, at 1 1/2" and one pair in high school that was 3/4".  When I started wearing heels, it was with long pants and jeans that fell past the heel and had a long line, and I wore longer skirts instead of knee length ones or above-knee that I wore in high school.  I had some international women tell me I should wear shorter skirts when I went to P.C.C. because they said, "You have nice legs".  It was all men (government employees) who tried to change my identity for/on records.

So all of a sudden, this Jew Josh Gatov, who worked for the federal government, wanted to "shorten" my height or how tall I seemed overall.  That was in 1998.

He is also the first person who raped me, because he didn't want me to be a "virgin" either.  I was 24 years old when he was telling me to wear flats and when he raped me.  He constantly harassed me about my heels and shoes, mostly in the workplace.

The other thing someone wanted to know once was if I ever wore anything "turquoise" in the past, and I had said "no" and couldn't think of anything but a ski jacket that had some teal along with purple and white on it.  I don't know why I forgot until now, but I had a sweater dress, a tube type of dress, that I wore all the time in high school and was one of my favorite and most-worn dresses and it was solid turquoise.  It wasn't teal--it was definitely turquoise and one solid color, from the neck and sleeves and waist down to the knees, which was the length of it, and it was all one sweater, and one-piece, with a waist that was fitted and two thin black lines that went around the waist (very thin) and around the cuffs of the sleeves and neck (it was a mock turtleneck).  I loved sweater dresses then.  It's the main thing I wore to school and I wore that one between once-twice a week, with sheer Leggs (size A) black nylons and black flats.  I was told my eyes looked turquoise when I wore it.  So yes, I did have a dance dress that was black velvet with turquoise-teal sleeves and band, but the sweater dress was solid turquoise and worn in 1992 and 1993.  It was sort of loose at the top and sleeves and then fitted at the waist, to my natural waistline and then fell in a clingy way around my rear and thighs to my knee.  I liked it because I thought it made my rear end look bigger too (wider hips), and I had an athletic, slim figure so I liked that it showed I had curves too.  So yes.  There was definitely a "turquoise" item I wore every week, for years.

Another thing someone tried to have me change was the size of Leggs hosiery I bought.  The one that fit was size A and I was being told to get size B or it was suggested, and a few times, stores I went to to buy my size, stopped carrying A and only had B.  I always wore solid black tights or sheer nylons.  No matter what I wore, I wore them because they kept my legs warm like long johns. 

In 2004-2005, I was being told I had to change my height, and I was harassed by no less than 3 U.S. employees who were all male.

All of my life, I had always included, "...and a half" because I was never just 5'3" very long, but 5'3" "and a half", and I thought I had stopped at 5'4" (and a half) but I kept growing and was checked and documented as 5'5" in 2004.  I still used 5'4" 1/2 for records except for when I tried starting to incorporate it into my history starting with medical records.

I went to the DMV and was told I couldn't put down a 1/2 size, in Washington, when I applied for a driver's license there.  I was also told by a police officer in Wenatchee, WA I was not "5'5" and he wasn't going to write that down, and the doctor who told me I was "lying" and that I was not "5'5" and not even 5'4 1'2" was Dr. Hughes and it appears CIA defector Edward Lee Victor Howard was being investigated or harassed at one time by another Hughes.

I had never had so many people tell me "You can't use ...and a half...anymore."  They didn't want me to be identified by a "half".  Not only that, the ones telling me this were forceful and vicious, like they hated me and it was really important to them that I not be able to use "half sizes" anymore.  I had no clue what was wrong or happening.  I knew, by 2005, something was seriously, seriously, wrong.

I just had my fingerprints done for the NCIC and they told me again I couldn't use a "half size" or tell them my height was 5'4 1/2".  No where on that form for fingerprints did it say you can't say "5'4 1/2" but I tried, because that's how most of my records identify me, and then I was going to go up to 5'5" but to make it closer to what is in records, I said 5'4" (though I intend to use 5'5" for future document-making reasons and records wherever I am not permitted to still use 5'4 1/2".

My shoe size was always size 7 to 7 1/2 and in high school, most of the time, in a running shoe or otherwise, I got a 7 1/2.  An 8 was far too big, and in a few shoes, 7 was too small at the toes, but most of the time, it was 7 or 7 1/2 and I never had a size 8 and they never fit, ever.  The other thing I was told to change, in 1998, was my shoe size, by Josh Gatov, and one other U.S. employee.  Not only was I told to not wear heels by him, and harassed over it, he was telling me I wasn't really a size 7 or 7 1/2 shoe size and I thought "Why does he care?"  I am really a size 7 or 7 1/2 and now I'm mostly size 7 1/2.

The other thing a cop tried to tell me to change was my eye color.  I had more than one U.S. employee attempt to have me change my eye color, but I don't remember what profession the other ones had.  I know for sure that one of them was a cop.  He tried to write down or say my eye color was "hazel" instead of "green".

So basically, I wasn't supposed to be:

5' 4 (and a half) or 5'5 (officials suddenly trying to force me to say I was shorter at 5'4" with no 1/2)
Wasn't supposed to wear 2" heels that made me 5'6 1/2-5'7" (was harassed to wear flats)
Wasn't liked that my eye color description was "green", and attempts made to change it to "hazel"
Wasn't supposed to have a size 7 shoe or even a 7 1/2 shoe (I had people trying to change it to size 8)

I could have put down "blond" for hair color because my hair lightened in the summer and was strawberry blond but I put down "red" and it was always "red" and I left it at that.  No one tried to force me to change my hair color in official documents, though Mike Webber and his friend wanted to see how I looked with brunette hair, and I used a temporary dye for it, which washed out.

I can't think of one single woman who tried so forcefully to change my stats or ID on records.  What is odd, is that the forceful push and insistence was coming from male government employees and they weren't ones who cared about me or liked me.

So this is what the government employees who were hostile and had a reason to want me to change my ID wanted:

flats (keep her at 5'4" not any reason to be described taller than this)
shoe size 8
hazel eyes

Anyone have an idea why this was being done to me?


I didn't back then.  I do now.


Oh, and add to that, they also didn't want me to be a "virgin" or described as "pure".  I guess it competed with the meaning of "Catherine"(the name means 'pure'), perhaps as the 'half" sizes competed with the idea of Middle-tons or "in the middle" between any 2 things.

Possibly, I wasn't supposed to be 5'7" with heels because she was maybe measuring at 5'7" and possibly I wasn't supposed to have "green" eyes, because the CIA had thrown her in and wanted to switch me out of being the "green eyes" to being "hazel eyes".

If not the CIA, what group?

Police, doctors, and the DMV were involved, along with Jew Josh Gatov, in trying to change my stats, and all of them worked at federal or government offices.

One reason for doing something like this is potentially that a group was afraid of what someone documented about me, who died.  If they thought this person wrote about me, and wanted to change it to have it look like it was written about someone else (maybe Katie Middleton) then they would have a motive for trying to change my ID descriptors.  Another possibility is disguising parentage.  If there was any discrepancy in this, or more than one child with one competing against the other with any biological tie or connection, that's a possibility.  Another possibility is formal government records made and kept about an individual who is favored for a position which gets swapped out to someone else, or possibly files or records made about a person who is being connected to grotesque torture or crimes committed against that person as a baby or child.  It also could implicate specific organizations, names of persons, and intelligence groups, in any country potentially.  If one group of individuals is said to not be trusted, by someone who dies, and I was being connected to this, it would be in the interests of the criminals to want to switch things around so that discovery of my being that person would not then lead directly to them.

It definitely has to do with a written, spoken, or documented record that was of concern because if it had to do with people just around me or finding out about me, they could make their own guesses about my stats and it wouldn't matter that much.  What would matter, is the opinion of someone who was considered to be a "threat" to the group that has been torturing and maligning me, to save their own skins.

While some government "psychics" and 'wise men' (and women) or prophets, might care about how things play out according to their predictions and ideas, cops, DMV, and doctors, generally don't care that much about "psychic prophesy"...they care about getting someone out of the way or trying to change their identity so that information is not connected accurately, if there is something damaging to hide.  This is why I think it has something to do with a written record, a file, operations, commentary, or even verbal discussions overheard or memories someone is known to have had about discussions of a person who fit my description and what activities occurred around me and what groups were involved.

The first time my ID was being changed, or attempts were made, to my face, was in 1998.  Next, the next major push for it occurred in late 2004, early 2005.  The rest is history, as they say.


Another thing that was a fact was after I was held hostage in 1996, I was looking for a dog, to buy a dog for my house, as a pet and a safety measure.  I first looked at security doors and security systems and decided on a dog and told my housemates about it.

*Suddenly* I believe after Diana died (?) the Middletons decided to buy Katie Middleton a dog:  Lupo.  I know I read one time, when trying to figure out when she got her dog, that it was after I had widely discussed getting a dog and had determined for sure this is what I was doing.  I had made many calls and did research about security devices and decided a dog was the best thing.  As it turned out, at the last minute, I sold my house because I found out I was able to go to college with loans (at last).  So if it does have to do with Middletons and trying to switch information around, the dog thing is another thing they did, for her, when I had already discussed this with Shirina, Monica, and Jan, a housemate who was a nurse that moved in and bought a Subaru station wagon once she passed her exams.

When I sold my house I decided not to get a dog even though I wanted one, because it wasn't needed as much for security and I didn't have the house for one place to be in, and since I didn't know what I was doing with my life or where I might move or travel (i.e., wasn't "settled down") I didn't feel it would be fair to a dog to get one and have it become attached and then not be able to keep it, or push it off onto my parents.  Which is why I don't have one to this day, though I recently thought about getting one again for house security reasons (possibly one that has nowhere else to go and is getting dumped anyway).

I got guinea pigs recently because they don't get as attached and their lifespan is shorter and if I move, possibly I can move them as well, whereas a dog is not always welcome everywhere.

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