Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laugh: Katie Bolding Sings Francesca's Aria

I cannot tell you how this made me laugh when I saw it tonight.

I played it and noticed the guinea pigs liked the start and then looked up what it was about on wiki, "Francesca's Aria" by Rachmaninov, and then at the bottom, I saw Rodin's sculture "the kiss" originally titled "Francesca da Rimini", and given the notice the guinea pigs gave it, was funny enough.  Then, I hadn't watched the video at all, just listened to it, and there was this balding man there...and's funny.  I could make a dozen puns from this alone but I will most likely delete this post as irrelevant by tomorrow morning.

The opera is about a woman who married a cripple and then carries on an affair with his younger brother for 10 years until discovered and is killed.

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