Friday, August 2, 2013

Yeah, I'm "Hannah" and U.S. Treason

So yeah.  I'm "Hannah".

When my son was still in my womb I thought about "Hannah" and dedicated my son to God.

That does NOT mean I gave him to the U.S. government and I demand his return because this country, kidnapped my son from his purpose.

I specifically prayed to God, about my son and dedicated him, and even prayed with "Hannah" (not "Anna the spy" which is how so many  U.S. "psychics" start unnecessary wars with inaccurate interpretations of "ideas" they get).  I prayed to God, that He would help me to be like "Hannah" and to do everything I could to selflessly give of all my knowledge and parenting skills, to help him be the very best person he could be.

This dedication of my son, when he was still in my womb, was referred to more than once in my prayers and I can tell anyone, without any shadow of doubt, it had NOTHING to do with the U.S. government or any other government.

That's fine if some other woman decided she was going to "be a Hannah" too, and instead, gave up her kid to be raised in some other country or by other people.  That is NOT what I dedicated my son for and THIS country is guilty of torture and treason.

After my son was born, after we were being tortured, a year later I was on painkillers and in a "patriotic" mood, wrote to a military branch that if there was anything I could do to 'serve or help my country' to choose me because I wanted to do this.

What I didn't realize then was that I was writing a "nice letter" to a corrupt government that was already engaged in torture and hate crimes of me and my own son.  I had not processed or put together, or come out of the shock enough, to discover or be convinced myself that it really WAS the United States of America that was guilty of torture and treason.

I was also not thinking about the impact of painkillers on myself at that time, in feeling more "patriotic" than usual (stupidly, I might add), and I had NO knowledge that I had already been exploited, tortured, and targeted by the U.S. government since I was a kid.  Had I known that I was already susceptible to mind games and suggestion, or triggers, or "programming" I am 100% positive I never would have contacted any branch of military in the U.S. ever.

Additionally, I made this "letter" (which I retracted and will do again formally to every single branch and including the Pentagon, DOD, NSA, and DIS) when I was already planning to flee this country for political asylum, which proves it was an offer made under duress and the influence of painkillers that I legitimately needed for childbirth injuries AND torture from the U.S. government.

I didn't tell anyone what I dedicated my son over while he was still unborn, or about my prayers to God.  I don't believe I have revealed that it was with "Hannah" in mind, from the biblical story, when I did.  It has nothing to do with military or U.S. government, or someone else raising my son, and I rebuke any and every suggestion that any U.S. or Canadian official, citizen, or employee, had a right to torture him at any time.

I also rebuke the U.S. government in its entirety, for committing crimes of treason.

The God I believe in is not the same "God" of the Pentagon.  The God I dedicated my son to, and myself and my efforts to, is the God who accepted my pledge and carried my son to life, and whose will has been slandered and defamed as the "will of the DOD and DOJ".

The God who knows me and who gives gifts to people to begin with, and who gives "talents" or money or time to invest and use to increase their skills to the best of their ability, so that they can pass this on to the next generation--to their own children, or in their professions, never intended for my talent to be blocked and squandered, nor for me and my son to be tortured because of U.S. government treason against their own citizens and their own country.

This country is in an active state of treason.

As a result, any country in the world has a right to disregard any "treaty" made with the U.S., for any reason.


Say it.  The State of the United States of America is:  Treason.

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