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UPDATED: Chris Dabney and Jews: Undercover military and cops

UPDATED:  Chris Rozollo is also some kind of undercover cop and he claimed to be Catholic but I think he's Jewish and works for the Middletons (UK family).  He is also connected to the U.S. Army.  He not only date-raped me, he approached me with a lure of suggesting I might be the type to put a hit on someone.   Like, a real "hit".  He didn't come across at all like some kind of hitman, which, even if he was, I would never be interested, but exactly like a cop fishing around for something to hold onto.  I told him I didn't have any thoughts about having someone dead or a need or desire to hire anyone.  Then he date-raped me and stole my white coat from me, and then cops from the courthouse were threatening me not to say anything about him, while holding razors against me--well, fingering a razor while threatening me not to talk, at Chelan county courthouse where Nakata and Harmon work (oh, and Warren).  I have never brought up his suggesting hit man work before because I didn't think about including it until looking up articles about families that kill eachother and hired hit men by family against family today, out of curiosity over why this country has encouraged this kind of activity in some families that live in this country.

Chris Dabney is either undercover FBI or he is U.S. Army intelligence or sniper.  My first guess was that he is CIA and this is because they had proximity to him with where he was raised and some of the international people he wanted to hang out with.

However, he was most interested in where I went if I was near the Department of Justice or FBI and the people he talked to most at The Post Pub were drug dealers, Jews, DOJ computer intelligence analysts, and military along with JAG (military lawyers, whom he slept with and had an ongoing sexual relationship).

I sent a report about him to the FBI regarding conduct but it is also the military he is possibly required to answer to.  This would also explain his hunter style because that is not born--it's learned and he was spot-on sniper stealth.  Not only that he wanted to work as quickly as he could with his fingers on texts which also lends to trigger-finger and being able to handle weapons quickly.

I bring him up because I'm tired of the harassment and assault I've received because of him.  The reason I would think CIA would be because of his proximity to Australians and what I've perceived as a communication two-way with Katie Middleton.  He is a government psychic, but that's not what I mean, though he did use me, in every sense of the word, to just make predictions about me, observe me, and set me up in the future after having my unborn murdered.  He fired me when I was pregnant, so he was setting it up.  I also think his questions about whether I thought someone in my family would be trying to kill me, were not out of sincere interest, but discovery for his Jew bitch that he began having sex with.  I call her Jew bitch, because she went to the workplace while I was working and made a point to try to make predictions about me as well, and to harass me and set me up for future humilitation.

Some of these people who act like they are the first to warn you about something, are actually just fucking psychics who already know you're going to find out, and if you do, they want you to think they tried to warn you so you should trust them.  You shouldn't trust them, because all they're doing is pulling a legal maneuver from a psychic standpoint.  They already know you're going to discover something was planned to harm you, so what to do?  Oh, make it look like they tried to warn you about it first, and then when you discover it on your own and think back to who tried to warn you, you believe you have a friend when all it is is a false flag from your worst enemy.

Obviously, some people are normal and good and do try to warn you about things first, and you can't be paranoid.  But anyone who has someone attacking them that long or trying to ruin their life, should know what these government psychics do and why they do it.

I mentioned my brother maybe had a bump on his head once but he doesn't--it was just the photo, and then recently I thought my Dad did and said something and he later brushed off dirt from his forehead, but yesterday when Karen the post office worker made a little Chris Dabney imitation of drug tapping with her fingers, I got home and one of my eyes was harmed and then this morning I have an indentation on my forehead where Chris Dabney ran into a pole and came bleeding into the Post Pub.  At least he said he ran into a pole.  So now the U.S. Army thinks it's funny to make a mark on my head where he had this injury.

The other reasons I think he's sniper is I had an interest in this or mentioned it, and by his movements which looked trained to hunt.  He knew how to go around a corner quietly and moved like a panther.  I don't mean a thrashing one--one that moves with stealth before attacking prey and he would only have that form if he hunted or was taught to go through places without making too much movement or noise.  He came into work one day with a hat brim crease as well and I had seen someone who looked exactly like him in a newer BMW with a baseball hat and looking at Alvaro smirking and at me with sheer hate.  I also saw Alvaro's cousin, Omar, do the exact same thing on the same day and he works next to a U.S. Army office in D.C.  I might be confusing "Omar" with his other cousin but when I remember I'll write it down.  One was Alfredo, there was an Alberto I think, and then Omar was either one I met who was married and the other was his cousin who was separated and worked in D.C. and was with him when I met him (Alvaro).  So the one who was usually with him, that is who I saw in passing and  I remembered because for a cousin whose cousin was engaged to me and marrying me, he looked like he hated my guts and wanted me dead, and was pissed.  So why would Omar from the U.S. Army and Chris Dabney be traveling together?  Both of them were traveling towards Alvaro and I, from D.C. going into a different section of D.C. the direction of Maryland.   The Georgetown area.  It was the first time I thought, "Oh my gosh.  They hate me and they think they're screwing me over with Alvaro.  All of them are in on this together."  Georgetown is also where, Chris Dabney told me, his Jewish girlfriend went to college.

And another thing, his Jewish girlfriend who he got after I was pregnant, or close to the same time,
came into the workplace with her bangs puffed up and bouffant and going back and it was how a photo of a woman in one of my diaries did her hair.  That diary of mine was in a cedar hope chest in Coquille, Oregon at my parent's house.  I had been 13 and written next to the photo, which I cut out and pasted into my diary "my ideal (or dream) dress" or something like that and it wasn't great but I had thought so at the time and the woman had her hair down, with half of it back and bouffant at the top.  The dress was spaghetti strap with a plain v neckline and puffed out skirt.  It wasn't even a hair fashion at the time, and this Jewish woman came in with her hair that way and then Nikki, who slept with Chris and worked at the Pub, was trying to get me to put my bangs up and back that way too one time.  Then, of course, Katie Middleton wore her hair that way on her wedding day, which was paid for by mmm... I guess Mossad (and the U.S. Army).  The only difference in the dress was there was a lace sheath section over the top, and it was a different color.  Also, she was even filmed at her wedding and seated to face the same direction of the woman I had cut out in the photo when I was 13.  I can sketch drawings of all these things later but I'm working on the Edward Howard post today.

So the U.S. has been working on creating a bump on my forehead for a couple of weeks, when I didn't run into anything, and then this morning I woke up and there is a new crease along the side to make it deeper, right after I saw this film crew yesterday and they did something to one of my eyes when I was there.

The other thing is I happened to walk in when news was on and they had two military men featured side by side, one was David Hunt and the other man was Tony Pathall or something like that and looked and talked like Chris Dabney.  He was listed as a former Lieutenant for the U.S. Army and then he made a big joke about pretending a problem was with the FBI.  He thought it was really amusing, and at the same time, his first comment out loud was YEP, and said the same way a psychologist in Coos Bay says it, that I was forced to talk to from Southwestern Community College in Coos Bay (which has a director from England).  I was forced to speak to Mr. Day, whose only commonly used expression was "Yep."  He says it the same way, and he is the only person I've known who used it all the time, and it became a way for local Coquille government workers to try to insult me or make an inside joke that I'm mentally ill or there is something wrong with me.  So they would say "Yep" which is what this U.S. Army man did on public television, when he has enough information to know the Pentagon lied and defamed me to cover for their shit.  It's like their code for "Yep.  She's nuts." or "She is to be made to look nuts." or "Drug her".

The entire set up with Alvaro Pardo was a false flag.  The U.S. government used him to try to distance themselves and make it appear he was from another country and had nothing to do with them while they used him to hold me hostage and tried to frame me to go to prison and exploited me and drugged me while I was with him.  Chris Dabney also knew I was being drugged and medicated at the Post Pub or they wouldn't have fired me when I got pregnant, and they were ready to kill my unborn.  I was also being forced to be seen at a prenatal clinic owned and run by the U.S. Army instead of any clinic in Virginia, and I was harassed by the CIA and Pentagon over it, and I suppose NSA since they have something to do with telecommunications, which may have been their way of pushing me out of Virginia and accidentally "seeing someone" en route to Langley, and trafficking me over to the U.S. Army instead, right before they murdered my baby.  The fact I was forced to U.S. Army again suggests Chris Dabney had something to do with the U.S. Army.  And we all know who was getting lubed for the job in Jordan by Mike Middleton in 1982-1984.

So when I see Karen, at the local post office, and others making a joke about Chris Dabney, whose BFF has been pastor at the Coquille Community Church where my parents go since I made my UN complaint, I have a problem with that, especially when the Pentagon has been actively trying to find ways to act out in hate-crime-specific ways of disfiguring my face.

The way my eye was yesterday, after being at the Fire Station, was possibly because of targeting done to my left eye or a result of what they further did to the place above my head where the line appeared and they've been trying to make it look like a lump and a dent. 

All of the attempts to disfigure my face or arms has been done after I posted photos showing tracings of where I was cut with a knife and razor and have scars, and where I have marks from other forms of torture, like round impressions that are not chicken pox scars, and cuts and scars made from incisions where the U.S. military wired me and implanted me to turn me into their own personal surveillance system. 

The U.S. is attempting to conceal evidence and mix it up and they are trying to ruin my appearance out of hatred for my reports against them of men and women colluding to rape me who work for the U.S. government.

Also, my Dad was saying, about 2 weeks or less than 2 weeks before Katie Middleton had her baby, when I picked up the cat food, and asked if I should pick it up, "Yeah, SHE'S DONE" and the way he said it, after I had been given some foul water from NYC Smartwater that smelled and tasted like meat, I recognized was not just his comment to me about cat food but his message to the people who wired me to pick up information spoken to me.  In that split second, I interpreted it as not only a comment to military or intelligence, about something being "done", but a message conveyed about me, that I was "done", and I was the one he was really talking about.  The minute that thought flashed through my mind, my Dad, who is psychic and can read my thoughts almost immediately sometimes, stepped back, eyes widening in shock, and gasped.  He knew exactly what thought I had when he said this, and that now I was not hearing these words spoken to me as spoken to me but as someone who knows I've been used as a military and intelligence surveillance system for their own communications with eachother.  And he believed I was "Done" and when he said it, he looked upset at me.  Then right after that a bunch of Italians passed me on the road, smirking and mouthing:  You're Done.  Possibly just because they knew what I thought so they were rubbing it in.

These different individuals, including Chris Dabney, used me to pass messages back and forth between spies and U.S. government workers.  They did this while trying to kill me off in the meantime, whenever they got paranoid, and after using me to assault me so badly they were punishing someone else and torturing me with the hope I'd kill myself, and then when I had a child, they kidnapped him and have been assaulting me since.

I know some of the people involved in preventing me from getting records or trying to appeal are all of the people in my mother's workplace at Coppertree Realty and the owner is from New Mexico, which is where my biological father Edward Lee Victor Howard was born.  I am told he is my biological father and he must have thought so too, to read his book.

Then, as my parents were acting more and more worried and nervous I might drop a bomb before Katie Middleton had her baby, when I checked out Safe House again I sensed my Dad backing off and being nicer all of a sudden.  Like "Oh.  She's going to read it."

I am going to post a list of the driver's license plate numbers of people I noticed passing me and observing me or being malicious after the Italian (and non-Italian, Jewish I think) film makers at the Coquille Fire Station lured me over there with an assault to the top of my head (and a comment of "I can't stop it.  I tried to stop it!" after this was done to me when I had just written a letter of cease and desist to the Pentagon on a public library computer)  and then tried to observe me with a camera as I was targeted and assaulted to my eye.  The man who made the comment said his name was Paul Prevoza.  I looked at him and either because of who he was or who he was with, picked up on 2 things:  Italian and Jews.

Y6U 320
125 FJA
XJV 560
448 DQU
560 EDB
XAY 241*
552 FVO*
927 BHJ*
*these ones were vehicles whose people knew cops and didn't want me to ID them so a cop was parked where I'd notice, and I think with the hope I'd look left and notice his plates and miss the ones passing me on the right and I didn't--I wrote them down and then he drove off after, passing me with a government plated truck (maroon) behind him.
235 OCP (or possibly 6CP but usually Oregon plates are numbers and letters for one section)
313 FXN
137 BNJ
544 DFU
ZUH 253
020 CBJ
428 EAM
796 GAF
035 CSQ
526 CWA
ZUV 293

and then either ZNK 943 and 692 GEV or ZNK 692 and 943 GEV but I think it's the first way (wondering bc of how I scribbled it down).

There were more but that was some of them.  The ZUH 253 women were seriously pissed I wrote their number down, and hid out around a corner up a hill and came rolling down and then didn't like it when I wrote it down.  They looked inconspicuous and poor so I think they thought I wouldn't notice them.

All of the things that CIA "defector" Edward Howard writes about, that was done to him, the U.S. made a big deal about doing to me and torturing me at the same time.  So the low-flying planes and helicopters and all of that, was like just mocking me over him and I didn't even know who he was or how I was connected but they thought there was a connection or they'd have never done these things to me and my son.

I want my son returned and damages will be very bad for the U.S. if the U.S. does not do what they say they are going to do.

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