Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPDATED: License Plates Today

UPDATED 9/5/13  This is a line to announce all of my work on this blog right now is being done on one post.  " U.S. Premeditated Hate Crimes & Torture Over Edward Howard" (7/30/13). I am noting, on 9/8/13 that last night a large section of my post was deleted by someone (not me) and now I have someone tampering with the formatting when I write more information to screw up my ability to publish this information publicly online (about E.H. and some facts of torture I haven't disclosed until recently). So if you see there is no post with this title when you check, it's because I am having to correct what is being done to block my freedom of speech (blogger is a real mascot for that one--they publish when it's convenient for them and then block people when it's not, when it's run by mostly CIA when it comes down to it. Blogger used to be independently owned and ever since Google bought it out, there have been problems with it. The owners of Google are primarily Jews so when I am writing information that includes U.S. government and Jewish hate crime against me, I would suppose this is a reason they choose to obstruct my freedom of speech and use people they can bribe to help them). Since someone is actively tampering with my ability to show what I already wrote about this, I am going to keep writing anyway and put it back up as soon as possible.

Some license plate numbers of people in Oregon that I noted today are as follows:

587 DZX  (Hispanic? black? latino? philipino?  I'm not sure, but they were observing me when I was being targeted with military technology).  The torture was that the U.S. used technology to lock the screws and pins in one of my knees that otherwise has no problems.  I have a knee with fractures because of cops, FBI, and from a fall in Nashville, TN, but the other knee had the surgery and there isn't anything wrong with it mechanically aside from what the U.S. government has tried to do.)

58 71  (older man in a caravan also observing me)

159 FHF  (30 or 40 something young couple in a jeep observing me during torture)

139 FPR   (this is someone I see all the time and I've noticed him mocking me so much I think I've posted this plate before)

823 FHL  (This was a vehicle on the freeway, observing me for government purposes and mostly undercover and was escorting a man with a helmet on motorbike and there were other cop vehicles unmarked around him)

First, I will add this, there was a caravan of cops and military and government employees as I walked along the freeway and they were observing me after I had a safety pin come loose and was holding it in my hand. So the 823 FHL car, the motorcycle, and several other larger SUVs that were clearly government vehicles, were around and observing this.  Then, after someone apparently noted I was holding the safety pin in my hand, about 45 minutes or so later, I was being targeted to the knee that has metal pins in it, and then some of the license plate numbers I recorded are ones that were around when it was being done at the worst extremes.  It was also done to me as I passed a marble or granite selling shop, possibly with someone there in mind if they were looking, but mostly I noticed these vehicles watching me, and then it was done as I turned onto my own driveway.

Later tonight I went out for a very short walk and there were several FBI women, females mostly, on the road observing me. 

It was a day full of some really haughty government personnel.  The night before, last night, I had a bad feeling when I walked downtown and mostly over  a couple of carloads of young "punks" types who were between age 16-mid-20s.  Just something wrong.  Then, someone called my Dad up to tell him to pick me up or something, as if he needed to be called, when no one should be calling my "parents" to "inform" them "Your daughter was walking in the middle of the road" which was not the case, and even if it was, it's not something you talk to an adult's parents about--you talk to the person directly. 

So after a bunch of young punks with punk parents were around last night, they decided I should be humiliated with being "babysat", and then today it was thick with government individuals who have assumed they've "won" something.

They've won nothing and I have no idea why any of them should feel smug.

On the other hand, today I did sense a return of the power.  Power for myself is back and I recognized it by the looks on a number of individuals' faces who came into town, who were no longer making fun of me, but instead, looking me eye-to-eye as my being the sane person they've known I am, and wanting rather to rub in how they have been in control.  It wasn't a pretense anymore, and I saw this, that they knew they're "Cameo is mentally ill" days are nearing an end and all they have left to hold onto is "Look what we've already done to you".


And then get over it goats.

Also, yes, there were decent people around yesterday and today.  Of course--but I was noticing the tempo and emotions of those who come out to harass me or observe me out of hatred.

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