Thursday, August 8, 2013

Torture Beginning At Federal U.S. Post Office Today

The first time I was being tortured starting today was at the U.S. post office in this town.  There, and now, at my house while I'm on the computer, the ionic electro-magnetic torture is being used inside of my chest where everyone says the Maryland hospital put in a metal stent (which Obama supposedly knew about), under my ribcage. 

This is being done to me now and it was done to me starting at the Post Office when I showed up with 10 more letters to mail, for FOIA, as I've been making FOIA requests for records for the last week. 

So I was tortured, at the desk while asking how much the postage would cost and the main postmaster Greg was standing on the other side of the post office next to the boxes, and I was standing in front of Carolyn and then they had Karen standing in between both Greg and Carolyn at one point.

I think it's probably retaliation for making public comments about Karen on my blog.  I think it is also retaliation to try to prevent me from accessing the records I'm asking for, which is all the U.S. has been doing for the last several years.  They don't like the fact I am in one place to collect records, or that I have money to pay for those records when it's required, so they have tortured me.

I know one time Greg, the headmaster of the post office, once tried to prevent me from mailing something there, and then was acting like I couldn't mail things there and he threatened me about it.  It was after I wanted to check a piece of mail I had sent because I forgot to look at something. 

I thought, "Yes, I can imagine the U.S. would love to ban me from their post offices so I can't mail anything, the same way they banned me from federal and state courthouses and hospitals."  They tortured me and banned me from public courthouses, and then while I was in severe pain with migraines the U.S. government triggered to keep me out of court (Katie was jealous--okay, Katie's political group was jealous because they wanted Katie to look good because she was the one who would do favors for them) they then banned me and blacklisted me from getting painkillers for the torture the U.S. inflicted on me.

The U.S. engaged in full-on war and torture against me without any court process.  There was no accusation I was a criminal, and I'd never been to jail when they started this.  Besides which, criminals in jail have a right not to be tortured too.  But there was also no lawsuit, civil or otherwise, made against me, or any kind of process between citizens or the government and myself, that this country cleared first, before engaging in full combat against me to torture me and to prevent me from having any relief from torture. 

I also noticed some women or a car with people that looked Russian but like Russian-Americans, not regular citizens from Russia.  I am possibly wrong, but I think so and they were sort of laughing at me as I passed while I was tortured to have stinging sensations made into my neck, which were not from a natural cause.  I think they are part of American government because otherwise I don't believe they'd have made a point to be at that cross-section to look at me and laugh while I had something stinging my neck, and the group that would be doing this to my neck would be U.S.

I'm not saying some in Russia don't commit crimes with some in the U.S. at times, but what I am referring to is U.S. government criminals who have tortured me and all of the perps have led back to government-paid employees.

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