Monday, August 12, 2013

Wenatchee Pervert Psychic Matches Doctor and Cops

For the last couple of years, I have received messages from my aunt that I can tell are not what she would choose to write, and which are messages directed by someone who seems to be a man and has a very sick perverted sense of humor, is sadistic, and psychic.

The only person I can think of, that I met in Wenatchee, who fit this description and made similar comments along the same kind of thinking, to my face, was the Wenatchee Italian doctor who raped me and had cops guarding him.

Steve Mays also has a weird sense of humor, but the only one whose humor and style of thinking is a match, from what they also talked about in front of me, is the Italian doctor who raped me after the Seattle stripper "Francie" and her boyfriend first picked me up to take me home and then ditched me while I was incapacitated in East Wenatchee, by cops who knew this man.

It is the same kind of sleazy, gross, style as this Italian who said in a very sinister way as he raped me, when he asked "what are you" (ethnicity), and I listed a few things, too drunk to think clearly about why he  would ask and why I would answer when cops were there and he was raping me, "English, Scottish, French, ..." and so on and he said, in a really horrible way, "Well now you have some Italian in you." 

It was the way he said it and set it up and with the cops there, and his tone of voice and the fact that I was being raped and had no place to go and was totally incapacitated.  Francie would not have left me that way if she didn't know first, how incapacitated I was.  His demeanor and tone or line of thought was the same as "Lee's"  who worked at the Wenatchee Community Workforce Center, and I know it was him or the doctor from the hospital and I would need to see photos side by side to be sure and I could be positive.

But his comment, went along with the same kind of comment as what Jew Josh Gatov made about "What would your Dad think to know you were taken by a Jew?"  It was like it was all coming from the exact same gang-rape package crew.

Instead of saying "you were taken by a Jew" he said, "now you have Italian in you".  It was the same gross comment, while they knew they were raping me, and it means they are connected to eachother and since cops appeared in both cases, these cops are also involved in the gang raping.

All of the disgusting psychic comments I've been getting are referring to, and making sick jokes about my son Oliver being sodomized, raped, or forced to perform oral sex for men.

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