Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hit-and-Run Assassination Attempt Mix-Up

I just saw a photo of the second man I was told was responsible for the hit-and-run of my vehicle.  He does not look like the person that ran into me, and I asked to see other photos of him with different hair and that kind of thing, but it doesn't look like him.

Not only that, I remember the information on who did this was changed.  The first officer I talked to told me it was a Hispanic male, and gave me the name of his wife who owned a house.  Then a different officer wanted to run over that information and present another name and kept insisting, no it was this OTHER man, not the one first identified, who sounded like the right one. I remember at the time, I got into an argument with that second officer and felt intimidated and threatened because he was so insistent even though the information was different and he kept wanting to deny any other man was first named.

The second man supposedly lived with his parents, and that wasn't the case with the man first identified.

So I'm asking to see more photos to be totally sure, but I do remember exactly what happened at the time, because you don't forget a crazy hit-and-run like that, especially after a "friend" called you up to know your exact location ahead of time.  I also remember I was getting pressured by the second cop and then a bunch of other harassment was thrown at me at this time, to derail me from pursuing and following up on what had happened.  I did try, through the insurance companies, and they were also withholding information.  I gave them the name of the woman and they refused to look her up, saying the police gave them a different man.

The entire identity of the assassin was changed and I remember knowing Lloyd Foulkes, the police officer, knew it.  He was too hard-core and insistent that I accept the other version and it made me afraid.

 I do want to see other photos, just in case, but the photo I just saw showed sort of the same puffed out cheeks, or a little bit of a broader face there, but the man I saw had red eyes, had a crazy manic look about him that was less Anglo-Saxon than kamikaze Mexican, and wilder hair, and laughing, this big crazy laugh.

Right before Kate Middleton was going to get pregnant, I was taken shopping in Coos Bay by a woman, who works with her husband volunteering at the 7th Day Adventist church and she smirked over at a Mexican man who showed up and smirked at her, and that man looked more like the assassin than this other guy.  She had bought milk and 2 bags of Lays potato chips.

I wondered why that man had come into the store just to look at me and then exchange sinister smirks with her.  His smile was just like the man's who ran into me and he was Mexican. 

She and her husband (Fred) are from California and their son was in the military.  They were mad that he was killed, they said, in a shooting (I think random) by a black man or in some turf war in California.  They were both professionals and didn't look like the type to live in that kind of an area.  They were friends with a Jewish woman who also volunteered there, who was the one to make the comment to me about "brownies".  She was the one who said they could give me a ride home one day and then they said to call them for anything but were sort of feeling me out, and the trip to Coos Bay, was when I saw something was wrong.  Then her husband was rude to me the next time he saw me, and deliberately making innuendoes about Katie Middleton, and talking to a woman who had a new baby, and looking over at me, and the pastor of the church, who is also a psychologist and had been working in Portland, Oregon near FBI previously, offered to give me a ride home instead of going with them (this is when I went to the food bank for a short time).

They then stopped by my house every so often, and would drop something off if I didn't show up there, and they gave me a bunch of apples that I got sick from.  One of the last things they gave me was a carton of almond milk and a book about "love" or something to do with Middleton again.  He showed up at my house once knocking on my door and I said I was busy and didn't want to bother with them anymore and left the rest of the apples in the storage because it was the only thing I'd had that was making me sick, that I knew of, but who knows, and that, combined with the odd exchange she had with the Mexican man in the Fred Meyer, was enough for me to not want to take anything from them.  I didn't drink any of the almond milk they gave me and dumped the whole thing out because of it.

I have a feeling the only reason something got re-arranged with who tried to assassinate me was because of the pattern of who it kept leading back to, which would implicate Schneiders, and eventually, Middleton again, along with U.S. government.

The man looked a lot like Erica Ballinger's neighbor, and that would lead to more U.S. and FBI government, including people connected to the first assassination attempt against me, and the second.

gave a "bitter as gall" tirade all the way back and there, because I think I knew something was up and wasn't in the mood to pretend.  Maybe it was fortituous that I did, to gauge her reaction, which I think is what I was subconsciously testing.

When she pulled into my driveway, she looked ahead and gave a hard look and a nod to the window and I looked up because she was clearly signaling something like "yes" to someone, and it was my Dad looking out.

He sort of nodded back at her.  Then later, he or his twin acted completely different, not like he knew them but was very concerned about my being around them and not wanting me to have anything to do with them, like they would do harm.  So I don't know.  It was like two different responses and either he figured something out, or it was 2 different Bob's with different ideas.

Later, months later, I mentioned that woman to both my Mom and Dad.  I told them when we'd gone to the store, she acted weird with some Mexican man who seemed to know her.  I brought it up because I was talking about something, and said I thought she was connected to Middleton because she got milk and then 2 Lays (too late) chips and the man looked at this, laughed and then they exchanged knowing, sort of sinister and satisfied looks.  She looked like she wanted to secretly strangle me after I'd gone off about the men who raped me and police who did nothing.  So I told my parents about the 2 jugs of milk and 2 Lays and the Mexican man and how she seemed to know them and they both got shaky and stopped in their tracks in the kitchen and stared at me.

I then said I wondered if anyone ever died and was just in hiding and not really dead at all.  It was on another tangent, and something brought it to mind, but not that specifically, unless I had thought maybe the "too late" thing had to do with a death.  I don't remember, but it spooked my parents. 

What I think is odd, is when Edward Lee Victor Howard was going by alias's of Bryan Shannon and in Russia, Edward Janovitch, why was a hit-and-run person being named whose name was Byron Shannon?  That person doesn't look like the one who hit me, to me, but whether he is or isn't, why did someone want notice drawn to THAT name and to ME at the same time? 

This leads to proving the U.S. HAS believed I have something to do with CIA defector Edward Howard and that they have deliberately tortured and persecuted me because of it.  It also shows they were either trying to intimidate Edward Howard and get a "message" to him, possibly by showing him I had another 'accident' and someone with one of his aliases did it, which meant I was endangered, and that the trail led nowhere because the U.S. was sponsoring all of it.  Why else had the United States government and Karl Rove tried so hard to cover their tracks on every single assassination attempt against me? by obscuring or deleting records and reports?  I know without any doubt that Karl Rove is behind some of this.

This also shows the U.S. did this to me again, while they knew Edward Howard was alive, because it was in 2002-2003 and he did not die until 2004.  He was also offering to do a plea negotiation with the U.S. after 1995 when the U.S. hijacked my vehicle with Mike Nichols and then ran more implants into my body in surgery.

After this planned hit-and-run in 2003, when I got another car I was trying to pick up my "hope chest" in 2004 that my mother was suddenly saying was never given to me.  (by the way, her wedding dress got packaged up and shipped somewhere when I was about 13-14 years old which means Katie Middleton was about 5-6 years old.  I believe I was 14 so she was 6 and I think she had her honeymoon on a 6th floor or something like that--I mention this bc it seems odd her dress disappeared and then Katie's dress was designed like it).  The U.S. federal bankruptcy court was also not filing documents publicly for a case, as they were required to do, and Judge Lipscomb was working with them to withhold them so I was forced to drive that direction.

That was when I was pulled over by police, who said they received an "alert" to pull me over for driving with a suspended license (who 'alerted' them, and knew, when the entire suspension was illegal to start with?) and I was told since I couldn't be picked up that night, to go to the Howard Johnson hotel.  I am pretty sure that "Janovitch" in Russian is something like "son of John" in English, and here was the U.S., deliberately stealing my car on a false stop, and telling me to go to the hotel that had a name resembling Edward Howard (Janovitch).

The United States has paid for, and encouraged, every single rape by their employees against me.  They also used police to conceal the tracks of those involved in every single assassination attempt against me.

No report was made of the assassination attempt against me in 1992, that involved Shannon Adams' family, and my mother took horse riding lessons with Shannon (dressage and jumping) at that time, and they were connected to the Stalders and Roos (military).  This is with a cop who saw the results of the collision and did not stop to make a report that night.

No state patrol report was made in 1995 of Mike Nichols' hijacking my car to assassinate me in Nevada, when the jurisdiction it was in, would have normally been reported with them.  So they knew, but no report was made.

The report on the assassination attempt against me in 2003 was changed and concealed, by police again. 

In the meantime, they were all having a lot of fun throwing around the name of CIA defector Edward Lee Victor Howard.

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