Monday, August 19, 2013

My Red & White Block Shooting and Archery Photos

See the post that is being updated for the photos

Updated 8/19/13:  U.S. Premeditated Hate Crimes & Torture Over Edward Howard

I added photos to illustrate what I was trying to refer to, which has to do with the U.S. training me before I was even 3 years old, to be some kind of hidden asset.  I know I was abused and tortured, but the idea I was being trained at a professional range to shoot guns and load ammo is new for me to realize.

It has some reference to the movie Karate Kid and I'm not kidding.  It's something about going right or left but if you go in the middle, you get squashed like a bug.  This probably has something to do with being at the military airport also shared by Japan Airlines, but I was also being taken in and out of Canada.  Some of my training was potentially at Canadian sites, along with abuse and torture.

The triggers are block shapes of solid red or solid white, and moving torwards me (oncoming) and I seem to have it happen when I am also walking.  So I was encouraged to be moving or walking and then have these factory lines of target cards or something, moving past me as I had to aim for them with the correct timing.  It was even gauged with velocity of the weapon designed for me to use.  I was never trained with "knives".  Other people cut me with knives.  I was trained with guns and ammo. 

I think it was a pistol or revolver in my left hand for shooting in general, and then another weapon in my right hand.  I was either trained to shoot across my body, sniper-style, with my left hand to the right, or possibly to retrieve ammo from behind my right shoulder to load a gun for shooting with my right, like a longer gun or a torpedo or bomb or something.  Possibly, it was arrows.  It could have been a bag of long arrows I was trained with and later I was given a bunch of arrowheads in Moses Lake and discussion was made about arrows and arrow heads.

This would also fit the CIA or FBI using Amy Roe (A. Roe like arrow) against me to defame me in order to conceal their own doing.

When I later said to my Mom there was a strangely high percentage of people in Wenatchee (where I was born) that practiced archery and a big bow and arrow shop, she cringed and didn't want to think or talk about it.

I know in church, my Dad drew "hangman" diagrams and then I had to guess which letter or another limb was added until a man was there hanging on a noose.  It was that game and then a drawing of a wall with a man peeping over it.  It is like what I was taught to do by either covering my face or aiming across my face or something. 

It's highly subconscious which means this had to have been taught to me before I was 3 years old.  It was never after age 3 and that was when a 1977 government file was supposedly destroyed about me.

It is the only time I was trained.  I played with water guns and wanted a larger one too, but after my water guns broke I was told to never point a gun, not even a play one at anybody and I was never allowed to shoot after that.  I wasn't even allowed to do target practice with my Dad and brother except for a short time once or twice in my life.

I threw darts on my own, with my right, later in life, but only a few times and that was it.  I enjoyed it though, just the target practice part of it.

I know I also witnessed someone being tortured or I wouldn't have felt like throwing up when I saw a red mark on the temple of this one mans' face as he said "messerlee" and I have scars from something being put on my temples there on both sides, and I have other torture marks as well.

It had to have been some kind of a runway aisle, or like a moving escalator in an airport, or just a hallway.  It is possible I was in a plane, with that narrow of an aisle, and had to walk down it, as red blocks moved on my right and white ones passed on the left and then practice aiming. 

Whatever I was trained in, the U.S. has always known about it and they are torturing me even tonight as I write about this.

Why?  Because I am uncovering all of their bloody secrets that's why.  It is not going to get better for the U.S. either.

They began the exact same ritual abuse with my son Oliver, that they did to me.  We have no lives of our own.  The U.S. has raised us in captivity and tortured us and forced us to be hostages.  That scientist who the CIA kidnapped and who was forced to work here until released, is "nothing" compared to what the U.S. has been doing to my family.

I know Chris Dabney must have known when I didn't know because of something he did with crooking his arm over his face, and I didn't know.  So he never told me and no one did.  No one ever bothered to free me or my son with the truth.

The CIA is a bunch of liars who laugh under their "truth will set you free" statements.  The U.S. encouraged dozens of men to rape me who worked for them.  That is not all they did.

This country has one choice and that is to release my son to me.

If they persist in their stupidity, they will be killed over it.  I am not saying I will be killing anyone, but it is a guarantee and I wouldn't feel it is true and that I can say this, if I did not at this time believe it very likely.  Someone or some group will "take out" those who destroy lives in this way, and if it means taking out the entire nation, which is already dragged down by the underpull of these criminals, that is what will occur.

Also, I think someone switched my baby black guinea pig with a sick one.  The one I saw born didn't have a whorl swirl on top of his head and the one that died did, and before I noticed it was sick there was some dot of wax on the top of its head.  I almost saved it but it still died like it was beaten up badly. 

Basically, back to the training, it's pretty obvious the U.S. did all this torture and training of me and then hoped to dump me.

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