Friday, August 9, 2013

McCain's "Difficult and Painful Sacrifices"

What has he sacrified?

Shouldn't someone who is talking about "sacrifices" have a record of making one?  I wrote to John McCain while I was being tortured and got zero response from his offices, and I find it unacceptable in the context of his military position and knowledge of who I am from the Pentagon and through his "difficult challenges" diatribers like Alvaro.

His statement with Graham sound like some kind of salami and bolonge sub made up by James Middleton and Alvaro Pardo speeches.  Why don't we just put the two of them together forever, to write speeches on a touring circuit for cakes.  Or maybe James can take the cake speeches and Alvaro can talk about the donut holes.  "Difficult" is not a word that should be in McCain or Grahams speeches at all, or any of the senators when they do nothing but puff out speeches full of wind and nothing.  I got more out of the thunderstorm tonight and lightening flashes than I ever did from any of them.

In fact, this country shut down an entire email account when I emailed the Senate secretaries for assistance with MK Ultra and being tortured.  If it's not "real" why was it necessary, so many times, to shut down my laptops or computers like they are the real communists, not Castro, anyone from Russia or China or N. Korea.

What happened?  They threw in "difficult" because they still work with the Rat Alvaro Pardo?

"Difficult decisions" to "compromise to save a situation".  Right.

Let me tell you one thing.  When I find out what was done to me during that surgery in Maryland, with Alvaro the Fucker standing by, your heads are OFF.

Why should anyone from the Middle East listen to you when they know you don't even listen to your own citizens, when you even claim to be "victims of torture" yourselves.

They know it, and they don't respect you because of it.

Being a victim of "torture" in a foreign country as a POW is not a "sacrifice" or "difficult decision".  It's not like McCain said, "Send me to be tortured for the benefit of my country, and how shall I do this? with determination in a 'difficult' decision making process".

I hate Alvaro Pardo's guts and all of the quacks he colluded with to torture me and have me operated on to worsen my future, as he held me hostage and humiliated me.  I don't "hate" everyone, but I hate him and the doctor he colluded with, which is why they are refusing to release records to me still, of the surgery they did.  I also hate Chris Dabney who makes me sick to my stomach over his participation and collusion with Pardo to do it, and his Jew-Bitch.  That's who I "hate"--people who collude against me, torture me and know of torture and do nothing, murderers of my unborn and torturers of my son...

These are the people God hates. 

I was not only being held hostage by the U.S. government, they were drugging me and assaulting me and holding me hostage while they knew they were drugging me.  They lied on top of everything and would have loved putting me in prison on top of it all, which they did try to do, in fact, and guess who was behind that? 

Why did Alvaro Pardo want to go to Phoenix, AZ so bad?  The next largest religious group after Catholic is Mormon.  Then it's Jews.  The protestant groups are all interspersed everywhere.  But as for denominations that assemble as a group, Mormons are 2nd largest.

Which is really great Alvaro.

After hearing this big speech about "being a living sacrifice" from James Middleton at Katie Middleton's wedding and all of this "difficult" speeches made by FBI (and other) Alvaro Pardo, after they used me to operate on me and ruin my body further, WHERE IS YOUR OWN LIVING SACRIFICE?

I see nothing from any of you and none of you suffer by choice, nor are any of you tortured as U.S. citizens and NONE of you do anything about torture of U.S. citizens in U.S. territory so why would GOD bless YOU over a different country like Egypt.  You can't even take care of your own house and you want to talk about how to fix up Egypt.

Maybe when you do your JOB and investigate crimes committed by U.S. officials and agents against children and their mothers, and return kidnapped children to their mothers, some of these people will be able to look you in the eye. 

McCain and Graham are like two albino rats with maraschino cherries for eyeballs.  Funny how they are "standing in" for James Middleton and Alvaro Pardo in absentia.  Why exactly is McCain still pandering to Alvaro Pardo, by the way.  They shot down my request for habeus corpus and for a response from the FBI and Pardo, by a Magistrate Clark who did nothing but protect U.S. employed criminals.  This is where I have been a victim of criminal activities from these people since I was born, and now they expect to continue their criminal tradition against my son.

If McCain and Graham and Alvaro and James are so interested in living sacrifices and encouraging Egypt to take on that example, why are they so chicken to show the world exactly what they've done to me and my son, so we can be "living sacrifices" for them to observe and watch without our consent.  In fact, the entire hypocrisy and mockery of "sacrifices" first came to me from Robin Bechtold, who is a coward.  He said he didn't like feeling inferior to me because of my voluntary "sacrifices", so to make himself and his friends feel better about themselves for being the chicken shit loser cowards they are, who should be wrapped up into chicken mcnuggets and sold in a stir fry bargain bonanza, who have no moral backbone and do nothing but set up rapes and torture and assassinations for others because of their ego-issues, they made sure I was being tortured by their military and intelligence friends because then, through involuntary "torture" the "living sacrifices" were no longer so superior.  They weren't "Jesus" anymore, or "saints", or "good people who tried to make a difference" they were just "scum to rape and torture".

Now...sigh...put up your feet Robin, because now you, the man who wanted to frame me to cops with an $18/per pill offer for oxycontin after trying to kill me, can feel "better" about yourself along with your lacking "do-gooder" Mormon and Jew friends.

Mark from the U.S. Army was Catholic, Dabney said he was Catholic but possibly was Jewish, Dabney's girlfriend was Jewish, and Alvaro's religion is whatever he wants it to be as it suits him.  They colluded to have me operated on and implanted with more U.S. wires and stents to facilitate torture against me after they didn't find a way to convince me to do what they wanted.

These are criminals.  They also set me up for another assassination attempt in 2009 in Washington D.C., by the same people who were connected to those colluding against me in the NW.

Do you want to "move it forward" McCain?  How about admitting what has been done to me and my son and returning him?  What about my compensation package and settlement from the U.S. for torturing me MY ENTIRE LIFE, from birth, through childhood beatings and being cut up and drugged and programmed, to being a target for assassination and premeditated rape and then more torture and kidnapping of my child.

What do YOU have to show for that?

You have NOTHING.

When is the last time someone put you on birth control McCain?  Without your consent?  Or aborted your children without your consent?  Or tortured your only living child, without your consent?

My how happy and healthy Katie Middleton's child seems to be however, compared to Oliver Garrett.  I wonder why that is.  The Pentagon is very eager to blast away at my son, a U.S. citizen, but not so much with Katie, and they are happy to murder my unborn children to keep a soldier from having to pay child support, but not so much Harry's, and the U.S. takes the chance to torture me and plot raping me from my birth, but not so much Katie.  Even though she works for them.

So some kids in the U.S. get born to be normal "U.S. citizens" and then other kids are born to be "Torture & Rape Target Practice" for the U.S.  This is what the U.S. has set up for Oliver, the same way they set that up for me from the first day.

And you fuckers were too cowardly to hear out a Petition for Habeas Corpus.  What big men and noble women.

All of these Senators and their secretaries deserve to lose all of their jobs for refusing to respond to a citizen regarding torture in the U.S. or to inquire of Microsoft why they suddenly shut down my account after I sent out the emails and requests so responses (or knowledge of non-response) couldn't be received.

My own parents are now getting favors from Middleton's new position and status.

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