Thursday, August 15, 2013

Laura Ingraham's Comment on Cyclic "Anxiety"

Laura Ingraham tonight said the American people are upset with the way the country is, and that they have "cyclic anxiety".

I seriously wonder when the last time CIA-employed Ingraham has had a psych eval.  She may be one reason Russia doesn't want more of their children going to the U.S.

The "cyclic anxiety" comment touched a nerve with me because I have been in bed all day with a migraine that is not an actual migraine, and is not from "cyclic anxiety" either.  It's torture, and a way the U.S. government has figured out how to put me out for as long as they want.

Prior to calling them "menstrual migraine", and related to my cycle, they were all over the place, oh, except for every single Friday at CTR Business Systems in 1997, and starting with Government major Mary Del Balzo in 1996.

Then my "cyclic anxiety" migraine, for some reason "went away" during the first 2 years of my filing 2 massive lawsuits on my own, and holding them up competently.  What a shock Laura...I have less anxiety than ever in courthouses, speaking publicly before licensed lawyers and Judges?  Who would have thought?

What it came down to, was that my "migraines" and torture were triggered again in 2004 after Robert Garrett Sr. and CIA "defector" Edward Howard were killed, and someone thought I was getting too close to settlement money and winning my cases. 

I think at first, the shock that I was in courthouses, was enough to keep the U.S. from targeting me further, perhaps out of a morbid curiosity over what I would do with myself, and how would I even accomplish it?  To them, it was another event, to watch a lab rat work their way through a more complicated maze than expected.  However, right before taking all of the money I was owed, of course the U.S. tortured me again.  They also killed a couple of men they knew might speak up and had little enough to lose, they just might do it, if the U.S. targeted me for extreme FT torture again.

So Laura, if you want to do something besides picking out "chainlink fence" shirts in black and white, and sneering secretly to yourself over the "have-nots" and the "haves" as your friend O'Reilly calls them, you might do something with your hair.  What else do you really have to worry about Laura?  Work on your hair.

Not only that, she made this odd comment, when I've commented in the past about her already, regarding her work for the CIA in Virginia, and her comment on her news radio station the day I was making round beet prints on paper over verses for my son.   She directly referred to what I was doing at that moment, and commented in a snide tone of voice.

In addition to being tortured with migraine all night and today, I have two "cyclic" circle imprints on my face from the U.S. torture, which I am positive she was also alluding to in her comment tonight, knowing I listened or watched.

She is really someone who should cease to exist.  Maybe I mean cease and desist.  I can't remember right now, if it's cease to exist or cease and desist but either way, she should.

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