Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Continued Torture and Disfiguration by U.S. Government

I am not sure which person decided to commit treason against the entire country and its citizens, but they've authorized a bunch of government employees to follow along.

So basically, the U.S. allowed those in control of weapons of technology to take over the entire nation.

I sent a cease and desist letter which they mostly received yesterday. 

When Toshiba-Google news is putting up articles, just last night, about how the "rich" feel this is the end of America or that the end of America is close, I wonder at that.

First of all, the U.S. took a dive after 1995, which is when they authorized implantation of me with microchips and torture by remote technology.  Dot-coms and technology did really well, with a surge of profits and high risk wagering, in 1997, and it has not recovered from the year I was raped.

Have we?

Show me evidence of recovery.  There is none.

When a nation starts allowing criminals to run it, of course it's over.  No one would likely say, "The U.S. ended in 1995, after a failed collusion attempt to hijack Garrett's car and try to kill her again" or "All financial systems crashed after Garrett was raped" but in fact, that is what happened.  It didn't happen because of an isolated personal incident--it was a precise symbolic measurement of what this country and the government is up to and what they have become--Criminals and traitors.

When the "rich" or some of them, announce it's the end of America, I question why the title would state it is the rich who think so.  Of course, some of them are good and know it's the truth.  However, a lot of people have become richer during these criminal decades where the U.S. has been operated by traitors.

When dot-coms fell, and people were shocked they couldn't just snap up any job or transfer freely anymore, not everyone suffered.  Not those who were triggering my migraines to keep me out of work for one thing, who get a paid salary from the U.S. government.  Did they suffer?  No, they did not and they got richer.  Some of the rich enjoy the inequations and poverty disparities because then they have more people desperate at the bottom to pick off of as well.

The country fell, and has not recovered, since 1995.  I would say it possibly started heading that direction by 1992, but definitely by 1995, hands traded in the U.S. for treason.  The traitors are not the "spies" the U.S. claims did damage--it's the active employees that are taking money and torturing people in this country, by abuse of their positions, and justifications of "national security".  It's not more "secure"--it's over.

If the rich are saying the U.S. is almost "over", they are getting their news late because they went to the gym first and then spent time with the mistress before taking in the news.  Maybe they didn't want to be woken up in the middle of the night.  It's already over.  The U.S. allowed traitors to disassemble everything this country stands for and most importantly, human rights and security for their own citizens, and it's done.

There has not been one single "recovery" or financial resurgence, or economic building-up, since 1995.  That means this has been going on for 18 years.  That is almost 2 decades of financial and collateral ruin.

Not one single "effort" or new "Act" put into place has made a significant difference other than to keep it at the same status quo it's been at since 1995.

I guess the U.S. lost all their economists to their own foolishness.

The next time there was a "crash", was when people lost their houses.  Not many got them back and those who have been making money torturing people secretly were involved in snapping them up cheap for themselves.  Money and assistance was given to institutions involved in supporting treason, not to the citizens.  For all of the U.S. citizens who have lost their jobs and houses and been in financial instability or fluxes of stability, the technology team and DOD has become the richest of all.
 NASA, The Pentagon, and criminal doctors who are willing to carry out criminal experiments in violation of human rights and civil rights, never suffered.  It is the only category that has continued to experience exponential growth from their crimes, along with drug lords they work with internationally.

No one who tortures someone from a Pentagon seat, or a NASA seat, has any problem with drug trafficking or sexual exploitation of kids because they are torturing citizens, so all of it is considered "black market" and the entire fact of the matter is that the U.S. is a Black Market completely now.  Nothing is in the open with regard to torture and their use of surveillance and military and science technology to kill their own citizens (treason and violation of Constitution and bill of rights) in their own country, and to torture them and push them out of jobs--telling them with police muscle to "move" or "if you don't like, go somewhere else".

The U.S. is allowing select groups to take over businesses using torture and state-sponsored weapons of technology, to quash the only actual independent journalists/bloggers who are here, to attempt to force entrepreneurs and honest stockbrokers to suicide, and to take over properties, and assets left behind.

It sounds like Cowboys and Indians doesn't it?  It sounds sort of like "competition" and that it is just "unfortunate" that some have the better weapons and control of them and access to them and others do not.  It is just "competition" where the "better man" has leverage, right?

Since when is state-sponsored torture "competition".  It's not private groups or "brother against brother" and both of them have guns like in the American Civil War.  It's criminals who work and are paid by the U.S. government, against citizens.

That is treason, not competition.  Furthermore, it is clearly "anti-competition" and using excuses of "national privilege" as a means to corrupt and overtake the country.

Last night the U.S. again used technology, after I left my parent's house, to target me at night and I have a new blotch on my forehead to one side and an indented impression where the pressure and force from technology was applied.  It is visible and it was not there when I visited my parents around 7 or 8 last night and last night I had a very bad feeling.

It didn't have anything to do with a bad feeling because I was physically in pain at that moment, it was a bad feeling that told me someone else who cared about me was either being tortured or was being told by U.S. assholes they were going to torture me worse and do more harm to me overnight.

I would like to know why Mormon Roger Harris wanted to give me the book "Night" about Auschwitz prisoners while at the same time he ridiculed and mocked me over "Moby Dick" claiming I was like Don Quixote or the captain chasing a whale, as he then stepped over his duties to drop my lawsuit for settlement money of $50,000 for a P.I. claim involving another attempt to murder me.  Maybe Roger Harris was involved with the group behind that attempt?  I bring him up, because he wanted to meet me at his firm of Harris Berne Christensen and Berne is someone mentioned in CIA defector Edward Howard's book, which is one of hundreds of  "coincidences" that have occurred between FBI criminals and E.Howard and me. Mormons have surrounded me the entire time I was tortured as a kid and when I think about how I tried to help "Scotty Springer" with his "stutter" by thinking of rubbing sand on his forehead and then telling him to place his hand on a machine that humming and had an electrical volt lightening warning sign on it, I think it is further evidence of what the U.S. exposed me to and did with me when I was a toddler.

I never would have come up with the idea to have him put his hand on a metal box that vibrated, was electrical, and had a danger sign and voltage warning on it, and at the same time, rub something across his forehead, and tell him, "This will cure your stuttering" unless the U.S. and Canada did this to me first.

I didn't watch movies like that and we had no t.v. to watch then.  I didn't pick it up somewhere--it was from a memory I had of what form of torture the U.S. used against me while trying to claim everything would be fine.  I was probably kindergarten age when I did this, and I read the sign and saw the symbol of "DANGER" and the voltage mark, and my thought was "Oh yeah, and then you put your hand on it after we rub some stuff onto the forehead first and on top of the head."  Was that my "polygraph" I remember being administered by the FBI and RCMP?

I wasn't being mean either, in my suggestion as a kid, and I put my hand on it too.  It was what I thought of, because of my memory of what I was made to do as a baby and toddler and little kid. 

I also remember when we went back and forth between Canada, we had a stationwagon where the back seat went down and it was a flat floor that had blankets and sleeping bags laid out for me and my brother to lie down on. 

What some have known, is that the seeds of treason by U.S. government against their own citizens, were already in place by the 70s.  What were the 70s known for?  Drugs.

So while the U.S. got into the drug trafficking business and the CIA and Pentagon thought it was a great idea, to have their own monopoly on it, and to do deals with other internationals that felt it was a nice secret way to get rich quick or keep their old inheritance money pumping with fresh blood, they combined it with military technology and science and torture.

What handsome bedfellows they make:  Torture and Treason.

The claim that Mormons make, of not being involved in drug trafficking, business, or torture, is a lie.  While they claim they do not drink or use substances themselves, because of their religion, they are like the Colombian drug lords and citizens who mainly do not use cocaine themselves, they just sell it to others, along with kidnappings.

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