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Amy Roe and Goodman: Criminals

. This is why they drugged us and tortured us so long. Because when there are no medications involved, or torture, I do my research.

I'm finding out about some extremely disturbing things.

Things like, connections between crime and old litigation hash and motive for trying to call me mentally ill.

Amy Roe was the reporter who wrote the defamatory article about me that was used by:

1. FBI, and
2. Canadian immigration, and
3. Various law enforcement

to create public animosity towards me, and it did. And then I was forced out of winning my lawsuit that would have proved without a doubt, they defamed me.

The Willamette Week sheltered Roe. I always wondered why--like she thought she was "special" or something, or they did. I was able to serve the paper and other defendants with supeonas but not Roe. She suddenly "vanished" and no one could find her anywhere. Even the legal service people who search by private investigation means, to track people down, couldn't find her.

I just found out, while looking up Tennessee information to get the psych ward itemized bill and records, that there is a David "Phil" Roe who moved to Tennesee in 2003. He ran for office and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

I don't know yet if he's related to Amy Roe, but if he is, it will be interesting because I still remember her asking if I ever planned to still move to Nashville, TN. I told her I might, I didn't know and she said I should. That was in 2002.

Roe went to Stanford University, which I didn't remember when I was visited in Wenatchee by a Stanford man who was connected to Steve May, who tortured me at his house, across the street from AG Mary Ann McIntosh. There is a record of Mary Ann McIntosh having purchased a house with a Mr. Richard Scranton in the exact same neighborhood, which was why I saw her driving past me when I walked the dog all the time.

The man who rented a room from me for a night, who I had an extremely bad vibe about, was a Mr. Goodman. I knew he wasn't good at all, but bad. And I just found out tonight that Amy Roe is friends with another reporter in Seattle, who also has ties to New York and the Middletons. Her name is Michelle Goodman. Here I am, asking who CUT my mother and Michelle Goodman, Amy Roe's friend, has an article published by ABC Money called "When Workers Get The Ax, Friendships Also Cut." She published this Jan. 8, 2009. In this article she writes about how her friend Amy Roe got laid off from a job in 2008 (poor baby). So I guess the "inside" point of retaliation is cutting up faces.

And it wasn't until I moved here recently and wrote about the scar on my mother's face that my mother was forced to have it removed, after I wrote to the UN.

So Michelle Goodman is definitely ethnic in some way. My guess would be, with Goodman as a last name, it's Jewish. The Goodman that stayed at my house and snooped around, who I had a bad feeling from, was also, I thought then, Jewish. So both she and Amy Roe live in Seattle as "freelance journalists" and both have ties and do some work in NY as well. I found the article about cutting, on "Money" for ABC and it says Goodman also works for Microsoft. So does Amy Roe. Roe is a contributor for "Money" with online MSN (Microsoft Network). Another contributer for Money with MSN, along with Amy Roe, is a Tim Middleton. He lives in Short Hills, NJ and works in NY and publishes for investor journals and "Crain's".

I don't know at all if he's related to the UK Middletons, but there are only so many contributers listed that publish articles for Bill Gates. Less than 20 listed and journalists typically get to know eachother. Which is why I looked up Michelle Goodman. Because if she's writing for ABC news and interviewing Amy Roe, most likely, they know eachother. And not only do they know eachother, they live in the same town, have similiar friends, and enjoy making some of the same sick points.

Who cut my mother?

Maybe the Goodmans could publish something about themselves next time.

So basically, why did the Stanford guy have connections to Steve May? because he went to Stanford, as did Amy Roe and somehow they knew eachother and Roe's "buddy" Michelle Goodman told her relative to rent a room there from me and spy on me and figure out how to pay a better dollar for torture.

So when I'm looking at the FBI and connections between criminals and their friends in the FBI, I'm looking at motive for throwing me into a psych ward in TN and who this benefits. It definitely benefits Amy Roe and it benefits the people who cut my mother and have been torturing my parents too.

Michelle Goodman has Washington D.C. connections as she went to George Washington University in D.C. And then, I am really not sure if I got the right site or not, but then I found someone named Catherine Roe. Who, according to one site, is supposed to be Amy Roe's mother. And, I don't know if the site I found is just bogus, but it says Catherine Roe has been working for Google for years. And they have her photo beneath a photo of some guy that looks like Chris Dabney, which would only be funny if some of these people knew about others in D.C. that approached me.

The photo that I found for this woman who works for Google in Seattle, WA definitely looks like Amy Roe. I mean, they look related. She looks like an older Amy Roe.

If it's right, then now I know why I was so harassed when I went to the Google headquarters in Seattle, WA. Amy Roe's mother worked there, and I don't know who else.

Then after I signaled my arrival (unknowingly) to Google employees, I was poisoned, assaulted, and lost my singing voice. I was still able to sing in Washington D.C. in 2008, but not after I got back to the Pacific NW. And the FBI for Seattle was RIGHT around the corner. Their offices are, in fact, a few doors down almost, from the cafe and Irish pub where I was poisoned and had the end of my tongue burned, and I still have a mark from that.

The FBI has blocked my report to this day and literally closed their doors on me. I was poisoned a few doors away from their offices and then I was assaulted across the water, in Bainbridge where several of them live.

I wonder if the Roes work with the FBI or if they just exchange dirty money. I guess they have Episcopalian connections (Roe told me she was Episcopalian) and Jewish mobster connections.

So let's think...maybe the Jewish girlfriend of Christopher Dabney knew Michelle Goodman who knew Amy Roe who knew Tim Middleton and some of them plotted to defame me to protect themselves for the defamation they did to me. I don't know. Or Roe, who went to Stanford in California, knew Don from Palo Alto and there was some kind of FBI connection and something between Judge Warren and Roe.

The defamation of my character is still not hard to prove. Still, I find out who people are and who they're protecting and their motives for wanting to torture us and call me crazy so they get away with crime.

I had wondered why this van of Italian guys looked like they felt sorry for me when I was being harassed by white people at the Google offices. Maybe they knew that's where Roe's mother worked.

Who else works there?

Does Amy Roe mingle with Lady Gaga in her spare time?

Do you have any idea how many people I can connect to knowing eachother, who have taken part in defaming and assaulting my family?

I wrote about Gaga before she was ever famous. I take back every good thing I said because while she may have some talent, she has something wrong with her. She was raised in NY but knew Paris Hilton and the others. And she wrote her song with her video mocking ME, literally, in 2008, after my son and I had been tortured by her Roman Catholic pals. She then goes on to perform for Alexander McQueen in 2009, in the UK and meets the Queen in Buckingham. She and Roe, and the rest of these criminals, who have committed crimes or know about them and make fun, should have put a little boy on the electrocution bed.

That's the kind of women they are, and these are the people in "power".

I have a pretty strong case for hate crime, coast to coast and trying to go shore to shore.

It wasn't the Russians.

The FBI sold my son. It was the FBI.

Where are they?

They brought over another New Yorker to Portland, Oregon. I WONDER why. Was it Koch? was it Goodman wanting a quick friend here? was it Karen's relative? We might like to know.

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