Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cleaning & Residue

I've done research today with this scarf around my forehead to keep warm. Tons of layers, and then I decided to clean the outside of my place with a broom so I brushed off as much dirt as I could while listening to Becoming the Archetype's "Mountain of Souls". I first broomed everything off and then I decided to wash windows.

So I washed all of my windows with my torn strips of cloth and my arm was totally dripping with the hot and cold water.

Then I changed out of my shirts that were all wet and my red scarf headband and put on other clothes and when I walked out my mom was wearing the same thing. I had actually been going to wear precisely what she had changed into (which I didn't know) but a sleeve was slightly wet. Even though, I held it up and looked at it and almost wore it but then at the last minute, changed and I was taking my wet laundry to the house with the broom in my other hand and she came out the door.

I had only been wearing the new clothes for about 5 minutes or less and was inside my place and somehow she knew. So I went to the back door and she was going out to get firewood and then we moved some things around.

I was mainly doing research but then I decided to clean and do some housework too.

Someone or some group has put a weird residue in my house and on the outside of my house too. There was something that was turning the produce I left out, sort of pink on the outside and then like I said, some vegetables once had something weird on it that stank and it wasn't normal olding potatoes.

So then I noticed, there was some weird new orange spot on the end of my mascara, about the time my Uncle Howard died. It's this weird round stain on the end of my mascara, and there is a stain on one of my white sandals. There was another stain but I can't think of it at the moment. And then inside my fridge one of my onions that I'd left out for a short time, had the pink residue on the outside, some kind of stain, and then while I was cleaning just now, I was going to change hoses but didn't and the one that's been lying on the ground has some weird pink-orange stain alongside the white part of it.

It's my opinion that it's military and FBI masquerading for hate crimes again.

I have not let anyone into my house and I never took these items, like my mascara, out of my house.

If I rub the place where it's stained, it doesn't even come off.

And I had started to put all of my produce in the fridge bc when I put it away in the cupboards, something was happening to it. Like I said, someone has been doing some kind of weird fumigation or something.

And today, this "ink bursts out of pens" technology has been used against me, and it started up when I started looking up Tennessee people and emailed someone asking if he, a Roe, was related to Amy Roe, the reporter from the Willamette Week who defamed me and then went into hiding.

As it so happens, there is a "Roe" in Tennessee who is in a high place in politics (U.S. Representatives and Senators), as well as a "Cooper" and some of these people have British connections--i.e., went to Oxford in England, that sort of thing, and are Vanderbilt alumni.

Which is only interesting when figuring out why and how it was possible for so many bad things to be done to me and who there was tied-in with people from the NW who wanted to defame me.

Someone stopped the "ink bursts out of pens" thing, but I also figured out that turning off my heater at my feet helped, like didn't allow as much to be done to me from a distance maybe.

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