Sunday, November 6, 2011

Address In Maryland & Feds

The U.S. government has employees obstructing my ability to get my college loans partly on account of an address. They wanted me to erase it, because I guess some group prefers to have any and all evidence that I was with Alvaro Pardo deleted from history.

My laptop that was given to me by a CIA contractor was stolen, along with all photos. All my clothing almost has been stolen.

The FBI in D.C. Headquarters was freaking out when I called about my Ex, saying I had to get some things I left behind and basically, got nervous and said "Why do you want to know?" and "Who wants to know?"

Who wants to know?

Why is the D.C. FBI telling ME "Who wants to know?" or "Why?" and why have THEY been selling and dealing in children as a human commodity.

The FBI sold me and my son and now they're asking me "Why do you want to know" and "Who wants to know."

We all want to know. Maybe even if I've made a lot of enemies, mostly because of wrong ideas about me from defamation, maybe the American people want to know.

Maybe the U.S. and America wants to know the intimate details about how the FBI sells kids.

Since our economy isn't so great right now, maybe the American people even would like to know how much. How much did the U.S. military pay to buy me and my son?

We all might like to hear about how it all works.

We want to know the dollar amount. We want to know about the transaction. We want to know which individuals covered for the others, to contract the bid and the deal to SELL me and my son.

I already know the FBI sold us. But the rest of the U.S. like to know how their hard-earned tax dollars go towards illegal deals in human trafficking and that the FBI, of all things, was the seller.

So all of a sudden, I noticed some persons who work for government agencies were wanting to remove and delete my previous address in Maryland that was on my college loan.

In retaliation for my refusal to remove and delete that address, because I said to the Department of Education over the phone, "I might need to keep that for my records" they held up the processing again and threw all of the address off of my account.

I even told my parents, after I was off the phone with the U.S. Department of Education, that they had pressured me to change and delete the address and I knew what they were up to and didn't. They wanted to remove any possible trace of my past and my history so they can make up lies.

After I said, "I'm leaving it because I might need that for records later," the U.S. government went into my personal student account that's on a federally protected site, which only federal workers have access to, and they deleted ALL addresses from my account. And then they told me the same loan that I refused to change my personal address on, is in "default" and that it's "an address problem".

The feds told me now my college goals are being held up because, they claimed, "You put the wrong address down for the guarantor." So instead of bringing up my personal address, they claimed they had sent the check to the "wrong part of Sallie Mae" and that Sallie Mae has 5 different address and it went to the wrong one.

So I was supposed to be able to look up the addresses on the federal site that contains all student loan info, and they had erased ALL of the addresses. I believe they erased them all, because I know that I put the correct address on my consolidation application. There wasn't a mistake, and it was an excuse to be spiteful because I didn't want to change and delete my Maryland address that I held with the Ex=fiance.

Then, I wrote to the courthouse where I applied for a marriage license and their personnel refuses to respond. I've sent multiple emails to them and they've never replied and they are federal government workers. I wrote to them recently and I had written to them while I was still in TN. They ignored me. I wrote to the Vital Statistics department of Maryland, and they wrote back saying to go through the courthouse personnel and they refuse to respond.

It's not like I could forget where I was living. It was down the street from The Department of Energy of The United States.

Oh I remember, because when my son and I were being tortured in Wenatchee, Washington, I remember the man following us to the Wal-Mart in Lake Chelan, with a Department of Energy sticker on his windshield and plates, and wearing a hat with the logo.

I had written to The Department of Energy even, in the middle of being tortured with my son, and called them and was asking how this was possible and could they investigate.

Corrupt people covering up hate crimes, knew. Even some innocent people somehow knew. They knew that me and my son had literally been tortured and then the torturers wanted to defame me further and say I was crazy for saying so.

And the FBI sold my son.

They allowed people to collude and conspire to cut me out of court and lose lawsuits they knew I would have won. Then they knew that I could prove damages because I would have been able to show it was more than reasonable and likely that I would have "prevailed."

I found out last night that even John Kaempf's letter to my grandparents, threatening them and telling them to prevent me from litigation or they would take legal action, was a form of obstruction of justice. I emailed and faxed copies and made reasonable requests for things for court this way. I had done it all through the last 2 years and they started trying to shut me down and force me out.

After I reported the FBI, Christa Schneider had this big group over to basically mock me at a kind of last supper, knowing that I was screwed and their work was done. And it was after this that I was followed around by police even more, who hated me, and next, they were all colluding to obstruct justice.

Then I get over here to Coquille and find out my parents have been tortured for years and out of religious hate crime covered up to look like something else that's classified.

We all want to know the details about how the FBI sold a mother and a child to the U.S. military. We want to know more, like, how does that work? And who authorized such a thing?

The best part is that I am able to prove without any doubt that all of this started out of hate crimes. So you can't classify that.

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