Saturday, November 5, 2011

Valerie Plame: FBI Meets CIA

I forgot to mention, that while I was asking for FOI/PA from the FBI and OIG, I contacted Valerie Plame's lawyers.

I guess, since my parent's dog's name is "Scooter" and I just read about Scooter Libby tonight, I thought I'd make a post. My parent's named him Scooter for the way he literally scoots around the carpet (you should see him), but it reminded me now of how I contacted the CIA operative's attorneys.

I contacted them, to get advice about the FBI.

It was at the time news broke about Valerie Plame, that I read the news and about how hard it was to get records written about oneself. I was reading about Sible Edmonds, fighting her fight against her former employer, the FBI, and how they defamed her and she had to go to the OIG to fix things. Then I found the news about CIA operative Plame.

I had already received an email from a former FBI man on the East Coast who was a lawyer and he said, "You need to get a copy of your NCIC". Then I was getting all these responses from people about how "the FBI is corrupt", from former employees of the FBI, through a whistleblowers site.

After this, I specifically thought to contact Plame's attorneys and ask them for advice about how to get records from the FBI. I sent several emails to that firm.

It was in 2005, almost 2006, that news broke about Plame and I wrote sometime after this.

It was after this that my son and I were tortured.

However, I now a few illicit things happened while I was still in litigation earlier, though no one thought I'd figure it out. But full blown torture happened around this time.

As for my parents, I am positive they were tortured and I know for a fact that we continue to be tortured.

And yes, it is true that the FBI sold my son and I to the military.

The whole time, I was just trying to find out why law enforcement was all over me after I made a complaint about FBI employees to the FBI in 2004. My first report for public interest and not involving myself at all, though, was in 2001, about the OSB/PLF (as I've already stated).

My parents never helped me with any of it. Ever.

But possibly, at some point, someone took it out on them or used me to try to get to them, or thought they could torture my parents and pressure them to have me quit my lawsuits.

They did the same thing with me and my son. They tortured my son in front of my eyes and prevented my documentation of this and then said, sneering, "You'd better stop blogging then."

It was very clear, when I got to D.C., that people in D.C. already knew I had been tortured with my son. People believed me and there were people there who somehow knew for a fact.

I never even thought about my brother's wife's maiden name being Wilson. Or that Lorraine Rose's dad's name in UK had been Wilson or this was in the family. I actually never knew or remembered until now, because I recently asked my brother what it was and then recalled, "Oh, it was Wilson."

So anyway, they are experimenting on me and torturing me now because my son and I were sold by the FBI.

The FBI sells people. Believe it.

There is a very sick video by Lady Gaga and when I saw it for the first time, I realized why she cancelled her show in D.C. which I had blogged about planning to attend. She has a song and video which refers to a woman crawling out of a porcelain bathtub and then being sold on a market by men. I had blogged about my parents putting me in a tub as a cradle when I was a baby. I later found out this isn't true, but Lady Gaga (who is Roman Catholic and knows RC Paris Hilton, who was girlfriends with Beaux Blixseth who tried to date me), she had created a video featuring a woman that is created coming out of a porcelain tub and then acting weirded out and a bunch of men stand around her and observe her like she's in a military room. Then in her video they say SOLD! and she gets sold to some guy and then they "fry" up with some kind of electrocution.

So when I saw this video, I understood why she maybe thought it best to cancel her show if I was in town. I hadn't seen the video at the time, but when I did, I lost all respect for her. I also thought, "There is another example of a link to Roman Catholic hate crime and mockery"

Anyway, Lady Gaga got it wrong. She got the porcelain bathtub idea wrong, because it wasn't true for me and I didn't even know it. And she got the idea of a man being the one electrocuted wrong. What she should have had, was my son, a toddler, on that bed, being electrocuted.

Then she could have paraded herself before the Queen at Buckingham with her facts straight.

Those men in her video, would be wearing FBI badges and they would be the ones watching my son being electrocuted on a bed. And Lady Gaga could have had her video first feature my son being electrocuted while nursing as a baby with his mother he loved, and then show him terrified Canada and having nightmares and ending up sold like a slave to the government to cover for Gaga and her friends' sins.

The FBI sold my son.

So fuck you and damn you all to hell. Every penny from Gaga's profits goes to children's charities I'm sure. Maybe she "pays it forward for children with cancer."

Religious hate crime gets a cover and innocent civilians get tortured because of nothing more than jealousy.

Real nice women out there with "power". It looks like you guys picked the right ones didn't you.


Anonymous said...

You crazy bitch, lady gaga didn't make a video about you, she doesn't know about dime scitzo nobody, & the FBI didn't sell your sin DCFS tool him from you because you're fucking crazy!

Mama said...

An example of military trying to be creative--see above

Mama said...

I normally would delete something like this bc it's not saying anything and is just harassing, but given the level of rage and the fact we're tortured, it needs to be printed for public to see.

and um, yeah, that video came out AFTER i blogged about how I was told I was put in a tub to sleep when I was a baby. She came up with the "idea" after that and she's connected to hate crime people. Which is why (I didn't know then) she cancelled her show in D.C. after I blogged about how I saw it was coming up and was going to go. It wasn't until I was in TN that I saw that video and realized some things. And yeah, she does know about me.

Mama said...

I might add, the fact that she was then later at an Alexander McQueen show, after she put this video out, mocking me basically and mocking torture of my son and I, is maybe something others wouldn't want to connect to Middletons. Because Kate's dress was a McQueen and, well, with a Hay over here and a Hay over there and criminals everywhere, we don't want anyone to think too hard do we. Esp. not after torture at Fado's in Seattle, WA and trying to kill people and cutting them up and stuff like that. Bad for the "image".